Update: It looks like a similar update is also being sent out for the DROID 4. The same roaming and data fixes are mentioned on Moto's support page.

Good news, Verizon Motorola DROID RAZR users: there's a new update coming your way. Bad news: it's not KitKat, or any kind of Android version upgrade. Nope, this is a humble maintenance update, meant to address a few niggling bugs and nothing more. Try to contain your excitement. DROID RAZR MAXX users should get this update as well, since the software on that particular phone is identical to the DROID RAZR. The last official OS update for these phones was Android 4.1.

razr changes

According to Motorola's support page, the 98.72.165.XT912.Verizon.en.US update changes only two things: it fixes a bug that could cause the data roaming warning to appear when it shouldn't have, and another bug that caused connectivity issues when roaming on the Telus network in Canada. That's nice.

The over-the-air update should be disseminating across the network now. You can check for the update manually via the About Phone menu, of course, but I doubt too many users will be losing sleep over it, even if the staggered rollout process is particularly slow. Motorola didn't mention a file size for the update, but since it probably targets two very specific changes in the radio, I don't think it will be larger than 20MB.

Source: Motorola Support

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Andrew D’Auria

    Would be nice if they could fix the terrible performance of the Maxx that started with the 4.0 upgrade.

    • Chris

      Yeah, the phone is super sluggish. I feel like I am trying to run Windows 7 on a Pentium 3.

      • Nicolai Christov

        Clean the damn cache I have had my RAZR since it came out and love it runs faster than most of my friends GS and Iphones then again I am running a Rooted Jelly bean ROM disabling all of the bloatware and verizons bs

        • Mike Schroeder

          How Do You CleAn Cache? OH, And You See The Way This IsTyping? Thanks To TheirLast Stupid Upgrade.

          • Chris

            Clearing the cache is only a temporary solution. The phone is a pile of crap since the JB update...

          • Mike Schroeder

            So I Am FInding Out.

        • bdaddyj

          How were you able to root the Verizon phone without bricking and will it work with the razr maxx

    • Blottomania

      It's weird...I got this OTA update and all of the sudden my Maxx is actually running smoothly again. For a while I thought the phone was going bad because it was performing so sluggishly. So, something must have gotten done other than this roaming issue, because that wouldn't account for this.

  • Vinzo

    Motorola still fxxked me up with their MOTOACTV, Facebook and Twitter not syncing via Android phone.

  • phil

    Would be great if they got rid of the stupid boot animation. Also I'm more likely to upgrade my phone before I ever make it to Canada or Alaska so just fix the stupid thing before I smash it on the ground. Slow POS.

    • joemama

      You must have crap apps installed on your phone, or don't know how to remove junk files from your phone. Get a clue why don't u...sheeeesh.

      • Robert Alex Kibler

        Or the phone could have just gotten slow over time. It's almost unusable even after a factory reset.

        • joemama

          Unusable?...seriously? If your phone is "unusable" after a factory reset, sounds to me like other issues exist (hardware, connectivity, etc.)...I would've returned it pronto. Mine has been running smooth since the day I got it when it first hit the market, and I have 64 apps installed (excluding system apps, as well as pre-installed Verizon apps which I've disabled). At any time when I notice any lag, I simply wipe the cache partition, but I only have to do that every other month or so. I use a custom launcher (ADW Launcher EX) on stock Android 4.1.2, and although my Maxx is almost 2 years old it still runs fine.

  • Robert Alex Kibler

    Eh, I've got KitKat running on my Razr Maxx and not really having any issues (except wifi tethering doesn't work, but I can't use it on the stock ROM either since I'm not paying for it), so I'm not worried about it. And I'm not going to canada or alaska any time soon, so I'm not flashing back to stock just to get this update.

    • Nicolai Christov

      See let people know that when you root it it is truly yours to customize and disable things all these people talking smack are running stock and prob have hella memory syphoning apps slowing the phone down I.e. = Facebook and or instagram everyone should look into the app greenify helps fight those apps off

  • George Curtis Wilson

    Except for it's mind numbing sluggishness, freezes at any given moment, phone connectivity issues, disconnections from web whenever it wants, and no warnings about reboots, it's a great phone. Without wiping caches or dumping apps or factory resets, of course. At least it's not a shoe phone ( aka Get Smart tv series).

    • Kitty

      George, you typed the words right out of my hand. Every bit. My husband and I are about to chunk our Razr's against a brick wall.....only thing stopping me is I'm sure it's a ploy from Verizon to get us to upgrade. Same thing happen to my original droid a couple years ago. Every time I called tech support, rather than discussing my phone's performance I got urged to upgrade and told Verizon no longer supported my phone. Unfortunately, I'm sure all these big cell providers are the same.

  • Joe

    I have the stock rom, rooted, and this did end up removing my root access. Not a huge deal, I just have to run the utility again, but it's unfortunate.

  • Sam

    I'm having the same problems with sluggishness, lag, etc. But it does seem that at least some people aren't having these issues. I sometimes wonder if I have a rogue app or something hogging resources, or too many apps and not enough RAM left (thought someone mentioned having 64 apps and no issues). But the phone is barely usable at times.

