Guys and gals, it's a big day for nabi 2 owners. The days of rooting and flashing Google Play will be long gone later today, because Fuhu will be officially rolling Google Services out the company's most popular tablet.

Since the nabi 2's release, the one sticking point has always been the lack of Google Play. This left users with Amazon's Appstore or Fuhu's App Zone (or worse, some third party "store" no one has ever heard of) for their application needs. Let's be honest here – there are many options when it comes to getting apps on Android devices, but all pale in comparison to Google's own offering.

All of Google Services – including the Play Store, Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps, Hangouts, and the like – will be available on nabi 2 units after the update. This instantly makes it a more valuable device, and an even better one for kids. It has long been my favorite tablet designed for children, so I'm glad to see its one caveat going the way of the dodo, especially just before Christmas. Great timing!

Update 12/19/13 3pm PT: The 2-part OTA is live, with the first one weighing in at 415MB and the 2nd at 592MB. Not only does it bring various Google's services, it also updates the tablet from Android 4.0 to 4.1 Jelly Bean.

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EL SEGUNDO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 19, 2013) - Fuhu, Inc., creator of the award-winning nabi tablet, proudly announces today that Google Mobile Services is now available for nabi 2 via an Over-The-Air update. nabi 2 users now have access to Google Play and 17 other Google apps including Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps, and Google Messenger. With powerful technology, fast performance and amazing experiences combined with access to Google Mobile Services, nabi 2 is truly the top choice in tablets for kids.

"We are happy to be able to offer Google Mobile Services to our nabi 2 users to expand and deepen their tablet experience," said Jim Mitchell, CEO of Fuhu. "Being able to offer Google Play Store along with Movies &TV, Music, Books on our nabi 2, shows our dedication to constantly provide enriching experiences and rich content for both kids and parents."

In addition to nabi's own curated App Zone, nabi 2 users now have access to over one million apps and games with Google Play Store, and over 20 million volumes with Google Play Books and Play Magazines. Kids and parents can also access millions of other digital content such as movies, videos and music. Google Mobile Services also brings an array of Google's most popular utility apps such as Google Maps, Google Messenger, Gmail and Google Calendar utilizing nabi 2 wi-fi capabilities.

Award winning nabi tablets are the first full-featured Android tablets for kids that deliver rich and engaging experiences in education and entertainment. It provides kids with a learning solution such as Wings Learning System™ (the first tablet-based Adaptive Learning(SM) system that tailors courseware based on a child's proficiency), and console-quality entertainment powered by NVIDIA® Tegra® processors.

The nabi tablet is the #1 selling Android tablet for children, built with the most comprehensive set of parental controls, Drop-Safe® bumper, its exclusive nabi Coins™ and Treasure Box™, Spinlets® Plus TV and music stores, and world's first animated character based Time Controls™ that speaks to kids.

Google Mobile Services including Google Play is available for nabi 2 users via an Over-The-Air update scheduled for 12/19/13.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Thomas’

    Whatever this "Google Messenger" is ;-)

    • Brad

      it's the guy that told us about the update.

      Don't shoot him.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Actually, it's the guy who told the guy who told you about the update.

  • Cherokee4life

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Carrie

      I updated part 1 what do I do? Update twice? Cause after I update the first time itstill want let me use gGoogle hangout its still all the same.

  • Captain Spaulding

    That would be great news if my daughter's Nabi 2 hadn't gotten stolen last May. :(
    This year she's getting a Nook HD+ for Christmas, I'm just waiting for the micro SD that I ordered so I can throw CM 10.2 on it and it will be ready. :)

    • Crispin Swickard

      They not have 11 nightlies for it yet? I have been running them on 2 devices, and they are extremely stable. Only had a couple reboots on one of the builds, otherwise its been great.

      • Captain Spaulding

        Not yet, but I'll be watching. They only have nightlies of 10.2 for it so far, so I'm considering using Vanir, its 4.3, but on my Nexus 7, it's been one of the fastest ROMs I've used.

  • Brian Walker

    This is the best news ever. I have 2 of them under the tree, and now I won't have to take it day one to root and install the play store.

    • Andy Stetson

      Exactly why I opened the one for my son, rooted it, installed play store and plenty of games before he knew it was for him. Now I can finally take the updates since the only reason i rooted it was for google play.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        And I waited long enough that it became a huge pain to actually do this after the last update, and am now quite happy that I won't have to root it anymore.

        Rooted the 16GB Nabi Jr though - I doubt they'll ever bring the Play Store to that.

