After T-Mobile introduced the Jump early upgrade program last year, the other national carriers scrambled to create their own versions. Sprint was the last to deploy its take on the early upgrade, called One Up, but it has apparently decided that wasn't such a good idea. Sprint quietly killed the One Up on January 9th, suggesting the new Framily Plans are the way to go.

2014-01-13 03_04_32-Learn more about Sprint One Up

Like other annual upgrade plans, One Up promised customers no down payments on a new financed device. Sprint's version included monthly payments of $65 for unlimited data ($15 off regular price). After a year of payments, customers were free to trade in the device and start the monthly payments over again with a new phone. One Up was actually a fairly good deal, which might be why it got the axe so soon.


The Framily Plans also involve financed devices, but there is no early upgrade option. You just pay off the phone and get a discount on service based on how many people are in your "Framily." As for those who got on the One Up program before it was terminated on the 9th, they get to keep the $15 discount on unlimited service for now, but the free upgrade option is no more. The discount goes away after the next upgrade or if the plan is changed.

[Sprint Support via The Verge Forums]

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  • Anthony L.

    Framily? Do I have to join a family of car oil filters?

    • yentrog31

      What about those of us who are framilyless?

  • Erstam

    How often are there ever 7 to 10 family members on the same plan? 2 parents and 5+ kids isn't that common. Probably more like 3 kids. And adults aren't likely to share plans with brothers and sisters once they've moved out. Collecting money each person. It's a big headache. I don't get these advertisements.

    • yankeesusa

      Great point.I'm on a family plan with friends and have only 5 lines. Although in the last 2 months I moved one of those lines over to T-Mobile and couldn't be happier.

    • SEJ326

      One of the benefits of the Framily plan is that each account in the framily is billed separately. So if your brother and sister were in your framily plan (but on their own account), they would be billed for their lines separately. You wouldn't have to collect money from them.

    • EeZeEpEe

      Separate bills mailed.

    • WestIndiesKING

      Its not that difficult everyone can pay their own bill when its due. I have 5 people on my tmobile plan and everyone just pays their cut when its due not sure it would be much different on sprints.

    • Matthew Fry

      I've seen it done successfully several times. Automatic bill pay to individuals, lump sum payments, pre paying, old fashioned checks, and with things like Venmo, Paypal and the like, you can do it online.

      I've also seen it not work. Especially when there's shit like rollover minutes and text messaging limits and the like. My wife and her friend had a temporary falling out because of who was using what when.

  • yankeesusa

    And another one bites the dust. I'm so glad I chose T-Mobile and switched from Sprint.

    • Rob H.

      x2, I left over a year ago, and never looked back. Got tired of playing Sprints 4G waiting game.

      John Legere is probably loving the news of One Up getting axed.

      • yankeesusa

        Very true. I'm sure he'll be tweeting about it soon. Although my signal was great with sprint and almost no dropped calls I couldn't stand not being able to email or use any apps due to slow data, even while on lte. Maybe in a year they'll be good but that's been their motto lately "maybe next year". For the Now Network I need good data now not on the future

        • Gordon

          Bull bull bull on the too slow to email or open apps, I travel all lower 48 states, between me & the wife we consume at least 40 GB per month consistently, how are we doing that if its too slow to open email or apps? Wish people would stop exaggerating or all out telling lies like that

          • yankeesusa

            Really? Your gonna tell me what my data speed was with sprint? Your gonna tell me that when I sent an email with a pdf attached to it at 8am it didn't send till 11am. Your gonna tell me that my shopkicks app would not work indoors because my data connection was too slow? I guess your also gonna tell me that the 20mbps I get with T-Mobile is also bull. I'm glad you know exactly how my data service with Sprint was. All I'm saying is that in my area Sprint was horrible. I'm sure Sprint is great for some but in my case after over 12 years of Sprint service I decided to give another service a try and it was the best move I ever did. In fact this response I'm posting is from my T-Mobile phone something that would have taken over 6 minutes to even pull up the comments section on Sprint.

          • Gordon

            I don't doubt you may have had slow coverage where you live but instead of making a blanket such as how slow Sprint is don't you think your post could be taken more seriously if you at least added your area? I owe you an apology for over reacting, just gets frustrating seeing comments like that when I know for a fact that overall, nationwide that isn't true

          • Matthew Fry

            Get good speeds in Utah? Cause Sprint in Utah is shit.

          • Gordon

            Its like any other carrier, some areas of Utah are crap, others great, Wyoming sucks everywhere except Laramie & Cheyenne. Walmart phone department here in El Paso, Tx yesterday was telling me how Sprint sucks, I pulled my HTC One out & made a fool of him. Of course Sprint, Vz, ATT & Tmo are going to suck in certain areas but Sprint bashing is usually unjustified & sometimes laughable. At this point for anyone traveling & uses a lot of data all carriers except Sprint are obsolete, I do hope Tmo catches up in coverage since they do have unlimited data now. VZ does have better coverage but data caps for the price us a ripoff & should be illegal, ATT just plain sucks

          • Brandon Donaldson

            Holy hell.. you're in Texas? Now I know your full of it, have a corporate account or are a sprint employee. I worked in the oil field in Texas, traveled all over the state. There was never perfect internet for exstended periods of time when not on wifi.

