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If you're a fan of the CyanogenMod family of custom Android ROMs, then you're in extremely good company. According to CyanogenMod's official statistics page, the ROM and its derivatives are now running on just over 10 million Android phones and tablets. Those statistics come from CyanogenMod users who voluntarily report activity via the built-in CMStats function, so the actual number of devices could be higher. CyanogenMod's head honcho and Cyanogen Inc. CTO Steve Kondik announced the news on Google+.


A few things to note: these numbers are for devices, not users, since one user with multiple smartphones or tablets running CyanogenMod will be counted twice. Also, device that aren't actively being used are periodically removed from CyanogenMod's statistical pool after 90 days or less, so there probably aren't many dusty Nexus One units buoying up those numbers from desk drawers.


CMStats breaks down the install base by both device and CyanogenMod version. CM 10.1 (Jelly Bean 4.2) nightlies are the most popular at 1.15 million users, and CM 10.2 nightlies (Jelly Bean 4.3) are a distant second at 700,000. The humble Samsung Galaxy S is at the top of the CM heap with just over half a million active users - it currently has a CyanogenMod 11 (KitKat) nightly build available. The Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III are close behind. Surprisingly the first Nexus device is the Galaxy Nexus GSM, way down at number 8 and 187,180 users. There's a heavy prevalence of low-end devices which have long since ceased to get official Android builds from their manufacturers. Combine this with quite a few versions of CM 7 and CM 9 near the top of the "Installs by version" list, and it's clear that CyanogenMod is a haven for users who want newer versions of Android than what they can get through more official channels.

This is a major milestone for CyanogenMod, and not just in a "rah rah" sort of way. Cyanogen Inc. is a young company making its first forays into the world of both consumer technology and business-to-business software, so any significant metric of user base and engagement is helpful. If we take Google's KitKat proclamation of one billion Android activations as fact, we can say that CyanogenMod is running on roughly one out of every one hundred Android devices. Other factors may skew that - Google doesn't keep track of Android phones and tablets without access to the Play Store, and there are plenty of ROMs based on CyanogenMod code that don't get added to CMStats - but any way you slice it, it's a lot of phones and tablets.

Source: CyanogenMod Statistics via Steve Kondik

Michael Crider
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  • vara prasad j

    And half of them are galaxy s i9000 mobiles :D

    • Kieron Quinn

      That's not half.

      • Guest

        oops i supposed to say galaxy devices.

      • vara prasad j

        I supposed to say galaxy s devices ;)... I own a glaxy s i9000 , habitually i typed i9000 after galaxy :P

    • Björn Lundén

      We don't show per-device-stats for all devices. That's probably why.

    • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

      * 1/20th :P

    • abobobilly

      i9000 here. -__-

      Kit Kat with GEL. Thanks CM team for still keeping it up.

      • vara prasad j

        Lol, Yes, Using cyanaosp .. super fast <3

    • Ashmedai ♔

      Haha I9000 here too, runnning on 4.4!
      Thanks to pawitp and kasper_h! :p

      • vara prasad j

        awesome mobile all the way... best dev support

  • sounder

    Still no love for Note 3.

    • Ivan Myring

      Its on the way. Noobnl (the developer on XDA) said thatbit was very near finished.

      • smeddy

        Yay!! Hopefully the lack of driver support will not be an issue.

        • Ivan Myring

          Well he reckons that he is over the difficult bit, just tidying up and fixing Bluetooth audio. So drivers mustn't be an issue

    • Dewhourace

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  • gltovar

    Just installed it in my note 2 a few days ago, it is glorious.

  • sahibunlimited

    Wrong, Galaxy S2 bags the No.1 position because ics and below used the name galaxys2 and jelly bean and above uses the name i9100 so Galaxy S2 is total of 567174

  • Trent Callahan

    Then* in first sentence. And it's always great news when you hear amazing stats such as that from the development community(:

  • anmolm97

    Nexus 5 nightlies are not that good...:/

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/77537273@N03/ Herman

      .. Because stock Android is already good enough? :D

      • anmolm97

        Try MadhiROM, much better than the stock ROM, pair that with the Franco Kernel and you have awesomeness.

    • duse

      How come, instability? I haven't been that interested in CM in a long time TBH.

      • Ivan Myring

        Why, do you just stay on stock or do you prefer another rom?

        • duse

          They just spend a lot of resources on things that don't interest me or I don't feel need to be changed. So I prefer stock + Xposed or a close to stock ROM like Cataclysm (Nexus 5).

  • DSmith

    I really used to like CM, but lately they seem to be in it for the "cool devices of NOW" and not support all models...

    Sure, development can't go on for ever, and sure... CM has given greater support than the original OEM ever did in the first place... But wasn't the whole idea of CM originally was to give the LATEST Android to as many devices as possible...??

    And yet certain devices are being dropped off, left right and center... even though other Groups are able to produce current roms for them?? So why can't they??

    I feel they are loosing their way, and being greedy about who they support/show off... There are devices more than capable of taking their build, and yet they'll never see the CM love (officially)...

