Update: Best Buy has reached out to us to confirm that the $99.99 no-contract Verizon Moto G will go on sale as shipments arrive at the retailer's stores, which will apparently be as soon as today for some locations. If you're looking to get in on this $99 deal, it may be worth giving your local Best Buy a call to see if they have any in stock. Online availability will follow at a later date.

Verizon has already confirmed that they'll be carrying the low-priced Moto G in some capacity in early 2014, but according to a tipster's photograph, it's going to be dramatically cheaper than the already low unlocked price. A reader sent us the image below, which appears to show an off-contract/prepaid Verizon Moto G in retail packaging, on the shelf at Best Buy and with an anti-theft device. The clincher: it's $99.99.


We've got no way to verify this photo and it was sent to us without any other information, but a similar one was dropped by Droid-Life a few hours ago. That photo showed basically the same thing minus the price. If one or more Verizon/Best Buy retail locations are already stocking the Moto G, it might indicate that the company is ready to sell the phone at any moment.

The price is the more interesting aspect here. The Moto G is already being sold in the U.S. via Motorola's website for $179 in an unlocked GSM model. Verizon's model would need to have a radio that supports its CDMA wireless bands, and if Verizon's insistence in other products is any indication, it will probably have a bit of bloatware as well. Even so, $80 off an already-cheap phone is impressive, assuming that it maintains the rest of the GSM Moto G's mid-range specifications. It's worth noting here that the GSM Moto G does not include LTE.

At a hundred bucks, without a contract no less, the Moto G would easily be the best mid-range phone in Verizon's lineup. At the moment Verizon only offers the LG Optimus Exceed ($140), the Optimus Zone ($44), and the Samsung Galaxy Legend ($84) with its prepaid plans, and they're all considerably less powerful than the G and run older versions of Android. This also indicates that Verizon may not offer the Moto G to regular contract customers.

Nothing is written in stone yet, but this seems to be pretty compelling evidence. We'll be on the lookout for any more indications that Verizon's Moto G is incoming.

Update: Droid-Life's post is updated with an internal document indicating that the Verizon Moto G will go on sale on January 9th.

Thanks, "r00t4rd3d"

Michael Crider
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  • http://petervideos.com/ Peter Mansour

    and people still buy iphones..

    • SimonPieman

      Thing is, they don't. Outside the United States of Corporatesville, the world has moved on from Microsoft and Apple products.

      • enoch861

        You mean moved from Apple products?
        Last time I checked Microsoft is gaining ground outside the US.

  • Dan

    Good alternative to an iPod touch at that price

    • LANCE

      good point

    • ProductFRED

      If it lets you use it without activating ;) Verizon is a greedy company. I've worked in one of their stores. This thing will probably:

      1. Lack LTE. Not just because the GSM model did, but also because this is prepaid, so they have no incentive to offer its users their best network. Plus, only Verizon LTE devices have to be unlocked out of the box. By not including LTE, they don't have to unlock it.

      2. They'll probably make it unusable without activation. They're not stupid; they're losing 50% of the cost just by selling it (~$200 phone for $100).

      • Derail Doax

        Good point.

        1. Lack LTE.

        This issue doesn't really matter on my US GSM bands unlocked Moto G. I get 9 Mbps connections on T-Mobile here in Seattle. But if Verizon gets a CDMA only version that means 1.5Mbps connections. Lame! This will make the Moto G look bad.

      • http://ralphchastain.com/ Ralph Chastain

        LTE is way too expensive. I would rather not get LTE period.

        • yankeesusa

          I understand not getting LTE with it if you have tmobile or att and can use hspa but with verizon and their 3g/evdo speeds it is almost unusable in some areas although its still better than sprint's 3g speeds.

          • http://ralphchastain.com/ Ralph Chastain

            I could care less who offers it now. It's too expensive no matter who you go with. I'd rather get home internet.

          • yankeesusa

            How is $99 or even 179 for a gsm unlocked version too expensive? Where can you get a decent android phone with great features unlocked and with the latest version of android?

