If you've got a Qualcomm-powered, international Galaxy Note 3 and an appreciation for up-to-date software, you might want to check out the latest official leaked ROM from SamMobile. They've posted a purported test build for the KitKat 4.4.2 update of the Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 (that's the Snapdragon 800 model with LTE bands). This leak comes just two days after the Android 4.4 build for the Galaxy S4.

Screenshot_2014-01-12-19-57-28 Screenshot_2014-01-12-19-57-59 Screenshot_2014-01-12-20-03-13

Changes include all the usual KitKat goodies, plus a tweaked TouchWiz visual theme (with white battery, service, Wifi, clock, etc. icons), and a camera shortcut on the lockscreen. Benchmark scores are generally improved on the KitKat build, and of course users have access to the new experimental Android Runtime (ART). According to SamMobile, which is pretty good about this sort of thing, the build is very near the final stage and probably won't be changed much when the over-the-air update is released.

The N9005XXUENA6 firmware is intended for the SM-N9005 model only - that generally means non-US models sold for LTE carriers. It almost certainly won't work for any of the US variants of the phone, even AT&T and T-Mobile. (It will probably be a couple of months at least before American carriers start pushing Samsung 4.4 builds.) If you're upgrading a stock phone, keep in mind that flashing via Samsung's Odin desktop software will wipe your personal data. Root users will lose access to root-enabled apps, perhaps indefinitely. If none of that deters you, SamMobile has the files, tools, and instructions at the source link below.

Source: SamMobile

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  • CaibreGreyblade

    oh yeah!

  • aero8


  • Martin

    No big changes as expected.. Hope it will work now even smoother.. Surprises with touchwiz will be in S5.. :-)

  • whyarepeopleS

    time to buy a Moto X.. its been 2 months and i bet it will be longer... the more bloat they add the longer they become

    • Wazzifer

      You got to be out of your damn mind if you think switching from a Note 3 to a Moto X is a good idea.

      • Sammy

        Absolutely, a note 3 with 4.3 is still twice the phone as a Moto X with 4.4. Some people.

        • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

          With both a Note 3 and a Moto X at home, I can tell you this is not true. My wife is cursing her Note 3 almost every day, and regretted not listening to my advice to buy the Moto X instead. The only thing she likes about the Note 3 is the bigger screen, but all the little annoying things are driving her nut.

          • Martin

            I am cursing it too.. It lags.. It works great after restore but after 2 weeks.. Disgusting.. Maybe with Kitkat it will be better.. I'm thinking to sell my note 3 and buy Moto X. It's great phone, stock android.. Heaven! After note 2 and note 3, I am not big Samsung fan.. 3GB ram and having lags.. This is joke.. iPhone with 1gb works great.. So people who don't own Note 3 will be better to keep their opinion :-)

          • BBXiong

            I am personally using one, perhaps you have installed plenty of apps that runs in background or filled up the internal storage? As i know both cases might slowdown your phone quite a lot. So far I always kept my phone >30% free internal storage, and be careful with the number of background processes. Just trying to help you get a better experience of your phone. If it lags much, use Apex Launcher or Nova Launcher instead, works fast and get its job done

          • Martin

            No man.. I have more than 20Gb free storage... And about apps yes.. but I use maybe 5 of them... :-)

          • RusticKey

            Weird, I've used the Note 3 since day one (September 2013) and till now I've never had problems with stutters, let alone lag (except, maybe, the stock Gallery app, which is fairly easy to get used to.) You definitely have some rogue apps, as the other guy said.
            When no apps are running, just the launcher, it only consumes ~800mb of ram.

          • jimbo

            Idk what is wrong with your Note 3 but I bought 1 day one from AT&T and it's the greatest phone I've ever used! I have not had a single issue PERIOD. My opinion is the Note 3 is by far the best phone on the market!

          • Lexster

            What annoying things are you talking about? I find pretty much nothing annoying about the Note 3.

          • Golden Eagle

            Your wife you say??? Well I'm sure that will change other's minds then too. I'm guessing your wife not listening to you has probably steered her in the right direction the majority of time though.

