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The reviews for apps on the Play Store are important, not just for potential users, but for developers and publishers as well: scores during the first few weeks of availability can make or break a new service or game. This being the case, it's disheartening to see a new trend among Play Store reviews: attention-seeking reviewers that give an app one star just so that their review will show up higher on the app's page.

The AppWared blog spotted this trend, which seems to be limited to Turkish users (at least for the moment). On the Turkish page for Where's My Water 2, AppWared found that the top 15 reviews scored the game one star... 11 of which were actually positive. Tülay Sahillioglu writes: "Good, a very good game! I gave 1 star so that my comment gets seen." Volcano Uysal says, "Very good would recommend the beautiful game," despite the one star review.


These users are exploiting a weakness in the default layout of the web version of the Play Store, which displays the first app reviews according to "Helpfulness." It looks like a score that contrasts with the majority is given much better visibility - Where's My Water 2 has an overall rating of 4.1 stars, with the vast majority of players rating the game five stars out of five. You can also view reviews by time or rating, but casual browsers will get a very strange impression of a four star game with a disproportionate number of one star reviews.

Why are these jerks doing this? Apparently it's just the pure, narcissistic thrill of seeing their reviews on top of thousands in the Play Store. It's the same kind of impulse that makes idiots scream "FIRST!" in any comment section, but in this case, the trend has the potential to be very damaging. Disney and Where's My Water 2 aren't going to be hurt much after more than 200,000 app ratings and reviews. But a new app from a smaller developer could have its Play Store rating crippled by a few users who stupidly felt the need to boost the visibility of their comments by lowering the overall score.

Unfortunately, I doubt that there's an easy fix for this kind of behavior. Developers and other users can flag these low-star, high-praise reviews as spam - and that's what they are, useless filler content that's selling a feeling rather than a product. Other than that, we'll just have to hope that the trend stays small. AppWared doesn't show any other app listings with this kind of behavior, though our Turkish-speaking readers may be able to find more.

It should go without saying, but just to cover all our bases: don't be a jackass. Review apps honestly and consistently, and don't lower the score just to up your own visibility. It's a dick move.

Source: AppWared via Reddit

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • Bluewall


    • Fabian Pineda

      Well played, sir.

    • Bluewall

      Sorry, you guys knew that would happen. I had to do it. But seriously, this trend of rating one star is pretty lame sadly. Hope that Google can do something about it !

      • Justin Swanson

        I rate this comment 1 star. I highly praise this comment and hope there is a sequel.

      • DKT70

        I doubt Google will do anything. Just look at the Google-owned Youtube, and the often disgusting, and sometimes really nasty comments and down-votes, just because they can. And having a extra layer of signing in, such as Google+, isn't really helping. I get down-voted comments and videos just for kicks from jerks.

    • TY

      Not sure if I should upvote for getting a laugh or downvote for being against this behaviour...

      • New_Guy

        I would say this is the only time I have ever seen in which that comment was appropriate. +1 for sure.

        • Mnoz

          Meh it was appropriate in every HTC First post.

    • discovery

      I knew I was gonna see a "FIRST" comment when I scroll down.

      • Fabian Pineda

        Yeah but this dude was actually THE first.

        • Gabernasher

          Unlike that other guy, he could have edited to a comment on the article, instead he left his failure for all to see.

    • SlasH3R

      this guy deserves more upvotes, he gotta be the first!!

    • zozodj2

      Quiet Frenchie :P

  • Matthew Valentine


    Edit: Dammit

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  • Matt

    I had seen that on an app... I forget which one. I just though the person screwed up when selecting the stars. That's really dumb.

  • Marcell Lévai

    You just can't fix stupid.

    • Doan

      Yes you can. Intelligence and common sense is the fix for stupidity.

      • maysider

        and till than the iPhones will be popular :)

        • maysider is dumb

          Really? Insulting Apple users' intelligence and you can't even use the correct language?

          It's "then" not "than"...

          • maysider

            a limited device for limited ....
            english language is unbelievably too simple to learn, so we use more complicated sentences ;)
            how many languages do you understand? 6 like me, genius? :)

          • Thatguyfromvienna

            "english language is unbelievably too simple to learn"

            To the extent you have learned it you are right without any doubt.

            But learning the language properly (which leads to not writing sentences like you did) takes a lot more.

