In between pointed jabs at the other national carriers, T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced the carrier's newest "Un-carrier" plan. As the rumors indicated, T-Mobile is going to pay the early termination fees (ETF) when customers switch to T-Mobile from Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon. Sounds great, but there are a few caveats.

2014-01-08 15_17_36-T-Mobile CES Webcast - (Public)

To qualify for this promotion, you will have to port a number from one of the three carriers above. The phone you had with that carrier also has to be handed over to T-Mobile when you sign up, but you get an instant credit of up to $300. Then you buy a new device from T-Mobile on the installment plan ($0 down now) and sign up for a Simple Choice Plan. When your old carrier sends you that scary final bill with the ETFs, you send it to T-Mobile or upload it to the switch2tmobile site (not up yet) as verification. T-Mobile checks that out and sends you an additional payment equal to those fees, up to $350 per line. T-Mobile is not paying your old carrier – it's reimbursing you. That should cover the ETFs on anyone's account, even at the full amount.

2014-01-08 15_24_24-

This is valid for up to five devices on an account at up to $650 per line total (best case scenario of ETF + trade-in). T-Mobile is betting the only thing stopping people from walking away from their carrier is the ETF, and it might be right. Even existing Tmo customers can do the switch to Simple Choice if they are still under contract by trading in their old phone and getting a new device financed. The phone trade-in component is a sticking point for some, but most of those devices will be locked to the old carrier anyway. Keep in mind you won't get nearly the $300 maximum unless you've got a very new high-end device.

Update: A few clarifications we got from T-Mobile – Yes, the device trade-in is mandatory. However, it doesn't matter what device you have as long as it powers on, isn't cracked, and isn't water damaged. Yes, even crappy feature phones – you just have to give them something.

Update: The ads are live on YouTube:

[T-Mobile PR, switch2tmobile]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • Chris

    I think we all can agree on this: We love pink.

    • George Millhouse

      it isnt pink It is Magenta

      • Chris

        To be clear, we are referring to T-Mobile's colors.... Right?

        • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

          Why not both?

          • JahnBodah

            Why not zoidberg? (V)(°,,°)(V)

    • Dillon Shepherd

      I think we can all agree on this too: John Legere is a BOSS!

      literally and figuratively :p

    • John Smith

      Pink is better than stink - which is what I've got with Sprint.

      By the way, how much would Sprint charge for an ETF (I got the GS4 when it first came out on Sprint). Maybe I should call customer support and ask. HAHA

      • Gabernasher

        BUt you can't impregnate the stink.

      • Derail Doax

        It's probably $350 + tax. When I left with my HTC One they got me for around $410 because of state and local taxes. Felt totally robbed. Plus I was only able to sell my perfect condition HTC One for $260. Paid $150 out of pocket to switch kinda disappointed. But I'm so happy with AT&T I'll never look back. I would have went T-Mobile with our family plan but I already have T-Mobile on my work line.

  • Brad

    But why would I give them my nexus 5 to get a nexus 5 in return??

    • Brad

      LOL @ downvotes...

      • Matthew DiGiacomo

        Make that 7.

      • http://www.standupforkids.org blackroseMD1


        • Justin W


          • Gabernasher


          • David Hart

            and now 4 20

    • hurrpancakes

      If you're in a contract with Sprint, so that you can get some decent speeds and coverage?

      • George Millhouse

        coverage?? T mobile coverage is a joke once you are indoors, on the highway or not inside a major city. Give me a break

        • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

          TMobile user here: ^This guy has no idea what he is talking about.

          • Matthew DiGiacomo

            Same here, can confirm.

          • SamLehman617

            I live in a small city and have T-Mobile. The service is always decent outside (except I don't get 4G in anywhere but the city,) but inside, I can barely send a text message. MMS messages are the worst. I usually can't download them at all. I love their prices, but I'm hoping for some better coverage.

          • Chris

            I had your problem and contacted T-Mobile. They sent me a free signal booster for the house. Now we all enjoy uninterrupted service :).

            You should check it out.

          • SamLehman617

            I've considered it before. I've been too lazy to do it, but it's definitely worth a shot. Thanks man!

          • GeeWhiz

            I stream radio regularly inside the elevator in a hirise on a nexus 4/tmobile.

