Uber has bothered some users by price surging during times of the year when people may be most in need of a ride, but now it's doing its part to roll numbers in the opposite direction. The company has just lowered the rates for its uberX rides by up to 34%. The percentage depends on which city you're in, with 16 of the 24 serviced cities seeing a price drop of at least around 10%.


Uber's uberX rides were already its most affordable vehicle option, but it's definitely not bad to see them dropped lower, especially considering that you may already be saving time and energy by using their mobile app to hail a ride in the first place. An email is currently going out to users that details the savings in their cities.



If you haven't given Uber a try before, the app is available below. It's free to use, even if, obviously, the cars are not.

Source: Uber

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  • Freak4Dell

    I don't think Uber needs to be forgiven for surge pricing. Surge pricing keeps the demand from being extraordinarily high, while also giving drivers an incentive to get out there and work. This ensures that Uber is still fast and reliable.

    • Laurence

      Honestly, people who have a problem with the "surge pricing" model are people who don't understand how economics works.

      • Matthew Fry

        If surge pricing is a euphemism for 'we jack the prices up when we start running low on cars' then yes I do. Generally speaking, it's economics speak for 'taking advantage of the situation.' In this case it's actually a customer serving idea as short term availability is important for transportation. Savvy shoppers just need to know what a normal cab costs and what other competing services cost and shop around. It's the same situation as airlines.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          It's just not that simple.

          • Matthew Fry

            Care to elaborate?

          • KlausWillSeeYouNow

            Haha, I misread your statement. Don't mind me :-)

      • didibus

        Can people stop mentioning how "economics" work all the time. People who mention how economics work don't understand how it works. Economics, is not like physics, it is part of social sciences. That means that it was invented by humans, for humans. It works like such only because we decided it would work like such. Therefore, if we have a problem with it, guess what, it's actually possible to change it! Yes, unlike physics, we as a collective decide how economics are to work and not.

        People complaining about Uber's price jacking is actually part of economics, it is an observable social reaction. This backlash is a feedback into the economics of Uber, word of mouth might impact their sales, the impression that people have of their prices will impact their sales. If alternatives don't offer better, then it might not matter much to Uber yet, but yes, trust me, people complaining about price jacking and about Uber doing so is actually a part of economics, and does have an impact on Uber's economy.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          I am an economist. You're mostly incorrect.

          • didibus

            You really went into the details of refuting my arguments here buddy. A+

          • KlausWillSeeYouNow

            It's so laborious... not sure I have the strength. ;-)

          • didibus

            Ok, well, I will keep believing what I said then. If an economist can not refute two small paragraphs in under 5 minutes, it doesn't really make me trust said economist very much. ;-)

  • sssgadget

    How is this related to Android?

    • ergu

      User has an android app!

    • The Truth

      Its not, this is called PR !!!

  • Zack Kolev

    I used Uber on new years eve at ~10pm. The surge was 1.5x which seemed reasonable. People plan on drinking and don't want to drive. I got to my destination for about $20. When I was looking for Uber after the ball dropped, around 1am. The surge pricing was 7x!!!! It actually started at 5.5x and kept rising! It would have cost over $100 to get back. So I took a cab, which wasn't too difficult with about 5 mins of trying. It cost just under $20 to get back with the cab. I know there was increased demand but it felt like Uber was extorting customers. Sure most people are drunk and desperate but 7 fold price hike?! Come on!? It was most satisfying cab ride I had. If there is one time when you shouldn't even thing of using Uber, its right after NYE.

    This incident alone caused me to download and register for Lyft and Sidecar.

    Sure Uber does surging to stay fast and reliable but I would't qualify charging 7x more when you most need them as "reliable." And definitely wouldn't call it "affordable" or "consistent" or even "competitive"

    • Matt Alexander

      It makes total sense to me. If you know you're going to get hammered on NYE, you can arrange a cab ride days in advance for a lot less. It's unusual that anyone goes home on new years eve before the ball even drops, so of course demand is going to skyrocket. I don't find this exploitative. A lot of people got too drunk to drive on a night when it's most difficult to get rides and had to pay a lot more for reliable service. I wouldn't be surprised if there were 7x as many people looking for rides on NYE at 1 or 2 AM as opposed to 10 PM.

      • xsirxx

        This is not true. I for 3 years in a row did exactly that! I would call a week in advance and hold the cab for a certain time at the bar. They never showed. I would call and call and everytime they assured me the taxi was on the way. I waited outside till 5am as all my friends were drinking I sure wasnt going to have them pick me up. Trust me, reserving a cab does NOT work on NYE.

        EDIT: BTW now I just throw the party and open up the spare rooms for everyone to stay the night. Everyone enjoys and appreciates this much more than the clusterF that is NYE.

        • Matt Alexander

          I've done it plenty of times and I lived in LA. Never had a problem. Use a better cab company