Google-owned Motorola has sent out press invites in Europe to an event in London happening January 14th. The company says it is announcing an "addition to the European Motorola family of products." Specifics are hard to come by, but we have plenty of rampant speculation.


The most probable announcement would be a version of the Moto X for Europe, which didn't get Motorola's newest flagship when it launched last year. Motorola might be bringing the same device to Europe with the proper wireless bands, or it could be a revamped version of the Moto X. It's probably still too early for a true sequel to the Moto X, though.

It'll only be about a week until the mystery is solved. Start saving your pennies, or whatever Europe uses for money. Shiny pebbles, or something? 


Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

  • Tomáš Petrík

    No, we pay in live stock. How many cows for that shiny new carriage was it again...?

    • Pierre

      My understanding is that it actually is some kind of wheel-less carriage for your voice, that can also books, live actors and menestrels

    • Bob G

      Odd, we use chocolate here in my region.

      • Emmanuel Buttigieg

        We use passports here.

        Bonus points if you get it!

        • Luis Alonso Chavez Armendariz

          we use potatoes

    • Mike Reid

      LOL. My Eastern European grandfather received a one cow dowry for his arranged marriage to my grandmother. Back in the real old days.

      I understand that Euro's are all the rage these days.

      I price my app primarily in Euro's now because 80% of my customers are there. We North American Android users are "extra thrifty", LOL.

  • Pieter-Jan Voskamp

    Still have some pigs in the barn to trade.

  • samosa queen

    Finally! Motorola is giving something for the UK!! :D I hope it's the Moto X!

  • Martin

    Moto X with 1080p and I will sell my Note 3!

    • Cesar

      I will never understand why people can't be happy with a perfectly good 720p display.

      • descendency

        "perfectly good" for a mediocre display (regardless of resolution) is a bit of a stretch. The screen is meh at best.

        • Cesar

          That's the thing, if the display is mediocre regardless of the resolution, bumping it up to 1080p won't suddenly make it amazing.

          • Martin

            Had Note 2 and I can tell you Note 3 has 100x better screen.. There is a big difference.

          • Ben Freund

            Yeah but the note is like 100 times bigger than the motox. Of course you are going to notice the difference in 1080p.

            Put it his way: The Nexus 7 2013 model has a gorgeous screen. I never see pixels. I challenge anyone with theirs to try. It has (and rightly requires) a 323 ppi screen at 1080p.

            But the the motoX has 316 ppi, and thats not PenTile BS like on other phones. I have both, and it is just as bright outside as the LCD on the N7. After my GNexus I thought I had swore of the AMOLEDs but I couldn't be happier with this one.

          • Kolyan24k

            Had GS4 and Moto X has great screen. Screen is the last thing that worries me on Moto X

      • My name is….

        There is a great difference in browsing, among others.
        Full HD shows a lot of content.

        That is if you like browsing desktop editions of websites.

        And of course, you CAN tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on a 5inch display.

  • My name is….

    That thing about pennies 'or whatever Europe uses for money' was lame.
    Ignorant, uneducated kind of lame.

    • lepradroid

      Oh lighten up. It was clearly a joke.
      In my small corner of europeshire we trade in guiness....

      • Merri Mogridge

        Guinness and good old trusty spuds!

    • Chaosprower

      As an European reader of this site I'm disappointed by this lack of respect.

    • Алекс

      Who wrote it?

    • RyanWhitwam

      If you start saving up your shiny pebbles now maybe you can afford to buy a sense of humor before you see another joke. http://instantrimshot.com/

      • My name is….

        Pile up on the 'joke'.

      • a

        Instant rimshot? I dont think I'm gonna open this at work.

    • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

      It seemed like the kind of friendly, provocative jab we give a friend. I felt it was genuinely lighthearted, I mean, in this context it doesn't feel like there is discrimination going on here... I could be wrong, though :)

    • Matthew Gardner

      It's actually kind of funny when you consider the US Dollar isn't actually in great shape these days, by comparison you'd be better off with shiny pebbles.

    • Wicasa Pa

      What did you expect?! We Americans are the best! We are #1, we can ridicule whoever we want! And they are all jealous of us, jealous of our freedom, of our pure awesomeness, etc etc. #sarcasm. We need to embarrass ourselves all the time bro

  • Grimmjow

    "whatever europe uses for money"? dont talk dumb like a

  • backslash

    If it's a Moto X like device I will instantly upgrade from my aging Galaxy Nexus.

  • Ziya Kokarağaç

    I wish Motorola finally returns to Turkey...

    • Mobile Phones Fan

      They will, someday.

      Right now, Motorola simply haven't got the money needed (advertising, promotion, distribution, etc.) for a broad rollout across multiple countries...and the folks in charge aren't sure it would be a good idea, even if they could afford the expense.