          • Michael J Carroll

            T mobile customer here. The elevator in my dorm has been a dead zone for everyone I know but when I switched to t mobile with the nexus 4, it was the first time that I was ever able to get any service in it. Sure, one bar, but it's better than anyone else I know.

        • Spasillium

          Speak for yourself.

        • Chris

          It's like saying everyone likes cucumbers.

          • frafri

            WHo doesnt?

        • Cherokee4Life

          I had Sprint and now have T-Mobile in Chicago subburbs... T-Mo blows Sprint out of the water as far as coverage and speed. My last 2 phones with Sprint were HTC EVO LTE and HTC One and with T-Mo I have a Nexus 5

        • Derik Taylor

          I have to disagree. Indoors I still have great service personally. Could be your location. Hard telling though.

        • Justin W

          Unless you are on Sprint, in which case, you can only get better.

          Edit: Also, what @YourMyBoyBloo said.

        • Dominic Powell

          its like real estate, its all about location location location.

        • Matt

          I literally could not make phone calls from my house with Sprint. I can now that I moved to T Mobile.

        • Derail Doax

          I get 10 Mbps on my unlocked US band Moto G indoors. 3G 21 Mbps HSPA on T-Mobile gets great throughput. You must live in a town with crappy tower layout.

        • christopher3712

          I was a long-time T-Mo customer, ever since they were Voicestream. They were always a step behind the other carriers. Indoor (data) signals were non-existent. I live and commute through Dallas and see decent signal on the highways. However, I found that data speeds were eventually throttled to 3G (as of 2 years ago). I'm not sure if that's because of the increasing popularity of the carrier and network loads, or if it was intentional throttling. I never exceeded my data plan, so there really was no justification for the penalty. After 10 years with them, I finally left for (gasp) Verizon. I was tired of always missing out on the latest phones and the poor network quality. If it means anything at all, I've since left Verizon (after 15 months) and moved to AT&T. Verizon turned out to be ridiculously expensive and had their hand in EVERYTHING. Great coverage, fast data, eventual throttling and it became nearly impossible to get past bootloaders. On AT&T, I initially saw LTE speeds of 40mbps+ down and 20mbps+ up. That has since been reduced to 14mbps down (avg) and 8mbps up. There is a HUGE difference in data performance. I'm starting to come to the realization that throttling may occur on all carriers after some point. Anyhow, I've been watching this business with T-Mobile and all the initiatives they put into play this last 15 months or so. If they can handle the load, I may switch back.

          • polo550

            I like Tmobile. This is my second go around with them. I left them before because they never seemed to have the phones that the other carriers had. I tried AT&T but ended up with Verizon. I hate Verizon because they are always in your pocket and their Android updates are always the last to come out. So, I decided to give Tmobile another try. I like all of the things that they do but the network is just not on par with Verizon. I can't even get enough signal sitting in my barber's chair and not to mention at work. I live in Phoenix, so it's not like I live in some far away suburb. I've missed way to many calls and people always say that they haven't received my texts. I have come to conclusion that I'm better off with Verizon. Unless, Tmobile can get me a better signal between now and when I pay my Note 3 off.

        • Jason

          That's why T-Mobile just bought bandwith in the 700mhz range from Verizon to resolve that issue. Also they are continuing the change all of MetroPCS towers which is helping that as well.

          Plus what Chris said. If its that bad and you get with tech support odds are they will send you a signal booster.

        • Willie D

          I dont know dude, but in SF, I can testify I have better service on T-Mobile, faster data, more coverage (I can use it underground even) than I did on Sprint. With Sprint, they have been telling me for 4 years to be patient they are launching new networks, they launched them alright, one tower here, another site there, but seemed they lacked coverage. With T-Mobile they filled in the gaps, and bumped up what they had that was shaky before. All in all, I am more satisfied, pay $35 less on T-Mobile and get about 10x more service than on Sprint. That should say something because just 5 years ago Sprint guaranteed their network or your money back in SF.

      • Brad

        But my point is - why would I give them a phone that already works on their network and is set up to get a blank slate... seems pointless...

    • Freak4Dell

      They don't have a gun to your head. You don't have to give them your old phone.

    • http://androidandme.com/ Taylor Wimberly

      Device trade in is optional. You could keep your Nexus 5 and just get a T-Mobile SIM.

      • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

        Looks like it's not. From official page -

        "You would need to trade-in a working mobile phone or tablet and purchase a new device with T-Mobile".

