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We've covered Koushik Dutta's AllCast before: it's an Airplay/DLNA streaming app that lets you stream all the things. Now it's out of beta, and you don't have to jump through any hoops to get it: just head to the Play Store and download that sucker to your cell phone telephone. The free version includes advertising, splash screens, and a 60-second streaming limitation, while the $5 Premium unlock app is unlimited.

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The app is a streamer for any local video or photos on your Android device. AllCast can stream to the Apple TV via AirPlay and pretty much anything with a DLNA connection, which includes Roku, both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, most smart TVs, and Google TV... but not Chromecast, as originally intended. Google still hasn't released the public API for third-party streaming, and has closed loopholes that allowed basically unrestricted access to the Chromecast, as Dutta previously explained. Google should open up the Chromecast to unrestricted third-party app support sometime in 2014, at which point AllCast will almost certainly be updated for compatibility.

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At present the app leaves a bit to be desired, since it's just a set of destinations and a media pane. There's no differentiation of media types, no way to queue up a playlist, severe streaming connection issues, rotating the screen causes you to re-select the streaming device, you have to stop streaming via the notification window, and controlling audio volume is a pain because the video stream doesn't trigger Android's media volume control. AllCast is still very much in beta, so if you're looking for a dependable solution for streaming to any of the supported devices, you might want to wait a while for Dutta to smooth out the rough edges. 

AllCast is compatible with Android 4.0 and higher, and the premium app must be installed over the basic app to unlock all features.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • koushsucks

    Entirely too expensive for beta software. And he has a habbit of just abandoning products whenever he gets bored.

    • mustbepbs

      Somebody clearly has a problem with Koush.

      • Thatguyfromvienna

        No way, I'm pretty sure it's that guy's real name!

    • c00ller

      he has a hobbit? i don't own any koush premium-ware but i HAVE noticed that his new projects get a lot of his attention, but before they reach (IMO) fully featured status, the activity pretty much stops

      • Ben Lee

        Helium uses android native backup feature and doesn't require root, so there is a big difference between it and titanium backup.

        • c00ller

          Whatever. It is something he abandoned.

          • Ben Lee

            It's not been abandoned, it's had regular updates since release.

          • c00ller

            I've had the app since release and I still disagree with you. I don't even remember the last significant update other than him stopping the app icon images from spamming the image gallery and other fixes. It's a "finished" app as far as I can tell, and has been essentially the same for at least 6 months, probably longer

          • Ben Lee

            Well yes it hasn't changed, but it does what it was intended to do. Apps don't need to keep adding extra functionality you know. What's wrong with an app being "finished"?

          • c00ller

            Well it looks like you just realized the root of the problem here, and why user koushsucks made his first comment. There is obviously a disagreement between what we, the people commenting and those upvoting the comments above ours, think is "finished" and what you and Koush think are "finished". Just looking at the distribution of upvotes/downvotes, please realize that you are in the minority and arguing about this isn't really constructive.

          • Ben Lee

            Is a solid backup solution that works. I don't see what your issue is with the app. Plus one of the only solutions for non rooted devices.

          • c00ller

            Due to this completely irrelevant comment I am no longer able to take you seriously. Have a good day.

          • Ben Lee

            I see you have no argument.

          • Koushik Dutta

            Is there something that is unfinished or obviously missing in Helium? Yes, I do believe it is finished, bug fixes aside.

          • c00ller

            First, I just want to say I really appreciate your reaching out to a random user like me. Sure, this is what I think can be improved in Helium:
            1) The biggest problem I have is managing the giant list of backups and apps
            without the ability to filter/easily select for certain app properties. One example: when looking at the restore list,
            select/show apps that are not currently installed on the device. I'd like to be able to
            select the backups for apps which are no longer installed so I can
            delete the backups which I feel are now useless, and do not want
            restored accidentally in the future.
            2) The ability to manage app groups is too basic. Once a group is made, how can I add or remove apps to/from that group? It would be nice to be able to long press on an app in the list, get a menu, then choose something like "Manage groups" and add/remove as desired.
            3) When backing up to Box cloud, I'd like to be able to at least control which subdirectory it gets backed up to (Box provides the APIs to do so; I've used it with apps like Dropsync). Right now it just creates a folder in the root Box directory called "com.koushikdutta.backup"... >.> at least call it Helium Backups, or something. I understand it's probably to simplify the app's ability to automatically find the backups when restoring, so I see how this can be troublesome.
            4) SMS can be saved, but what about MMS? I don't know, neither the app nor the Play Store description mention "MMS", so I assume not (?).
            5) When a backup is in progress, there is a number below and to the right of the progress bar that is constantly increasing. What is this, and why are we shown this? If it doesn't give us any meaning, I think it should be given units to tell us what it is.

