The Hulu Plus app has gone from a poorly supported buggy mess to a solid experience during its run. In the most recent update, Hulu Plus gains some cool new features like Android-y slide-out navigation and a redesigned layout for shows with multiple seasons. The volume of ads, however, remains unchanged.

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Here's the full changelog straight from the source:

  • New navigation panel for easy access to all your hubs - TV, Movies, Kids, Originals, Latino & British
  • Persistent resume bar so you can resume playback across all devices
  • Easy access to multiple seasons on show pages with new seasons tray
  • Re-imagined programming of trays to surface popular & recommended content
  • Bug fixes & performance enhancements

The new navigation menu gives you quick access to the queue, profile, and a ton of categories. That persistent resume bar is also handy with the new emphasis on Chromecast streaming in apps like Hulu Plus. This, along with the new season layout, makes it easier to find what you want and get it playing. The update should be live for everyone right now. Here are a few screens of the old UI:

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  • sad

    Finally, some interesting news in a very boring week

  • Jon

    Hulu still has ads for paid membership. I doubt that they'll ever get rid of ads. I won't become a member until that happens and by the looks of that'll never happen.

    • Jayson

      That's what I said too. The ads are a lot shorter than they used to be (2-3 instead of 4-5). It's really come a long way. Its still a million times better than living with cable.

      • Matthew Fry

        I tried Hulu Plus after living with just Netflix, Crunchyroll, blurays, and all the other streaming services without ads and I could not handle a single 30 minute sitcom. It was almost painful having gone without for so long.

    • AGWednesday

      According to the Hulu+ website, including ads is the only way they can keep membership costs anywhere near reasonable. So no, you shouldn't expect an ads-free experience any time soon.

      That said, I would love to see another membership tier, completely ads free for a higher price. I have no idea how much it would cost, but I know some people who would pay it and some others who would shut up about the lack of such an option if it were given.

  • Mitch Thompson

    Still no GoogleTV support? Moving on...

    • Joseph Lee

      There's chromecast support