        Trade-in value of my GNex - $18. :D

        • http://androidandme.com/ Taylor Wimberly

          That is lame if true. I saw that on the T-Mobile FAQ, but the live event made it sound like the trade-in credit was not required.

          • RyanWhitwam

            The PR and FAQ seem to be saying it's mandatory, so that's what we went with. Language in the event was pretty vague. I'll update if I hear differently.

          • http://androidandme.com/ Taylor Wimberly

            This is what they told me: "In order to qualify for this ETF offer, you must be switching from a postpaid plan with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon and port your current numbers to T-Mobile. You would need to trade-in a mobile phone or tablet and purchase a new device with T-Mobile on a qualifying postpaid Simple Choice plan (you would not be able to sign up for a T-Mobile prepaid or Simple Choice Family Plan with no credit). All lines must be activated in the same T-Mobile market with the same billing address and area code."

          • RyanWhitwam

            Yeah, I just got the same thing. They also told me it can be any working device, even a feature phone.

          • Dominic Powell

            what about a device with a cracked screen?

          • RyanWhitwam

            That does not fit their definition of "working."

          • http://androidandme.com/ Taylor Wimberly

            What about T-Mobile customers on contract. Do they have to trade in their phones and buy new ones?

          • RyanWhitwam

            My understanding is yes. They want people on the installment plans.

          • http://androidandme.com/ Taylor Wimberly

            Never heard of them forcing installment plans. You can always pay up front for any device, or pay any portion that you can afford.

          • DougVK

            Ryan that is false, Tmobile site says it must be a qualified phone, and they list the qualified phones. I know people who went to tmobile store and were denied as they didn't have a phone on the list of qualified phones.

          • Mr. Smith

            I took my two cracked screen, older phones (Droid Razr and HTC Incredible) to the T-mobile up the street and switched to them from Verizon. No questions asked. I even had to use my "real" phone in front of the T-mobile rep to get my VZW account number from VZW customer service. They (T-Mobile) just told me I wouldn't get any trade in value for the phones, since the screens were busted but they powered on. That didn't matter, because I kept my two "real" phones (LG G2 and Galaxy S4) and sold them online for WAAAAAY more than what T-mobile's trade-in value was going to be. I guess they're just taking the "any means necessary" approach. LOL!

  • jonathan3579

    I watched that whole thing and goddamn was there a lot of bullshit blown out of this event. T-Mobile the fastest? HAHAHA. Look, I like T-Mobile just as much as the next person but they're just as guilty of lying as AT&T. Meh, whatever...

    • Chris

      Well, I can't speak for Sprint, but they are much faster then Verizon & AT&T.

      In most places, I am lucky to get ~15Mbps on Verizon.
      Just like Verizon, I am hitting around ~25Mbps.
      As for T-Mobile, I am consistently getting ~40Mbps.

      • jonathan3579

        Where do you get 40mbps? Here in Houston, they're congested (averaging about 15-25Mbps) and you'll just as easily find yourself dropping off LTE into Edge without warning. I mentioned in a previous article that I had switched to Sprint about two months ago, and I'm pulling 50+Mbps now. Even then, I've seen AT&T handsets pulling 70+Mbps here so I'm inclined to disagree with their statement. Honestly, I can't stand any of these fastest carrier statements.

        • Chris

          I wholeheartedly agree. Take anything they say with a grain of salt.

    • sweenish

      They're not wrong for Wichita, KS.

      Verizon blows. ATT is competitive, and Sprint sucks. All like they outlined it.

      • jonathan3579

        Sorry bud but making a blanket statement calling yourself the fastest carrier in general does not fucking cut it especially if it's only in a couple select areas.

        • TSON1

          In the Detroit area I can back up sweenish. Verizon and AT&T are around the same, Sprint is god awful, and T-Mobile is waaaay faster.

          • Marlowe Green

            Agreed (metro Detroit)

        • Peacen1k

          You seem to be mad about something.

          • jonathan3579

            Oh brother, not this sad response. I'm just calling T-Mobile out for the same bullshit every other carrier does. Point blank.

          • Peacen1k

            I can see that. You also seem to be taking it really personally.

            Do you have a lot at stake in this marketing fight?

