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Like it says right up there in the title, don't get your hopes up. The latest over-the-air update to the Verizon version of the LG G2 in not an updated version of Android, and it won't get rid of those awful front-facing logos, either. But it does have a few much-needed bug fixes and security additions, plus it should smooth out some of the wrinkles in the initial release of LG's customized software.

Here's the changelog for software version, straight from the horse's mouth (PDF link):

  • Video playback quality has been improved when viewing on websites
  • Dialing *611 will now appear on device screen
  • TalkBack reads each deleted letter when using Messaging Keyboard
  • Backup Assistant Plus resumes syncing after completing a voice call
  • Device lockups have been reduced
  • Viewdini application has been removed
  • Verizon Cloud app is now preloaded
  • Messaging is now supported via QSlide
  • Voice quality has been improved
  • Google Security Patch has been added

Bug fixes, UI adjustments, one less piece of LG bloatware and one more from Verizon. Pretty standard stuff.

Just in case you're wondering, LG is indeed working on a KitKat release for the G2, though it will probably take a while. The official LG blog (Korean) says that the G2 will get Android 4.4 sometime later this month, at least for the South Korean version. It will probably take a little longer for the update to head to international markets, and even longer than that for the American carriers to get their super-special individual builds.

Source: Verizon support

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • piotrbuda

    I still can't decide to buy G2 or N5 :( I'm not -that- into fast updates (albeit they're cool) but then a Nexus is a Nexus...

    I was hoping LG to provide 4.4 in December as they stated before, but... oh well, we'll just have to wait.

    • TheOtherGuy

      Had an N5. Upgraded (and I will call it an upgrade) to a G2 on Tmo. Best phone I've ever owned. Absolutely 0 concerns about battery. Its' really the first phone I haven't rooted and installed a custom rom on. The stock features are pretty cool and useful. I highly recommend this phone. Knock on is pretty cool. Camera is good, but takes pictures a bit slow. Reception is always rock solid. There is just a lot of bloatware..but take it or leave it.

      • THatch

        You don't even need to worry about bloat ware just throw on nova launcher and your good to go, you don't even need to root your phone (we all would except it voids your warranty). You still can use Qslide and all that stuff but it looks a lot like stock android. Launchers are great you could make this a windows phone or even a big iPhone!

      • chris

        open app drawer, hold in home, select hide/show apps, and get to hidng.

        • JerBear

          Chris, could you please elaborate.
          I've been trying opening app drawer,where i see all my apps. I'll click and hold on a vzw app that i would like to hide. All that happens is my home screen comes up and wants me to place app on home screen.
          Please help.

          • Chris

            Open the app drawer, and hold down the home button. A list should pop up that includes the hide app button on the bottom.

    • Chris

      G2. LG put all the right pieces together to build a winner here. And include the battery in that statement! Love mine, even though it's on VZW. Very hard to go wrong unless you need a phablet. I'm running Digital Dream stripped stock ROM only because I tried some ROMS then wanted stock back crazy enough. Was easier to flash this plus lighter. You will be happy for sure.

    • jimbob

      G2 is the best phone i have ever used. Lightening quick with amazing battery life. Well above average camera. The UI could use some cleaning up but it isn't near as awful as some of the blogs make it out to be.

    • supremekizzle

      In the same boat. Houstonn's ROM looks promising because it essentially turns the G2 into better N5, but the ROM is still beta and I don't want to buy a phone with that kind of uncertainty.

      • g3treal

        Have no problem recommending the G2 anyone. It is bar none the best phone I have ever owned and used and I have carried more than 20 smartphones since my first Palm 650. Speed, screen, camera awesome.

    • Tolu Dee

      buy the G2... makes lottas sense

  • JAllegs3918

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  • WarRaven

    (Device lockups have been reduced,)
    That does not sound good at all.

    • duke69111

      Mine has never locked up fwiw.

    • Gomez Addams

      mine has never locked up once. best phone I've ever owned by far

  • Robert Elliott

    when will we get AWS!!!! ahhhhhh all my coworkers have their note3s and s4s getting 80mbs!!!! I'm stuck on 15mbs.. #FML

    • inverse137

      Other than running speed test why do you need 80mb on a phone? Your porn will stream just fine on 15MBs.

      Don't be a spec weeny.

      • Robert Elliott

        lol yeah that's why I need it ;to stream porn... no I need it cause in San Francisco; VZW LTE sucks balls; I get 5mps...I stream a lot of Google all access; and I stream a ton of YouTube HQ vids

  • italyanker

    Instead i received an update said browser on the chaingelog! Mine is italian openmarket G2 and the update changed the firmware version from D80210a-EUR-XX to D80210e-EUR-XX

  • Merce85

    Cm 11 LG G2 Best Combo I've had

  • dengg2

    My phone the Lg G2 will not allow me to get the download OTA, and I can't seem to find a download link. Can someone help me get the update pack.