The last we'd heard of Telltale Games' celebrated adaptation of The Walking Dead, it was slated for an OUYA exclusive Android release. It looks like someone got tired of waiting, because The Walking Dead is now available for download on Amazon's branded Appstore. But don't open a new tab just yet, zombie fans - it looks like this game is restricted to downloads on the Kindle Fire HDX (and probably the larger HDX 8.9) at the moment.

The Walking Dead is a point-and-click style adventure game based on the much-loved comic book series. It's separate from, but similar to, AMC's popular TV adaptation, and follows a new set of characters as they struggle for survival and stability in an undead America. The decision-focused gameplay style is typical of Telltale's adventure games, and the original release on PC and consoles garnered The Walking Dead numerous awards and accolades. This game should not be confused with The Walking Dead: Assault, an action game that's available on the Play Store.

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The game is "free," which is to say that the download and first episode is free, much like on the iOS version. You can buy the remaining four episodes and the extra episode "400 Days" for five bucks each, or pick up a "season pass" for all of them for $14.99. That's pricey for a mobile game, but it's well in line with the console pricing. Eventually the Season 2 content that advances the story should open up. In case you couldn't tell, this game is emphatically not for kids.

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Strangely, there's one review on Amazon that says the game is working on the OUYA console, presumably after the user side-loaded the Amazon Appstore APK on the hardware. That's good news for OUYA players, since the Walking Dead still hasn't appeared on the official game list on OUYA's website, and isn't showing up in the upcoming games list either. It's a safe bet that The Walking Dead will come to OUYA sooner rather than later, and (hopefully) the Play Store at some point.

Amazon Appstore - The Walking Dead

Michael Crider
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  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Oh my god. Last I heard, Telltale hated Android. If this comes to the Play Store, I'm buying it ASAP, even though I already have Season 1 on Steam. This game is a masterpiece in interactive storytelling, even if it's not that much of a "game."

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I've sent several PR queries about this to them. We'll see if they respond.

    • Sean Lumly

      It's practically inevitable at this point. The Android market is huge, and their code works on Android devicesdevices, there is huge monetary incentive to support the platform. This is likely a limited rollout before battling with the disparate texture formats, and possibly the many varying AP architectures of the Android platform.

      ASTC texture compression and ART can't come fast enough! This should make game devs lives much, much easier.

    • Jacques Hragar

      They do they just love money more

    • RL010

      It's all 'bout the money, It's all 'bout the dum dum.......

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    This looks like a really well-made game, not the usual case of do something shitty quickly just because the TV/movie studio paid someone a bunch of money. Quality plot, quality graphics, quality physics, it's all there. Pretty expensive for a mobile game, but at least someone is pushing the limits of creativity.

    • Sean Lumly

      I've watched the play through, but I can't wait to play it myself. I love that console games are now being released for mobile as well. An android console with beefier than mobile internals sounds like a much more plausible idea!

    • Jacques Hragar

      Your right it is, i played through the iOS version ( i know gods forbid) a while ago and loved it well made and well thought out and love seeing characters from the show.

    • Franco Rossel

      I bought it on steam. The storytelling its excellent, and you are right, they didn't rush it, actually they took about 3 months per episode, and the results show.

    • jonathan3579

      It has the same level of polish and quality that it's console counterpart did. I hope that it gets a Play Store release.

  • Sean Lumly

    Insta-buy when it hits my Nexus 10.

  • Goodly

    it's working on my Nexus 7 (2013).
    the only thing you need is the apk and the amazon store app
    but you have to go to the amazon website first and "buy" TWD (it's going to work you just can't download it and it's free). you can buy episode 2 - 5 + 400 Days via in-app

    • Franco Rossel

      How did you get TWD apk? It doesn't show on my Amazon appstore, even if I already ordered it on the browser

      • Dalladubb

        Same here. No idea how to get the APK.

      • Morten Ulveseth

        I buy all telltale games, and so should you.
        However: The Walking Dead apk android -assult

      • Technibility
    • deeznutz

      Thanks it worked :)

    • TheFirstUniverseKing

      Doesn't work for me, unfortunately.

  • http://www.youtube.com/crisr82 Kristian Ivanov

    While Telltale is my favorite PC developer, I really hate their view on the Android platform
    Also rumor has it that you need Adreno 320 or 330 GPU to run the game [in terms of real compatibility].

    • Jacques Hragar

      Works for me i have two adreno 320s and a 330 but i do hate the lack of support for others

  • WestFiasco

    I've been waiting for an Android release for so long, I actually forgot about it thinking they would never go that route. Now it's for kindle fire, so close yet so far.

  • sand1

    I was able to "run" it on the S3 I9300. Well the game starts and I hear sounds of the game but the screen stays black. However the Touchscreen works. I can hear the scrolling through the Menu. Maybe some talented hackers will make it work with other devices with other GPU's than the Kindle Fire HDX .

    • Cristi

      Same on Note 2

      • Andro79

        it's working on my i9300 resurrection rom 4.4.2
        But sound is stuttering...
        Anyone any idea?

  • Jon

    Tested to run it on a Galaxy S4 (i9505). Performance is rather crappy, around 15-20fps. Anyone else also experiencing bad performance? I mean, this is supposed to be a rather decent processor/GPU...I hope when they release the official version for all devices, they do a bit of optimization.

  • Philip

    Works great on a nexus 4. No lag at all. It looks exactly the same as with the pc game though with diff. controls. just go grab the apk and install.

  • Dany Bouffard

    Is there a way to download it even if you dont have a KindleFire THD ?

  • Dakvar

    Can anyone post a link for the apk pls

  • evertjr

    This game is one of the most amazing experiences in storytelling! Telltale can introduce you a new character you care about in minutes. I really hope they start giving Android the attention it deserves...

  • Kevin

    What a fantastic game, I have literally just finished the xbox version of season 1 and it was definitely worth the £3.39 per episode I paid. Although won't be paying again to get it working on android as well - be nice if it could link in to the account and see what you've paid for and give you it based on your email address.

    Season 2 might be an option on this rather than xbox though

  • macdaddybuff

    This game on my fire HDX 8.9 is awesome. Only played episode one cannot wait to play the rest.

  • sean

    Avaliable for Turkey...!!! Please

  • Technibility

    Exclusive first look of Walking Dead Season 1 by Telltale Games on an Android powered LG G2 smartphone! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErLsfi6HCSk

  • Thehusk

    I would really line it if it came out for android cuz I have it for iOS but the gameplay kinda sucks since Apple isn't to great on there touch screens which I believe would be better with my Samsung galaxy s5 when I get it when it comes out

  • Andrew Vrba

    Saw this on the google play store today. First episode is free.

  • TC Slayer

    I'm havering trouble with my downloading for episodes 2-5, it says it can't connect to wifi even when I'm completely sure that I do, can anyone help me?