Swype pioneered the use of gestures to enter words into our mobile devices, a feature that competitors have since picked up, including the keyboard that now ships pre-installed on Google's Nexus devices. Yet while Swype remains a champ at forming words out of our illegible squiggles, it hasn't been the fastest option for manually typing out words the old fashioned way. Now the app has received an update that the team promises significantly improves tap input. They've also addressed performance issues when typing out lengthy text entries and moving the cursor around to erase more specific parts of a sentence.


These enhancements are joined by additional bug fixes that will affect more specific users. This update should take care of a problem with UI rendering found on devices running Android 4.4. It also addresses a bug exclusive not only to the LG G2, but its email app.

What's new:

  • Added SIGNIFICANT performance improvements for tap input, lengthy text entries (e.g. emails), text deletion, and cursor placement.
  • Fixed an issue where the enter key in some versions of the Samsung email app didn’t work properly.
  • Fixed issues with UI rendering in Android KitKat (4.4).
  • Fixed a bug in the LG G2 email app that would result in duplicated letters.
  • Fixed crashes reported by users (thank you!)

You can get your hands on the update by grabbing the app below.

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • brkshr

    Obligatory "This other keyboard is better than Swype" post...

    • Guest

      People still use Swype?

      • Mac

        I like it much better than Swiftkey. Better predictions (and more than 3 if not in the top 3), shortcuts (exclamation, question mark, copy/paste, etc), can swipe an email address in those fields (not have to type it in like Swiftkey), can "miss" a letter in my swyping and Swype still predicts my word. The only thing I wish Swype had is a floating keyboard (for my tablet)

  • AJH

    Does Swype have any plans to add emoji support?

    • dobbsy

      I hope not.

  • Gav456

    I've used Swype since beta, and am now a paid user. Other keyboards do occasionally do something that I wish Swype did, but they all have deal breakers for me. I always end up going back to Swype.

    • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

      I'm in the exact same boat. Only thing I wish swype adds is a numbers row and arrow keys somewhere for cursor movement.

      • OXINARF

        You mean, the ones that are from the beginning of Swype?
        Numbers row isn't in main keyboard, but it's still there. And I don't think you want arrow keys in main keyboard, do you?

        • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

          I was talking about having a number row on top of alphabet rows. Easier than having to long press letters or switching to numbers/symbols view.
          Arrow keys can be implemented like they are in Swiftkey.

          • SorinDobrin

            Just swipe from the Swype key to the "t"or 5 key and all the numbers are there, fast and convenient

    • Razo_E

      Me too. I switch between swype and swiftkey, but I always end up back at swype.

      • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

        As attractive as SwiftKey is, it still is as overrated as anything.

        • ithehappy

          So which one is overrated you mean?

    • ithehappy

      Lol, same here. Only SK Flow impressed me for about a week, then went back to Swype. No keyboard matches it, NONE.
      However in landscape Swype is kinda awkward, swiping around a 5" screen is weird, so tap tap SK for that. Thanks to the auto change keyboard app also.

      • s44

        Did you notice yet that Swype now has smaller layouts for landscape mode?

        • ithehappy

          I just did. I use SK for landscape though. Thanks for informing.

  • mlj11

    Finally an update!

    The last few updates seemed to bring a few problems, and quite a bit of lag too. Hope this fixes those issues.

  • Melad360

    I wish Swype could bring the swiftkey and Google keyboard's feature where you can swipe down to the space bar to start another word, I constantly find myself using swiftkey just because of that feature

  • Carlos David

    For me swype is better than swiftkey, but it lacks of offline voice dictation, that is inconceivable for me... so I use swiftkey instead.

    • ashclepdia

      I just found out there is xposed module that can make swype use google dictation, and also one to make Google dictation work in offline mode

      • Carlos David

        You are right, these module makes swype perfect ... ok ok, swype would have a better key layout, but almost perfect. Thanks for your suggest.

        • ashclepdia

          yea I'd prefer better key layout also.
          namely the punctuation keys. or a way to customize where they are. I was excited as hell to find those modules, exactly what swype needed.
          wasnt sure if u were into modding or not, glad I could help a little!

  • alamarco

    Before KitKat Swype was my keyboard of choice. Right now I'm sticking with Google Keyboard until Swype adds emotions. Once Swype can add the emotions in I'll be switching back.

  • Rovex

    Swype is still the best for me. No other trace type keyboard handles punctuation as well as Swype does. Some are just damn clunky in that respect in fact, including Google Keyboard and Swiftkey.

    • ithehappy

      Google Keyboard is nonsense. It's not good for swiping, and it's predictions are nowhere near of SK's. Still don't know what the point of it. Oh forgot, it's for 'G' fanboys.

      • Guest

        It's free, lightweight, fast on slow phones, good looking and more than enough swipe-ability[?] for me.

        • ithehappy

          Wow, no wonder G fanboys are no less idiot than i fanboys! A keyboard which can't do its job well, which is a primary purpose of any keyboard, looks good, free, light weight and blah blah! Eh!

  • hairyback

    Thank you. After using it for the last 6 months I just couldn't take the lag anymore and finally did some digging and switched to thumb keyboard. Going to look for the update now, but it's going to have to be a big improvement to get me to switch back.

  • Robert L

    This.. still lags behind. (I meant that pun, damnit).

    Not a troll comment but just a disappointed one after trying it out. Depending on the device, Swiftkey and Google's stock keyboard are still better (i.e. more fluid and accurate).

  • ithehappy

    Wow, haven't got the update yet, but I just hope the best swiping keyboard has gone just better.
    Swype: The King.

  • ltredbeard

    I wonder if the ui rendering is why I was getting a FC on swype a few times a day

  • drawkcaB

    Hey AP sorry to be a bit critical but most people who use swype would see the update and your post really doesnt add much information to their release notes at all. Maybe its just me but when AP releases an article regarding an app I just somehow expect some app break down / in depth changelog and when those arent possible at least an opinion from the author of any percieved changes. "I feel this article could be summed up by saying SWpy update out: Red the description on play store."

    I dont mean to be rude but i just felt this article didint have any real information to give your readers.

    • Imparus

      I'm not using swype because it is so slow, if suddenly they have fixed it I will go back to using it, so for me it is a big help. Then there are also the people who have set automatic updates on who will also benefit from this article.
      A better outcome for you would be just skipping news containing updates, so us that actually want it still can have it :)

      • drawkcaB

        Right I get that people are looking to get back to Skype but AP surely doesn't have an article for all app updates. I just felt that if they do cover an update there should be a little depth in the article.

        Obviously everyone has their own view but I was just throwing in my $0.02

  • anzensepp1987

    The performance improvement is absolutely noticeable on my N5. Impressive! Feels so much smoother.

  • Zac F.

    The latest update broke Swype for me. Now, when I try to input anything, I get an error box that says I'm using an unauthorized copy of the app and need to purchase it from Google Play. BUT I DID! I've used the app since its very first public beta build and was a launch day buyer! I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but that didn't help. Good thing I've also purchased SwiftKey. Thanks a lot, Swype.

  • dobbsy

    I love Swype. Always the first app I install on a new phone.

    The only feature I wish it had was the ability to disable any smileys. Sometimes I swipe a word and miss a letter and it thinks I meant an emoticon, something I never use. I'd love if there were a switch that I could flick so that it never defaults to an emoticon.

  • Domino

    Why is there always a delay with the swype opening up? I have LG G3 and it is very annoying!!! Please fix this!!