CyanogenMod's first officially supported handset, the Oppo N1, has just hit retail. However, the company has teased another partnership recently, but refused to confirm any of the speculation surrounding the fledgling smartphone startup OnePlus. Now the company has officially acknowledged that it will be working with Cyanogen Inc. on hardware. It even announced the name of its first device – the OnePlus One (or... the Two?).

2014-01-06 21_55_16-OnePlus

Unlike the Oppo N1, this device will not simply be repurposed for use with CM. The CyanogenMod team will be working closely with OnePlus to design a custom hardware and software experience with special features and tweaks. The Oppo N1 has seen lukewarm reviews (or worse, like ours), but it was an important step for CyanogenMod to make sure it could get a device through Google's CTS gauntlet.

OnePlus didn't elaborate on the reason for going with 'One' as the name if its debut phone, but did say it would likely be unveiled in the first half of 2014. Seems like there are an unprecedented number of devices out to be The One these days – insert your choice of a Jet Li or Highlander joke here.


Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play. http://goo.gl/WQIXBM

  • Cesar

    Between this, the HTC One, and the Xbox One, I think companies need to move on to another number.

    • epsiblivion

      and if HTC decides to go with One+ as the successor to the One, it'll be an SEO clusterfuck

      • Bob G

        Didn't evleaks already said it was the HTC One Two?

        • epsiblivion

          he's been wrong before. and we won't know for sure until they announce anyways. all we can go with for now is the code name m8 like the One is the m7

        • anon

          the most ridiculous name ever.. here's to change

          • Bob G

            Nah, but it will be ridiculous if the sequel to that is the HTC One Three.

        • Wesley Modderkolk

          That phone will be so big that it will take both first and second spots

        • KrispyInTO

          That sets it up nicely for the HTC One Two Three

      • tyguy829

        Don't forget the One X

    • Mike Reid

      HTC has all sorts of trademarks on "One" for mobile phones.

      I think HTC will send a cease and desist letter and they'll have to pick a new name.

      Maybe that's part of their publicity plan.

    • theunknown

      I'm waiting to see if anyone would release a phone called Zero

      • K.P. Smith
        • theunknown

          Wow, never knew that existed, moreover that's from the GB Era of Android. However I'd like to see a more recent phone launch with that name carrying present time specs. Just saying

    • CerealFTW

      couldn't resist...

  • Taedirk

    >OnePlus One

    ಠ_ಠ. They've been waiting how long to make this joke?

  • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

    So Android Police doesn't give the phone a good grade and it means the thing "hasn't gotten incredible reviews"? This seems a little weird, I can't really tell why, I'm kinda sleepy.

    • CoreRooted

      A lot of reviewers have said that the device is good, but has some features that are just not that good (the rotating camera and the back touch panel being the two biggest complaints). Add to that the fact that it lacks 4g/LTE (hello? 2013 and no 4G bands???), yeah, it's not getting the best reviews.

      • David

        *2014 :)

  • Ryan

    Bad naming conventions aside, I'm not sure how I feel about it anyway. I've been kinda iffy on the Cyanogen Inc. thing since it was first announced, and I have debated about going ahead and ditching CM (man, never thought I'd say that after using CM since CM7 at least) and going for Paranoid Android or something.

    Guess we'll have to see what this phone may have for specs just to see. I'd be lieing if I said I wasn't interested in knowing. Though honestly, I just hope it isn't a giant 5.5" device or something. Kind of tired of seeing phones that are just stupid big. I can see a market for them, don't get me wrong, but my hands can barely even wrap around my Nexus 4 and its actually not that easy to use with one hand unlike my old Droid X or Bionic. Ok, I better stop ranting now........

    • guest2

      Go with OMNIROM if its available for your device

  • hyperbolic

    Who cares about the name..It's a CM mobile phone. enough said.