    • Joe

      I have 91 apps, owned my XT912 since it was first brought to Verizon. It runs fast and I have had ZERO problems with it. I absolutely despise slow phones and this one has surpassed my expectations. Try running Advanced Task Killer every time you go to lock your phone, frees RAM and closes apps that are idle. Good luck!

  • Karlon

    I just got the update last night n now my screen has this glitchy thing goin on that I've never seen before. anyone else have this issue???

    • PrinceWm3

      Yes, I'm having the same issue. I got the update 3 or 4 days ago, and initially it was faster & smoother between apps. Starting yesterday it locks up repeatedly, stalls between screens & apps, and has frozen/rebooted itself a couple of times today already. Frustrating, & I do keep my cache clean and don't run a lot of apps simultaneously.

  • dhinged

    My Razr has been running slow since the update. If I clear cache it runs slow again after a few days and all processes jump percentage, and the battery drains faster. It's like there's some rogue process allocating CPU percentage and the rest get less.

    • Charlie Daraghy

      I agree. I had a droid razr maxx for 2.5 years and it started acting weird in nov.2013 after the upgrade. battery dies faster was first notice. I regularly cold boot the phone and manually shut off a lot of processes, and it doesn't really help. I got to the point i took all the pics and videos off the phone, cold booted, no help. removed almost all txt message threads, it was better for a while and then acted up. then did the ultimate, factory reset, and it was ok for like a day, but started lagging during routine update of apps! Phone started to get hot, and after a day on the charger one cold morning it was acting fine. then when it got warm or there was alot of SMS txting or facebook messages, it would get slow. I had verizon replace the phone they sent a what looked like new, razr maxx. it had 4.12 on it already out of the box. seemed to perform great. until i started reinstalling my apps and facebook (seemed ok) until i put twitter on the phone... then it lagged. then i put google search on it and it really began to lag. so, i do think these problems are software related but its something messaging or SMS related that's causing it to not be happy. i dont want to give up, as i'll lose my unlimited data plan.. plus the razr maxx is a great phone with its hdmi out and sd card. the latest ploy i feel is the lower internal ram so you have to use cloud storage as storage...well, hello, metered data plan... NOT a good idea for the cu$tomer$ wallet.

      • dhinged

        That sucks man, maybe it was the 4.1.2 update that screwed it up. I have to disable Google+ and Slacker, then uninstall updates to everything but Google Search and Services, and it runs pretty fast, but not like it used to. I'm going to factory reset and install apps one by one to see which ones are causing a problem (I use Android Assistant to backup apps so I can run the old versions). Thanks for the info man!

      • dhinged

        I finally did a factory reset and even before I got 50 apps installed it's started lagging. It seems to lag on certain apps or just by quantity, I can't tell yet. If I keep to just 30 minimum apps, it runs fast, but even then occasionally lags for no apparent reason whereas it ran speedy all the time before the 4.1.2 update. I'm blaming Motorola on this one for not at least keeping it up to 4.3.

  • Chong Kim

    I have my Droid Razr flashed to PagePlus, if I update will it reset the flash?

  • mrs. gerken

    Or maybe be honest, forthright & proactive in the admission of certain manufacturing failures that have led to screens cracking diagonally straight across the screen, battery charge/discharge problems that include BURNING the face and ear of users! I've complained to Verizon, Motorola & to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).They have a couple other such complaints and once they get enough complaints they can initiate investigation & recalls, so everyone having these problems w/their droid phone please call Verizon, Motorola AND MOST IMPORTANTYLY the CPSC in Bethesda, MD. (1.800.638.2772). Verizon & Motorola know these problems exist and are inconvenient to the customer if not down right endangering (why should I put hot broken glass to my face???). They have chosen to stay quiet because it would be very expensive for them to recall & make right & they are making money now as things are for phone replacement & repair. This is BS. Let's take our consumer rights back into our hands & deny these fascist pigs their dishonest earnings. Cell phones are a luxury, not a requirement- despite how they have driven the industry! The infrastructure exists for other venues of communication and can be put back into play if THE MARKET (that's us 99%) chooses to drive the industry that way. Why should the market be forced to pay hundreds of dollars for a deficient phone then hundreds more each month for problematic service from a self righteous, greed adlepated company that has even less efficient customer service rep's! And if I dare to change companies I'm subject to another several hundred to break a contract that was for all intents and purposes broken by the company by its lack of holding up its end of the advertised bargain. Again I declare BS! I call for consumers to unite & demand the quality of products & services we already over pay for!!! We need to remind them that without 'us' there is no 'them'!!!

  • Tom

    I'm having the same problem. After the upgrade to 4.1.2 my droid has been freezing, lagging, etc. It is truly unusable. In addition to the performance problems the battery drains super fast. (100% at 7am and Dead at 4pm). I've tried everything including hard resetting the phone. I'm done with Motorola... they won't be getting anymore of my business