          • maysider

            thank you for showing us you don't know anything about effectiveness :)

          • Thatguyfromvienna

            It's not always about efficiency in life.
            A language is like a musical instrument.
            Sure, it's nice to be able to play a very simple song on guitar, piano and a couple of other instruments.
            Yet this doesn't mean you're a musician.

            I speak four languages. But unlike you, I speak them all properly.

            PS: I am not going to downvote your comments. That's a matter of maturity. You might get to that point one day.

          • Dale Finn

            tru dat.

          • Brendan Dillon

            A language is like a musical instrument. Maysider was farting on a snare drum.

          • Ross S

            oh no not a downvote on a comment on a website!!!! what will they do with their pathetic life now?!

          • GraveUypo

            yes, it is a simple language to learn. one of the easiest.

            And yet, you still failed at it. if you're going to brag about polyglotism, at least prove you know ONE of the languages properly.

          • Ornery

            It's user's not users'.... Anyone can hit the wrong key, or accidentally make an error. These comments make me mad. Rather than attack the idea that just because someone prefers iOS over Android they are less intelligent, you chose to point out a small spelling error, and question the intelligence of someone you have never actually talked with? If you are going to argue at least make it interesting for the rest of us.

          • Thatguyfromvienna

            There's quite a difference between making a typo and raping a language with sentences such as "english language is unbelievably too simple to learn".

          • qtip1864

            Moron. For the record, in this case users' is correct:
            With a plural noun that already ends in -s: add an apostrophe after the s:
            The mansion was converted into a girls’ school.
            The work is due to start in two weeks’ time.
            My duties included cleaning out the horses’ stables.


      • al

        You can't fix it once it sets it. Education.

      • https://steamcommunity.com/id/m-p-3 m-p{3}

        For that it takes will from the affected person. Not saying it can't be fixed, but some aren't even willing to help themselves.

    • trickytree1984

      Man, you missed such a big opportunity there. It would have been the only time saying "FIRST" was funny

      • http://www.twitter.com/NamraMuhammad Namra

        This is not the first comment it's the Best comment. At the time he wrote he didn't know we all will like n it will come on top :)

        • trickytree1984


        • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

          Discuss is obviously more democratic than the Play Store is :P

      • Davis Hernandez

        FIRST! OMG I DID IT!!!!!! xD

    • Al

      You can. Include a standard flamethrower in all cellphones, then make devs vote users. Users with less than a 2-star average get burned to a crisp.

    • YarinOlurVeBugunUnutulur

      I'm a Turkish and i agree with you

  • daniel brenha

    There is a lot of this in portuguese speaking countries but more evidently is the ones from Brazil that give 1 star and say "I will try it out, will review" and "it doesn't work on my old phone!" even if aproached by the devs to figure out the situation most of them stay 1 stars.

    • Max

      "It's slow in my 2010 phone" *1 star*

    • Natassia Tavares

      I'm Brazilian and besides that, I read a lot of "I'm giving 1 star cuz it takes too long do download!". Really, what?

  • Mehmet Fatih

    I am Turkish, Just for ignoring the Turkish comments on Google play I changed my Google account's language to English, also I am using my device as English so that Google play algorithm (or whatever it is) doesn't show me Turkish comments on Google play. I used to come across Turkish comments on Google play, you can't believe how ridiculous most of them are. People complaining and giving one star for Whatsapp not working offline (wtf?), or people complaining about Adobe Air that it doesn't play Flash videos etc. etc. They give one star or bad reviews to apps for crazy nonsense reasons. And there is this: people give one star just to be seen on review section.. hard to understand..

    • TY

      Do you have any idea why this is the case?

      • Mehmet Fatih

        I dont have a single clue why thousands of people are doing this nonsense. %80 of the 1 star comments on a app/game are 1 star due to this "My comment should be seen" shit. Maybe this is because of ignorance. They dont know this may cause problem for the developer. or maybe they dont give a fuck. But luckily this trouble occurs only on popular apps like Whatsapp,Facebook,Temple Run 2,Youtube etc. I dont think these people are interested or informed about new apps,so smaller developers wont be affected by this that heavily.

        • Android Developer

          is it possible they think 1 star is the best, as in "1st" ?

          • Francisco Alvarado

            Maybe it's that they do not want to run out of stars from their "quota" to rate apps...

