The myLIFTER has managed to double its $50k Kickstarter funding goal with five days to spare. Why should you care? Well, this project is a "smart" lifting device that users can control using their smartphones or tablets via a Bluetooth connection, but Android compatibility is a stretch goal, one that required $100,000 to meet. That's right, support for the myLIFTER has now risen high enough to pique our interest.

myLIFTER is a motorized device that, once attached to your ceiling, can lift up and store objects where they are out of the way. It's perfect for use in garages where bicycles that only get used twice a year remain a near-permanent threat to the cars that have to park next to them every evening. With myLIFTER, you can simply hang those bikes from the ceiling.


Sure, you could just store that bike on hooks manually, but you didn't come to this site for DIY house projects. You came here for the scoop on apps, so lets cut to it. The myLIFTER companion app will not only let users with Android 4.3 or higher raise and lower heavy objects on command, it can remember specific heights, so it always know precisely how far down it should bring down that bike when it's time to load up the top of that Subaru Outback and pay the great outdoors a visit.

Each hook is capable of supporting up to 100 pounds, doubled from 50 thanks to the stretch goal getting surpassed. Multiple units can work together, making it possible to hang intimidatingly heavy objects from the ceiling. Enjoy watching house guests rush under nervously as they, like the many that came before them, don't exactly trust your comforting smile. Those thin ropes will hold? Sure. (Okay, they're stainless steel cables, but if your friends are anything like me, they won't care in the slightest).


If you want to find out for yourself just how much the myLIFTER can hold, you still have five days left to jump in on the campaign. $125 will get you a single myLIFTER unit once they start shipping out in May of this year. $395 will get you four. And if anyone I know decides to pick up a couple, remind me not to look up the next time I'm over.


Source: Press Release

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • EH101

    Now they need a heavy duty one to lift my motorcycle out of the way. Lol, that would be crazy.

    Seriously though, I don't see many uses for this. Even the bike lifting thing seems weird considering those who have bikes (and use them) would probably not want to be hassled with lifting and lowering it everyday, especially not for $150.

  • Andy Stetson

    Give me an app controlled wench and I'd be set. This doesn't have a lot of use cases.

    • EH101

      I know a lot of Jeep owners that would love to see that. They're a crazy group of guys, though. (Not implying that you're crazy or anything)

    • John Smith

      Please, where can I buy an app controlled wench? I'd like one that doesn't aggravate me, makes me dinner, and puts out.

      • Andy Stetson

        oops! winch! xD

  • nvillaco

    I'd rather save $125 and use normal hooks and a ladder.

    • Mike Reid

      Prolly faster than messing with an app anyway, LOL.

  • mustbepbs

    Oh Kickstarter campaigns, you never cease to confuse me.

  • donwanna

    So iOS support from beginning and Android if they get 50K more?? So if I supported this and they didn't made it past 100.000 I would essentially be supporting iphone with my money?

    Why are you guys supporting this? Android support should be their first priority, not an afterthought!

    • Mike Reid

      Ummm, they reached their stretch, so Android is in.

      Or are you just ticked they picked IOS first ?

      I'm very pro-Android, but I acknowledge there is still more money spent on IOS apps than Android. IE, IOS users are more likely to buy stuff. Ignoring the "rich" spots is not usually a good business plan unless tyou have a specific niche to fill.

    • GraveUypo

      well not everyone is a brainwashed android drone. some of us just use android, as opposed to live for it. it's over the threshold anyway, so why the hell do you care?

      • Sam Hollis

        The question is why do they believe they'll need $50,000 to justify Android support? They could've comfortably made it a $60,000 stretch goal without potentially limiting their customer pool.

  • Wesley Modderkolk

    There is absolutely no use for this thing and is only done because it can. How is this any better than just lifting the damn thing yourself? They have turned something that can be done for $5(the hooks to hang your stuff from) into something that is 45 times as expensive.

    The only useful thing about it is that you don't have to lift it yourself anymore, to the downside that it will probably take 20 times as long to get the thing in position. And if you cannot lift it for whatever reason, you might find more use in getting some health insurance than this.

    Can't wait for the App-controlled pencil sharpener though!

    • Wayne Randall

      Gotta agree here. Here's a list of a few app-controlled simple devices I'd like to see:

      mechanical pencil lead-pusher-outer button
      Bic lighter
      toilet paper dispenser
      recliner foot rest extender/auto rocker
      middle finger extender

      Get on it KS!

      • VoiceofSky

        I think you're on to something , especially digging the "Toilet paper dispenser" idea .. I crap a lot so this could be Wipeolutionary ;)

  • ビッググリーン

    Do you even Lift Bro?

  • Fitzelgard Allan Gerard

    Looks like my neighbor can finally carry his wife on his wedding day.

  • james kendall

    just because you can build something dose not mean you should. this has to be one of the more idiotic ideas I have seen in a while. what's wrong with good old fashioned pulleys and a few cleats on the wall to tie off the rope with? if you want to use a winch slapping bluetooth or what ever wireless app controlled method they use is just adding complexity and increasing cost and likelihood of breakdown.