    • guest3

      Enough said for me to move on

  • Karan Das

    Oneplus..One? couldn't they come up with a better name than that? :|

    • guest

      Enough said for me to move on

  • https://play.google.com/store/search?q=kodiak+211 The_Walrus_Was_Jon_Q

    Guess they're running out of names... It's successor will be called Oneplus Oneplus... ;) I'm calling it...

  • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

    "Never Settle", does that mean I won't be asked to "settle" for a phone without basic features like a replaceable battery or expandable storage? Or is Samsung still getting my business for the forseeable future.

    • guest

      Still Samsung. Replaceable battery means smaller capacity so no thanks.

      • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

        Eh, I get 2+ days (sometimes as much as 3 days) out of a charge on my S4.

        All batteries lose their capacity over time (every charge/discharge cycle reduces it's lifespan) and when a replaceable battery stops giving acceptable battery life you just replace it and get like-new battery life instantly. If you have a non-replaceable battery when it stops getting you through the day you are SOL.

        There's a reason these portable battery packs are super popular nowadays, because people are increasingly needing to charge their phones mid day.

    • NathanDrago

      Still looking for expandable storage nowadays, when you can easily have 32GB of internal memory + gigs and gigs on the cloud? Oh well...

      • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

        Sure I have & use the cloud, but I (like most people) don't have unlimited data and many places where I ride my motorcycle there is no data service so on-device storage is all I can rely on.

        Also no matter how much on-device storage you have it's all at risk if you break or brick your device. Imagine a scenario where your phone is your primary camera (common) and you take it on vacation, maybe in a remote area (such as camping) or to another country. You either don't have data or have extremely limited or expensive data. If you drop and break your phone every picture & video you took that's stored on internal memory is for all intents and purposes gone but if it's stored on a microSD card you can simply pop that out and into a reader or another device and you've got everything.

        • NathanDrago

          I have only 2GB of 3g data included in my plan and I’m perfectly happy with it. To prevent the risk of losing everything, I have all of my data sync’ed to the cloud (app data, sms, photo, music, documents, videos etc). I can understand that having everything on the cloud might be worrisome, but backing up data locally from the phone to the PC is simple, safe and quick.
          The scenario of the broken phone you describe is suggestive, but I invite you to consider another, much more realistic one, as it happened to me twice in five years: your SD card, out of the blue, gets corrupted. Game over. Everything you used to keep on it is now lost (for the average user, at least).
          SD cards are slower and way, way more unreliable than internal storage, and they mess with the OS to the point that even Nexus devices don’t support them. I suggest to leave them where they truly belong: digital cameras.

          • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

            I sync to the cloud too but I had to turn off auto-upload over mobile network when I got my S4 because _just_ the photo uploads were chewing through my 3GB data plan. Now I only sync photo uploads over WiFi which means my photos are at risk as I described.

            What about the issue of not having reliable data connectivity everywhere. Most of the time I listen to music on my phone I don't have a data connection because I'm either on a plane or riding my motorcycle on rural roads.

            I've heard of SD cards getting corrupted but never had it happen to me or anyone I know, I have had two people I know lose their photos when their phone broke and they could not get to their internal storage.

            The only reason Nexus devices don't have expandable storage is because Google wants you to use the cloud exclusively.

          • NathanDrago

            I've turned off auto-upload as well, my plan doesn't allow to have it turned on at all times. Photos are not at risk if you sync 'em once you reach a Wi-Fi area (usually, at least once per day). If you want to listen to music on the plane, you can do as I do (I'm a heavy plane user, unfortunately): download the music you like most in offline mode. It won't certainly eat more than 1 or 2 gigs, and you can swap albums easily.
            PS: it's not just Google, HTC has abandoned sd cards a long time ago for its flagship phones, LG's Optimus G hasn't it either, and iPhone, well... you know that ;-)

      • didibus

        What do you even do with your phone? Some games take gigs of space. And I like to download torrents with my phone. Bring in my music collection and movie collection on it. Normally have at least 100 apps minimum installed. I'm always using it from remote areas like a basement, a weird corner in my office building, or other places that don't get internet or cell reception. No internet in Canada is fast enough to have a proper streaming experience anyways, and data plans are rape expensive. I have a lot of pictures and documents that I can not trust a 3rd party provider to host for me. But most importantly, I'd love to be able to put pictures from my camera unto my phone through the simple use of a SD card reader. For phones to become more useful, they need proper support for external devices and storage.

