What do you get when you combine friends and family? You get a new Sprint marketing slogan known as "Framily." The Now Network is launching the new Framily Plans on January 10th and encouraging people – related or not – to get together on a single account. The mechanics of the Framily Plans are more than a little different than traditional family plans, though.

2014-01-07 17_17_45-Sprint Framily Plan

The cost of each line changes based on how many people are on the account. For example, you can be a Framily all by yourself for $55 per month. For 2 lines, each one costs $50 per month. Three lines are $45 each, and so on until you hit 7. It is only 7-10 lines that get you the $25 per line per month deal. These prices only include 1GB of data with unlimited talk and text, which is a big departure for Sprint, the land of unlimited bytes. You can bump the data on any line up to 3GB for an additional $10 per month. An extra $20 gets you unlimited data and an annual phone upgrade through Sprint. Each line gets its own billing statement with Framily Plans, so you can join up with people who you would prefer didn't see your call logs.


Sprint seems interested in moving people off of unlimited plans as its data network is slowly beefed up. Previously, it was hard for most customers to suck down very many bits, but that's changing as LTE spreads. If you're already on Sprint and are not eligible for an upgrade, you can still get a Framily plan by paying an extra $15 per month until you are upgrade-eligible again. You could do the $20 per month early upgrade program for a year, whichever is cheaper. The $15 monthly fee is being temporarily waved if you want to give up your unlimited data and move over, though.


Framily Plans will also focus on Sprint's new Easy Pay program, which is basically a device installment plan like T-Mobile recently implemented. So you can finance a phone and do a Framily Plan, presumably without contract, instead of a regular subsidized plan. If you're not doing the $20 per month upgrade plan with your Framily Plan, it sounds like you're going to be doing Easy Pay for upgrades (or pay full price). There are still some unknowns here, but hopefully Sprint will clear things up soon. Easy Pay is only available in select areas right now, but Framily Plans will be live in all stores January 10th.

[Sprint, PR]

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  • Bob G

    In before expected racist joke.

    • Rudy Belova

      Well, knowing Dan Hess, It's entirely the big guns in Japan said "New family plans". It would be the kind of thing they'd do by accident.

    • <コ:彡

      It's clear that Softbank had a lot of influence in the naming.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/psychomaniac189 psychomaniac189

    i thought sprint said they would never have data caps?

    • Willie D

      In 2009 Dan Hesse said that they would hold on to unlimited data plans because they can offer more bits for less cost, but he also said that airwaves are finite and should they see the need to move to tiered data they would.

    • offendedasianwithlawyer

      They lied.

    • yankeesusa

      They never said they would never have data caps. They said that they would give people a chance to have unlimited for life on certain plans but that they could never say that tiered data was not an option. They basically came up with the unlimited for life plans so that everyone not on them when the time came would have to switch to a tiered plan.

  • Willie D

    Sprint wants to move people off unlimited data because LTE is beefing up? Where? Cause every single city I visit on Sprint has limited LTE and speeds over LTE rival 1xRTT speeds in every place.

    • Brian Koppe

      Granted, I'm in the Chicago area, but we've had solid LTE almost everywhere I've been in the region for over a year now.

  • Dan

    As much as I dislike Sprint, those are some good prices. 1GB of data is a perfect amount of data for me...

    • Freak4Dell

      The prices are okay for a single line with 1GB, but that's about it. 2.5GB is just $5 more on T-Mobile, and unlimited is actually $5 less than unlimited with Sprint. Start adding lines, and the cost starts adding up.

      • solbin

        Let's not forget that you could even go with 500MB/month for $10 less, but still have unlimited data at 2g speeds after the 500 has been used.

  • Matt

    Don't worry, 1GB of data is all you need with Sprint. You won't have a stable enough data connection to use more than that.

    • HolyFreakingCrap

      Or everyone pay an extra $20 for unlimited data and be right back at every other carriers price range if not more. If I get 7 people to sign up for a plan, I better get a lot better deal then this. Stupid Dan.

    • jonathan3579

      I love how people like you continue to talk shit about Sprint when the improvements they've made in my city (Houston) have resulted in some of the fastest speeds on any carrier. Sure, they have been slow but I'm convinced that once they finish this whole Network Vision/Spark plan, people will considering coming back. I'm glad I left T-Mobile two months ago for Sprint and I seriously doubt I'll be looking back.

      • solbin

        That is great if you are the .5% of the customer base that actually lives in an area with good coverage.

        • jonathan3579

          Look around the internet, you'll see that things are improving slowly. Nobody would be complaining if it was done faster but that's not the case here and I get that. However, it just goes to show that there is better service coming eventually.