          • http://www.twitter.com/NamraMuhammad Namra

            Hahaha that's the funniest comment ever xD

          • Dale Finn

            btw: her name is......M....I.....N........D.......y

          • squiddy20

            I don't see how. When you tap a star in the "rate this app" section, a pop-up is displayed showing the meaning of whatever star(s) you gave the app means i.e. 1 star is "poor", 2 stars is "Below average", etc; along with an area to put your summary and actual comment.

          • Android Developer

            hmmm... true true...

          • Mehmet Fatih

            No, I don't think they are 'that' stupid.

          • Mehmet Fatih

            No, I don't think they are 'that' stupid...

          • SlasH3R

            oh boy, you have to many hopes for them, dont you?

          • Kerem Pekçabuk

            No, they aren't so stupid yet. in next ten year i hope. PS: I'm turkish too.

        • Gabernasher

          Maybe they're 12 and think that being the first comment actually matters.

          • Dario · 753 a.C. .

            probably they're 12 and they think that being the first they'll reiceve lollipops

          • Shadow

            Unfortunately, most of them are older than 12, way older... I changed my device language to English; 'cuz i couldn't bear it anymore. And despite I wanted to get a sword and kill all of 'em, they might have understood me for a bloodthirsted psycho. I just have that for that kind of idiots

          • Dario · 753 a.C. .

            ahahahahn i agree.. but maybe.. english as first language inn my phone wouldn't be the best, cause i'm not so good in english unfortunatly

        • Dario · 753 a.C. .

          does it happens only for turkish page?

      • ielasimov

        because of the same reason they "buy" fake twitter followers.

    • Francisco Alvarado

      Good to see that still exists Turkish people that doesn't fall into that idiocy.

      • Umut Tan

        Your grammar is also.. Nevermind.

        • Dario · 753 a.C. .

          so what?

      • Thatguyfromvienna

        Don't worry, the vast majority of them doesn't.

    • Mister-H




      • SlasH3R


    • Marcell Lévai

      The situation is similar in Hungary. These very clever individuals curse, swear, with bad grammar, of course. A few days ago I took a few screenshoots to show to my friends, because it's ridiculous how stupid a few people can be. And don't misunderstand me, my problem is not with people who don't know how an application works or something, but with those who express it in such a tasless way.

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/77537273@N03/ Herman

      "Adobe Reader won't let me play videos on the web".
      I love those reviews. It's so stupid it becomes funny.

      • Hassan

        Not really. I mean, I released an app targeted at Samsung televisions, and two of the comments are "Does not work with my Sony, broken, give me my money back". When you are on the receiving end and your app average drops because of it, it's not that funny.

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      i'm italian and i wanted to do the same thing, so switching in english language, but... what about apps? will they be in english too? for example, do you know newsrepublic? it's an app reporting news. does it will report to me english journals?? not more italian??

      i'm afraid for this thing.

    • Semih

      Milletini "sadece bizim anlayabilecegimiz seyleri" aciklayarak ezmek seni hiçbir yere goturmez. Biz milletimizi bu sekilde ezdigimiz sürece cahil de olur aptal da kalir, sorun hepimizde.

      • deftetr

        bu malları al götüne sok , tüm millet rahatlasın

  • wickets

    http://xkcd.com/1036/ and this one explains it all: https://xkcd.com/937/

  • MasterMuffin

    Also every root app has bunch of people giving 1 star reviews because they didn't bother reading the first lines of the description and/or didn't bother searching "what is root android" after the app says "unfortunately you don't have root". And there are always the Galaxy Mini/Gio/whatever users who download apps like Asphalt 8 and rate "1 star make your game less laggy" :|

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      have you ever checked out play service?? i dunno how it is in english page, but in the italian page is drammatic aahah

      • MasterMuffin

        It's horrible in every language...

  • Guilherme Santos

    You should see the reviewers in Brazil...
    "I didn't play it but it looks nice! 1 star" / "My phone says it has no space availabe. 1 star"
    Or the best ones: "this is my number, message me! 37838378"

    • Francisco Alvarado

      Once I read some review like this "I'm installing your app, so I'm giving 1 star by now" :/

    • BrainOfSweden

      It seems better now, but some time ago in Sweden, every game had at least a few reviews giving one star because the game didn't run well on their HTC Wildfire. I don't know what the heck they expected.

