Humble Bundle: PC and Android 8 has been out for a week now, so it's time for more games to be added to liven the deal. Three new titles are now available: Bad Hotel, The Bard's Tale, and Solar 2. These should appear automatically in the libraries of anyone who has already paid over the average, and they will likewise be available to anyone who passes that bar going forward. The average currently sits at just over $4, which is not at all a lot to ask for nine games to play on your Android device.


These three games join the likes of AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome, Anomaly 2, Gemini Rue, Hero Academy, Jack Lumber, and Little Inferno. As usual, you can name your own price to get four of these titles, with the remainders opening up if you pay more of the average. The proceeds will be split between the developers, charity, and the Humble Bundle folks however you wish.

Bad Hotel

Bad Hotel is a game where you build a hotel as high as you can as quickly as possible before it's destroyed by hordes of seagulls, yetis, and other threats. It's been available on iOS for a year, and now the addictive title has made its way over to Android as part of this bundle. And for the time being, it isn't yet available in the Play Store.

The Bard's Tale

The Bard's Tale is a full comedic RPG with over twenty hours of content. It's been available for Android for a long time now and is no stranger to Humble Bundles, but as long as you have the space to install it, you will find few mobile titles that can rival its depth.

Solar 2

Solar 2 puts players in the shoes (does that metaphor work?) of an asteroid that must merge with other asteroids to grow into a planet. You will eventually develop a solar system and threaten other planets, potentially even turning into a black hole. At $4.00, this is the most expensive game added to the bundle. It alone costs nearly as much as the current average being paid.

If you'd rather get the games individually, links for The Bard's Tale and Solar 2 are available below.

Source: The Humble Mumble

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  • Ricardo A. Fragoso

    All of them look good for me... :D Not the best HB in this year but its worth the price... :D

  • Andy

    Never bought from Humble Bundle before, can I download the games onto more than one system?

    • AtiRage

      Of course. You can use their app to manage the games (install/uninstall/update) or just download the apks from your Humble Library (their webpage).

      • Andy

        Awesome, thanks!

    • darioqqo948

      My Uncle Levi recently
      got a stunning blue Toyota Matrix only from working off a macbook... try this

  • Mr E

    I was kind of disappointed in the new games added, but I think I might still bta. I just have bards tale from the last bundle it was in, and of course the other anomaly games.

  • Marcell Lévai

    Bad Hotel doesn't run on my elderly device, but Solar 2 is simply awesome!

  • David Schleifstein

    Solar 2 wont run on the Nexus 5 with ART. Not sure about without ART.

  • irman

    Already have bard's tale from the previous bundle. For me personally anomaly 2 is the only game that I really want in this bundle, but it's okay, I still got other decent game that I will try... Someday...

  • Misco Jones

    i love crash road land! :)

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=naturesoft.games.crashroadland :D :D :D

    hope you like it!! :)