          • jonathan3579

            Not taking anything personally. I just find it amusing how people feel this revelation is life changing and that T-Mobile is the new savior for consumers. My real one and only issue is that they talk a big talk and downplay any improvements the competition makes (no matter how minor or major) and act as though theirs is the end all. My service with them in a HUGE city was unreliable and spotty. Granted, they're not the only carrier guilty of this but they're acting very high and mighty.

            Anyway, I have nothing to lose or gain from them as I've parted ways with them and I'm happy with my new service for now anyway. I hope they can back all this up but it remains to be seen.

        • sweenish

          You do realize that they were using hard data AVERAGES, right?

          The numbers don't lie. The numbers also implicitly state that some areas will see T-Mobile far better than they say, and also far worse. But to say they lied is ignorant.

          • jonathan3579

            You're right. No carrier lies or uses selective data for marketing purposes. Haha, and you think I'm the ignorant one for blowing through their smoke. I'm done with this debate...

    • Gabernasher

      I'll just leave this here for you.

      • jonathan3579

        Where are you located? Sure, yours is faster than my speeds on Sprint but that still does NOT make them the fastest. Come to Houston, one of the top markets and watch how low your data speeds are.

        • Derail Doax

          Wow! When I had a HTC One on Sprint LTE here in Seattle non-Spark I saw 2 Mbps. You hear that? 2 MBPS! That's worse than a 7.2 Mbps GSM connection on T-Mobile. My dad's Alcatel One Touch Evolve on T-Mobile gets 4.0 Mbps downloads and that phone has a 7.2 Mbps radio.

          • jonathan3579

            I was one of those people who trash talked Sprint every step of the way. I haven't used them in years so to say I was hesitant is a severe understatement. However, just like what was said... Sprint is a pile of spectrum and they have a lot of potential. I don't expect it to be like this everywhere but it's a great start.

        • Gabernasher

          About an hour north of Philly, small town, was shocked by the speed.

    • Ibrahim Awwal

      Lol, you're getting down voted by idiots but it's really a silly half truth. It's mostly just a side effect of T-MOBILE'S LTE network being newer than the others. Two years ago you got the same ridiculous speeds on Verizon but now that everyone has LTE capable phones it's congested. The same thing will happen to T-Mobile over time, but right now they're riding high on the winds of no LTE users.

    • Darrien Glasser

      HTC One on T-Mobile. Consistently hitting solid download speeds where my friends with Verizon can't. They're definitely not lying.

      • jonathan3579

        How about we settle this once and for all... This is definitely location dependent.

        • Darrien Glasser

          That I can agree with.

  • jlewsader

    Only thing stopping me from switching is my rural area is basically no monopolized by AT&T. No other carriers provide even the slightest of signal in these hills and corn fields!

    • George Millhouse

      thats not a monopoly, just no other carrier thinks its worth putting a tower there

  • George Millhouse

    could Tmobile sound any more desperate?

    • http://www.standupforkids.org blackroseMD1

      What you call desperation, they call attracting (likely) millions of new customers.

    • remister

      If anything, you'll thank Tmobile later for having your carrier have a non contract model is that competitive with all the other US carriers.

  • Dillon Shepherd

    They added over 4 million customers in 2013... with ETF payoffs this is bound to bring Magenta millions more

    way to go T-Mobile :)

    • Karen Mitchell


      ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦✦✦ ✦ﴪ✦✦ ✦✦✦✦ ✦𐄱✦✦I'll be taking my 3 line to T-Mo in a couple of months once my monthly credit from Sprint runs out.

    • M42

      They may sucker customers in, but once they find out there is no coverage they'll be heading for the back door in droves. Enjoy your 15 minutes in the spotlight Mr. Trashmouth, you'll soon be toast as soon as the board figures out you've bankrupted an already financially shaky company.

      • Whyzor

        Most people live in metro areas that do have coverage. Sure there are a few that don't, but to generalize it for everyone is not exactly credible.

      • remister

        He might be a Mr Trashmouth to you, but overall the big picture, he is reinventing how the wireless industry works. As of right now, US phone carriers scams customers every year to get back in long contracts. This move triggered the 3 big companies to start with that model to keep customers. This will only make Tmobile better and in turn invest in better coverage in rural areas.

