Only a couple of days after coming to the Galaxy S III, Samsung's Android 4.3 update is now rolling out to Verizon customers wielding Galaxy Note IIs. This is the update that has been going around the block for a while now, having already made its way to Sprint and T-Mobile versions of the handset. It comes with the same goodies, including Galaxy Gear support.

Note1 Note2

Along with Galaxy Gear compatibility, this OTA brings in the nuggets you expect with Android 4.3, Samsung KNOX integration, and updates to many of Samsung's pre-installed apps. These changes include enhancements for the camera, music player, S Voice, and more.

This update bumps the build number up to version JSS15J.I605VRUEMJ9. It's a massive download that comes in at over 700MB, so you might want to have some Wi-Fi handy when it arrives. Hit up the support PDF below for more details.

Source: Verizon Support PDF

Thanks, XDA users hmoobguy and evoker89!

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  • blahblahblah

    Thanks Verizon. Even though I've been running this update for over a week thanks to @beanstown106

  • Julian Medina

    Has anyone had problems with the battery draining after the update?

    • Verizonthunder

      No my battery life actually improved even with gaming

    • Dave

      Mine has decreased a little. But there are other issue that suck. Now you can't open an app from the lock screen by pulling the notification bar down, you still have to unlock the screen. Other things are less convenient.

    • ProgressIsntAlwaysUseful

      My battery life has decreased noticeably. I never used to have to charge it over night. Now if I don't there is a chance of a "boop boop" at 4am as it turs itself off. It seems to charge much slower as well. This last bit isn't consistent. I can drive a couple of hundered miles using bluetooth, GPS & mobile data and have 100% battery on arrival at my destination or drive home and have 29% battery as happened the other day (yes it was telling me it was charging on the way back)

    • TLK

      Much worse on mine and my husbands.

  • michael

    I have an S3 and got this update last night, battery does seem to be draining quickly.

  • Owen Nugent

    Upgrade to 4.3 on my note 2 and now no ripple effect and cannot add lock screen widgets. Tried changing lock screen to personal message , home screen mode is set to standard mode, but nothing works... Any ideas? Should point out that I'm in the UK... Just FYI.

    • Moe

      I'm in the US, on Verizon Wireless. I'm also having this problem, it's really starting to piss me off because I can't add apps to my lock screen anymore. Also where's Knox? Every website claims that we now have Knox, which we don't.

      • Owen Nugent

        Figured it out, it Won't work if pattern or numeric lock is enabled, once disabled ripple and widgets worked.

        • jovie00001

          Did u figure it out. We're you able to have ripple effect and lock pattern enable at same time

          • Owen Nugent

            Yes, see above.

      • Biyobe

        anybody figure anything out about the KNOX?

      • ProgressIsntAlwaysUseful

        Knox is on my build (UK - Orange). In all likelihood your mobile provider is responsible for it's abasence. Haven't tried it as I don't put anything particularly important on my phone

    • Owen Nugent

      I've the same issue and in also in the uk

  • Dave

    I want my 4.1.2 back....

  • eilbur

    After the updates battery life is shortened as it does not close applications after locking. They work in background. I had to install app killer :(


    I love how everyone whines for updates and then they come and ppl complain about battery life not realizing it's like when you first got your device and for the first week or two your battery life got better and better. You just reset the OS give it some time and always install the update on a full battery while plugged in and run the battery fully dead then fully charge and repeat the first 3 charge cycles. I've ALWAYS done this and NEVER EVER had battery issues on any device even when a bunch of ppl were claiming they were having battery issues after the update.

    • Chir

      The battery issue is an actual problem. It's not a minor difference, it's rather major. Even when I first got my note 2, the battery life was fine. Now that I've upgraded, it's been painful. My battery was draining so fast, it couldn't even get a 100% charge. 11 hours on the charger and it went from 40% to 60%. Off the charger, it was dead in an hour.

      That isn't acceptable "growing pains" for "resetting" the OS...

      If you have this problem, try turning the wireless off. It helped me. It's not a solution, but it did seem to allow to at least use my phone away from a charger.

  • jovie00001

    I get my messages on my lock screen. Now any one can see them how do I disable that. And I liked ripple effect and it worked when I had pattern lock