        Waiting for the Nabi XD to follow suit too.

        • Fiorta

          Just bought a Nabi JR for my young son. Is the tablet "good" without root? Like are apps lacking? Should I just root?

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            It's crap (to me). It doesn't have YouTube, which was the primary reason to install it. But after YouTube, I also installed Xfinity Player, which I used to cache a bunch of kids movies for a recent trip. You can also install other stuff, like all the kids apps you've bought over the years (I bought many expecting a child in the future), etc.

          • Fiorta

            Sold on root lol

      • candace

        Do your son have the jr.. Or the nabi?

        • Andy Stetson


          • candace

            I bought my son the nabi,, not the nabi2 so can I install the new update and Google play on it?

          • Andy Stetson

            you'll have to wait for them to put out an [unlikely] OTA.

  • Nathan Blume

    Should I uninstall all the Google apps I have installed from .apk files obtained elsewhere before I install this update?

    • Andy Stetson

      Shouldn't have to, since they are signed by the original app developers and have the right package name. Try to update the app from the play store once updated, and it will tell you if it needs to uninstall or not.

      • Nathan Blume

        What about the Play Store itself, and the Google Play Services? I assume the OTA will try to install those things itself, and I don't want there to be any conflicts or any lingering stuff that might cause problems down the road. I guess the safe path would be to just uninstall it all.

  • seven2k

    Sweet finally!!

  • Caleb Escamilla

    Sweet deal now if I can only pri it from my son's hands long enough to update it

  • david

    anyone know or have the disney edition of the nabi 2. I asked on their support page if that will also be getting the update but they said keep a look out.

    • Kori

      The update isn't available for the special editions at this time. :/

  • Lucas Laws

    How is this even possible? With the last OTA they released a few months ago, there wasn't enough space left on the system partition for GAPPS. Anyone who wanted to flash GAPPS would have to remove a few of the new apks that the OTA brough (Wings.apk for one).

    Or is this update only for the new versions of the Nabi 2 that are running 4.1 as opposed to the 4.0.4 versions?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I was checking all day, and the Nabi 2 was saying no updates were available. My Nabi 2 is on 4.0.4. Now, it's getting a 2-part OTA to 4.1 with Google Play.

    • robert

      I updated and got it to 4.1 today. I also bought it today and it was on 4.0.4 as well as yours was. I updated about 7 pm mountain time and it was available

    • candace

      Can the update be installed on the Original nabi?

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    It's live! I'm updating now. Hi, 4.1.

    • zizo79

      I am hating the part where I don't have space left in the tablet. Android 4.1 is more than a welcome change.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Took a few hours to download and install, but now everything was smooth, and now it has 4.1.1. I've updated the post with some screenshots.

  • Jesse Folds

    Will we also finally beable to move apps to the card too?????

  • T.home

    My daughter got hers last Christmas..If yours is under the tree do yourself a favor, get it out and do all of the updates now then wrap it back up....the people that waited last year (not us) had a very difficult time getting it updated and set up...

  • Slawootsky

    Hello from 2013, Nabi 2 owners!

  • androidimal

    Will I be able to update my nabi 2 to get the play store if it runs 4.0.4

  • Andy Stetson

    Reminder to those with custom recovery, you need to go back to the stock recovery to take the OTA.

  • soty

    Just downloaded it last night but she still wants the disneyapps when are they going to do that without getting the Disney edition

  • kika

    When will the Disney edition get the update for Google play?

  • candace

    How do you add Google play to the nabi

  • Mälîk HãMxä

    there is no system update option in my tablet.Help plz.!!!

    • derka7x

      Can you go to settings then About tablet and in there should be at the very top should be system updates or system info or somethng like that. Should b able to do it from there.

  • jimmi_2_times

    Hi guys n girls...any idea when this update will be rolled out to the u.k ?? nothing showing on the updates today (21/12/2013)

  • Frustrated

    Disney Edition already had Jelly Bean (4.1.1) but no Google Play. When is the update coming for this!!?? I bought 2 Nabi's for my kids as Christmas presents and they are getting returned tomorrow if I can't download games from Google Play!!!

    • Me

      Wow bad customer alert, you can write but I guess you can’t
      read it up to this point it’s clearly stated Google play is not supported on
      the nabi 2. You have no grounds to return them they are doing what their intended
      to do.

      • Michael

        what are you talking about the post is all about the Nabi 2, "Google Mobile Services including Google Play is available for nabi 2 users via an Over-The-Air update scheduled for 12/19/13." so it doesn't make sense that it would say its is clearly not supported when it is attached to this article boasting the great claim that it is.