        • Jeffrey

          In case it mattered, the 2-year agreements are done to cover the cost of the phone they are giving you for free. The newer plans are now offering no contracts but payments for the phones stretched out over 2 years. No difference. The quality of the network is what should matter and what they charge you for service. Right now in my opinion Verizon is overpriced for their share plan. The Sprint's and T-Mobile's will force Verizon to be more competitive and that benefits customers everywhere.

      • Komrad

        I just switched from AT&T to t-mobile and the coverage is horrible where I live in Denver. Anything that needs data stops working when I need it. I like a lot of what T-mobile is about, but none of that matters if I can't get signal.

        I had to hunt for signal just to post this!

    • Steve Freeman

      Do they actually have the network to support all the new customers they're trying to get? We all remember how crappy AT&T's network got after they started carrying the iPhone, right? And to be clear, I'm not saying they don't, I'm actually asking if their network bandwidth seems to be OK, or if it's frequently congested and slow. I'm out of my Verizon contract, and would actually think about switching to T-Mobile, depending on their network.

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        I think they do that's why they are launching 40x40lte

      • Renard Fiossa

        T-Mobile is not a carrier for casuals
        Only IT majors like myself.
        When T-Mo deploys LTE in my area and when casuals ask me about it, I'm just gonna tell them that 'T-Mo is shit, avoid it' so they won't degrade the usability of the awesome network

      • mbrad

        I was eirh T-mobile for years...excellent customer service..good coverage, but lost coverage for an extended period when I was on PA turnpike..so switched to Verizon, in hopes that problem would be corrected, but it didn't. I believe Verizon is over-priced & don't get that much better coverage.

  • Todd

    I'll be taking my 3 line to T-Mo in a couple of months once my monthly credit from Sprint runs out.

  • TSON1

    Excited to see the numbers after this.

  • Cherokee4Life

    %^(*#%)&^%, I just switch to T-Mo from Sprint last month and have a hefty ETF bill... I should have waited :(

    • John Smith

      How much was it ?

      • Cherokee4Life

        I had a family plan and now I have a bill of $560 and change...

        • quick

          Try calling T-mobile maybe they will help you out... worth a try.

  • mrwirez

    T-Mobile Effing RULES!

    I switched 4 lines from Verizon on December 20th.. My wifes dumbphone and my galaxy nexus were clear. We had to pay $110 ETF on each of our 2 kids dumbphones. Well worth it though.

    I love Tmo's CEO as he turns the screws on VZW & AT&T.. Lol... Haha!

    PS. My Tmo LTE is hitting 38MB/s And HSPA+ is hitting 14MB/s!!! VZW was 2mb/s TOPS! Not to mention my bill went down $1 dollar, and $32 when 2 Nexus 5'are paid off. We paid cash for 2 16GB Moto G's.

    LOVING the Tmo man!!

    • DougVK

      You know Tmobile excludes people with Dumb Phones from this deal. They could have included everyone, but they said they don't the business of people with dumb phones.

      • James

        T-Mobile offers a cheap Alcatel 3G android phone for $50 and the LG L90 4G LTE smartphone for $99. The cheapest "dumbphone" is $70. With only a $30 difference, there's not too much of a reason why people wouldn't own a smartphone these days. And generally people who qualified to be on a contract with another carrier don't sweat too much over $30 (especially when you could split the $99 over 24 months with $0 down and 0% APR for about $4 a month.) Come on now. Tell me that doesn't sound like a good deal :) if you financed it all with zero down , you're talking $55/month for unlimited everything and 1gb of high-speed web. Just sayin.

  • MafiaMM

    Verizon can be the fastest network out there but T-Mobile is by far the most consumer friendly at the moment. I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile and my internet speeds/calls are just as good as Verizon was. I'm going to be saving over $500 a year with T-Mobile!

  • naturecannon

    $106.00 Phone credit for My Sprint HTC ONE. HAHA no thanks Tmobile. What device are you giving the $300 credit too?? Didnt think I would be offered peanuts for a flagship in PERFECT condition!!

    • UniBroW

      Plus your ETF, DERP

      • naturecannon

        I know about the ETF reimbursement!! Will be received 8 weeks after a guy with many lines like me shells out nearly 1k in ETA's. Phone credit is not done on site and takes time to credit too. 57 credit for my wifes GS3 and 107 for my HTCone!! Tell me that makes sense, total rip for a current high end phone and you have to fork it over or shall I say ”bend over”!!! I guess if you wanted to burn current carrier and pocket the eta reimbursement not caring about credit or have a shitty phone its a good deal!

