There are plenty of companies that are working on building you tablets and phones, but only one Android OEM is concerned with "localizing" your dog – Archos. But it's not just your dog that Archos wants to make smarter with a little dash of technology. The device maker has announced an array of connected home devices that will be officially detailed at the upcoming CES event in Las Vegas. There are even going to be some smart watches in the mix, because why not?


At the center of your Archos-connected life will be the 7-inch Smart Home Tablet. It will interact with devices like a motion-sensing camera, lights, and a weather station. The Archos Smart Tracker will also become part of your smart network by tracking your pets. Yes, just attach the Smart Tracker to your furry friend (or child, I suppose) and you'll be able to track it. Some connected activity trackers, scales, and other fitness items will be debuting at CES too.


fitness weather cam

Archos plans to get in on the smart watch gold rush as well with an assortment of low-cost options. These units will not be tied to any specific devices and are expected to be more like the Pebble than the Galaxy Gear. There aren't a lot of details on what kind of technology the watches will utilize, but some of them may be priced as low as $50. We'll know more in Vegas.


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Ryan Whitwam
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  • Djkleric

    I might be interested in the smart watch if it is priced cheap. Usually the case with Archos. Would be great for a trusted bluetooth device.

    • Brad

      Agreed... $50 to read texts and see who's calling/see notifications is right up my alley... even if i have to reply via the phone...

  • Tirionfive

    Any time I see Archos, I think "ewwww".

    • SK

      I used to be an Archos fan, but finally got tired of their "almost perfect, but has the debilitating bug that crops up when you try to use it long term" quality.

      • Mike Reid

        And they've already abandoned their Android devices at least once.

        If the price is cheap enough, and everything works like you need, fine. But don't expect bug fixes or updates or you'll likely be disappointed.

  • Sumit Grover

    I am on the verge of picking up a Pebble, do you guys suggest I wait for $50 options or rush up decision to go Pebble way?

    • Tracy Earl

      Do the Pebble right away, lots of support and lots of apps out right now. If you wait for the Archos it will be an alpha or beta product and may not have any community support to speak of.