      • Lumi

        That doesn't seem as bad as what these people are doing here. Those poor Wildfire users aren't the brightest of the bunch, but that's pretty pedestrian and not deliberately malicious. Unless they DO know that their phone wasn't supposed to be able to handle the app.

    • Marcell Lévai

      Hungary: this + cursing and swearing. I'm pretty sure this motivates developers soooo much.

    • Morten Ulveseth

      Did you message him? :D

    • Bruno Felipe da Silva

      I'm ashamed of brazilian reviews.
      I wish I could change to other countries reviews, to get something useful, because here in Brazil unfortunately it's like 5% of 'real' comments

  • Oğuz Can Ayverdi

    I've spotted this trend in Turkish comments of other popular games as well, including Where's my X?, Angry Birds, and Jetpack Joyride. But apparently it doesn't affect non-game apps. Here are some other 1-star reviews from Angry Birds:

    Furkan Acıcan: "Excellent, 1 star so it stays on the top" An excellent game

    İhsan Duran: "I gave 1 so it's seen" Guys the game we gotta pass time is super (It doesn't make any sense in Turkish either.)

    Emre Karakaş: "Fun 1 so it's seen" The game came pre-installed with my tablet, it's quite fun.

    Uğur Atasoy: "You're idiots" **** you sons of ******* who want to be seen on the top (He gave a it a 1 as well, lol.)

    • Tomáš Petrík

      The last one at least pretended to stand up for a good cause.

  • Roemraw

    Can't they just remove the code that floats those kind of comments to the top?
    Or at least remove people's own comments from their own sight, so they can't learn their own positions in the list?
    Or perhaps, Google should create a 0 star option with the caveat that in order to vote 0 stars you can;t have the app installed on your device anymore. (This way, a score of 0 means that it is soo bad that I uninstalled it)
    So people that actually like the app can;t score 0, because then they can;t use the app.
    So the people that actually float to the top when they score 0 are genuine about their dislike for the app?

    Would that work?

    • Android Developer

      they will have to know which reviews are good yet have low ratings.
      it's google, so i think they can.
      wonder how they will fix this issue.

      • Gabernasher

        They could analyze what's written, and if what's written is positive while giving a 1 star review, it could be sent for review by a human, if the review is indeed a good 1 star review, the account could get a warning via an email, after a few warnings in a set period of time, all their reviews are wiped and they get suspended from reviewing for a period of time.

        • Joshua Hill

          Just ban them from the play store for life. That will put an end to this nonsense pretty quickly. Go use iTunes if that's how you conduct yourself.

      • esbox one

        It's easy, just separate Rating and Comments.
        So user comments can no longer be associated by its rating for app.

        • Android Developer

          interesting suggestion.
          i think this could work.

  • Aegeuss

    I'm Turkish too. Unfortunately this is a bad temporary habit which is going on for some time; it's criticized roughly in our internet community as well, reasonable majority condemn this type of nonsense behaviour but unfortunately it's the minority whose voice is heard; please look at here for example with Google translate:https://eksisozluk.com/yorumum-gozuksun-diye-1-yildiz

  • http://sushubh.net/ chromaniac

    I thought Google fixed this bullshit by using Google+ based recommendation engine for highlighting comments that are more relevant to individuals?

    This is also a good reason why Google+ comments on YouTube is a good thing. And it would be a good thing on Google Play as well.

    • https://steamcommunity.com/id/m-p-3 m-p{3}

      They're already using G+ for Play Store ratings

  • AndyCr15

    Surely if it only works on apps that predominantly have 5 star reviews then actually little developers should be fine, they'll still have a rating up over 4?

  • Ziya Kokarağaç

    That's the reason i am using play store in English instead of Turkish.
    That's a common problem but as stated by others much of it is limited to very famous apps so it won't probably hurt any developer.

    I think one simple solution would be unifying the reviews regardless of their language.(thanks to google translate)
    Because for example i don't write any review in my native language because the dev and most of the users won't easily understand it. So reviews in my native language stays rather in small numbers and useless in quality therefore a jerk giving one star has a bigger chance of seen.

  • Sukigu

    I've seen a lot of users from Brazil rating apps 1 star because they're "installing it, will review later," which seriously pisses me off. Especially since many obviously don't update their reviews.