            Tbh I stopped using Helium for a long time now, and just listed what I could think of now.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            Great suggestions, I gave the Koush a few more similar ones too.

            Btw, that number is the size of the transfer, in bytes. It'd be nice to actually show the total, which should be known ahead of time, and format it better, as MB, or at least add commas separating every 3 digits. Or a percentage bar. Or all of the above.

          • Koushik Dutta


            This is an awesome list. I just put in some fixes for annoyances Artem had. Here's my thoughts:

            Better filtering on groups is doable. Let me poke around here and see. There needs to be some sort of smart/automatic grouping.

            I've thought about custom directories, but the chance that a user completely breaks something is too high here. Agreed that the directory name sucks, but it's too late to go back and change that without some sort of potentially error prone migration path. Funny history here too. The app was originally called Carbon until I got into a trademark dispute with Carbonite, so we'd still be having this conversation if I had named the folder "Carbon".

            MMS backup. I'll be honest, this is hard. I've even attempted doing it. I've been avoiding MMS, as it is a pain point since the data format of the MMS database is different from OEM to OEM...

            I'll add units to the progress bar.


            Regarding the total on backup: the Android API being used under the hood doesn't know this number up front, and there's no way to really "guess" this properly, as I can't reach into another app's data folder.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            You can with root, right?

          • jugal

            Koush I support you all the way... And I'm sure your work will be recognised in one plus one the new flagship product launching by the company . God bless

          • kindlefan

            Hi Kaushik, I am unable to find ballast app for kindle fire HDX. Any tips?

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Wait, Koush has a pet hobbit?

    • Nee Austin

      I agree. His Helium backup app is half-baked and abandoned (for one example). He's a hacker trying to support his hacking habits by charging a lot for his beta quality apps. When a new shiny object comes along you can bet AllCast will be abandoned as well.

      He should start a real company and hire actual support for his products. The guy is very smart and creative. If he gets bored with supporting his existing software he needs to have others do it.

    • Thatguyfromvienna

      I agree.
      While his apps are usually really, really good and extremely promising, he seems to have a tendency to leave them half baked and not develop them any further after a certain point.
      After dishing out money for quite a couple of his apps, I recently decided to not support this kind of behavior anymore.

    • Koushik Dutta

      I'm going to respond, despite the fact that you have a trolly name.

      You're right, I have a habit of "abandoning" products when I get bored. I also have a habit of designing and building a multitude of products, some paid, some free. I'd venture to say far more than anyone else in the scene. I also have a habit of open sourcing my the libraries and several of my apps (Superuser, DeskSMS, ion, Voice+, ClockworkMod recovery). Despite the latter fact, those apps tend to get no additional contributions other than my own.

      I've made a conscious decision to innovate over iterate. I'd rather spawn a hundred new ideas, that encourage people to build better competitors, and force companies to react, than sit around building a better mousetrap.

      What you won't ever find me doing is being stagnant.

  • Nathaniel Webb

    Koush, love ya man, but dat icon bezel gotta go. :P

  • Jeremy Janzen

    Does it work on PS3?

    • enoch861

      Nope. The PS3 can't "receive" DLNA streams.

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    • Arthur Dent

      Asshole ...

      • A_Noyd


  • Dani Molina

    Working for videos only, not photos, on my Moto G + LG Smart TV

  • Matthias

    I wonder why this app gets so much attention everywhere.

    There have been Airplay streaming capable apps for some time now... and if you don't need Airplay support, there are other alternatives that are far superior... For example, BubbleUPnP can do anything DLNA related, it can manage playlists, and even use Google Play Music as a streaming source, and its still cheaper than Allcast.

    • enoch861

      Or most phones (except for Nexus devices) have built in DLNA functionality that works very well.

    • mark01

      AP gets cash from CM obviously.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Oh, all this CM cash we're rolling in. Hang on, getting the door, probably another messenger straight from Koush with more of that sweet CM cash.

        • http://www.geordienorman.com/ George Byers

          waiting for that new CM design to the website ;)

          • EH101

            Hell, I'm still waiting for the old redesign from that logo contest long ago lol.

            J/k Artem

        • dp

          Damn this is why I like AP

        • mark01

          90% of people use sarcasm so they don't have to lie.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            90% of people make up statistics.