        • John

          Correct me if I am wrong, but $107 for your HTC one is probably about half of what you actually paid to get it from one of the other carriers. Not to mention that your current htc one from another carrier would not work on all of tmobile's frequencies (att) or at all (vzw), so you would have to buy another phone anyway. Right now on tmobile's site $0 down payment on all phones. So for "a guy with many lines" (we'll say 4), it would cost you nothing up front and $140 (for service) + $86 (for 2 new htc ones and 2 new gs3s) = $226 a month for unlimited talk, text, and web(never charged overage fees) with EACH line having 2.5gb of high speed data. Plus you will have a $328 credit to your account for turning in your old phones (2 htc ones and 2 gs3s).
          With att for 4 lines with unlimited talk, text, and 10gb data shared among all lines you are looking at a 24 month contract at $260 a month for service plus the $600 up front payment for the same 4 phones, or if you go with att's discount plan (same services just finance the full retail price of the phones over 20 months) it will cost you $0 down and about $306 a month ($200 for service + $106 for phones (2 htc ones, 2 gs3s)). So you tell me who is getting "bent over".
          If we set aside the cost for the phones, YOU would save anywhere from $60-$120 a month. So even if you had to put the ETFs on a credit card and pay the finance charge for a month or two while waiting for your reimbursement, you are only looking at maybe $50, you have already saved more than that on your monthly phone bill.

    • Freak4Dell

      Then you probably should do some more thinking. That's standard for phone trade in programs. They all have very low payout, but people participate because they don't want to deal with the hassle of selling their phone themselves.

    • Олег Цой

      That's exactly the problem seems to me. You cant use your Sprint HTC on Tmobile. Now you have to buy gsm phone or 3 or 4 phones.

    • Derail Doax

      I sold a perfect condition HTC One on Craigslist yesterday for only $260. Better than what T-Mobile is offering but still way less than I had hoped for a phone that was only 8 months old...

    • Jason Brown

      5s. 5 is apparently pulling 2 bills.

    • CoreRooted

      That *really* sucks. I got an estimate of $163 for my AT&T LG G2.

  • naturecannon
  • Chris Caldwell

    So Im still under contract with T-mobile (GRRRRRR) because I got the crappy (and unsupported just 3 months after they sold it to me) amaze 4g. I have since switched to an unlocked Nexus 5. So, will Tmobile pay my cancellation fee, give me sticker price for my new Nexus 5, then finance me a new Nexus 5 at the same price??


      Switch back to the amaze on your tmo account first. Then they'll probably take that, for less than $300, but you could keep the n5.

      • Chris Caldwell

        well, theres no 'switch back to', as you dont register a phone with them, you just put the simm in one or another. That said, if I gave them the amaze then they'd give me $10 or whatever for it, but Id still have to get a financed phone with them, so it really wouldnt make much sense. The N5 is worth more than the $300 cap, and at best they would then expect me to pay for a new one financed, and I think their price for it is a few hundred more than the market price. So, I guess it doesnt really make sense any way you look at it. It just burns me that Im still locked into my crappy contract even though I paid off that old POS phone. Over all Tmo has been about as douchy as a company could be over the last two years, but Id stick with em even if I could leave just because there isnt any better.

        • DA

          Why not trade in your old Amaze and finance a ridiculously cheap device? After you do that, go to the store and say you bought your own Nexus 5 and want a SIM for it. Problem solved.

        • USSENTERNCC1701E

          Ah, I'd missed the part about buying a new phone :( Well, T-Mo charges $396 for it, and N5s are going for over $400 on ebay and around $300-350 on swappa. Might be worth posting it, and if it sells, switch out, take a ~$100 hit on the phone but make up for it on the monthly price in the long run.

    • Matt

      Yes. They are doing this for their own customers as well.


    Phone trade in seems reasonable considering etf in principle covers the remainder of the phone subsidy.

  • http://www.friendlyphotozone.com/ Friendly Photo Zone

    I wish there was T-Mobile LTE coverage in Vermont :(

    • Hoopster

      Seriously. With a University and a Medical school here, you would think they'd be more willing to upgrade the towers.

