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Themer wowed us with its introduction a few months back, and today's update to the powerful homescreen replacement and customization app is the largest yet. The biggest change is a redesigned app drawer, which allows for both the standard scrolling view and a new Categories screen. Categories are basically folders, but they're displayed like Google Now cards, and automatically populated with apps. You can manually tweak them if you want.

2013-12-18 17.15.05 2013-12-18 17.23.23 2013-12-18 17.34.37

The rest of the app drawer is pretty conventional, split up into Favorite or All Apps views. Because this is a visual-heavy homescreen you can change a lot of the settings, including hidden apps, the number of columns, background color and transparency, and icon size. These options are welcome, but they don't really bring the fine detail settings found in Nova or Apex Launcher - but then again, those apps don't have a built-in library of fantastic themes. Themer now has nearly 150, and though the app still doesn't support Android tablets, it's been expanded to more smartphones.

2013-12-18 17.36.09 2013-12-18 17.36.50 2013-12-18 17.37.32

According to the Themer Team at MyColorScreen, features planned for a future update include even more themes, integration with the popular Zooper customizable widget, and Android 4.4 support. That last one is a little strange - the app seems to be working fine on my Nexus 5 (as you can see in the screenshots). Even so, you should absolutely check Themer out if haven't already and you've got a compatible phone - Android 4.1 or later. 

Michael Crider
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  • http://twitter.com/fariflux fari

    The Android 4.4 support probably meant the transparent bars, I tried the launcher the other day and it was still using black navigation bar.

    • Phil Oakley

      This is what I was thinking. Some themes would look amazing with transparent notification and nav bars.

    • Marco Agas

      Hi Fari, once more people switch to 4.4, this will become our #1 priority :)

  • Rajkumar

    One must definetly try Aviate app. It's really good

    • runderekrun

      Did Aviate ever figure out how not to destroy your battery? When I was beta testing, it wouldn't allow my phone to sleep.

      • bellman

        I use it and I have some gripes, but that's not one of them.

    • Marco Agas

      Aviate is really good Rajkumar, but Themer aims at a different audience. It's for people who want to easily change the look of their homescreen with just one click. We want to give users the ultimate theming experience, in the easiest way possible :)

      • Rajkumar

        Sure. I clearly understand it. I have been using both the apps since the time they were private beta. I am just saying users must also try Aviate along with themer

  • Justin Crowley

    works fine on my LG G2 running 4.4

  • Eloy Antunez

    does themer allow landscape rotation?

    • Marco Agas

      Hi Eloy, unfortunately not yet. We first want to eliminate all the bugs in the portrait version :)

  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

    i had left them a review yesterday regarding manual creation of custom categories / tabs. Got a reply saying "we wanted to add in that feature unfortunately it's a lot harder than it sounds. We are still working on it though". Yay for custom tabs in future release.

  • Simon

    Everything.me is pretty cool too. How does Themer compare with Aviate ?

    • Marco Agas

      Hi Simon, Themer and Aviate accommodate two different needs. Aviate provides you with all your important apps, that change according to the time of day or when you're in a different location. Themer on the other hand allows users to easily change the look of their homescreen with incredibly beautiful themes from top designers, while still providing you with easily accessible info (as seen in the latest update).

      • Simon

        Hi Marco, thanks very much for explaining that. Apart from the main Themer App, are there any extensions that we should know about etc, or is it all inbuilt within the App itself ?

        • Marco Agas

          That's the beauty of Themer. Unlike other theming launchers, everything comes built into Themer, so there's no need to download any other 3rd-party apps.

          • Simon

            Fine so the one App includes everything I need....Brilliant :)

  • taz89

    Would be nice if they supported tablets.

    • Marco Agas

      Hi taz89, tablet support will arrive once our phone version is more stable and thus we'd be able to focus on optimizing the new app drawer (as well as other features) for tablet devices.

      • taz89

        That's great to know cant wait. Personally for me something like themer makes sense for tablet. Keep up the great work and can't wait for it.

  • abeso

    Why Xperia Z Ultra isn't supported?

    • Marco Agas

      Hi Abeso, more device support coming in the next few weeks!

  • takujat

    Does anyone know why when I go to the link it says that your device is not compatible with this version, I tried this both in my Nexis 7 2013 and my HTC one ?

    • Marco Agas

      Hi Takujat, tablet support is coming soon (we just need to get the new app drawer to work with tablets). Your HTC One however should work, just make sure that if you're running a custom ROM to please set the DPI/resolution settings to default (custom DPI support is also on our to-do list).

  • Horcza

    I haven't been following the updates, does Themer support custom DPI (260 on Sony Xperia S) now?

    • Marco Agas

      Hi Horcza, custom DPI is quite an intense feature to implement, but it is still on our to-do list!

  • Anshuman Mohapatra

    Can you tell us the exact date for tablet support .

    • Marco Agas

      It's impossible to say (as with a startup app company, many bugs will always appear out of nowhere and can easily delay the process), but you should be seeing early builds within a few weeks, maybe sooner.

      • Anshuman Mohapatra

        Okay, thank you.

      • Anshuman Mohapatra

        Sir ,can you recommend me any unique luncher for my tablet. So that i can use it for some time.

  • Scott Breitbach

    Themer was recently removed from the Play Store. According to their twitter feed it was due to copyright. Anyone have the apk?

    @iRonanNL unfortunately it's been removed due to copyright reasons. Sorry about that :/— Themer for Android (@ThemerApp) February 9, 2014

  • Chris

    I've been seeing a few comments about to-do lists which makes me wonder what's on the agenda for the next update. I'm really enjoying this app, although there are some definite things I'm definitely seeking, although I'm very willing to wait :)