  • Ricardo A. Fragoso

    Woow... I believe we're gonna see that on other countries... that's for sure.

    I think Google should change the reviews comments dialog to the "Newest First" option by default instead of "Featured".

  • Ray

    A lot of the time I try not to worry too much about the reviews when wanting to try a game or app. Everyone's opinion of an app will vary anyway so why should I care what others think?

    If I'm that interested in an app, I'll try it regardless of reviews and make up my own mind. This has worked in my favour a number of times now.

    The one 1 star reviews are no excuse regardless, and hopefully Google can come can up with some solution to the problem - perhaps having to leave a review with every rating, and if said rating receives X number of down-votes, it's weight against the overall rating drops or perhaps becomes null and void.

    I've always thought that it would be great if other users could respond to ratings/reviews. If someone has given a low rating for an app because they can't work something out, then another user can jump in and explain how to fix it or give advice, hopefully prompting the user with the issue to give a higher rating.

    Something needs to be done anyway.

  • http://steamcommunity.com/id/metallinatus Metallinatus

    What Google needs to do is simply change the algorithm to determine which reviews appears first, so it won't just give preference to any review just because it rated one star.... (who the hell had that idea anyway?)
    Also, since the trend is still 'small', Google should look at all the turkish reviews, wipe out all the comments that follows the trend and alert the jackasses behind it....

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    This is what makes us, Android users, look like a peasant race among other mobile OS users

    • Peacen1k


  • Henry

    Maybe a solution would be to get rid of the star reviews in favour of a YouTube style thumb up or down and each app have a dislike/like bar.

    • Francisco Alvarado

      That would secretly annoy Sheldon Cooper...

  • Francisco Alvarado

    Google should implement in Google Play something similar to what they are doing with Google Translate, when they show that message "Please help Google Translate improve quality for your language here." and then ask the user to help by selecting the correct translated word(s) for highlighted text. They should ask TOP developers to validate 1 star reviews or mark them as spam. Just saying...

    • http://www.ericschuetz.com/ Eric Schuetz

      Perhaps the best option is that right there. Developers should have the ability to review, and submit, said reviews. However, this is not the first of many exploits having been found in the reviews for apps. This is why I don't pay much heed to many 1 star reviews. I just skim, download/install, test, and decide for myself.

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      i have never seen that massage in g traslate o.O"

  • Android Developer

    how about removing the "helpful" sorting instead?
    i don't get why would end users need to have this sorted.
    why not just sort it by time (newest is on the top)? each time a new version is out, the timer will reset to allow new comments of the new app to come.
    no way anyone would create more and more google accounts just to make new reviews, right?

    • squiddy20

      Because sometimes the "helpful" sorting can actually be helpful. An explanation of the pros/cons from a user perspective for instance, is way more helpful than the dev putting in all caps "buy my app!!!!!" or similar. Maybe for some reason the dev didn't accurately describe his/her app, and a comment from a user did.

      • Android Developer

        i see.
        how about this: make the default sorting as sorted-by-time , instead of sorted-by-helpfulness ?

    • Gabernasher

      You can pick how it's sorted, either most helpful, which is based on how many helpful vs unhelpful votes a review gets, or newest.

    • Lumi

      Helpful is useful MOST of the time. Unless it's a social game and everyone is just trying to post "use my invite code plz". The Helpful algorithm also take into review time into account too.

    • uniquename72

      I want to see all the 2-star and 4-star ratings without scrolling forever. Google has consistently ruined the usefulness of the Play store with every update.

      Considering how many obvious bugs and problematic "features" get reported in the Google dev forums and are ignored for months and even years, I expect to see a fix for the problem in this article sometime in early 2016.

      • Android Developer

        true. i wonder why they removed some cool features like the ability to remove apps.
        they also has a nicer UI with more items to see on the page, and with some statistics (and a graph) of the number of downloads of the apps.
        now they also have an annoying screenshots viewing mechanism.

  • Never Say Never


    • Tomáš Petrík

      You're too late to the party.

  • iandouglas

    I rate this article one star out of five because it's full of awesome.

  • SxperiaS

    I am Portuguese and i am forced to see Brazilian comments which as someone already stated below are not very helpful ...

