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Carbon is back, Twitter addicts, and it is indeed back in black. The 2.0 revision of the popular Twitter client is like the all-black Charger with tinted windows and zero badges - it's so nondescript that you just can't help but notice it. The updated app is live in the Play Store now, and the token issues that plagued the initial release seem to be absent, at least for the moment.

2013-12-31 14.10.48 2013-12-31 14.11.54 2013-12-31 14.11.34

There are some radical user-facing changes to the interface. The first thing you'll notice is the new all-black color scheme, but the biggest change is a new menu system which combines the "new post" function (the little "+" in the corner) with all of the other settings and editing functions, by way of your personal avatar. It takes some getting used to; the first time I tied to post I ended up opening the block menu instead. It's very petty, especially if you're a fan of the kind of slick minimalism that Carbon is known for, but new users might feel a little disoriented if they skip the opening slides.

2013-12-31 14.14.00 2013-12-31 14.40.52 2013-12-31 14.14.18

Most of the gestures and animations from the original Carbon have been retained, but if you slide your finger from the left edge of the screen you've got access to a new quick feed from any part of the app. This menu can display favorite tweets, retweets, and saved search, or - my personal favorite - any list that you've set up or subscribed to. It's a nice addition for power users, although it's not exactly apparent when you first open the app. Conversations are now displayed in a new view, and Carbon has a new do not disturb mode.

carbon widget

Carbon is still designed almost exclusively for phones, so the experience on tablets seems a bit blown up. (The screenshots in this article are from a G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition). The widget still leaves a lot to be desired as well, with no scrolling view available. I'll stick with Plume for these reasons, but dedicated Carbon users will probably be quite pleased with the update.

Michael Crider
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  • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

    I really like this design but it is god damn impossible to differentiate UI elements on an AMOLED display with the brightness turned down. Ironically, my love for apps and phones that don't blind me renders this difficult to use. :(

  • samosa queen


  • TerrenceT

    I still think Tweedle is the best Twitter client I'd ever used.

    • alpahbets

      I use tweedle as well. Have you used carbon tho? I'm going to give it a try now at least.

    • numpty

      Tweedle is the only Twitter client I've ever used that can't just quietly fetch tweets in the background. It's no use to me for that alone (but lack of Tweetmarker support kills it stone dead).


      I was with you until I downloaded version 2 of this. I'm in awe

    • templeruins

      Have you tried Twicca? By far the lightest app out there.

    • yahyoh

      when last time i tried it drained my battery like b!@#!

  • miri

    I'm really tempted to try a 3rd party client after Twitter decimated their official app, but I've always hated how over-designed they are and that they lack some official features I like.

  • joeljfischer

    I've been trying it, but for my money, even with a lack of updates; Falcon Pro is the most consistent, easy to use, and powerful twitter client on Android.

    • veRdiKt

      Yeah I agree with you. Falcon is perfect.

    • Влатко Стојанов

      Carbon is free.

      • DoctorRabbitfoot

        Falcon Pro too.

        • Влатко Стојанов

          No it isn't. You can now download it free, but you can use it if you have token from before when it wasn't available for free download.

    • templeruins

      Twicca is lighter and has more features than falcon. Also looks cleanest, fastest, most options and visual styles.

  • Dave Whyte

    I'm going to have to stick with Falcon Pro for the foreseeable future. I switch between my tablet and phone so much that I need Tweetmarker integrated into the app unless you guys know other clients that have Tweetmarker or another way to keep my tablet and phone synced with other twitter clients please let me know!

    • lfeuln

      Plume, TweetCaster and Tweetings have TweetMarker and Echofon has their own sync. If Falcon still works for you though not sure there's enough reason to switch...

      • Dave Whyte

        Yeah not enough to switch yet I just like to try new things and always go back to Falcon Pro. Thank you for the suggestions though.

  • Guest

    Where I work, Twitter is blocked, but once you're through one time (on just mobile data) you're good to go even on the WiFi. This is the first app related to Twitter use that this isn't happening. This apply to anyone else or just me? Even Flyne works fine. So I know it's not any other apps on my phone that are having issues all of a sudden today. (Falcon Pro is working fine too.)

  • Segroukin

    Tried it again, better than v 1.xx but still not good enough. Used Falcon Pro but due to api limit, I now use Tweedle. Tweetbot on IOS is still the best twitter client. Only reason why I envy apple users.

  • BrandoHD

    Article said "but if you slide your finger from the left edge of the screen"
    I think it should be "FROM the right edge"

  • Matthew

    I was so hyped for this release and followed it religiously for any update and boy am I hella disappointed. I consider myself a power-user and I currently use Falcon as my daily driver and have the official app running notifications.

    I guess my overall biggest gripe is that with this long delay between updates everything that was been overhauled is largely cosmetic and worse yet on my nexus 4 it's extremely difficult to get a good reading on the tweets. Furthermore, my biggest hope was that there would be added features such as automatic refreshing at least. I know it's a one man show but this update almost makes it unusable but certainly it does nothing in the way to make me want to switch. I've checked Tweedle out, off to a great start and since it has lots of support and is taking input that'll be the next juggernaut since Falcon developers have now officially abandoned the project.

  • Paul Taylor

    Does it have push notifications yet? That's all I want to know.

  • Andrew

    I think the font size in the timeline is still too big even on the smallest setting. I feel like I can view more tweets per screen on Plume.

  • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

    "It's very petty, especially if you're a fan of the kind of slick minimalism that Carbon is known for, but new users might feel a little disoriented if they skip the opening slides."