          • squiddy20

            I'm on Sprint, living about 30 minutes from DC, in a half 3G half LTE area, and my 3G speeds are often <500kbps. LTE is barely better. It takes at least 30 seconds (usually longer) for the stock email app to do a complete refresh of 25 new emails, since I normally don't check it from my phone.
            Just because you pull 40 GB per month, does not mean everyone else does, or is even capable of doing so. For me to be able to pull that off, I'd have to have uTorrent pulling/pushing data 24/7 for the entire month, especially on 3G only.

          • yankeesusa

            That's exactly what was happening to me. On 3g I barely got dial up speeds. On lte I would get close to 5mbps on a good day but as soon as I go indoors I would lose it and my data speed was unusable. In fact, when I switched my wife over to T-Mobile I would tether my Sprint phone to hers just so I could use my Sprint phone. Although Sprint did improve slightly in the area that I vacationed at I'm only there couple times. At work where I use my phone over 75% of the time my data again was unusable. Now with T-Mobile I get over 25mbps all day long.
            Don't get me wrong though, Sprint has a chance to be really good this year, reason I still have an account with them just in case I want to switch back. Their customer service is a lot better now and I don't mind them.

          • Derail Doax

            You're in the minority my friend. We just paid $1300 in ETFs to leave Sprint. Here in Seattle LTE isn't fully deployed so most of the time I was on EVDO. I was getting around 50-200 Kbps on a daily basis. I could barely load websites. I found a handful of LTE spots and I usually got around 2 Mbps on those. That's pathetic! I traveled to Disneyland with my wife and kids in Sept 2012 and was roaming the whole time I was in the park. Then this last September we traveled to Waikiki and it showed as having a 3/6 bar 3G connection. However the data network was totally down for 7 days. I couldn't even connect to Google Hangouts to send a message. The Sprint network has been brought to its knees by the sheer amount of LTE devices running on their 3G network. We had to leave Sprint just to have usable data connections wherever we went. Just like Yankee had said, I also have a T-Mobile phone as my work phone and would have to make a hotspot out of my work phone just to check my personal emails on my Sprint phone. I'm currently running a four generation old Galaxy S 4G which has a 21 Mbps HSPA radio in it that I get a 15 Mbps connection on. Yet on my Sprint HTC One I would get a 50 kbps connection. That's totally unreasonable and I could not justify giving them a single dollar more. So count your blessings.

          • Brandon Donaldson

            Ummm, full of shit a little? I think so. If you had consumed anywhere that amount with Sprint, over consecutive periods, they would have already sent you the cancel of contract letter. I believe it says after 20gb you will get a warning, the next time will be termination.
            Im not sure what you are talking about regarsing perfect service, unless you live right next to a tower. No way have you not experienced the "full bars with the 3g or 4g showing communication, but absolutely no data transfering for some reason". This almost always happens when searching the internet exstended periods on the network or listening to streaming music. So, I am going to have to call full on bullshit to you sir

            I also get the feeling you might be a sprint employee with that type of nonesense your talking

        • Matthew Fry

          Ha. I don't think they call themselves the Now Network anymore :-)

  • Rick Fisher

    So I'm confused as to what this means for current one up customers. Am I just stuck paying off the full cost of the device now? I paid $0 for the device which is nice, but I'm paying more per month than I would on a 2 year agreement, I'm no longer able to trade in the device for a new one in a year, and I don't have an ETF so I can't have t-mobile pay me out of it? Surely that can't be the case, right?

    • Matthew Fry

      What an ugly situation. If I were you I'd call T-Mobile (and it might take weeks before you get to someone with the ability to use their brains), and ask what they can do about it. You won't have ETFs but you will have financing charges for the device you would be (I assuming) handing over to T-Mobile. You could also try the more direct route of just tweeting John Legere and asking :-)

    • yankeesusa

      I'm sure current customers will get their 1 upgrade honored. They did back when premiere accounts were around. Just ask I guess

    • Daniel

      Existing One Up customers are allowed to keep their upgrade annually. You would just pay some money down rather then 0 up front when the time comes (which will make your bill cheaper at that point)

      Source: I work for sprint and this was mentioned in the training.

  • Lexster

    Wow, I am so glad I got away from Sprint when I did...I would have been so pissed off if I'd signed up for the On Up program only to then just get dumped from it unceremoniously like that.

  • Brandon Bradley

    That stinks. I used this to get the note 3 and was looking forward to upgrading in a year.

    • yankeesusa

      I would call them and check. They may honor one last upgrade. They did with me when they got rid of the premier account.

