Dell began sending out Android 4.3 updates to it's budget Atom-based Android tablets late last year, but it's been a super-slow rollout. Well, now it's picking up steam. The OTA should be hitting both tablets soon, if not already.


This update bumps the Venue 7 and 8 to 4.3 from 4.2. Dell hasn't done a lot to tweak the operating system, so you're mostly getting the Google improvements in 4.3 (which were pretty light). Touch response seems to have been cleaned up, and the camera focus and compression is a bit improved as well.

You can check the system update menu to see if the OTA is available to you yet. There are also some XDA threads with instructions for manual updating, but it's a bit of a runaround.

[Dell 1, 2; XDA 1, 2] – Thanks, +PaulDomansky]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • jeffhesser

    feeling like my standby time has improved quite a bit but hard to say if that's placebo or not.

  • PuzzledObserver

    If you are familiar with the Dell Venue tablet, is there a reliable root method? Which ROM do you recommend? Thanks.

  • gary

    Dell venue 7 keep getting error message during system update

  • Julie Anne Buchy

    I received the update just recently and and while almost all the installed apps work fine, the scrabble game does not even load - all I get is a blank screen. It is the EA Scrabble from the Google Playbook v I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and I have also tried clearing the cache and even disabled the automatic restore of settings and data so it could load install fresh but to no avail. Any suggestions?

    • synapticflow

      I have the same issue and I am sick about it. Scrabble is one of my main uses for a tablet. I wish I had never upgraded the OS.

      • bcfireguy

        Same issue here. Hopefully they will get a fix out soon!

    • synapticflow

      Well I began to have more problems. The micro SD stopped being read from PC when I wanted to move files to it. The tablet would shut down the process.

      I had to return it to the store and now I am sticking with Android 4.22.

      I also deactivated the update notifications so I won't accidentally update my replacement Venue 8.

      • JMegan

        I'm having the same issue - blank screen on Scrabble after the update, nothing else seems to be affected. I've contacted EA games - they don't know, but they're working on it. I'll update here if I hear anything.

  • jayvond

    Every since i update my Venue 8 I've been having problems, now it does not let me type my password in to unlock it! Instead of the keyboard, the "speak now" symbol pops up

  • Alan

    Since the update, my graphics have not been right. On the game Asphalt 8, it is now unplayable due to the scrambled graphics. Please fix this problem.

  • synapticflow

    I really regret doing this update. Now apps like Scrabble will no longer work, despite many reinstalls.

  • wifes husband

    Wifes scrabble doesnt work after this update either. she loves that game.

  • dasha kelley

    the update is nice the camera Really improved i was kinda shaky bout the update but now I'm satisfied

  • James Laverty

    Since I received the update, my gallery no longer works, it shuts off as soon as I click on the icon. My Hotmail will not connect with the server any longer.

  • Alan Eaglewolf

    I have a Dell Venue 8 tablet and since the update to 4.3 some of my graphics to apps do not work such as Asphalt 8. The graphics to these apps are shown in blue, purple and red distorted images. Money that has been invested in these apps are wasted. Please fix these graphic problems. Thank you.

    • Tola

      You need to change the display settings in the game asphalt 8 to either low or very low. That should do the trick.

  • Gary

    Dell Venue 7 will not update, keep getting error message, cannot get any support from Dell the unit is only 3 months old ... ??

  • James Laverty

    I got the update to 4.3 and most things work well. I have found the video player in the gallery no longer works. The video starts and about 2 seconds later the tablet reboots itself. I called Dell tech support and he said lots of people had this problem. He called back 3 days later and while we were on the phone, it worked. As soon as I told him it worked and I hung up, it quit.

    • VAJIM

      Gallery quit working for me when I upgraded my Venue 8, Unmounted my SD card, reformatted it in a PC. Put the SD card back in and now gallery works again.

  • shaneholly11

    yes the update was needed, and it fixed my video play back problems too. now on to 4.4

  • http://twitter.com/jmegan JMegan

    Re Scrabble: I've been in touch with the EA help desk, and they're working on it. Here's my most recent response from them:
    I've reviewed the details you gave my colleague and I suspect this may be a problem specific to the device rather than the game itself. It's possible an update to the software may be causing a conflict or an OS update has led to a compatibility issue.
    In either case I need assistance from the people who helped build the game, and as such I will be escalating your case on to the studio team now for further investigation.
    It should not take too long for them to isolate the issue and provide us with an appropriate solution, and I will be in touch as soon as I have some news for you.

    • Julie Anne Buchy

      Well I am NOT impressed. It is now mid-March and nothing new on the scrabble front! I guess unless you are kissing Apple's behind there is no rush to even have the problem looked at. Surely two months is time enough, if not to fix the problem, to at least give us an update as to the progress.

  • mjmitz

    Recently got a message stating that my "Google keyboard has stopped" on my Dell Venue tablet. How do I correct this? Thanks.

  • Alok Agase

    Sir I'm getting more problems on KitKat android 4.4 after installing system update. It is using my 80% ram altlthough I USD only 9% of internal memory. I want to uninstall it & return to android KitKat 4.2 version please suggest me.

    • Alok Agase

      *used. Sir please e-mail me.