          • solbin

            "eventually" is the key word. Don't get me wrong, but when I had Sprint, I was promised better service in six months perpetually until my two year contract ended. I don't trust what is promised anymore, I only trust what the service is now.

          • jonathan3579

            I get that, trust me. I guess the point I'm trying to drive home is that they are most certainly improving.

          • Rob

            I would agree - Sprint IS improving. They improved in my area as well, but in far too many areas they are still lacking. I finally moved to T-Mobile because I could get LTE and reliable voice for less than what Sprint was asking. That doesn't mean I won't consider Sprint again at some point. I really wanted to hold out to see what a completed Network Vision network looked like, but after two to three years of missed deadlines I couldn't hold out any longer. Now the "Spark" name is being bandied about, and while that is likely a new marketing effort relative to Sprint's upcoming tri-band LTE network it would also seem that this is more of the "cart before the horse" as new devices will be needed to make use of the enhanced network. Then there is also the issue of my new Nexus 5 not being officially supported on Sprint's network despite the device being designed to operate on that network. That last part I can't wrap my head around nor support.

          • Nigel Antonio

            Nexus 5 sprint issue???? i bought mine at the store its perfect! no issues with lte but i have HUGE improvement in LTE coverage since upgrading from galaxy nexus

          • Rob

            Yes, the N5s purchased from Sprint and/or an authorized Sprint reseller are fully supported. When I visited a Sprint reseller around Thanksgiving with my 32GB N5 from Google Play I was told that they did not have compatible SIM cards and that I should stick with my T-Mobile prepaid plan for now. I was also told that a network issue could prevent calls/text from getting through as the device prioritizes LTE over CDMA. I presented this question to Sprint Corporate and was basically told that they wouldn't be able to guarantee compatibility with my device because it was not purchased from a Sprint retail channel. It seems as if things would have been different if I'd purchased a 16GB Nexus 5 from Sprint directly, but the 32GB variant which is supposedly authorized by Sprint to have its radios and to work with its network would not be guaranteed to work. That's the issue I'm specifically addressing.

          • Nigel Antonio

            sorry i took a min to respond but the day i got mine the rep at sprint did exactly what you did... he bought one from play store. and searched for a sim car.... very few sprint stores have those sim cards... because sprint sells so little international phones.
            but i honestly assure you there was NO radio issues with the phone and sprints network...

          • Rob

            How unfortunate. The statement came from a Sprint authorized reseller here in the Northeast. When I told him what I wanted to do and that I had the Nexus on with a prepaid T-Mo account he said just keep it that way for now. To make matters worse, an Executive Response Team (ERT) staffer (in Dan Hesse's Office) at Sprint HQ wasn't able to discount that statement. What I was told was that she checked with technical and they couldn't guarantee the phone would ever work with the network. That was enough for me to switch.

          • Dibaby1979

            I've never ever had a discussion of non-supported networks, non-supported technology, not being able to use my data...For a family of 5 we pay $250 a month, and get 10G to use between us, and if we want to use it, we can. With Verizon I've never heard of these issues until I read this article, I didn't realize other providers had these problems. I was looking to see how in the world a shared plan would work with multiple billing and ran into this.Not only are network issues a problem. I see a big headache and issues over this plan, who used how much data...no thank you.

      • KlausWillSeeYouNow

        Look at history. Sprint is so inept. Their Nextel merger is considered the most poorly-executed merge in modern corporate U.S. history, and it's still costing them today. They continue to hemorrhage customers, particularly to T-Mobile. That's why many people see them as a yellow train wreck; myself included.

        • Lee

          What's t and the dish do you combine phone and tv?

          • KlausWillSeeYouNow

            T-Dish is referring to the potential combination of T-Mobile and Dish Network, which I support.

    • sprinthater99

      I agree sprint sucks

  • Alec

    Data is so not stable! 1gb = unlimited. Torture.

    • yankeesusa

      So true. That is why I left them 2 months ago and now have tmobile and couldn't be happier.

  • NemaCystX

    So much for their unlimited bashing commercials

  • VersFreak


  • Mystery Man

    so pretty much a rip off

  • ptrexitus

    This is a very weird plan you can be part of this plan across accounts. It also has a LOT of rules such as existing accounts cannot join another already created group but can create their own which new lines are able to join. Easy pay will also be replacing the one up program.

  • yankeesusa

    I don't know if this plan really helps anyone. Maybe allows for non contract plans and allows a new phone after a year but if your going to go on contract might as well choose tmobile or att. Unless your in one of the cities that offers SPARK.