  • Alfredo Torres

    Switched from Sprint to T mobile about 8 months and loving it :)

  • Russell Walker

    hm, you can't switch over to the prepaid plan if you want them to pay your ETF? guess i'll just have to wait a few more months till my Verizon contract ends. still a cool idea though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

    I moved over a few months ago and just switched our unlocked phones over. I wonder if there's something I can have them do for me.

  • http://www.pixelheadstudios.net/ Charlie G.

    I am so happy I switched to T-Mobile back in November. I came from big Verizon who dangled fear in your face that you would never get coverage. Well let's just say my signal now works in my basement apartment with nearly full bars of HSPA while Verizon wouldn't get anything. I am happier that I am not tied to just Verizon phones and on my nexus 4 I love it. Not to mention my bill is $60 cheaper for 4 lines.

  • Roh_Mish

    The U.S. telecom scenerio is ao silly and funmy, it makes me laugh everytime i read an article related to it.

  • mrjayviper

    I'm not from the US but every time I hear the back and forth between carrier supporters/fans, it's funny at first but getting old. Coverage is really dependent on the area. Just because you are getting good coverage in your town/city, doesn't mean someone else in another place is getting the same!

  • runfromfire

    I love what TMo is doing but I wish they'd spend a little more coin on upgrading their infrastructure because their coverage here (Portland, ME) leaves a lot to be desired. Otherwise I'd love to give Sprint the finger and switch.

    • Gabernasher

      I think they are spending boatloads of cash upgrading their network, just because it's not perfect in your neck of the woods doesn't mean they're not upgrading.

  • AJH

    Do you need to purchase your phone from T-Mobile? Seems odd since I can buy a Nexus 5 up-front and save some money long term...

  • http://www.facebook.com/Jeremy6820 Jeremy Gomez

    This seems like a fantastic deal, and I'd definitely consider taking advantage of it except for two problems. My family plan with Sprint has 6 lines, not 5. Plus, according to the coverage map, T-Mobile has little to no coverage in some of the cities I may be spending a decent amount of time in for the next year or so. Casa Grande, AZ has no 4G. Monticello, GA has zero coverage. Owenton, KY has none. Although, a couple other cities I may be in seem to have good coverage, I need something that is reliable or at least gives me more roaming than 50-500 MB. I'll admit that Sprint isn't the fastest everywhere, but it seems to be the best choice for me still,

    • CoreRooted

      LOL... I didn't think Casa Grande had 3G either. ;)

      • http://www.facebook.com/Jeremy6820 Jeremy Gomez

        Lol. To be honest, a friend that used to have T-Mobile told me once that their data was horribly slow in Casa Grande, although the map claims great 3G coverage. Interestingly enough, Sprint has a little 4G out here even though it's not official yet. I was able to access it back when they used Wimax, and now there is even slight LTE signal in a small area. I doubt they're working hard to expand it here yet, but who knows.

        • CoreRooted

          I have friends in the Laveen area that I tease non-stop about their horrible Sprint coverage there. However, pretty much anywhere in the south valley is hit or miss. Even in downtown Phoenix, I found that I got crappy reception when I was on TMO.

  • clipse2d

    Damm! I already paid like $700 to switch like 9 months ago!. Wonder if I can get a credit?

  • solbin

    John Legere is the best CEO ever.

  • Nick Knack

    I wish they would have said $650 max for any combination of Contract/ETF/and Phone payments like in Next/EDGE. I just bought 2 Samsung Galaxy 4's from VZW for 679 each for 32GB, and have another still under contract for 1 year. The deal doesn't do me any good so I'm locked into VZW unless I pay off my phones. Now, if they gave the $650 combo iinstead of $350 ETF & $300 phone, I would definitely consider switching.

    • Gabernasher

      Why did you use Edge? It's a complete scam...

      • Nick Knack

        I know. I got a little too anxious. I figured that by spending 200-300 for the contract phone that I wanted, my payments would only amount to just about $50 more for the ability to get a new phone in 12 months (6 months wouldn't have paid enough down to make it worth it). For a 1 year trade up, the price isn't that much more.

  • TSON1

    So if my phone is cracked... What are my options?

    • CoreRooted

      Get the screen replaced and then trade it in. Typically, you can get a replacement screen for around $5-10 (depending on what device you have) and either do it yourself or take it into a shop. I would go with the first option though as there are TONS of horror stories about a lot of these shops either not returning the device quickly or losing the device.