    • Daniel

      One up customers keep the ability to upgrade annually.

  • Akeldama

    Sprint does this all the time. It's the reason why I left them two years ago for Straight Talk. I had been with them for over 10 years, and gave up my grandfathered plan for a new one so I could activate the (just then) newly released HTC Evo 4G. With the new plan and my over ten years of service I was able to get yearly device upgrades. One month before I could upgrade my Evo, Sprint cancelled that "perk." That's when I knew it was time to bail. I've saved over $1,000 in two years time, for two lines and that includes having the buy the two phones outright. I don't miss Sprint in the least.

    • Lee

      Do you like straight talk? Which phone do you like and how is the service? I have Sprint --been thinking of changing when my contract is done. Can you keep your previous number? Thanks

      • Akeldama

        I've had no real problems with Straight Talk. I purchased several SIM cards from their website and used them with one locked AT&T phone and one unlocked GSM phone. You can get either a T-mobile or AT&T SIM, you have to make sure that the phone you will be using supports the necessary wireless bands to connect to the network. I currently have a Galaxy Note and an HTC One X LTE on the AT&T network through Straight Talk.Just under $100 a month and everything works fine.

        As far as a phone is concerned, I'd suggest you grab the Nexus 5 direct from Google. Yes, you can port your current phone number and keep it when switching to Straight Talk, it's what I did.

  • 4realzyo

    LOL @ past Sprint customers still ripping on them in comment sections.

    If you've moved on, do it already and save the soapbox

    • Derail Doax

      Problem is is that I feel it's my duty now to let Sprint customers know that there is a totally different and more rewarding mobile experience out there. If all you know is crap then you won't really know how great it can be. Essentially you're telling me that you will "keep your shrubs." We are telling you that shrubs are uncomfortable and pants are actually better. But if you want to prolong your suffering then so be it. Some people like S&M...

  • Mark Washington

    8 lines everybody pays but have problems with my brother !

  • Guest

    Go with Verizon.. Their early cancellation plan seems awesome....

    Service has picked up as well. j.mp/1d4JaXQ

    • Daniel

      But unlimited data has not.

  • jgarrido

    One does not simply join a framily...


  • CJ

    "but the free upgrade option is no more."

    um well this is effing bullshit. what a bunch of *********, man. I try and find reason to stay with them but they're making it so damn hard.

    • Cuvis

      Come to the magenta side. We have cookies.

  • Cuvis

    Sell a six-month upgrade plan.

    Kill it after four months.


  • weathertop

    I've been with Sprint for years and other than their painfully slow rollout of 4G LTE, I don't have any problems with them. They're cheaper and easier to deal with than Verizon, who insists on Bloatware on everything, and I won't go back to T-Mobile since I ditched them years ago: Never had signal where I needed it. And I won't touch AT&T with a 500 yard pole.

    We have a Simply Everything Data Family Plan, and love it, but always looking for a way to shave some $ from the bill. And this could be the option. I'm pushing between 1 and 3 GB of Data monthly, so I personally would need to add data, but either way, $45/mo for unlimited data beats the current base price of my plan if I can get enough people to push up over 7 lines.

    All-in-all it's a pretty decent deal. Me and my fiance's bills could drop significantly per person, and it's not like everyone I'd be considering grouping this together with isn't already on Sprint.

  • Brad

    Good thing I jumped right on this... I'll be sticking with nexus devices anyway, so it'll be cheaper to just save up and buy it outright. Sprint charges the 32GB price for the 16GB Model :-

  • Arnulfo G

    Sprint sucks... I work for them and its pathetic how bad the service is. Yes you might get good service in SOME areas but they are by far the worst provider out of the four major carriers... I'm in socal and metroPCS is better for half the price lol. More then half the workers dont use sprint and they can get free service!!!!!!!!!!

    • Arnulfo G

      framily is only good for people who want to have high end phones and upgrade sooner. If you dont care to get a new phone within a year then its not worth it. If anyone has any questions about it please ask. Like i said i work for sprint and can answer any questions you have.

  • sprint sucks donky dongs

    sprint are a bunch of liars!!!!!!!!!! they should spend less in nascar and more on their crap towers !!!

  • POed

    Sprint Su#$ and i have told them over and over. I have been with them for over 8 years and they used to say well, Its nice to hear from such a loyal customer. F... Sprint my bill had gone from 69.00 to 102.00 in one month because i didnt send a reply to an fing text! I didnt know that would be a contract....... F Sprint. So, Glad to get rid of them!!!

  • hetz

    Yahoo my framily has been on sprint for over 8 years with a bizz plan and every day i have told my peps i want out well finally the day has come we are droping the WAY over priced and worst quality phone i have ever had. sound suxs, coverage is terrible i think we paid over 1200 per month for 6 years wow good thing mom only charged me 50. BYE BYE you piece of crap!!!!!!