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Atul Khatri [Didn't respond]

Mohammed Rahman

Kingkin Malintang

Handy Apps and Android Police are at it again - we've teamed up to give away some awesome devices with the folks over at HA, and this time we're offering up two great tablets.

But first, what exactly does Handy Apps do? Well, they make apps that could be described, in a word, as being handy. Need to calculate the bill split and tip at a restaurant? They've got you covered. Private photo locker on your phone or tablet? Yep. Password management? You've come to the right place. Here's a quick flyover of the Handy Apps catalog:

As you can see, Handy Apps wants to be your smartphone or tablet's software handyman - there really are some practical, useful applications there.

Now, like I said, we're giving away two tablets, and they're both pretty great - we've got a 2013 Nexus 7 16GB and a Kindle Fire HDX 7" 16GB.

unnamed feature-os._V355642114_

The new Nexus 7 is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, while the HDX is packing a Snapdragon 800 chip. Both devices are WiFi-only, and the HDX supports MIMO for even faster wireless speeds. Both the Nexus and the HDX boast extremely sharp high-resolution (1920x1200) displays, for all your gaming, video, and web browsing needs. We're giving away one of each of these devices, so check out the entry widget below to get your name in the hat!

Note: This is an international giveaway - there are no country restrictions. Contest begins immediately, and will end at 11:59PM PST on January 7th, 2014.

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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.


    mediocre christmas too.....

  • Amer

    Kindle Fire HDX dream of what?

  • Abhinav Suri

    The "Tip N Split Calculator" sounds like a sweet idea. I suck at maths and go out for lunch with friends almost everyday. Definitely getting it. Could do with a better UI though, no?

  • Jacques Maitland

    I would use all these apps to live a happier life

  • Rotmann

    Wanna get rid of My crappy ipad mini, heeeelp!

  • Dave Lu Chiu

    Continue to watch my spendings :)

  • iLLiCiT

    Why is it so that I can enter without actually doing what is mentioned lol :P

  • chandan

    i would use the apps for better performence and to handle my tasks easily done in hand with nexus 7 's pure stock android experience...

  • Koushik Thakkar

    Bills Reminder and pass wallet

  • lee519

    these apps could become handy in my daily life when paying bills. I'll give them a try.

  • Angela Hogan

    Bill reminders who help me remember to pay my bills

  • Gabriel

    i hope win the nexus 7 good luck everyone

  • Savo Pejovic

    To calculate

  • Cosmic Rick

    These two looks like the best 7-inchers on the market right now. Great giveaway for the new year.

  • Jessica

    Man I've been trying to get rid of my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for months

  • d_A_rkd_A_y

    I got videos and picture to lock down .. hehmmm.

  • Sorin Valer Stanila

    I will give a try to Photo Locker , I love the idea of my photos to remain private and not shared with everyone.

  • Samir Maric

    To lock my photos on my phone

  • Adam Goldberg

    lock photos from the feds i mean parents i mean me, just cause i'm secure HOHUM!

  • PsyCrow

    I would love a free tablet

  • Anisoara Lupu

    Nexus 7 is the beast

  • Pamela Doe

    thank you!

  • Ken Xia

    I'm getting forgetful. So I'd use the Tasks N Todos app. I have all my passwords stored on my laptop. PassWallet would be very nice for on the go.

  • Moku

    Photo locker looks like a useful app, so yeah, I'd probably use that if I got it.

  • Martin Martinec

    Bills reminder would be great to have, seem to always forget to pay vbills on time

  • Renee’ Harris

    Bill Reminder looks very useful. So, I'd enjoy using it.

  • Balazs

    Easy money would help in keeping my new year resolution. A nexus 7 would be nice too :)

  • Jasmin Galicia

    I'll use it for my business. :)

  • Brand

    my new years resolution is to win that nexus

  • Adrian Vasquez

    I will use the apps to better manage my money this year, also to keep my fotos and videos secure.


    I'm so unorganzied, i could use these apps to get me organized in 2014

  • Seth

    I'd use some apps for keeping track of fitness goals and challenges.

  • Micah Madru

    If only the kindle fire didn't have that god awful skin.

  • leo garcia

    I will use the apps to remind me of my bills and money

  • androidkin

    I have been using Bill reminder pro for the past year and will continue to use it for all 2014 because its convenient, useful and really handy (pun intended.

  • http://twitter.com/Thickn31 Dee Adams


  • Ivan92116

    I'd use the Tip Calculator everytime I go out to eat.

  • Stas

    so there gonna be 2 winners? One for N7 and one for Kindle Fire? Who's the lucky basterd this time?