      • Ziya Kokarağaç

        well I'm not so sure about a flagship device because there is a iPhone and galaxy madness but for example moto g would sell like bread for sure. (if it manage to keep up a price like 200 euros + taxes)

        • Mobile Phones Fan

          Exactly my point. It's always difficult for any manufacturer to maintain low prices (prices for labor, transport and raw materials do tend to rise, over time), but doubly so if they must spend big bucks in order to obtain those sales. And any such problems are compounded for a struggling company like Motorola.

          See, as part of their rebuilding effort Motorola have cut margins to the bone; some reports suggest they earn just 5% on every Moto G sold at full retail. That's perilously close to Nokia's profit on the budget Lumias...a big part of why Microsoft must spend more than $2 billion every year, just to keep Nokia afloat.

  • GigiAUT

    I hope it's a Moto X or something like that....not that I want one. I've pre-ordered the 16GB Moto G because the price was right, but apparently the release is only on the 9th....and I'm getting impatient....please tell me that's not what they're announcing on the 14th cos I'm already hitting F5 countless times a day on Gmail.

    • Merri Mogridge

      What country are you from? The Moto G has been available online in Ireland since just before christmas. I have one sitting beside me now!

      • GigiAUT

        I'm from Austria but I order through Germany. The 8GB version has been out for a while, i know that. But everywhere I look, they keep saying the 16GB is only on Preorder and nobody really knows the release date. One or two sites have said 9th of January but I can't get any verification on that.

      • GigiAUT

        Damnit....just checked Amazon Germany. They're saying they're only shipping from the 17th for the 16GB, and tomorrow for the 8GB. No idea what to believe anymore.

        • Merri Mogridge

          You could try expansys. I got my 16gb one of the Irish version of their site (expansys.ie). The Austrian version says stock is coming in one day. (http://www.expansys.at/motorola-moto-g-16gb-black-255927/). They seem to sell out the stock really quick, when I was ordering mine the day count would go to 1 then reset to 5 or 6 days as they immediately sent all the stock out to people.

          • GigiAUT

            Thanks. I just checked them out but I think I'll be patient and stick it out with Amazon. They seem to be cheaper and I feel safer with them. Never heard of expansys before.

  • http://a1usalimo.com/ A1USALIMO

    Motorola has good phones. They seem to be more durable that the new generation phones.


    • mgamerz

      Take your spam links elsewhere please

  • moehre

    At least Europeans don't have to wait for carriers to release the device ;)

    • My name is….

      Europeans are so much better with their shopping habits.

      You just have to wait for your carrier and your 24-month contact

      • Tomáš Petrík

        I am not under a contract...

        • My name is….

          Υοu didnt understand what i wrote. I was referring to Americans.

          • Tomáš Petrík

            Oh, OK.

      • Robert Alex Kibler

        Plenty of Americans are off-contract. People are starting to see the bad in contracts and are learning to go without.

  • NemaCystX

    i'm curious, what is the currency for something lower than a Euro? if its not pennies like in the US, what is it? lol I honestly don't know either.

    • Toblerone

      Well, to make it more complicated we all dosen't use Euros... Sweden for example has Swedish Kronor (SEK).

      1 Euro is 100 cents.

    • My name is….

      And you prefer to write here than make a google search.

      Not that it justifies your ignorance

  • Marcell Lévai

    I don't really understand why people are so butthurt. It was clearly a joke, you can't name all the currencies in Europe either, dear other Europeans. Ryan, you made at least one of us smile.

  • Robert

    Motorolla is really Best but http://bit.ly/KBdTSn

  • Vinzo

    Motorola still fxxked me up with their MOTOACTV, Facebook and Twitter not syncing via Android phone.

  • Twelk

    I've never been able to access moto maker from the UK but I can now, coincidence?

  • mich

    one year too late. now that i have nexus 5 you can kiss my as....

  • gry

    The pebble thing was bad. Sure, it was a joke, but was it necessary? Bit below the AP standards in my opinion.

  • Aidan Ireland

    Remember a majority of Americans owe their lives to European migration, so despite the geographical differences there are shared genetics. Still, there is no reason to belittle countries based on currency, even if it was a ill thought out joke.

  • Jadephyre

    Too late Moto, got myself a Nexus 4, since you decided it was better not to sell your products to europeans for so long. Not that I was disappointed, after the clusterfuck of locked bootloaders and botched ICS updates.

  • Elliot Kotis

    You know there is other parts of the world than North America and Europe Moto? Nobs.

  • Ralph Bretz

    hopefully europe gets the Moto X. Seen a lot of people saying they want one.