        • Koushik Dutta

          I hope you enjoyed the CM Christmas basket we sent you Artem. I didn't have time to shop for anything, so I just filled it with cash.

  • joseito

    Add subtitle support over DNLA and I'll buy for it... (I can stream videos from my phone to my TV easily with almost any problem, but showing subtitles it's almost impossible).

  • kindrudekid

    So this is basically what Skifta does for free? but with additional devices that aren't DLNA? I'll skip!

    Skifta also acts as a mediator between DLNA devices, Use your R-Pi XBMC as source and your TV as output device and skifta as remote!

  • Omar Feliciano

    I don't buy anything Koush he always bring half baked apps with extreme prices then don't update them for years (abandon them)

  • Taufiq Rahman

    I have been using the beta for a while... Nice app... Its like buying a chromecast for 5 bucks with limited features...

    • Sbd01

      Yeah... Each update seemed to add problems, so before this new major restricting thing I backed up the apk. I think I might revert to the older version because the new version is so frustrating.

  • Simon Belmont

    Everything except Chromecast, which is the thing I have. But, of course, that's not his fault.

    Hopefully, Google lifts that restriction or releases an update to their existing Chromecast app that allows local pictures and videos to be casted to a Chromecast. It's really a no-brainer feature and one that, being a father of a one year old, I'd love to be able to take advantage of for visiting friends and family (slideshows of the little dude doing cute stuff, etc).

    • Adam Moran

      As someone who isn't the father of a one year old, the rest of us are glad you don't have this feature.

      • Simon Belmont

        That's kind of a mean thing to say, just because you don't fit my specific use case for casting local content of my kid (unless you're kidding, which is tough to tell by just words in a comment section unless you spell it out). But, hey, freedom of speech, so say whatever you want.

        I'm pretty sure you don't count for the entirety of "rest of us" though. People want to be able to cast their local content from their phones and tablets, whether you want me to be able to or not.

        • Drago

          Don't let dickbags like that get you down, man. He's probably better off not adding to the gene pool anyway.

          I have a kid, too, and hope that the Chromecast will soon broadcast my local media as well. Only time will tell.

  • unsivilaudio

    Koush, if you're reading this. Knock it down to 2.99 and I'll buy. I have no doubt the app took alot of work, but its not worth 4.99 in a free-99 kind of app world.

  • Javier Maria Casares

    I think as most here that his developments don't keep up and fade away in features and improvements after a while. Glad I decided to wait when Helium launched as it was priced and had quite a lot of issues. Went to Ease Backup that is much better and works quite well. It has issues but there is active development. Such behavior shouldn't be rewarded so it's better not to buy his apps.

  • Juul

    Not interested after reading comments. Thanks for heads up.

    Still searching, but for now the best solition for me streaming from N7-13 (also via OTG) and i9000 to Dlna (WDTV Live and Samsung Smart TV) is Wondershare Player for video. Music: UpNplay and 2Player. Photos: UpnPlay. Trying BubbleUpnp at the moment. looks promising, might purchase.

    Skifta and 2 Twonky's need media put in their own app-folders. I just want apps to open files located anywhere. And not much mediafile types supported by those if I remember correctly

    • Ben Lee

      Avia, is petty good sports plenty of devices and media types. It also now had Chromecast support in the paid version, though quite buggy at the moment.

  • Maxime MARAIS

    Give a try to Streambels. Works fine and is FREE.

  • strauzo

    My personal experience, difficult to overcome, to have the full power of Android on my big Tv is with an android hdmi stick or android tv box. In my living room i have a minix x7, in the
    bedroom i have minix x7 mini and in the kitchen i have a tronsmart t428. I control all this devices with a simple app on my android phone "DroidMote" and i can use all multi-touch apps and games very well. From my personal experience i think that the future of Android in TV can be only with a very little box with a real android firmware inside, preferably with a rom AOSP.

  • Sbd01

    I tried the pro key when it first came out, thinking it was much too expensive. It didn't work at all and I was still unable to stream to my AppleTV. I refunded that, I'm probably not getting it again unless the price goes down and most of the bugs are resolved.

  • juancamilo87

    Doesn't this do the same as iMediaShare?

  • http://www.emuparadise.me/roms-isos-games.php rarely online

    This isnt even worth its high price tag since it barely works typical arrogant Koush thinking everything he makes is pure gold.

  • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

    A separate key app as opposed to an IAP? seriously? In this day and age?!