  • Cael

    Framiry Pran sounds like a good value but I'd rather go for Quality over Quantity...

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    It's been reported they would go off unlimited as their network improved it was spot on

  • Davidd26

    Tried to upgrade my phone today and they were requiring me to get on the framily plan. With this plan they are taking away the consumers ability to keep their old plans and our punishing customers who have been with them for years by withholding their upgrades if you don't want to be on their new plan. I didn't upgrade, will probably switch to a new carrier.

  • Stephen Cameron

    hi. i switched my sprint billing to this new thing called "framily" its like friends and family, but its totally separate billing. so for everybody that joins sprint with my id the bill for EACH LINE goes down by $5 (all the way down to $25 each) but you and I have our own plan and billing. I already have two lines on my plan so thats an instant $10 off a line. if you want to switch carriers and use my id code for free, check it out. THANKS! we will never share billing, i have my bill, you have your bill. You get unlimited data for $20 more. you can take my framily ID into a store M00103869lh or call customer service.

  • Tony

    To be honest this plan will cost me more!!

    I have 5 lines on the Everything Data 1500 plan. We share 1500 minutes with free unlimited mobile to moblie calls. We use maybe 500 min per month. Who talks much anymore with text, snapchat, facebook etc.... I also have unlimited txt and data. 5 smartphones on my acct costing me $240 per month. We each use about a gig or more of data. We also upgrade a phone every time we have another upgrade available, usually just paying $50 or less for tbe phone with discounted subsidized pricing and sales.

    On Framily my monthly bill would be $275 ($35 per line x 5 plus $20 for unlimited data), $35 more than I pay now AND I have to shell out full price for phones or finance them.. basically just trading a the 2yr agreement for a phone loan with a monthly payment of $15-20. Since right now my 5 lines are under contract on my plan, with framily id still be paying monthly fees for each one too... at $15 per month per phone thats another $75 per month people dont add into the monthly cost making my new Framily plan costing a whopping $350 per month to get what I have today for $240. Sure I could shave that down to $300 instead by going with the $10 3gb data per line instead but why? I get unlimited on all lines for less currently.

    I dont see this as a deal unless most or all lines use the minimun 1gb data plan or like using the same phone far longer than the already painful 2 yrs.

    Even if I got 2 people to join my framily, that adds up to $225 for 5 lines with unlimited data($175 if only 3gb buy up) then add I my phone loan fees and im back up to $250-300 a month. At those prices I would rather share data on verizon and get better coverage.

    This is only a beneficial plan for those that dont like the contract idea, switch carriers often, perhaps like more frequent upgrading or dont use much data so dont want to pay for unlimited. I dont fit that profile. We use a good amount of data and I only see that increasing as technology gets better, mobile phone entertainment gets better (streaming movied music tv..) data coverage gets better and faster.... before you know it that 1gb wont be nearly enough and people will need to buy up to the 3gb or unlimited data they used to have and now at a far increased cost.. I also dont mind the contract since I actually have had no issues with sprint or their coverage for 13 years. Id rather get a free phone on every line with a contract every 2 yrs then shell out $600 x 5 phones every 2 yrs.

    The plan may work for some but not me im afraid.


    • Guest

      well said.. I made an appointment with Sprint to find out the details of the Framily plan and came to the same conclusion. Also... if you were to add "framily" to your plan they can not be existing Sprint customers. This pretty much the worst plan in history, why would I pay more for less?

    • Cuscoperu06

      perhaps you should let other members of the family peach it on those payments and you will save. Being an individual it helps a lot but for family with one single person paying everything sucks really bad

    • kaldn2127

      Well I've been on sprint for 6+ years and have the same plan you've got. I was looking to the plan but it seems that to have the same yeah it would be more expensive but not only that, I am a heavy roaming user and a long distance caller since most of my family lives in Puerto Rico. I haven't seen any of those features described in this new plan. Also I'm a heavy data user 3+ gigs a month, so no it doesn't seem convenient at all to switch. I

  • Candice Savoy

    Here's my Framily code if anyone would like to use it:


    Eligible for up to 7 lines.

