If you're too impatient to wait for Samsung to get Android 4.4 to your carrier variant of the Galaxy Note 3 (or if you're just tired of TouchWiz), the indefatigable boys and girls of CyanogenMod are here to help. They've just released the first nightly builds of CM 11 (KitKat) for Samsung's plus-sized flagship, with support for the international LTE model (N9005), plus Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint versions.


As it happens, Samsung just started sending out the official 4.4 update for the N9005 earlier this week, so those of you who are on the unlocked version of the phone might want to go for the TouchWiz build of KitKat instead. American carriers will probably be at least a month behind, and possibly much longer, so those users will find the ROM more tempting. Of course switching to CyanogenMod means giving up Samsung's stylus-oriented apps and UI touches in favor of a more AOSP-style experience.

Regular ROM flashers, you know the drill: download the nightly build, load it up in your custom recovery, backup, flash, badda bing badda boom. Add some Gapps if you want the Google Play Store and associated goodies. As always, keep in mind that nightly builds are a little on the wonky side, though CyanogenMod's official nightlies tend to be more stable than most.

There is a distinct lack of both the international GSM and AT&T models in this initial rollout. I'm betting that the former is because all of the LTE variants share common hardware and code, while the latter is probably thanks to the locked bootloader on AT&T phones. We'll be sure to let you know if any more builds show up.

Source: download.cyanogenmod.com

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • Álvaro Pedrosa

    So custom recovery.. basically requires tripping knox?
    I always used CM on my Galaxy S and S3 and i want to use it on the note 3

    Is there a way to flash with Odin instead of Custom recovery?

    • Mathias Kenting

      Doesn't it work with the CM Installer?

      • Jordan VanCampen


        • brain food

          Why not fuck with Samsung back.. Mod you phone. And in the event that it has a "warranty" issue, make sure it doesn't boot. For example 12v directly to the negative and positive on the mother board.. Boom no boot no Knox void fuck em right back. Because of them now a phone that could have been repaired no longer can...

      • serotheo

        These are nightlies, so no - the official installer will install stable builds from what I remember.

        Well, in addition to the fact that this is a newer device so it didn't really have a solid CM ROM of previous.

    • Nathan Bryant

      Well, if you've been flashing ROMs for a while without bricking or messing up your phone, then tripping KNOX shouldn't be an issue. All KNOX is is an alarm for Samsung to know if you've done anything to void your device. So if you ever do brick your phone or anything, even if it's hardware issue on their end, they can then say you're the blame just because they know you tampered with it. Even if it's their own fault. But if you know what you're doing, then it really doesn't matter. And they still won't really know until you try and turn it in one day and they look to see if the trip counter is 0x1 or 2 or 3. If it's 0x0 then it's good to them.

      • EffortLess

        Knox is not a counter. It's more of a container for another instance of android that is used for secure work purposes. This has nothing to do with a flash counter. If you "trip" the knox warranty, it goes from 0x0 to 0x1 (it's a one time change, there is no 0x2 etc..) and you can not use Knox anymore. Flashing a custom recovery or custom kernel will trip it. It blows an e-fuse on your phone and can not be fixed without a motherboard swap.

        Some of us want to preserve the use of Knox because we can use it for work. Some just do not want to blow that e-fuse because it permanently disables a phone feature and possibly devalues the phone.

        ATT and Verizon(except developer edition) Note 3s have a locked bootloader, that means they can't install a custom recovery the traditional way. The T-Mobile version is unlocked so it can, but it will blow your e-fuse if you do.

        Another method out for ATT (for T-mobile, use the ATT version) and Verizon users is safestrap recovery. Safestrap can be installed and allows for "ROM slots" that house different custom TouchWiz ROMS without tripping Knox. You can switch between those ROMS with a simple reboot. The safestrap recovery uses a modified TWRP and opens up possibilities not possible before.

        With safestrap, remember NO AOSP ROMS, NO NEW KERNELS (which I believe safestrap can't flash anyway), and NO AROMA based ROMS (the install will just hang).

        Nathan, don't tell people to trip Knox if you don't even know what it is, it may be of value to them and it's not something you can undo. Inform the user and let them decide to trip it or not.

        • Nathan Bryant

          I know Knox is a security method for the lackluster of Androids open loops, but I also see Knox as a clever way to see their devices have been tempered with. Knox alone will not change anything on your device if you decide to root and flash. I have been through a couple ROMs and other then the trip itself, nothing has changed, besides the new functionality of what rooting allows.

          Just simply rooting your phone won't really bring any new changes to the device. Unless you wanna get rid of some bloat and still like running the skin it came with. As soon as you flash a kernel or recovery it trips. Most people root to flash a ROM. To flash a ROM you need to have a custom recovery. These people most likely know the risk. I didn't tell anyone they should, but they don't have to worry about tripping Knox itself if they've been rooting and flashing since early Android days. Rooting itself is voiding devices, but now with Knox is has a "fingerprint" for proof with this e-fuse. The trip alone will not harm the device. That would be like a kill switch if it did. Sammy knows customers will still void and it would be on their fault if the trip alone destroyed your device.