  • Niki Jahromi

    The tip/bill calculator would be awesome to use when going out for dinner with friends, because they all suck at math and can never figure out how to split it.
    Also, PassWallet could be cool to remember passwords and stuff- as long as its secure though

  • Martin P.

    I'll use Bills Reminder and finally get more organized and less stressed, in 2014 :)

  • Josh Ehresmann

    i would use the tip calculator when i go out to eat. and the bill reminder would be really helpful with student loans.

  • Terry Tiong

    I'll use it for my biz purposes!

  • Antonio Chillarón

    A 7" Android table? Sign me in, please!

  • duckian

    to keep my personal pictures private

  • edjca

    Video Locker could keep my Wrecking Ball 1080p music video away from judging eyes right? Then that.

  • TK Monastyrski

    Me. Mine.

  • Ajinkya Nikam

    Nexus 7 is undisputed winner in Tablets!!!

  • Zach DeWald


  • sanjeewa

    +1 for nexus 7

  • Nero Tran

    I'd use Photo Wall FX as my live wallpaper to display my album, it's so beautiful.

  • Guest

    My life is a nutshell :(

  • Nidal

    My life is a nutshell :'(

  • Rahul Hussain

    Great another International contest

  • http://www.AndroidHogger.com/ Ravi Shankar

    The Nexus 7 is mine :P

  • Shamya Bhattacharya

    i like the Tip N Split Calculator apps i think ill go with it

  • t.j. schutt

    fingers crossed for that hdx

  • ralph

    to keep me updated in tech world

  • Jaff Gabriel

    Will use it to make my daily activities way easier.

  • Rhea Liza Lirios Munoz

    I will use it in multi tasking so that it will make my life more easier.. hope to win

  • Elisa Andren

    All Apps coz I need all that :)

  • Alex Vidrean

    I will consider using a combo out of the Easy Money and Bill Reminder applications to make a more balanced budget this year.

  • Chona Gomba

    I think Photo Wall FX would be great for making a great wallpaper because I always view my photos so it's nice that I will be able to make them my live wallpaper :)

  • Anish

    Want One!

  • Robert Jože Povšič

    Nexus 7 for me and I would use photo and video locker

  • Harjeet

    awesome giveaway

  • Denise Felecia

    I will use photo locker and video locker to ehem.. secure my IMPORTANT photos and videos! :D

  • Johan Dior

    i will use bills reminder so i can avoid those late payment fees and finance charges!

  • kareljack

    I would love to own the Nexus 7. Perfect for my long commutes.

  • Marat Goferman

    Would like to win a nexus 7

  • Torstein Molland

    I would use photolocker for exactly what you would think of

  • Hasier

    Great!! Could be perfect as final Christmas present :P

  • Art

    Nexus 7! Awesome!! :)

  • Lenin

    Giveaways are cool if you win one. I never win. Hope this changes that statistic.

  • Lenin

    Tip And Split calculator is an app I have used and will continue to use frequently in 2014. It however desperately needs a UI update and also will be great if you could customize the splitting of the bill.

  • Andrej Čuščak

    I would use Easy Money app to finally get a summary where my money always disappear

  • Mehul Parmar

    handy apps's all apps are good but I like to use photo wall fx ..

  • Jun Nozaki

    First comment is full of win. But I guess the comments are chosen randomly, so we still have a chance :P

  • Nikos

    nice gift..

  • Hippocrates

    I would use the tasks and todos so that I would not forget what I have to do again

  • Ionut Costica

    I'd use Photo Locker to hide a few questionable images on my devices...

  • Denis Toska

    optimaze my smartphone

  • Chris Acworth

    Nexus 7 baby!

  • OpiumC

    Keep 'em coming AP!!

  • Owais

    Me want Nexus 7

  • Dennis

    I'd use photo locker, because often people sent me confidential stuff, because they trust me. I want to keep the pictures, but no one should be able to see them when they grab my phone!

  • SkidrowGames

    Nexus 7

  • Terry P

    I'd play with the locker apps, and evaluate how well it works for a "Kid mode" of sorts.

  • Tom

    I want a kindle fire so bad :)

  • merman1983

    Our family was given an iPad for XMas. I'm starting to like it. Please save me with a Nexus 7.

  • zemigl

    I would love a Nexus 7 :)

  • Eli Pomerantz

    I really want to win!!!!!! I would use the "Tip N Split Calculator" to make my life easier when eating out with friends.

  • hoyun

    Tip calculator would be the most useful for me.

  • MartinVrba

    I would simply used to the full extensin I can.