  • hmk10974

    Every service provider has caveats.
    Every end-user has different needs and expectations.
    I have tried every provider with and without contracts available in Michigan over the past 10+ years and have NEVER been totally satisfied. We have to choose the lesser of the evils and at this point Sprint meets my needs with decent service and excellent devices.
    I switched to the new "Framily" plan solely because of the math. I have 2 heavy data users on my account, we text more than talk, but data was the big closer... With unlimited talk+unlimited text+unlimited data my recurring charge will be less than $75 per month! My previous "Family" plan was $90 line#1 (1500min+unl.txt)+$20 line#1 (unl data)+$15 per add'l line(shared talk)+$10 per add'l line (unl.txt)+$20 per add'l line (unl.data)... monthly bill=$160 for 2 phones (plus taxes and fees and such) and is now $145 MAX for 2 phones, lower as I add "Framily" members AND we get ANNUAL FREE UPGRADES and NO ETF!! So if some other provider decides to get their price point in line I can walk away from Sprint with no post-breakup-awkward-moments.

    That being said...if anyone needs a Framily ID so you, too may reap the rewards of no-more-surprising-bills-or-cellphone-anniversary-disappointments my ID is":


    V00258569vp (capital V+zero+zero+258569+lower case v+lower case p)

    And, YES THIS CAN BE USED BY CURRENT SPRINT CUSTOMERS, as long as you are switching your current plan to the Framily plan.

    And, Sprint DOES NOT CHARGE A $15/mo ETF fee for switching prior to your end-of-contract, as long as you haven't upgraded since January 10th, 2014. My contract was not ending until September 2014, I wasn't eligible for a device upgrade until May 2014.

  • Mike

    Need a framily id number I been with sprint for 4 years I00375531VP letters are caps first letter is an cap i

  • GHSteadman

    Sprint Framily plan groups are filling up fast! There's still room in mine. If you're looking to join Sprint as a new customer, take my Framily ID#L00259377Ya to your local Sprint store and sign up to join our Framily group. You will save $10/month immediately and more as others join our group. Instant savings!

  • JoinMyFramily

    My Framily ID is # A00626475LQ and new subscriber's can join the savings online at http://bit.ly/1cXRYOg or at your local Sprint.

  • Jeff Brill

    I've got 3 lines currently on my framily plan (at the $45) rate. Will be adding a 4th soon. If anyone would like to join mine, we'll all get to the $25 price in no time. WOO7777ZZHg.

  • joeyd2099

    My name is Joe and I am hoping to find individuals to join my "Framily" plan. I have been a Sprint customer for 8 years. My account ID# is a00904848eb (case sensitive) and the last four digits of my phonenumber are 9406. This is a NO CONTRACT plan. Everyone will receive their own bill.

    If 6 people use this ID# and join, everyone's monthly bill will be $25 without tax and charges. This includes unlimited texting and minutes, and 1GB of data. Each individual may obtain 3GB of data for an additional $10, or unlimited data for an additional $20. A total of 10 people, including myself, can be on the account. I just opened my account today and have 9 spots currently available. I will try to update as others join.

    If you are planning on buying a new phone anyway and do not want to be in a contract, joining may save you money in the long run. Of course, please make sure that Sprint has good coverage in your area. I would also like to share that even if my monthly bill remains at $55 dollars for the next two years, and I purchased a $500 phone, I will still be saving
    money compared to what I was paying in my contract plan. But of course I would like to save as much money as I can, so please join if you are interested and this plan works for you.

    ID# is a00904848eb

  • carlos retiz

    Can someone give me a family plan code?

    • lshann

      You can use mine. I have 5 slots left. I00997169ma. phone is xxx-xxx-6394, Note that you can use any Sprint certified phone. I get mine from eBay.

  • sprintslossmybusiness

    This is a joke! Your basically leasing the phone! This whole no contract thing is BS. Right now you sign a 2 yr agreement and get a phone for $250.00ish. You are committed to 2yr then the phone is yours. You then sell the phone to get the money for the new phone. This ends up making it around 50.00 bucks to use for 2 years give or take. Under this new plan the phone isn't yours until you pay full price. If you upgrade every years you are paying 25.00ish a month to lease the phone in which you turn in to 0 out your balance. So whatever payments you made are rental fees more or less. If you leave Sprints no contract plan you are still on the hook for the remaining balance of the phone. Which comes out more than most termination penalty fees. Sounds like its the same thing to me. You leave either way your going to pay. Atleast before they were upfront about it. Am I the only one who gets pissed of over this bullshit??????? If you add unlimited and protection it comes out more than your paying now. How the phuck is this a good deal??? I been with sprint for 13 years and I am about to jump ship over this!

