Rarely does the first leaked firmware update for a flagship phone end up being exactly what rolls out to users, but that appears to be the case for the recently leaked KitKat ROM for the Note 3. Android 4.4.2 (N9005XXUENA6) is appearing in Poland through Kies right now, and the version number matches the leak from this weekend.

2014-01-13 07.59.06

Samsung made a few notable tweaks in KitKat for the Note 3, just like it did for the ROM for the Galaxy S4 leaked a few days earlier. The status bar icons are white now, and the camera shortcut on the lockscreen is similar to stock Android. benchmark scores are reportedly a touch faster after the update. The TouchWiz UI should be revamped a bit as well.

nexusae0_Screenshot_2014-01-12-19-57-59 nexusae0_Screenshot_2014-01-12-20-03-13

The SM-N9005 is the Snapdragon-powered international GSM/LTE model of the Note 3. This update probably won't work on any of the US versions, so don't get your hopes up. US carriers tend to take their sweet time with Android updates, so it might be a little while before KitKat reaches your US Note 3. If you've got a compatible device but aren't in Poland, you can grab the update file and install it manually.

Update: Video and changelog:

SamMobile has the full list of changes in the form of a Powerpoint presentation.

[SamMobile, Firmware Download (login required)]

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  • Waffles

    Fantastic news! Noob question though: Can I apply this update to my stock Australian N3? I'm used to Nexii where you can sideload an OTA once you have the file.

    • Matevz

      Is it the n9005? Than i think you are ok to go... you might double check that,i do not wan't to be the one to blame for your bricked device. But as far as i know this build is for n9005 model (that is international with LTE)

  • Kaero

    Nice! This update came a lot quicker than I was expecting. Now it just needs to jump over to Canada... Hopefully it doesn't take Rogers too long.

  • Meme

    We're the first ones? wow... Samsung I'm touched, really...

    • CaibreGreyblade

      zadziwiające, prawda? amazing, isn't it? now, let's hope we won't loose root with this update.

      • bartolinio

        bardzo zadziwiające, przyznam że osobiście jestem w szoku :)

        • Gsizzle

          Yea ... Whatever he said. -_-

    • Adrian

      Śmieszne -.-

    • not_that_high

      Of couse samsung is first *cough*htc one on official kitkat over a month*cough*

      • Matevz

        I think he was referring as Polaks being the first ones to get update from Samsung, not Samsung being the first company to release KitKat,,,

  • sourabh sekhar

    Good Job Samsung.
    Now show some love to the other devices like the s3,s4 and lots of tablets.

  • fredric

    Is it safe to say the updated root chainfire posted for the leaked S4 update is gonna work here too?
    I'm in no way mentally ready to use an original, unmodified or non-rooted Android!

  • Martin

    Their site is not working.. Can't register.. Can't contact them to tell to fix it... Can't wait to put it on my Note 3.

  • blassKriss

    Yes, update for Note 3 to KitKat is in Poland :D
    And we have 2,78GB RAM :D

  • hd

    Disappointed at how Samsung lets a recent device like a Note 8.0 (Wi-Fi) still on 4.1.2, not even their cheapest device and barely 8 months old. Poor service to customers

    • Matthew Merrick

      Uh, the note 8.0 got updated to 4.2. Not a giant improvement, but it was updated.

      • John

        Actually it didn't get updated in most countries. If I hadn't installed a custom ROM I'd still be on 4.1.2. Samsung has abandoned the Note 8 with no updates.

    • ……

      Its supposed to get an android 4.4 update "soon". I hope it does because when I got the 4.2 update it got rid of the multiwindow feature. The only way to get it back is to lose all your memory so im hoping the update, if there is one, will get it back.

  • Heinrich

    Poland? They do have electricity at all?

    Those third world countries seems to be free beta testers for samsung, i think.

    So niggers, go to work.

    Then the fixed rom will be rolling out around the civilized countries

    • Martin

      I don't know but you are from another world.. Dumb as f*ck :-)

    • Matt McNair

      Wow. Way to go their Heinrich. You really showed the rest of the world how vastly superior you are. You should have a cookie... made of feces.

    • hd

      Poland have electricity from other countries. Actually, the owners of the entire Polish seems to be Russian and Germany corporations, really.

      poor people live here, unfortunately

      but if here are poor people u might ask, why samsung, google, apple are seeling their products in Poland... its a good question and I do not have a clear answer for that. the true is that then almost all poles live on a bank loan

  • supremekizzle

    No word on Note 10.1 (2012) I feel like they're just leaving it behind. Wish I never bought a Samsung product. Would've been better with a windows tablet with digitizer. Thanks Samsung....you've lost a lifelong customer. I won't buy a single thing from you now.

    • Wazzifer

      Note 10.1 performs flawlessly with 4.1.2.

    • Billiam Brennan

      You have a 2 year old device that has 2 successors........ If your gonna get it you gotta wait your turn...... 2012.. you got some waiting my friend

  • Cesar

    Samsung is getting to 4.4.2 faster than Motorola? What kind of topsy turvy world is this?

  • Wazzifer

    Come on T-Mobile...

  • Matevz

    Ok people, i do not want to be a hard ass and annoying but, is anyone here who downloaded firmware N9005XXUENA6 (1,3GB) and is willing to upload it on net and share link coz original link from SamMobile is super extra slow (13kb/s)... we are dying here... :/ plz be so kind, it will be greatly appreciated :)

  • JordanMcRae

    The green is gone!

  • Martin

    My first flash ever! My heart was beating like crazy.. Will it work.. will i mess something... Wow.. Everything is Ok.. And now I am with KitKat... :-))))))

  • Sahil Arora

    Hey is it available for the international versions of Samsung Galaxy Note 3?? ANyone knows??

  • Himanshu

    Note 3 is a thing of past, when is note 4 coming out?

  • Daniel

    From what i heard the S6 version will use Android 5.0
    Found out here: http://www.galaxys6talk.com .

    Regards Daniel.