        • NathanDrago

          I have a 16GB Nexus 4 and after 1 year of use I still have 3GB left. Incredibly enough, I do a lot of stuff with it. I have 75 apps installed (including games) and they only take 5,60GB. I keep 6.500 songs on my phone at all times at zero storage cost, thanks to Google Music, and if I want to listen to some of them, I just make them available offline. My whole photo gallery is uploaded in Google Photo, and I can see it whenever I want, wherever I want.
          I suggest you to use your PC to download torrents. You can also use it to play videos on your TV: you have terabytes of storage: use them ;-) This way, your phone (and your battery) will thank you.

          • didibus

            ... So if the tendency keeps up, you'll run out of space on your Nexus 4 by the end of the year. You don't seemed concerned by this for some reason.

            I'm not saying you can't use a phone with only 16 gig, you obviously could. You are more limited though. Install a few big games and you get screwed pretty fast. Try and carry a few movies on it and it fills up real quick too.

            Cloud storage from Google for music and pictures reduces the quality, is not available everywhere, and relies on proper internet access, while costing extra money for data cap and storage space.

            Why should I use my PC for anything? Oh right, because the phone is being crippled by it's lack of support for external storage and devices.

            And also, that SD card servers as portable, removable, storage too, not just more space, but the perks of portability also.

            It just seems like someone telling me to use the bus instead of a car. Except, monetary wise and environmentally wise, the bus has good arguments. When it comes to the cloud instead of external SD card it just costs me more money, wastes more energy, and is less reliable.

            Any arguments why it's more awesome for me to use the Cloud instead of a 128gig external SD card would be welcomed. I just don't see any, except cloud providers trying to have my money.

          • NathanDrago

            There is no tendency, my apps do exactly what I need, and the games I have are deleted once I finish them (like Asphalt 8). I'll never reach the end of those 16GB I'm afraid...
            Why should I keep a film on my phone? I prefer watching it on a much bigger screen, like that of my laptop.
            There is no storage cap for photos (2048px) or music (I can't consider 20.000 songs a "cap"), and they are easy to access especially on Wi-Fi, which is everywhere.
            You should use your PC because you paid for it, basically ;-) And it's much more straightforward and apt to play films or store content than your phone.

            In the end, SD cards once were a tangible need, when phones only had 1-4-8GB of internal storage. Now they're just an optional.

          • didibus

            See, you didn't give any compelling arguments towards why it is better not to have an SD Card included. All I hear are: "the way I use my phone, I have adjusted to the lack of extra storage space by using alternative services offered to me from 3rd party vendors and changed my habits toward using less space by deleting games that I don't need anymore."

            If you don't understand the reason for watching a film on a phone or tablet, why does Netflix waste it's time making an app for it I wonder.

            You're allowed not to need one, but please, stop pursuing a preaching trying to convince us there is no need for it, unless you have compelling arguments against it, but I have never seen one. All the cloud services exist on the PC too, would you settle for a 16 gig hard drive on your laptop?

          • NathanDrago

            You are confusing the purpose of a smartphone with that of a PC and vice versa. I don't use my PC as a smartphone, so I need much more than just 16GB of storage.
            Netflix allows to stream films on the phone, without taking space on the internal memory.