    • master94

      Well CM has only 20 employees. Too many phones and not enough people will mean phones get left behind. Makes sense to prioritize the phones that update the most people.

    • abobobilly

      Its not CM Team's fault. I respect them for supporting the devices forgotten by their manufacturers, even if its for a small time (which is rarely the case).

      Even if a phone does get dropped off by the team, there are other good people too who would make a ROM for that device. (yes not true for all the devices, but you get the point).

    • http://www.geordienorman.com/ George Byers

      No point sitting here and whining to us about it. How about you contribute yourself to help keep your device supported.

  • david coffey

    clap hands, clap hands.

  • mark01

    10M ye, but mainly on low end devices, meaning if you can choose you avoid cm. You install it only if there isn't anything else.

    • Ivan Myring

      Or if you like it for its relative stability and performance, and are happy with the features it offers

      • mark01

        cm, stability and performance can't be on same phrase

        • jlav

          They can, it's one of the few custom ROMs that is actually stable and fast. M1 4.4 I'm using is extremely fast and stable :)

        • Cuvis

          CM is one of the most stable custom ROMs out there.

    • jlav

      I chose it for the balance of features and stability, I'm running a nexus 4 and know how to flash a ROM. It's called user preference, not mark01 says I can't use it so it's illegal

  • Michael Pahl

    What about those that flash nightlies?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Nightlies don't reset your device, so they don't affect stats unless you fully wipe data.

  • http://www.geordienorman.com/ George Byers

    If i'm not mistaken you have to opt in to be counted in Cyanogen Mod statistics, so there is probably a lot more than 10 million users compared to those who just opted in.

  • HolyFreakingCrap

    My white ass it is. Company hype to raise funds.

  • http://www.emuparadise.me/roms-isos-games.php rarely online

    Meh, there are a lot of better custom ROMs out there on xda.

  • Allan

    I haven't seen the CMstats popup in a while. Does it automatically opt-in in CM11 when i sign into my CM account?

    • Cuvis

      The CM account backs up some of your settings; that might be one of them.

  • https://www.facebook.com/dumadugames/posts/596569680414682 Download iOS & Android Games

    I think this is the better one!

  • Jens Lange

    CM 10.2 nightly works great on my N7000 International. Even though CM has it's down sides, it's still better than the latest 4.1 Samsung bloatware rom available.

  • Ezio

    I switched to Slim Bean for the Nexus 4, it's better than CM.

  • Cuvis

    I'm really mystified by the hate Cyanogen is getting in the comments since they incorporated. It's not like the ROM has changed at all or anything; people seem to hate them now just because they're trying to make CM into a living instead of just a hobby.

    • didibus

      I think some of that hate initially came from the fact that some contributors to CM won't really get any of the profit. Obviously, the main contributors I think went on board to join Cyanogen Mod Inc.

      The other part of it is just the ideology of open source free software I guess. People are worried they are going to compromise in the name of investors, and eventually will start making some close source additions or strange design choices.

      I think this is positive. It just shows the power of open source, many company can spawn out of it, and by keeping everything open, they can all strive and ultimately make the code better for everyone. As long as they keep using AOSP, I'd hate to see CM become it's independent fork, because it could eventually lead to incompatibilities between android forks.

  • didibus

    For a couple of years, I kept hearing people chanting the awesomeness of CM and other custom ROMs, until recently I decided to try them out. What a let down. The changes compared to stock were minute. I was kind of expecting major differences, but it's really minor tweaks that only the pickiest of people would appreciate fully. I tried like 6 custom roms now, the major ones, and all of them have a few small tweaks that do make things slightly nicer, yet they all lack the other's strength. The ones that try to bring all the good of all of them together can't seem to do it eloquently enough. All in all, I concluded that Google's stock Android is indeed the better compromise of it all.

    I guess maybe if I had a device that never saw updates to stock, I would also chant the awesomeness of custom roms, that's really the only major strength I feel it has. Hopefully, now that CM is also a company with major backings, they will be able to differentiate themselves from stock in a more major way.

    • Cuvis

      You'd probably also notice the difference more if you were coming from a ROM with heavy manufacturer bloat. Sense made me hate HTC so much. I do still use CM on my Nexus 4 though, because of Privacy Guard and the fact that CM is easier to hack for LTE access than stock.

  • Lawrence

    I would run CM, but it always have small bugs, so I learned to run only Stock and root.

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  • Juul

    CM (latest JB) not my favorite for my i9000. Latest stable JB Slim Bean performs much better and is more reliable on that device. If stock Android from Google with next version instead of as clean as possible Android turns even more in bloated G-droid I might have to look rather sooner than later for a custom rom for my N7/13. Will not be CM but good having them around. I am very thankfull for their accomplishments so far.

  • ProtoKun7

    The statistics image says 90 days but the article says 90 minutes.

  • Bilawal

    too bad

    They need to make roms for low end mobiles like micromax bolt a67