          Basically you have to know what you're getting into. If you have been rooting and always flashed ROMs, then this Knox this is not an issue honestly. They even have methods to get rid of it.

          My entire point is if you're experienced at this and been doing this for a while, then it will most likely not be an issue for you.

          • EffortLess

            I still don't think you understand what Knox really is. I'd tell you to install Knox and use it on your phone but your phone now can't use it because you blew your e-fuse. It is like a kill switch, but just for that feature alone. You should watch a YouTube video of Knox and learn more about it.. it's not there for Samsung to see if you have tampered with your device (there are other things in your phone for that).

            Once you blow your e-fuse your phone is deemed not safe to run a secure Knox container because it feels your phone is now a risk and not safe for corporate e-mail or files.

            If we're here, we all know something about custom recoveries and flashing... by telling people to flash because it's the same risk is not true. You lose a function of your phone forever, you may not need or want to use it, but there are many people that enjoy using Knox on their phone so that they don't have to carry two devices all the time (1 for work and 1 for personal stuff)

            You can install a ROM without installing a different kernel or recovery and preserve Knox. You can use safestrap to install 4 custom TouchWiz Roms and still have Knox.

            I don't have a problem with what you're saying, but you're making it seem as though the device is not being altered when Knox Warranty is tripped when in reality it is killing a feature someone may want and not be able to get back. At least explain Knox correctly then allow the user to make that choice.

          • aenews

            Watched the video. Fair enough, but KNOX doesn't seem to do anything proprietary or amazing in terms of security. I think you are overstating its potential importance. You are right though that people should be informed about KNOX before borking it. Nonetheless, anyone who wants to install CyanogenMod on his/her phone clearly would not be able to use it anyway even if the KNOX counter were not tripped. It is tied into TouchWiz.

            @Nathan Bryant
            As far as warranties go, not all vendors of smartphones will even check the KNOX counter if you send your device in. Depending on where a phone is purchased, it might not even be an issue.

        • M0nk

          There are some cases commented in xda where owners sent their phones with a 0x1 Knox counter to warranty and they received the phones and repaired them returning with the knox flag in 0x0. So the repair center accepted the devices warranty with a tripped knox and somehow they reseted the knox counter without changing the motherboard. Instead of an e-fuse seems that other reversible method is used.

          • http://www.sketaful.se/ Mikael Guggenheim

            The ones where they restored knox is the Note 2 from what Ive heard. This is because the Note 2 doesn't have a fysical e-fuse on the board.

        • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

          In all honesty, only a miniscule percentage of people are going to be actually using KNOX in an enterprise security situation, and fewer still will be using it on a phone they bought second-hand off Ebay, so tripping it hardly devalues the phone.

          The only real downside of tripping it is that there's a small but not insignificant chance that it'll be used as a crappy justification for denying carrier insurance and/or manufacturer warranty. Still pretty rare, from the many accounts I've read @ XDA.

          I'm with Nathan in telling people to just go ahead and trip it, as it doesn't really matter... as long as they've "burned in" the phone for a couple months and won't be needing to return it for warranty repairs in the early days when most often needed.

  • Anthony Tyson

    Fuck AT&T

    • Paul

      You could always go this route if you're on AT&T.

      • Anthony Tyson

        Already have my ATT Note 3. Got it at launch.

      • Supookeed8087

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  • http://www.omglx.com/ Alex J. Sandoval


    Freaking skin is convinced I'm a moron, and there's no way for me to shut it the hell up with all of it's hand-holding horseshit. >_<

    Been waiting for CM since I bought the thing. Can't wait.

    • J H

      My 11 year old daughter knows how to configure Xposed to turn off the popups. Are you sure you're not a moron?

      • dontsh00tmesanta


  • Nathan Bryant

    I'm gonna see what's up so I can see if the camera quality when taking pictures is any different with these AOSP ROMs. If not...then I might have fun switching between the two after backing them both up. There are still some Sammy exclusives I like.

    • aenews

      You aren't stuck with the default camera app. I prefer using CameraZoom FX. I get much better pictures with it, and it has plenty of nice features. What Samsung apps do you use?

  • vwbeetlvr

    I believe the Verizon version is for the developers edition only. Please update the post.

    • Mike Harris

      Are you telling me that it won't work on the retail version? I got real excited that I might finally be able to go back to an AOSP ROM. I've been using TouchWiz for the past two months after using AOKP exclusively on my GS3 and I hate 95% of it. I'd much rather be using an AOSP ROM.

  • zapote21

    Retail or Dev version of VZW??

  • http://twitter.com/theadb theadb

    what model is the Wind version?

