SwiftKey's latest update won't radically alter how you type in the days ahead, but it will do its best to remind you that, baby, it's cold outside. A new winter theme is available that coats your keys in blue and covers them with snow. A cold gust of wind follows your trail as you trace over the keyboard, and the letters show up as large snowflakes as you type. The keyboard's background itself also sports a frosty design.


If this theme is too cool for your tastes, don't worry, that's not all there is to this update. The installer has been tweaked and will now automatically download language packs. This change is joined by numerous bug fixes.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with punctuation where the symbols weren’t inserted in some situations
  • Improved performance while switching fields or after sending messages in some apps
  • Fixed several instances of Force Closes in the app
  • Fixed last column of the keyboard being cut on smileys layout
  • Fixed a bug in Hangouts for the keyboard not inserting text after an emoticon
  • Fixed a bug in the installer summary screen where if you tap themes twice in quick successions, it opened two instances of the Settings
  • Keyboard doesn’t hide the field when signing into Cloud anymore
  • Not showing notifications on Cloud screen during installation anymore

For beta users, SwiftKey has provided an updated APK that also contains the theme. This way you don't have to miss out on a theme that is sure not to integrate well with anyone's UI. But who cares, it's Christmas! Get it below.

Source: SwiftKey

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Pete

    Still no option to display all 4 arrow keys on tablets though.

    • Wazzifer

      It's been said 5000 times, just download the phone version.

      • Pete

        It's also been said an equal number of times that there is no longer "a phone version" - there's just one version now. I used to use the phone version on my tablet, but since they unified the app and just had one version the arrow keys haven't been available on tablets. So before you post a reply like that again please check your facts.

        • Wazzifer

          You take the APK from your phone and install it on your tablet...or get it from anywhere else...

          • Pete

            Phones have the same apk - there's only one apk (as I said.)

  • ParthG

    That's hideous.

    • Ray

      Hideous, and still does nothing to address the freakin' auto-space after punctuation issue!! :(

  • rfgenerator

    I like Swiftkey, but really have no need to be reminded that it's winter. Spent last night shoveling snow, and then again this morning after the plow pushed more snow in to my sidewalk...

    • Sootie

      its over 30C (86F) in most of Australia today mate...

  • anzensepp1987

    Oh my god. Is that supposed to be a joke?! This is by far the ugliest theme they have - and there is competition...

  • Walk

    Seriusly.. The designers should get fired ASAP! All the themes are hideous..

    • xapienz

      I think they have some sort of contract with Sony to use ugly themes only (to be not better than Xperia keyboard), because keyboard preinstalled on Xperia devices looks very similar to SwiftKey — it seems the same, but restyled.

  • Cesar

    This theme looks pretty silly, but I've got a winter/christmas theme going on on my phone right now, so I'm gonna download this.

  • brunodmjr

    Why not a KitKat theme? :(

  • Danny365

    Using Flow with this theme is fun.

  • Mike

    ALL of their themes should be scrapped and have a REAL designer make them. Better yet, open the API for OTHERS to create themes for the App. You'll see real quick what kind of themes people prefer.

  • RJM7787

    Made me throw up in my mouth a little.

  • Sorian

    Yay for the bug fixes!

  • templeruins

    Never liked this overrated keyboard. Swype has far better response and accuracy

    • http://www.jeroenheijster.com/ Jeroen Heijster

      And Swype can't combine 2 dictionaries which I need.

      • Alberto Blasi

        check again, it now can (if you're referring to 2 languages)

  • http://twitter.com/quaffster Ming Tang

    Lol. SwiftKey's themes are the biggest reason I refuse to support or recommend them to people.

    • Stariel

      How superficial can you be??
      It's not as if you downloaded the most beautiful theme in the world, and your keyboard will write by itself!

      Damn, you guys are picky.

      • http://twitter.com/quaffster Ming Tang

        Hey man, I don't know about you, but I buy things that I like and that usually involves being halfway decent looking, and let's face it, SwiftKey makes your phone uglier. Sorry if that's blunt, but it's the truth. No matter how great the keyboard actually is (I have better functionality on Kii Keyboard IMHO), if it clashes with the overall UI, it will effect a user's experience.

    • Sahil Chaturvedi


  • TerrenceT

    None of the current Swiftkey theme are good looking. What a shame the developer can makes such great app but a bigger problem was the undermistakable air of poor taste.

    • Sahil Chaturvedi

      Agreed! Switkey has the best predictions around, but the ugliest themes.

  • http://blog.tonysarju.com/ Tony Sarju

    Got a lot of Scrooge McDuck's in this comment section today.

  • John charitos

    so many themes and still not a decent one! come on it's not that hard!! , i feel like i can do a better job in paint for more than half of those themes

  • Ray Sunghwa Woo

    What is this ole Gingerbread design?

  • David J

    Still, ugly as hell. Wtf SwiftKey!

  • Carlos David

    Yikes!!! I will pass.

  • Suhas Vemuri

    Thumb Keyboard anyone?

  • Shaun Hammond

    I've been asking them over and over since I first got Swiftkey for a theme that was like the Google keyboard and didn't have a ton of blue. Not one theme actually suits the OS. Colbolt is what I use because their Holo theme has too much blue, but Colbolt is too light, still has blue and has awful rounded corners. Let us create our own damn themes or get someone who knows what the hell design is on your team.

  • evertjr

    I wanted to throw my Nexus 4 out of the window after trying this hideous thing.

  • sammidam

    Srsly... WTF? Which stupid piece of sh*t let's a theme like that get out to the public?

    • Wazzifer

      Probably a developer who is 100% more successful in his life than you will ever be. Have some manners, you sack of shit.

      • sammidam

        Eat shit. With chopsticks.

  • Don Smith

    Have some fun people. It's a great keyboard. The theme may be fluff but why not indulge every once and a while.

  • Adrian

    Not bad :D

  • Jefficko

    That would be great if we could have options to change sound of the keypress and look of the keyboard to I dont know, AOSP theme.. but not his..

  • Gus70

    Every time they update, you have to reselect it as an input method. This is very annoying as they've updated a few times recently.
    And I end up having to do it numerous times because I'm IT support for dummies at my company. Sux!