    Well believe or not i asked for a feature in Play Store to the developers for the possibility to change language (Basic development in programming, allowing the user freedom to choose)...

  • scouser73

    It's pathetic, I hope Google weed out those types of comments.

  • Aravind J Nampoothiry

    Let's hope that some other jerks don't do the same after seeing this post

  • donaldtusk


  • Claudiu

    And they said that allowing only Google+ users to post comments would clean up the mess and false reviews (remember?). Well surprise, surprise!!!

    I have up commenting on the Play Store just because I don't want a G+ account.

    • http://www.twitter.com/NamraMuhammad Namra

      Same here I also don't want to join google+ :p

    • Primalxconvoy

      Me too. I was going to up my scores and reviews but I suspect that Google just wanted me to keep my old negative reviews...

  • Melih Özcan


  • http://www.twitter.com/NamraMuhammad Namra

    I saw in google play store usa also once someone wrote 'Awesome game love it just wanted to be the first to rate 2 stars' I saw it yesterday only that time I didn't know it was trend Thank god I still installed that game it was so nice :)

  • impulse101

    Now that it is pointed out morons around the world are going to do this.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09558823023162268203 givitumibeybi

    @marcell_levai:disqus Awesome comment. I only downvoted you so my comment will be seen first and people will know how awesome is your comment. I also reported it so moderators will see your awesome comment too.

  • Umut Tan

    I am really ashamed of my retarded people.

  • Umut Tan

    Yes, I am ashamed of my people very much!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09558823023162268203 givitumibeybi

    Nation Of Trolling

  • Pedro O Raposo

    I have the same problem too. Since the Portuguese Play Store shares reviews with the brazilian Play Store (for some god forsaken reason) I keep seeing brazilian people ranking games and apps as 1 Star with te comment "now downloading, looks great" or "downloading, will give more than one star if I like it" with the usual orthography errors brazilian people are known for. I keep marking those comments as spam, but there's little one can do against such a big country as Brazil, although the first step would be to seperate the Portuguese and Brazilian Play Stores or give us access to the english language reviews. And in case you're wondering, those english language reviews are blocked from the Portuguese Play Store. Why?

    • Tiago Azevedo

      I agree with this! Brazilian people totally destroy the app rating system. However, Google joins the Play Store comments by people from countries with a common language. That's why we are able to watch brazilian comments and they can see ours, but we can't see comments and rates from other countries that don't share the portuguese language as their official one.

      • Pedro O Raposo

        Yeah, kinda makes me want to change the default language on my devices back to english. It'd be great if we could just set the languages we fluently speak on our google account and have it act accordingly within the Google ecosystem; that'd make a much better service.

    • SxperiaS

      Have the exact same problem... I would just prefer seeing in english than Portuguese from Brazil alas we are small (Portugal).....

      • Pedro O Raposo

        It's a shame Google doesn't listen to feedback on these matters.

        • SxperiaS

          Yeah, i requested that feature for being able to choose language but had no reply...

          • Pedro O Raposo

            I did that as well, a long time ago. I think I might try and do it again. I'm so tired of people think that all Portuguese languages are the same that I've been offering translations to European Portuguese free of charge to some of my favourite apps, and done quite some work on it in my free time!

          • SxperiaS

            Well i think is it of no use....

            But if AndroidPolice would do an exposure of this topic maybe there would be a chance... Freedom of choice to see the language you want and maybe they would know that European Portuguese (The oldest) is not the same as Portuguese from Brazil.

            @Artem Russakovskii, @AndroidPolice, @MichaelCrider

          • Pedro O Raposo

            Yeah, those languages have diverged too much to be considered the same language. And if those guys ever need to translate anything into correct Portuguese, you can count on me.

          • Primalxconvoy

            Perhaps then, Brits could finally filter out American from English too, eh readers?

        • Primalxconvoy

          You mean "It's a shame Google doesn't listen".

          They're not exactly easy to contact, are they?

    • Primalxconvoy

      Have you set your phone language to English? I'm in Japan and as my phone language is set to English, the reviews I see are mainly in English at the Japan play store.

  • b0b

    This issue is only a problem for apps that have a significant Turkish user base which will not be the case for most apps. Except turskish specific apps ore super popular apps like games.
    In that case, such apps will have so many ratings anyway that even a few dozen of Turskish 1 star rating clowns should not make much of a difference.
    Actually, the suggestion rating box introduced by Google 1 month ago has made a lot more damage to ratings than this...