  • FramilyList

    Just in case anyone is joining or has a framily plan... My site plays matchmaker for you to find the best codes to join OR you can promote your framily ID to 7+ or 10... you choose. Check us out if you have sprint or you want that $25/mo deal... PS, saw you all were discussing the data cap... I use my phone ALOT but I connect to wifi at my regular spots home and work... rest of the month I pull about 1/2 gig BUT I wanted to let you know that the Sprint rep told me the overages are only 5 cents per mb so even if I was thinking I might go over it here and there I wouldn't go with a more expensive guaranteed monthly cellphone bill just to get out of paying a few nickels here and there. My site is http://www.framilylist.com

  • alisha

    Not true Matt. I have 3 phones and used 29 GB of data in a month.

  • John Peeples

    sprint family code: W01213131qt

    Hello everyone if you haven't heard Sprint has a new plan. It's a no contract plan for $55 unlimited talk and text.  Which includes 1 GB of data but you can make it unlimited for $20 extra a month. But the interesting part is for each person that joins under your family code every one saves 5 dollars a month with a maximum savings of $30 a month. Making your phone bill only $25 a month. It is a no contract plan so you'll have to buy a phone outright, or you can choose to pay for it over 24 months. being in the same family code as someone else does not make you liable in any way for their bill. Neither will you be able to see any of their information except the last 4 digits of their phone number.

    If anyone is interested in this great opportunity my family code is: W01213131qt

    The code is case sensitive. And up to 10 people can use this code. It only requires six lines to receive the maximum deduction. But up to 10 people will be able to save $30 a month on your new plan.

    Thanks everyone, and if you're one of the first ones to use this code it might not be down to $25 a month but don't worry I'll won't rest until I have 10 people on this family code.

    If you have any questions I will answer them as best I can, or you can visit your local Sprint store.

  • ldub

    well anyone that wants to use my plan the id # is i00374150VF

  • Russ

    with Sprint for over 10 years Individuals Currently on account: 4
    Our Framily ID is: R01542297qb (Case Sensitive) Last 4 of phone number is: 3478
    Just provide the Framily ID and Last 4 to the Sprint rep when you sign up for the program.

  • paulsweis

    Sprint Framily plan groups are filling up fast! There's still room in mine. If you're looking to join Sprint as a new customer, take my Framily ID#G01775353YQ to your local Sprint store and sign up to join our Framily group. You will save $10/month immediately and more as others join our group. Instant savings!

  • DM

    With a plan that goes up and down based on how many members you have, doesn't
    it make sense to join a Sprint Framily Group where the primary member has over 15+ years with Sprint?

    My sprint Framily Code is S01673506Ja (case sensitive). The last four of my phone number is 7014.

    I just switched my plan to the framily plan so that I and others can save some money. And, if history is any indication, once the first 2-3 people join, the framily will fill up VERY, VERY quickly. So be one of the first 2-3 and watch the savings pile up.

    I am working and will continue to work extremely hard to keep OUR framily at 10 people so we will always enjoy the lowest cost for our cell phone service.

  • KB

    Join my Plan: Framily ID#L00956958tn
    Upper case L Zero Zero Nine Five Six Nine Five Eight lower case t lower case n
    Last for digits are 8438
    4 spots open, 1 more to get to $25

  • Joshua Beitler

    I currently have 4 people on my Framily, looking to get it up to 7-10 lines quickly! Anyone want to use my ID, PLEASE USE IT! It will help everyone :-)

    They'll ask you for the last 4 of phone too.

    Framily ID: X01869433EU

    Last 4 of Phone: 4807

  • Lee Ross

    I just signed onto this program and all the details were not made apparent to me at the Sprint corporate store in San Francisco. I had to call Sprint directly for clarification. The downsides are 1. When there less than seven in the group the rate goes up $5.00 monthly from the $25 base rate; i.e. six users the rate is $30 and so on. There can be a max of 10 users in a Group. It takes seven to have the $25 rate so there is some flexibility. In addition to the $25 rate I am paying for my Moto-X phone, approx. $16.70 monthly for two years. Taxes are added onto the base rate and the phone. So, the all in bill is around $52.00 monthly. After two years all I pay is the base rate.It's like an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM).

  • Join My Framily

    Join my Sprint Framily ID# V01988836Fq, last four of my phone number 6653. Already have 6 signed up, next four to join get max savings. My framily is filling up fast. Lets start saving. Thanks for joining!

  • gmoney

    I have the framily plan and sprint is charging me $120.00 a month just for the phone and phone plan. All they told me is that I would be paying $55.00 a month when I was in the store. What the hell is going on. I am spending $65.00 of my car payment money on a stupid ass phone bill

  • mosher

    framily ID # Q02539155xR

    last name Mosher

    Last four of phone number is 7504

    I have six spots open