Making Android-powered cameras isn't something new for Polaroid, but that doesn't mean it's the first company to come to mind when thinking of capturing digital photos (and for good reason). On the other hand, the company's old instant printing cameras call upon an altogether different set of memories. So now the company is shaking things up by re-introducing the premise it's known for. Not only can the Socialmatic instantly share pictures to social networks like any other Android-toting camera out there, it can instantly print them out to a 2"x3" sheet of paper.


To be fair, Socialmatic isn't being developed by Polaroid. It comes to us by way of Socialmatic LLC, a company whose idea for a camera drew inspiration from the Instagram icon. It is licensing the Polaroid name because, well, printing. If you don't get the connection, OutKast has a song that can explain it for you. Though, unfortunately, the Socialmatic's prints won't require you to shake them upon production.


Disregarding how bad a name Socialmatic is for the time being, I kind of dig the square design. A 14MP camera resides on the front, and there's a 2.1MP shooter on the back for all the selfies you can fit on its 4GB of internal memory or a microSD card. There's also a 4.5-inch display for interacting with the built-in functionality. I just hope the tablet UI shown in the press image is a lazy joke, because it looks like an awful idea.


This isn't the first time we've heard of the Socialmatic, but at least now we have a release timeframe. Look for it to land on store shelves in the fall of this year.

Source: Polaroid [1], [2]

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • hp420

    Ugliest damn camera I've ever seen

  • Jeff

    That form factor... I get they want it to look like a camera app icon, but what will it be like to hold that thing?

  • Evan Jenkins

    Dat Tablet UI..........

  • Cheeseball

    Is this thing supposed to take on the
    Fujifilm Instax?

  • Eli Shirk

    This thing is hideous. If the paper is 2" x 3" then the device must be a 5" x 5" brick that is 1" thick.

  • Douglas Anderson

    Love the concept, just wish it were made by Polaroid themselves!

    • HellG


  • Mike Harris

    I've been wondering for years why these types of cameras aren't as popular as they were back in the day. Considering the instant gratification of immediately holding a picture that you just took seems like it would fit in perfectly with today's society.

    • krish

      Because everybody wants everything digital and photography now is every jackass' GAME and people just click anything and everything. Imagine going to a party and friend takes about 20 pics and hands those to you ? where do you keep them ? :-p

      Now in all seriousness the reason back in the day this was popular was people who were into instant photography and who were enthusiasts bought these.

  • Youri

    must be akward to hold

  • Jason Wright

    Nice little party camera!

  • John Smith

    Hipsters will luv it

  • Alexander

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