      • Frustrated

        Dear Me,

        I bought the tablets from the store and the box and sales rep only stated the unit had JellyBean 4.1 nothing clearly stated Google play was not supported until I opened the tablets and found out. I then searched on line to inquire about an update and it brought me here. So please shut your ignorant mouth before you make smart ass comments you clown.

    • Dee

      Download the 1 mobile market to download games u can get from Google play

  • Mark A. Collins

    The Google update was very easy. Some of the apps (e.g., Voice Search) do not show up in the "Add Apps" panel. Does anybody know how I can add this app to the Nabi (kids) mode?

    • [email protected] Email me

      Well go to mom or dad mode there is a app that has a + and a - it also says add apps. Hope I helped

  • lee

    I've updated my sons nabi2 but still not running on jellybean 4.1 and it saying no more downloads,can anyone help

  • lisa

    I downloaded the Google play store and bought several movies for my grandson to watch when he didn't have internet access. But everyone of them is saying can't play because no connection. I've done this on my other tablets. Whats wrong here?

  • Aaron

    Listen all. I just ran the update and it's a 3 or 4 step process. You need to run system update until all are completed in order to have the full update.

  • BusyMommaX4

    I went update our new nabi 2 and there was an update but not this one...how do u get this one???

    • Kori

      All of the nabi 2s should now have the Google services update. Just keep updating until it says your system is up to date. :)

  • S Linky

    Nabi 2 users in the UK the 4.1.1 update OTA now active. Just remember to check space requirements and update twice (its a two part update) enjoy :-)

  • AlienIlluminati

    Hello all! I have the Nabi 2 that I bought my daughter in December 2012 for Christmas. I loaded the semi root for the Google Play Store. My daughter loves it, and to be honest, I use it quite often in Daddy Mode. I loaded "Mobogenie" just today, and I LOVE IT, as my daughter will love it even more. She will have access to EVERY game and app there is out there directly from this APK. It even has YouTube at the bottom that allows you to not only watch, but download your selections if you wish. I like to use her Nabi to update my website. I only have one problem with the root. The Nabi shuts off sporadically when I plug in the charger, and whenever I reboot, I sometimes have to hold the power button down for 10 seconds, let go, then an additional 4 seconds, in order for it to turn on. When it restarts, it "updates" all the apps that are installed (not updating the app itself, but more so just loads them) before cutting on. The entire process takes about 2 minutes, maybe less. It is a MINOR inconvenience, but if I'm able to access Mobogenie, Firefox, and all the stuff that I can with the root, by going back to stock and updating to the latest version, then I will do so. I just don't want to take the chance and mess anything up. It took me almost 4 hours to load the root, as I ran into problems. I'm somewhat computer savvy, but not really technical as far as rooting, restoring, etc... Should I bother to restore back to original and update? Or should I just keep it the way it is? I'm fine with both, but it'd be nice to remove that "update" process, and the issue with having to restart after plugging it in to charge it. Sorry for the rant, and thanks in advance.

    • Kori

      My nabi 2 works perfectly after fully updating. The only reason I didn't want to root it before was because I knew I wouldn't be able to update it and the updates have provided a lot of fixes and new features including Time controls and Wings etc. If you are able to restore it, you should IMO. :)

      • AlienIlluminati

        Are you able to use Firefox browser and download APK's? I understand that the updates allow users to get Google Play, but my semi-root allows me to use the Nabi as a fully functional Android tablet. For instance, I stream movies from 3rd party websites and update my website and add content, etc...I'd hate to revert back to stock and lose functionality.

  • Sunday

    i recently bought the nabi 2 nickelodeon edition for my son and we are out of space already! why is there a sd card slot if the sd card is basically useless it isn't letting me save anything to the sd card to free up more space for apps...

    • Kori

      You can transfer pictures, videos and music to the sd card to free up space or uninstall apps your son no longer uses to free up space. Also, check the storage space in settings and delete files from the misc section. The Nick nabi just got the Google play update as well so you need enough storage space to update.

  • Diane Pratt

    Can someone email me step by step how to add Google play on Nabi2?

  • Mike Avery

    I need to recover deleted photo's and videos from my childs Nabi 2. Am I able to do this with Google Play apps just like any android or is there other "rooting" necessary?

  • Pat Petropoulos

    Updates did not work. Having problems . How do I remove updates and redo them. Nabi keeps resetting to factory mode

  • mayra ochoa

    hi how long does it take to actually download this update