If one of NVIDIA's Tegra Note devices was under your Christmas tree this year, a quick jump into the System Updates menu should bring just one more gift: an OTA directly from NVIDIA. This is the first major system update for the company's first tablet platform, and should be available on all brands of the device, including EVGA, ADVENT, Gigabyte, Shezhen Homecare Technology, ZOTAC, and XOLO.


As NVIDIA has promised timely updates to the Tegra Note line of devices, this OTA brings the OS version up to Android 4.3 – not the KitKat update that many of you were likely hoping for, but a nice little version bump nonetheless.

Lefties can also expect better stylus support in this build, and the overall stylus experience and response time has been improved across the board. You'll also find a DirectStylus option in the device's Settings menu post-update, an alert in the notification bar once the stylus is removed from the bay, and the ability to grab the notification bar when using the full-screen capture tool.

One of the Note's flagship features when it was originally announced was the camera's Always-On HDR (AOHDR) function, which drastically improves image quality using NVIDIA's Chimera computational photography architecture. Today's update will finally make this feature available, realizing NVIDIA's claim of Tegra Note's "groundbreaking camera."

Lastly, apps and data will be able to be transferred from internal storage to SD card – much like on SHIELD. It's basically apps2SD, which comes in handy on a device with only 16GB of internal storage.

All in all, this is a pretty solid update that should improve the overall experience with Tegra Note devices. It's available now, so go grab it.


Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Mr E

    I have to admit, I didn't even realize these things were already for sale. Does anybody have one? I've pretty much made up my mind that my next tablet will have an active stylus.

    • Cheeseball

      I've got the EVGA Tegra Note 7. No problems with it so far. GTA: San Andreas runs smoothly on maximum graphics settings.

      • ins0mn1a

        could you tell me if the palm rejection works well (while using the stylus to write, i mean). i am bit confused about how they implemented it, since afaik the stylus is just a capacitive stylus, no EM components inside that would differentiate it from a finger (unlike the s-pen or wacom active pens). it's an intriguing device, but i would *really* like to understand how it works. thanks.

        • Cheeseball

          It works fine AFAIK. I can hold the screen (not just on the bezel) with one hand while writing with the other with no "jumping" anomalies. This was tested in NVIDIA's own Tegra Draw, the stock Write app and SketchBook Express.

          EDIT: When I write, part of my hand (my pinky finger) is usually resting on the surface. With palm rejection on, it doesn't cause any conflicts while I'm writing. With it off, you get the usual jumps.

          I'm not exactly an artist or a note-taker myself, so I apologize if I'm not able to answer your question as clearly as you want it. (I bought the tablet for it's Snapdragon 800-like performance.)

          • ins0mn1a

            that sounds good, thanks.

          • zab

            Can you tell me how you first charged your battery and then your discharge rate of the battery for 1hr use of just surfing the web?

          • Cheeseball

            I discharged whatever factory charge was left (I believe it was 48% out of the box), then kept doing full cycle conditioning (100% to 0%, 0% to 100% with no preemptive charging in-between) from then on. I've fully charged the unit 9 times since I got it.

            If it's normal web surfing and YouTube viewing, I can get around 21 hours before it shuts down at 0% battery. This is on Power Saver mode with the brightness set around 15% (visual estimate) and PRISM enabled. So to answer your question, it's more or less 1-2% per hour.

            I can get 6 to 7 hours use when playing San Andreas and CSR Racing at 30% brightness on Balanced mode.

  • EH101

    That's not too bad of a timeframe. I think they're playing catch-up for the moment. I wouldn't be surprised if they put out a 4.4.x update come February or so. Should be fairly quick updates when Android 'L' comes around next summer. (Quicker than Samsung, I'm sure)

    Still won't buy one without higher screen resolution though, maybe that'll come next year.

  • giridhar

    Will there be any update for acer a50x devices which is also a tegra tablet.

    • Cheeseball

      Unfortunately no. The Iconia A500 is a Tegra 2 tablet, so official support for it has already ended ways back.

    • renz

      so far this will be the only tablet that will get direct OTA from nvidia aside from shield.

  • PAlte1961

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  • David Li

    can you even get this tablet anywhere?

  • Shady

    XOLO Tegra Note 7 in India has got the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update. Tried downloading it three times but it throws the "MD5 Integrity Check failed" error. :-(

  • mike

    I am have WiFi issues it will stay on for just a hour or so and it will cut off on my tablet and it is only on my tablet I wonder if it has to do with the update

  • stephen mason

    I've been transferring data from my USB drive onto my SD card and internal HD, but I haven't yet run the update. Did this work because I didn't know it shouldn't, or is it not needed? Funny world eh?

  • polyhuwai

    do you have problems with media server? mine is always at 50+% even after factory reset with no apps. it can increase if i play youtube videos as well. need a solution to this but cant find any

  • Martin Haswell

    Bought three. One been replaced because won't charge battery problem. Serving one gone back with same thing but now has to be sent of instead of exchanged. Only dropped off second one yesterday and today my one has memory issues, says I've got none while gaming or taking picture despite having 6GB free internal and 15GB free on a Sandisk Ultra card?! Also sound through hdmi keeps going off too.

    As for Jellybean, what they have done to Quick Office and the keyboard Swipe option the less said about that the better!! Adds letters one single key typing and substitutes words you swiped with completely different word that do not even start with the same letter?! I mean who in the world is going to mistake the first letter in a word?! Lol

    • Martin Haswell

      All Advent from PC World