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Emergency care for cats and dogs is incredibly varied and requires years of learning and practice. But basic first aid is pretty much the same as it is for people, minus a few pounds and plus a little fur. So if your pet has an injury or mild illness you might be able to take care of it yourself, or at least mitigate further injury until you get to a veterinarian. Enter the Pet First Aid app from the American Red Cross.

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This app isn't quite so vital as the previous disaster-focused apps from the Red Cross, if only because of its subject matter, but it could be very helpful in a stressful situation. Pet First Aid includes tips for emergencies like smoke inhalation, poisoning, and even CPR administration, as well as less threatening situations like a simple cut or sting. Step-by-step instructions, including videos in some cases, should alleviate some of the stress of these situations. Perhaps most useful is a list of toxic substances for cats and dogs. If you want to be truly prepared, the app includes quizzes that will make sure you know the basics of competent canine or feline first aid. Unfortunately more exotic pets aren't covered.

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The app also includes a national listing of both standard vets and emergency animal hospitals, plus "pet profiles" that help you keep on top of your dog or cat's health. non-emergency info like pet-friendly hotels and medication administration advice is a nice bonus. The app is one dollar, which is one dollar more than all the other Red Cross apps we've covered, but that seems perfectly reasonable for this collection of information. Consider it a donation to a good cause.

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  • Peter

    As it's US only, can we get the APK posted please?

    Edit: scrap that, just realized it's a paid app.

    • Cody Curry

      Why would they make a first aid app paid?

      • Mike Newman

        Because it's for pets. It's not going to save a human's life.

  • Eric S

    Is this really from the American Red Cross? All of their previous apps have been free, this appears to be the first paid app from them. I'm not opposed to paying for it, just curious that it's a paid app from them.

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    Now i know who inspired Zynga's logo.

  • Guest

    well I did just get my first kitten last month... so ill keep this on the wishlist just in case of emergency.

  • dobbsy

    Annoying that it's US only.

  • Matthew Henry

    This is great! I've got plenty of Pet First Aid Products... there are outstanding pet first aid kits available (http://www.firstaidmart.com/category/Pet_Emergency_First_Aid/C10289.aspx)
    and most come with good Pet First Aid Guides, but there are always
    questions - like most people think hydrogen peroxide included in pet
    first aid kit is for cleansing wounds, when it is really in there to
    induce vomiting in a dog or cat that ingested something harmful. And
    then there is always a question of what is pet-first-aid-treatable, and
    what needs veterinary attention (and sometimes a delay can mean the
    difference between life and death!) It's about time someone came out
    with a good app for Pet First Aid... there are many for Human first Aid
    (I like the one from Phone Flips)