            SD cards have made their time, as 32GB are more than enough to do everything a *smartphone* needs to do. OEMs are starting not to include SD cards on flagship phones, no wonder. They have slow write/read speed, they are expensive, they get easily corrupted and they mess with the OS and the hardware architecture of the phone. Also, if you think 32GB aren't enough, you won't surely settle for just 64GB more... ;-)

          • didibus

            A smartphone is a computer, and so is a PC. The two have equal capabilities, I'd say the smartphone actually has even more, because of it's array of sensors, included screen and radios that come defacto as part of it.

            I see their purpose as identical, with the smartphone being way more convenient, because it makes all this purpose mobile. Why wouldn't I use my smartphone as a PC? In fact, I do. I can do everything I do on my PC on my smartphone, but not the other way around. I play games, read books, watch videos, communicate with others, browse the web, download content, edit pictures, edit videos, edit documents, make music, program, etc.

            Now, there are some things that are a bit less convenient to d on a smartphone. This is because of hardware limitations, and sometimes software limitations. Mostly, the processor is slower, the gpu is slower, there is less ram, and like I said, there lacks storage space.

            Out of those limitations, only one has already been rectified, they have found a way to put more storage into a phone!!! Yes, it is possible to have 128gig of storage space, and an expandable extra 128gig on top of that! And doing so actually does not cost them so much more, especially the adding an SD Card reader part. I just don't understand the reasoning of not doing so when you can.

            Every other category is being addressed, they are putting better CPUs, better GPUs, more RAM, better screens, etc. Yet, even though they can give more storage they don't? Why is that? Do you have an idea why that is?

          • NathanDrago

            I do, but you won't like the answer: most people are happy with 16-32GB, as they don't need more.

          • didibus

            I'm happy with that answer. And it's a great one, possibly the only good argument. What I hate, are people telling me I don't need more space. On every argument praising Samsung for their inclusion of an SD card, or apple for giving version of iPhones with more memory, there is always someone going, no one needs more memory, SD cards are stupid and there is a gazillion good reason to not provide an SD card. When in fact, there is no good reason, and someone that would need more space might choose Samsung over non SD card phones.

    • somestrangeryoudontknow

      Removable battery and expandable storage are no longer basic features, the only smartphone maker that actually makes decent phones that includes these is probably Samsung.

  • verizonsukxs

    please bring it to verizon I need a replacement for my gnex

    • Sam Hollis

      Moto X!

      • kaufkin

        Agreed. got my X (D.E.) and no regrets. and the moto adds, actually ADD instead of getting in the way.

  • talhamid

    ...HTC Naming Department

  • sdrhgdsfhg

    which phone I should buy? popular Galaxy S4 : http://u.x2009.net/z

    amazing Galaxy Note III: http://xp.gd/fR

    I feel confused. can you help me choose?

  • Roemraw

    HTC ONE (X, mini, max), Nexus ONE, Experia Z1, Oppo N1, Oneplus ONE, Xbox One, The wonderful 101, Alice in ONEderland.

    That is more than one One too many.
    SomeONE needs to do something about this one naming-issue.
    Who will ONEt to stand up to this? Who will be the chosen one to fight this injustice?

    One thing is certain, if they keep at it, nONE will be safe.

    • Bjajjull

      "Experia" made your bullshit into complete bullshit.

      • Roemraw

        Xperia then....as if that was my only typo

  • #onenigga ksx

    Shouldve been the OnePlus PlusOne or OPPO

  • SetiroN

    CM haters flooding in 3...2...1...

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    OnePlus One? okay well that's not going to happen, between this http://www.oneplusone.org.uk/ and HTC's trademark of 'One' on phones, they are obviously bad at this business thing.

  • Tay

    That never settle text looks like something from a scary movie..

  • RL010

    There was a day thay CM was good in my eyes, but since the day that smelt the Money they got worse and worse everyday, It's no a nice clean rom anymore. They build to much shit in it like most companies do.

    No CM for me anymore

  • Pete Tandon

    They should've named this thing, The Kurgan.

  • http://mrmcpowned.com mrmcpowned

    Well, there can only be one?

  • Rehan Ahmed

    Too many puns in one heading!