  • Dario · 753 a.C. .

    ahahahaha what is wrong with them?? anyway, does it happens only for turkish page?

    • Umut Tan

      Apparently no. Some other Play Stores got the same problem and its spreading. lol

      This is what you get by selling 50$ Tablets.

      • Dario · 753 a.C. .

        in the italian page, one star comments are not shown as upper comments.

      • Dario · 753 a.C. .

        i've just tested that in the turkish page one star comments are in the top, in the italian page no. try by yourself

      • Primalxconvoy

        Or indeed, by teaching peasants to read and write...

  • üçyüzbeşyüz

    Welcome to Turkey

  • Wanderer

    Before i buy any apps, I usually check the reviews through a couple of pages anyway, people tend too give a Review on the basis That it doesn't work on their kit, and most reviewers have different sisters, so I tend to look for reviews using the same hardware as myself.

  • Davi Caseira

    We have a very similar situation in Brazil, where people rate the app one star when they are still downloading it or they just rate it one star and curse all kinds of useless things. This kind of attitude just make reviews useless to me. Google should filter reviews or give us better tools for that.

  • Daniel Chow

    Maybe Play Store should record user's credit about rating/commenting apps/others, these jerks should be forbidden..

  • Nabeel Farooqui

    "report' button

  • Yuri Augusto

    I'm brazilian and brazilian reviews and comments sucks. This people are retarded. If the app description says "THIS IS JUST A DEMO" people give 1 star and complain sayin' the app is not complete. People just don't read the fu**ing desciption.

  • Matthew Fry

    The larger the user group, the more assholes you get. I do find it kind of funny that Apple has trouble getting 1% of users to review and Google probably regrets having so many (~10%). My numbers are likely incorrect. I remember them faintly from a GamaSutra article.

  • Max

    Since I use my phone in Spanish, I can only see the stupid comments and ratings from Spanish-speaking users. Most of them are very useless. There should be an option to only show English comments, since I think they should be at least a little more smart.

    • Primalxconvoy

      You would be wrong, Sir. Stupid is, stupid does.

  • DirkBelig

    I know it's cool to hate Amazon's Appstore, but the same crap with poor reviews is wrecking the utility of reviews there, especially with FAOTD apps as stampeding herds of paranoid, tinfoil-hatted, privacy freaks spam 1-star reviews over any app that possesses any permissions they don't understand/like/approve of.

    Last week, a FAOTD was Mind Games Pro and even though the description said in its 2nd paragraph that there was a known issue of Avast falsely flagging it as malware and recommending that users use any other scanner of their choosing to verify the safety, there was a slew of hysterically shrieking that it was malware. Anyone who posted that Lookout or whatever came up clean was pounced on - "TRY AVAST! IZ TEH MALWARZ!1!! H4X!1!!!" Reviews actually reviewing the app or saying it was clean were downvoted while the ninnies upvoted each others' FUD.

    Checking back now, the description has been updated to say Avast updated their scanner to stop the panic and it looks like the bad reviews got broomed.

    Problems like this and the Google Play issue in the article reveal a global breakdown in common sense and civility as people misuse the review systems to spread FUD or get lulz seeing their name in digital lights. No one contacts the developers with bug reports or suggestions; they just 1-star and bash "DOZENT WEKR!!!!1! INUNSTALING!1!!!" I thumb down those useless reviews and thumb up the ones who detail their issues, even if it's a negative review.

  • Peter

    And ... this is exactly why I don't rate apps, not to mention that I don't believe half of them anyway.

  • Primalxconvoy

    I just flag such reviews as "unhelpful" or "spam". I've noticed the opposite though, with negative reviews linked to 5 star ratings.

  • DJ Subterrain


  • merlininsakali

    lol they are just little kids:) i have a bro like that and he is 8 yo:P

  • WHO?

    Or maybe they aren't trolls and just won't people to be able to see how much they really like the app. Smh

  • http://www.fullmoonblog.com/ Flatlinebb

    I've tried marking these types of reviews as SPAM or Unhelpful in the Play store, and usually, I get a message back saying "Could not rate comment". Anyone else seeing that? Anyone successfully able to mark comments as Unhelpful or SPAM?