  • http://vibaa.blogspot.com Baala MS

    Bills Reminder 2.0 would perfectly help me ensure no more of the late payment fees in 2014 & Tasks N Todos would be the perfect mate for me for all my official and personal reminders, making life much more easier and simpler :)

  • johan rojas parra

    espero con ansias poder ganarme el concurso :D

  • Claire

    I will use photo locker and video locker to secure my IMPORTANT photos and videos!

  • Ashley Marie

    Nexus 7! Awesome. :)

  • Jochen

    I haven't been able to decide whether to get myself a Kindle or a regular tablet, maybe this is a chance to have this decision made by someone else. ;-)

  • Jochen

    Tip N Split Calculator should make it easier to give appropriate tips without that awkward moment when you try to calculate them by hand.

  • Mandip Das

    Photo locker is simply awesome!!! Coz I just got married :P

  • Zain

    Photo locker for security.

  • ThaSik1

    I'd definitely use your Tip Calculator and Bill reminder for sure!!

  • Rajeev Gopwani

    I would like the Nexus 7, will try the Bills Reminder app

  • officialjebus

    A new nexuswouldnbe pretty goodl

  • Jboy Ababon III

    Nexus 7 all the way!

  • mohd syahir

    Passwallet is my must have android apps in my tab. give me nexus 7!

  • Tomislav Bobelj

    I will use Photo Locker and Video Locker to secure my important photos and videos :P

  • Vitor Koga

    Nice apps on great tablets!

  • Muhammad Sawan Sidek

    I use Photo Locker and Video Locker for personal purposes, and Easy Money for balancing by excessive usage of money with my salary

  • gevinleow

    wish i can own one nexus 7

  • Rodrigo Ramirez

    I would use the apps to make my daily life a lot easier and happy

  • creep4ward

    Using video locker would help keep me organized. thanks! a marie hj saver

  • Mohamed Shimran

    I'd love the nexus 7

  • elizamatt

    I`d use most of the apps to help organise myself, my photos & videos, my finances and they`d also help to make everything that bit easier for me.

  • sara rai

    Photo locker:)

  • luckyfinds

    The 'Easy Money' would help me live within my means. I can do away with prying using the Photo and Video Lockers.


    great contest !=

  • Gerdo Hulshof

    The same as in 2013. Often!

  • Wirasatria Md Husni

    I'll use Easy Money to track my expenses since my job requires me to travel lots in 2014. Cheers on the giveaway :)

  • Eka Dharma

    both of that tablet is really awesome! love it! hope to win it too lol anyway using a video locker would help to keep me organized

  • Shaleen

    I like kindle HDX and want Android police to give some gifts to international users

  • Samson Seyone

    Nexus 7 ????

  • spam_roll

    i would use the apps to to pay the bills that these life sucking corps. always send me monthly.

  • Patricia Caetano

    I would use any of your apps in 2014 to make my life easier!!! :)

  • krunal k

    Tip N Split Calculator is really quite a Handy app..

  • Perwez Alam

    none yet .but willing tooo

  • Sami Qureshi

    Nexus 7 would be nice

  • Shariyar Qureshi

    i will be use photo editor app and social network app because i love my friends and family and always share edited photo with them.

  • 13

    Easy money looks like a blessing! I can now uninstall the 3 apps that I have to do these tasks.

  • Freddy Franco

    I would like to try the Easy money app and the Task N Todos apps on the Kindle, and it will be nice start the year winning an international giveaway (I'm from Mexico with no visa which makes hard to buy any of these devices, they are not currently on sale here)

  • Kenny Akinde


  • ItsaRyan

    Tasks and Todos will be keeping me on track 2014.

  • Chris Lear

    I'd use Easy Money in 2014 to replace a few other apps I currently use.

  • Christopher King

    Maybe if the full versions would be free.

  • Hosam Arnous

    I'm currently using different free expenses manager. Easy Money is on my watch list and I may use it.

  • Zoran Filipovic


  • James Gibbons

    I would use them on my new Nexus or kindle!

  • Hockeydad16K

    Nexus 7 is excellent

  • Ben Grooms

    I will definatly use Photo Wall FX!

  • Michael Anderson

    I could definetely use the password keeper. I change passwords so often I have 4 gmail accounts.

  • Cosatius

    Yeah I would like a tablet :)

  • http://kevinmurphy.wordpress.com murph

    Yes please!

  • Lana Shmigelsky

    with bill pay

  • Abayomi

    THis is really awesome...I hope i win something!

  • Peter

    Gotta love free stuff

  • iiBinxx

    I would use Tasks N Todos to keep me on track with my homework and exams

  • Jeff Macabale

    this is great

  • Jeff Macabale

    I am gonna use those apps to make myself occupied on those boring days

  • CC

    using the tasks and ToDos, and photo apps!

  • jesus morales

    Don't remember if I posted, great contest though.