  • Marko Tovilo

    But if you flash the new 4.2.2 kitkat build from samsung you are not able to flash cyanogenmod anymore the new bootloader is a problem

    • Brandon Jiang

      4.2.2? kitkat? lol

      • Marko Tovilo

        Haha i mean 4.4.2

        • https://twitter.com/Firehawk305 BenderIsGreat34

          As far as the at&t version goes, you can downgrade back to 4.3. I've done it. Idk about the other versions. You would need to check xda.

  • Cat Astrophy

    "while the latter is probably thanks to the locked bootloader on AT&T phones. "

    Uh doesn't Verizon have a locked bootloader as well? I thought only T-Mo was open.

    • CalcPrgmr1

      Verizon is now selling a developer edition Note 3 alongside their locked one. AT&T is not.

  • Favio Maldonado

    I always wanted to try this on my rooted SGN3. but something tells me this could go wrong. I had jailbreak my 3gs and iPhone 4 in thw past with no problems but if I mess this beauty just for the adventure im gonna be sorry..

  • Steven

    Trying to choose between the note 3 and the htc one max. I love watching sports and movies so the one maxx might be better, but then again the note 3 seems like the popular choice.

    • aenews

      Well the HTC One Max has the older Snapdragon 600 SoC while the Note 3 has the Snapdragon 800. Also, it has 3 GB RAM, unlike any other mainstream mobile device from other vendors. And now, a lack of AOSP is no longer a problem either so you would not be stuck with TouchWiz. So performance-wise, the Note 3 is way better. Besides, the HTC One Max lacks a microSD card slot as well as the USB 3.0 speeds the Note 3 delivers. Regarding movies... the display is great, and I don't think the sound quality is so much better on the Max as to justify buying it over the Note 3.

  • Peter

    What version should I use for my Canadian N900W8? If my memory is correct, I believe we can use the hltexx (international LTE) version, but I want to be sure ... as the Canadian variants do NOT have a locked bootloader.

    • CalcPrgmr1

      From what was going around at XDA whenever the source first hit, you should be able to run the N9005 or N900T versions. You have to edit the updater-script in the zip/META-INF directory and change the first few lines to hltecan/N900W8 so that it isn't rejected by the recovery. I built some early CM11 hltetmo builds at XDA and I think there were W8 users using my builds. Don't expect everything to work, but it should boot.

      • Peter

        Thank you for the reply. Isn't the N9005 the international build, or the hltexx version?

        • CalcPrgmr1

          N9005 = hltexx (international S800)N900T = hltetmo (T-mobile)N900V = hltevzw (Verizon)N900P = hltespr (Sprint)N900W8 = hltecan (Canadian)N900A = hlteatt? (AT&T, locked bootloader) (sorry for formatting, phone is being stupid)

  • Mike M

    Does everyone here have 2.4 GB of RAM instead of the advertised 3 GB on the stock SGN3? That still bugs me?

    • Mystery Man

      Thats normal system reserves ram. Although on CM11 my memory is 2669 MB.

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        usually tw uses up more ram. cm11 usually uses less. almost 2700 mb isnt bad

  • jtl999

    Anything for hltecan?

  • Kyle N

    I got it on my galaxy nexus last week. NOICE.

  • bassman418

    I try flashing it and it keeps saying failed. Anyone else having this issue with Verizon note 3 SMN-900V ? I've had Beanstown106 in slot 1 for months now with no issue. I wiped slot 1 clean and CM 11 won't install.

    • Jack Paleczny

      were you able to flash this? I have the same problem!

    • Relaxamund0

      Same here. It's like my phone won't even try, it just instantly displays: Fail... Fail... Fail... Fail... FAIL!... FAIL!!!. And I'm like 8^O

  • Steve

    I'm completely new to this. I downloaded the file for my phone and went to CyanogenMod's page to install their installer, but it won't install on my phone. Someone please direct me to instructions on how to use these new builds?

    • Sarcastic Sam

      Steve, that really isn't enough information for anyone to help. Although, I have had great results with this website.


  • jjewell

    I'm using kk launcher and titanium back with jellybeans ROM right now and it does a pretty good job of keeping touch wiz at bay for now while I wait patiently For cm11 to come out for the retail version.

  • alex park

    fuckyou cynogemod is what the hack is too slow about n900w8 it sso freeking slow
    what the hell only us model??? why cant you make the canadien mod whATS that so take so long what the fuck is this

    • http://www.standupforkids.org blackroseMD1

      Keep on bitching about free software. That will get you far, I'm sure.

    • Anthony Honciano

      Go code one yourself if you're so impatient. Jerk.

  • Amber Saurus Rex

    I love these people so much. lol

  • cjen

    Try out Smasher X roms: http://d-h.st/users/Cjen1987
    Homepage and info: http://smasherx.weebly.com

    Supports Spen for the notes!

    30+ Devices support (AOSP-Kitkat-4.4.4):
    Hover control
    A lot of themes

  • Palani

    can i have cm11 custom rom & 4.4.4 for Note 3 Neo SM-N750