  • Sahinkin

    Yeah I'm Turk but I hate them all. Why people should be that much stupid? Nobody cares your comments but they care the stars given.

  • A Turkey Citizen

    I'm a Turk and i don't do things like this, some of our people are egoist just want to get attention and it comes from their stupidity. Don't judge all of Turkish people for just some retards, every country has some people like this.

  • http://twitter.com/Rodrigost23 Rodrigo Tavares

    In Brazil, people make one star reviews and comment things like "I'm still downloading it, that's why I'm giving it only one star". Why is it even accepting reviews before download?

  • 63 STYLE


  • Hellobeyav

    Fed up by the same situation. I spam every comment like that but the only problem is the page scrolls up everytime I spam so I cant spam rapidly.

    I guess (uhm or I wish) people aged between 10-15 years are responsible for this crap.

    In conclusion, we shouldn't give kiddos smartphones.

  • HTV-4

    I'm a turkish people and I hate them. They are just some ignorant users. Or kids.

  • Guck Foogle

    They removed the reviews completely from the play store app now. If a developer is straight out conartist now we won't k now u til we get conned. Google cares more about developers than customers. Switching to iPhone. Fuck Google.

    • starmann

      They never removed reviews and apple doesn't care about either.

  • Henrique Persechini

    I'm glad I found this, I'm from Brasil and 1-star ratings are all useless> When you wan't to check if any issues with an app might bother you, so you seek out lower ratings to get a preview of an app's problems, but the majority are, as stated by other commenters, in the lines of "1 star while I download, will change latter" (they never do, not that I ever hoped) and the "doesn't run on my phone"(sent from 2 year old low budget phone trying to download a 3d game).

    The last one is understandable, after all not everyone understand the product they are buying out of hype, specially if it's their first device, but the first case just boggles my mind why would someone ever think of doing this over just not writing any review at all

    I used to mark such comments as not useful, but ultimately I would never read the reviews for an app in more than one occasion so I slowly slipped out of it.

  • Bruce Cannon

    There's no easy way to make morons not be morons. But I do think there are user experience things we (they) could do to help the situation.

    --Allow us to filter by rating, as in, "show me only one star ratings" etc.
    --Keep the thumb up and down, and spam flag, visible at all times.
    --Show the helpfulness and spam vote counts alongside each.
    --These will help us have useful visibility into the "helpfulness".
    --It will also make us more likely to automatically provide feedback as we read.
    --Only allow reviews from people who have used the app.
    --Show beside each review how many total hours they have used the app for at the time of the review.

    --Fold all this up into a more complex "helpfulness" stat.

    The recent move to make us use our real names is scary, but good too. It probably won't help dumb reviews from kids, but for adults it should be a useful "think before you click".

  • apsley

    Here's an idea: keep the current rating system as it is, but don't use the "one star" ratings count in the calculation of the overall average for the app. That way, the stupid and vindictive people can keep clicking on the "one star" rating, but will be ignored.

    It also would be helpful there was a more sophisticated questionnaire that users could answer about the app, if they wanted to, instead of just the "star rating". Having said that, I did add a questionnaire to one of my apps, but almost no one answered it.

  • apsley

    Here's an idea: keep the current rating system as it is, but don't use the "one star" ratings count in the calculation of the overall average for the app. That way, the stupid and vindictive people can keep clicking on the "one star" rating, but will be ignored.

    It also would be helpful there was a more sophisticated questionnaire that users could answer about the app, if they wanted to, instead of just the "star rating". Having said that, I did add a questionnaire to one of my apps, but almost no one answered it.

  • http://www.agileinfoways.com/ winfredable

    Feels amazing after playing this game man.. this is just amazing.. I'll have to get the best score in my group of 30k people.. in the same live chat feature..


  • Leo Louis

    Some moron gave me a 1 star review that was anonymous, no criticism was even given, it was for free too the track. I compose instrumental soundtracks, which are on GooglePlay. If you are interested please give me real reviews, i can't be any more worse than Justin Bieber. Many thanks-> https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Leo_Louis_End_of_the_line?id=Bpsrxpjkyaydl56amk2mtq25iry

    • Leo Louis

      Sorry here is the non-broken link> goo.gl/ohVKxj

  • Cure for stupidity

    I need a cure for Turkish people & Brazilian people. They need it badly