      • whyarepeopleS

        i feel like i would stay away from bloat ware... in 2 years it would take 16 gb just for the OS

      • hot_spare

        This is a result of 2 trends in Android forums, hate for anything related to Samsung and hype of Moto X (not that it's a bad phone).

    • Mystery Man

      yea um maybe if there was a Moto XL that would make sense but ummmmmm?

      • EH101

        Moto XL would be awesome. And a terrible name. But still awesome.

    • Timmy

      Sorry, Moto X not available outside the states, you know, the rest of the world.

      • m477

        Wait until tomorrow.

    • http://www.gameosaur.com/ neoKushan

      Yeah you're absolutely right, Samsung is way behind ALL THOSE OTHER MANUFACTURERS who have pushed 4.4 to their devices.

      • Grayson Carr

        Yeah, they are behind Motorola and HTC. The only one they aren't behind is LG. No surprise there.

  • rickveen

    How is the battery life after upgrading the phone

  • jack stewart

    i flashed this build to my tmobile note 3,works perfectly,super smooth,great battery life. i flashed with odin,removed bootloader,and flashed the repair zip for the s4 4.4 leak that makes mms and txt work after flashing a bootloaderless 4.4 leak. i went back to cm11 after a couple of hours cause i hate touchwiz, but this works fine on tmobile note 3s for sure

    • Jon

      Where did you find a cm build for the note 3, and how stable is it?

      • jack stewart

        everything works except nfc. battery isnt great either,but works great otherwise

      • Mystery Man

        Really stable no reboots and no problems except touch screen seems less responsive and battery life sucks compared to stock rom

    • i lost

      Hmm im sorry to say, but I really dont get why people buys a Note and then flashes CM on. The whole purpose for the Note is the stylus and its many functionalities which is found in TouchWiz...I can understand if you use another launcher i.e. Nova

      • kingdazy

        must of those "exclusive" functions can be gotten through other apps in Play.

        • joe

          he is right... i never used my stylus

    • Linh Giang

      @jack steward

      Can you kindly give step by step instruction on how to install on TMO Note 3? Thank you.

  • cesar suarez

    A= Enero

  • Dan

    Does the build come with the smart dialer contacts. That's the only ffeature I would like to have.

  • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

    Where is a Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 that only supports 4.4.2? We need such thing to keep update coming in full speed!

  • http://404err0r.com/ Henry Park

    YAY... this means that when I get my Note 3 in few weeks there is a good chance 4.4.2 OTA will be out :)

  • Sahil Arora

    Galaxy Note 4 is coming in the upcoming months. So, why to hold the old Note 3 guys :P :P Just wait for the Note 4.

    • Lexster

      Oh, I'm sure I will. I signed up for that swap thing with T-Mobile, so as soon as the Note 4 comes out, I just turn in my Note 3 and get a brand new phone :)

  • Guest
  • Shoeb Ahmad Fareed

    Hey friends, Android 4.4 update for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is rolling now. Here is a easy procedure to update your Note 3 to pre release 4.4 Kitkat firmware without any problem. See here – http://goo.gl/aerGfS

  • Matevz

    Ok people, i do not want to be a hard ass and annoying but, is anyone here who downloaded firmware (1,3GB) and is willing to upload it on net an share link coz original link from SamMobile is super extra slow (13kb/s)... we are dying here... :/ plz be so kind :)

  • Juiliana Berzuela


    I have 1 question where is the ART (Android Runtime) option?

    • Juiliana Berzuela

      Ok forget my question ART is not available with this firmware.

  • abt

    The sview covers didnt work after I upgraded it to kitkat guys.. *sobs

  • boogeyman73

    Motox better than note3 lmao that's like saying a chevette is better than a BMW 300$ for moto x its a beginners smart phone and the battery life on the note3 is by far way better than motox people r bananas and if u were smart and not in dyer need to be like ur typical grommit just wait til all bugs and fixes r complete and ur note3 will be updated properly with no issues!!!!!