We were promised an update earlier this week, and AT&T is delivering. While the HTC One X+ is never going to reach KitKat (or even Android 4.3), it is getting an update to Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5.0. The update has started hitting the first devices now, so you can begin obsessively checking for updates any time.

Here's the basic changelog from HTC:

  • Android Version: 4.2.2
  • HTC Sense: 5.0
  • NFC Fixes
  • AT&T Address Book Fixes

This update will bring quite a UI overhaul courtesy of Sense 5.0. You can check out which features are included on HTC's update page. You're basically getting most of the stuff from the HTC One, with the exception of the fancier camera stuff and BoomSound (the One X+ obviously lacks the hardware). When the update appears, the version number will be 2.15.502.1. You can try the manual update check, but it is likely a slow rollout. Happy hunting.


Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

  • Dennis

    It took FOUR MONTHS for AT&T for updating it? It started 8 August it started rolling out for the unbranded devices!

    Source: http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/08/08/htc-starts-android-4-2-2-rollout-for-one-x-ota-live-in-taiwan-system-dump-and-custom-rom-already-available/

    • Pau1ey

      Have you seen all the AT&T bloatware on the One?! It must have caused a catastrophe integrating it all into the One X!

  • jgarrido

    *grumble* *grumble* *grumble*

    says the man with the HTC One X that's been running 4.2.2 and Sense 5 overseas for months, but he's on AT&T, so ... NO SOUP FOR HIM!

  • krsnprvn

    When is HTC One X getting this update??

  • Navyvet420

    This is just another in a long line of reasons why A: I am dropping ATT in November, B: Getting a Nexus from Google and C: TMobile. No Fn Contracts. Seriously, just now pushing 4.2.2 when 4.4.2 is out there? WTF is wrong, Can anyone say Fragmentation with Android? Answer me this: Why can Big Fruity push out its own updates to its phones or tabs, but the others must get approval first.. Google makes it, Sends it to the OEMs then from there it goes to either the Carrier, or back to Google for fixes. Yet Apple doesn't do this, yes they make only 1 type of phone, but it seems weird..

    • mustbepbs

      Apple has a few phones with one version (with some features removed for older phones) a year that they create for their devices. HTC has a slew of phones on different carriers and they are a third party OEM to Google's Android. It's impossible to compare Android updates to Apple's updates for these reasons.

    • Allen Jensen

      If the service provider controls the phone updates, not the phone manufacturer or the user, go somewhere else.

    • RTWright

      Until there is a solid design factor that all phones adhere to, you can never expect to see such updates for Android across all the different OEM's and Carriers. They have to develop new drivers for each proprietary component in each device. None of the OEM's will do this, because they want you to buy a new device every one to two years. That is how they get their claws into you for more and more money. So they're never going to change that. Then you have the Carrier side, where they want to "Approve" as they so put it, before it can be used on their networks. Which in all honesty, it's more they want to put their bloatware into it as well.

      It's funny, the Nexus line can be used across a wide range of Carriers, get updates the very moment Google pushes them out. Yet no one else can do this because they really do not want to, that's the end of it right there. They're just too busy making more and more devices by the hundreds to sell, to ever care to keep older ones up to date. I ran into this with HTC when I had an Evo 4G. This is part of the reason I went with Samsung on my next phone because they do at least get updates out quicker. In all honesty I'd go with a Google Nexus or Play Version my next phone before I ever sign another contract just to be hooked into an over-priced, two year contract with crappy service ( Sprint! ) again!

      I'll probably go a Google Play Edition over Nexus mainly because I want one with more storage than just a stupid 16 to 32GB. I use that up already on my SG3, so I do wish an microSD with mine since I know they'll never offer a 64GB device on Google, they're too damn pigheaded!

  • Carring3452

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  • Christopher Robert

    why 4.2.2 this should have been 4.3. 4.3 is a huge upgrade over 4.2.2. Fixes the fast trim etc.

    this is a horrible job by HTC. I think just for the loyalty of their customer they should outsource getting 4.4 ready for this device. I am sure there are some devs on XDA that would gladly lend their services for a payday.

    • Zach B.

      It's more the fault of Nvidia not providing correct updates for their Tegra 3 chips..

      • AndroidUser00110001

        Nexus 7 2012 has same chip set...

        • Zach B.

          No exactly, the Tegra 3 in the HTC One X+ is the "updated" one with LTE support for AT&T. The Nexus 7 uses a different Tegra 3 chip.

          • TylerChappell

            The fact that it's the "updated" one is all the more reason it should easily be able to support running 4.3-4.4.

      • Xarlos

        Is that true? I understood that the original Nexus 7 has Tegra 3 and has been updated to 4.4.

        • silver_arrow

          just because its part of the same family (tegra 3) doesn't mean they are the same chips

        • Zach B.

          The Tegra 3 in the HTC One X+ is the "updated" one with LTE support for AT&T. The Nexus 7 uses a different Tegra 3 chip.

  • Steve Palmer

    Just to let you know that T-Mobile/Orange/EE UK have still not issued the update. They won't even confirm that it's in the pipline. You think AT&T are bad, least they told you what was going on!! I'm not convinced we will ever get the update.

  • anon

    There's a simple solution to oems and carriers failing to update devices. It's called root. Why wait months for an outdated update when you can have a fresh nightlie build every day?

    • Vijay Yalamanchili

      There isn't a single stable 4.2 ROM for HOX+ :(

    • Zach B.

      The international version with the superior qualcomm chip has some good roms, including stock KitKat roms.. but the ATT version has a Tegra 3 chip which has been left behind due to compatibility issues. :(

  • Dylan

    This wouldn't be as much of an issue if we had some good AOSP/CM/AOKP based ROMs, but we don't have any devs working on that now, so we're pretty much stuck on 4.2.2. :'(

  • letmehavefun

    Will rogers HTC One X get Android 4.2.2 as AT&T? I should be getting last Android update?

  • hickhamt

    Loving Kit Kat 4.4.2on my HTC One X... thank you ShoreDroid! (CM11 port for Evita) smooth and sexy.... took me forever to, unlock the bootloader, upgrade the bootloader, figure out which version clockwork to use... But finally in the end I'm enjoying the taste of that sweet Kit Kat candy....

  • Justyn

    I just updated and it only updated to 4.1.1 and sence 4+ what's up with that?

    • shifty

      Same here.

      • Dalton

        Same... Any answers?

  • keltypack

    This is why I quit buying HTC products. Their support is horrible and only lasts one year. When phones have two year contracts and a one year selling life, the manufacturer SHOULD support the phone for at least three years. Samesung does okay. Google does really well with the Nexus (for only two years). Apple supports longer than three years. HTC...lame support (but great hardware). If HTC wants my business in the future, they will need to change their ways.

  • gordon brown

    Samsung recently started rolling out Android 4.4.2 KitKat for its Galaxy Note 3 LTE, but reports have it that the tech giant is testing the most-awaited update from Google for its flagship Galaxy S4.
    Source news

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  • justin

    Still haven't gotten an update for the one x... Definitely never getting an HTC phone again.

  • shafeeq

    please help htc one x+ offical fimware dowmlod