          • http://ralphchastain.com/ Ralph Chastain

            I am talking about 4G LTE Internet. Not the Phone Itself.

      • yankeesusa

        The phone is already advertised as non LTE. That's how they can price it so low. The gsm version is also lacking LTE, on purpose. Plus with verizon if you have a post paid account you can buy any prepaid phone and activate it on your account in cases where you don't have an upgrade available and don't want to pay full price for a phone. I did it dozens of times when I worked there. Some stores will give you a hard time but in the end they will do it. or you can just dial *228 and do it yourself.

      • Lathan Card

        Works without activation. Still not kit kat update though.

    • Joseph Cascio

      1: Turn Airplane Mode On
      2: Turn WiFi back on
      3: ???
      4: Profit
      With the radios turned off, you'll get great battery life.

      • hkklife

        Or, to deal with the activation requirement as painlessly as possible, buy it along with one month's service at whatever the lowest possible price is ($60 IIRC), and then immediately put it in airplane mode once the first month is finished. At $160, you still have an awesome Android iPod Touch equivalent and , after 6 months, a decent backup phone for people still on 3G. And its still cheaper than the unlocked GSM version (though nowhere near as flexible)

    • Nathan

      Yes, except max. 16GB.

  • lackGX

    I think verizon is taking a loss here... they know they can make it up in 2 months...
    the phone obviously will only work with verizon.

  • http://www.twitter.com/joshuaworth Joshua Worth

    I'll be checking my local Best Buy for my new Moto G(pod) in the am..

    • brazuka

      you cant buy it until Jan. 9

      • yankeesusa

        If it is on the shelf at your local best buy then yes you can buy it. I have done it several times with other times that supposedly have a specific date. It all depends on how strict the best buy is.

        • david coffey

          The nexus 7 (2013) comes to mind immediately.

  • Joel

    There is a hard street date of a little over a week. This was mistakenly put out on the shelves. They are unable to sell the device in the POS system until that hard street date. I work for the company, so be on the lookout for more info soon. Bestbuy.com will typically have new products show up before street dates and sometimes has the option to preorder.

    • joel

      I cannot confirm nor deny that Jan. 9th street date... ;)

  • Severo Rivera


  • jz100

    If it's not on sale until the 9th, then why does the photo show it on a store shelf already, with the sale price tag above it?

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Dang so cheap

  • Steve Freeman

    There isn't too much development going on for this device, but after looking around for a couple minutes there appears to be a bootloader unlock, recoveries, and at least some basic ROM's... So, because of the price, it may not be a horrible (temporary) replacement device for those of us still stuck with the Galaxy Nexus. Any thoughts?

    • Knicks_11ThePoet

      I have a LG G2x that I bought in 2010 with T-mobile. Im looking for an upgrade desperately the phone i have is horrible. Im looking to see if the Moto G will support GSM so i can just switch the Sim card.

      • ProductFRED

        Dude. You can order it online right now. Go to Amazon.com. It's officially sold by Motorola. Buy the US GSM version.

        • Steve Freeman

          But for GSM networks, there are far better phones. Not for $100 off contract, granted.

    • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

      That's my plan to replace my Galaxy Nexus after my contract is up until the Nexus 6 or whatever comes out in the fall. As for development the gsm version has only been out a few weeks anyway.

  • Sinistar83

    Could I buy this phone to replace my Galaxy Nexus and keep my same contract & unlimited data or is this only for prepaid unlimited?

    • Chaiyo

      According to verizon, you need to have this phone on a prepaid service for 6 months, then you can swap it out your G-Nexus

  • Sam Hollis

    Would you be able to add this onto a Share Everything plan?

  • Jon

    Picked mine up this evening at a Best Buy in Chicago for $99 pre-tax. They had 2 in stock.

    • scott

      Is it the 8 or 16gb? Have you tried activating it on PagePlus?

  • AgustinRodriguez

    I wonder if I could flash this onto page plus.

  • . .

    I got a moto-g with 8GB and no sim card slot, locked into Boostmobile for $89, free shipping.
    Who's listening to all these phones that can't be turned off?