After being the first carrier to deliver KitKat on the Moto X, Verizon is now following up with OTA updates for its own line of exclusive Motorola devices. Starting today, DROID MAXX, Mini, and Ultra owners will start to see the latest version of Android arrive on their devices. According to a tweet sent out just now, this update will be going out in waves.

Verizon has already posted support documentation of what to expect. In addition to the enhancements brought on by KitKat, such as the new immersive interface, camera improvements, and other changes to Google's stock software, the phones are gaining FitBit support. Oh, and those Verizon apps? They're getting updated too.

The OTA is on its way, but feel free to hit up the appropriate support PDF below while you wait.

Verizon Support PDFs: DROID MAXX/Ultra, DROID Mini

Source: Twitter

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • ITGuy11

    I hope that this is version 4.4.2 or there are going to be a lot of complaints.

    • Matt

      Based on the pic they shared, it's not. The Android shot shows the full version like so. That said, I was under the impression none of those phones had software keys, so maybe they just used some stock image.

      • Ty

        They don't.

    • BrianLipp

      eh, its a point-point update. It was mainly for nexus devices anyway. Unless its low level android stuff to improve the camera Moto can just do it through the app.

      • ITGuy11

        Not true. Exchange email is basically borked on the Moto X 4.4 update (my wife has the X) This was fixed in Android 4.4.1. Many users use Exchange email on their phones to connect to their workplace email.

  • JiGSaW525

    Anyone know if this is 4.4 or 4.4.2?

    • Jonathan Nakhla

      4.4. Doesn't even feel like it though. They kept the holo notification icons and kept the jellybean dialer.

  • bungadudu

    Moto is of the right track... :good:

  • BigTimmay

    Aw. I thought this said Droid RAZR Maxx

  • nvillaco

    Good looks Verizon on the fast updates. I didn't know u had it in ya.

  • mustbepbs

    That does it, my next phone is gonna be the next Moto X.

  • Jonathan Nakhla

    Update has been pretty disappointing and underwhelming so far. They kept the blue icons in the notification bar (I thought Google said they wanted all 4.4 devices to have white icons?) and the dialer is still the jellybean one.

    • zepfloyd

      but does it have ART?

      • Doctor Awesome PhD

        From what I've heard in XDA forums, yes it does.

    • Brian

      This. No idea what they were thinking.

    • Chris

      I think that's a result of Verizon.