      There are a lot of YouTube videos detailing how to do a screen replacement on most devices yourself. I've done 3 of them so far on my S2 and my S3. Total time: about 1 hour and it only cost me $7 each time.

  • http://www.bellasshelf.com/ Bella’s Shelf

    So, they'll take my ATT Iphone 5c, pay my ETF, and I can get a phone on the simple choice? whats the deal with the SCP?

  • Jason

    At a T-mobile and they says it has to be a phone on their internal list.

  • Mike S.

    T-Mobile here I come!

  • Robert

    The funny thing is any sprint customers going through this hassle may have wasted time if Sprints ends up buying out or merging with Tmobile. Even then with all their coverage they are no where near as big as Verizon or AT&T. Why would people switch to an inferior company? I have 3 mobiles, 1 home phone, and 4g router with unlimited data with Verizon for $170 a month. You can't even get an unlimited mifi or router on Tmobile. The hot spot is limited as well. I have been a salesperson for all cellular carriers and T mobile is not worth moving to. If you want great nationwide coverage and faster data speeds in more places it is AT&T and Verizon. Even with the fast speeds that Tmobiles 3g hspa+ added to it's lte network are nowhere near powerful enough to handle the bandwidth consumed by Verizon. Why not go with the big dogs that do the buying out. Not the ones that may be eaten.

  • DougVK

    This is 100% WRONG

    " Yes, the device trade-in is mandatory. However, it doesn't matter what device you have as long as it powers on, isn't cracked, and isn't water damaged. Yes, even crappy feature phones – you just have to give them something"

    It does mater what device you have, the device has be on TMobile list of approved trade in phones. I know a few people who tried to change, but were denied by TMobile because their phones were not on the approved list.

    Next time fact check your information.

  • Marie Caston

    This is a joke T mobile charges their customers fees for canceling service out of contract. Now they are claiming they do not do this and will pay a competitors etf. After my 2year upgrade ended and after 15 years of loyalty I was charged an extra month of service on both my lines I closed. I do not have no reception in kouts or dyer, in.

  • Connie White

    Tmobile is deceiving people to switch! Let call this corporation on
    their deception and get them to provide adequate. Sign and Share !
    Let's get the word out!! http://www.goo.gl/frArXp

  • William Vanderstarre

    T Mobile never paid anything off I switched from sprint and I never got a dime for my termination fee! I submitted forms 3 times now and was denied every time don't fall for this crap!

  • William Vanderstarre

    How is this revolutionary? its a f****** scam what T Mobile is doing!

    With Verizon you pay a subsidized price and from there if you want you can buy your contract out! and you don't have to pay a month to month for a phone and yes verizon do have the edge plan now. but the subsidized way is much better much more affordable
    T Mobile ripped me off big time they didn't give me s*** for my phones they never paid my contract off from the other carrier and the service is f****** horrible I don't see how this was a great deal in fact it was one of the biggest mistake I've ever done. you suck T Mobile!!!

  • copeland lee

    For Android users, before selling your phone, the first thing you shoud do is to erase everything on it permanently and keep your personal data safety.


  • Darshil Gandhi

    Is there absolutely nothing that can be done if the screen is cracked? I have a slightly cracked screen on the Samsung S4. with Verizon The phone does powers, it makes the boot noise and even the welcome tune is played. The cracked screen and internal LCD has a few blurred lines because it had a light fall on the ground and otherwise its in perfect condition - used only 6 months. I contacted Verizon to replace the screen and they quoted upwards of $350 to do so including paying for shipping and other ridiculous penalties - I'm absolutely turned off by this and I want out.

  • Darshil Gandhi

    Repost with corrections in typing:

    Is there absolutely nothing that can be done if the screen is cracked? I
    have a slightly cracked screen on the Samsung S4 with Verizon. The
    phone does power on, it makes the boot-up noise and even the welcome tune is
    played. I had a friend call me and the ringtone works too. The problem is there is a small crack on the side of the screen and the internal LCD has a few blurred lines
    because it had a light fall on the ground. Otherwise the phone is in perfect
    condition - been used only 6 months. I contacted Verizon to replace the
    screen and they quoted upwards of $350 to do so including paying for
    shipping and other ridiculous penalties - I'm absolutely turned off by
    this and I want out.

    If anyone has any idea - Please help me figure this out! I'll be forever obliged! Thanks in advance!!