You know what? There are entirely too many versions of the Samsung Galaxy S4. I feel like I've written this same story a half-dozen times, though that's probably because it's essentially the same software update across the Galaxy S4, S III, and Note II. In any case, if you're rocking Samsung's 2013 flagship on budget carrier Cricket, you might see an over the air update prompt today: it's your turn to get Android 4.3.


Screenshot credit: CricketUsers forum member Ubernub

The update has already gone out to most of the applicable Samsung models on the major and minor carriers, and it's the same one here. Software update R970CCRIEMK4 for Cricket's GS4 variant adds all the goodies from the last version of Jelly Bean, plus compatibility with Samsung's exclusive Galaxy Gear smartwatch, a privilege shared only with the GS III, Galaxy Note II, and Note 3. You'll also see support for Samsung's KNOX security system and a few visual updates to the TouchWiz skin. Some of Cricket's proprietary apps (including obligatory and completely unnecessary Navigator) are updated to the newest version, and there are a few bug fixes thrown in for good measure.

Samsung's support page doesn't say how big the update is, but this particular OTA update has been over 500MB for other carriers, so you may want to head for WiFi coverage once you see it downloading. As always, those whose phones are rooted may want to skip the update and wait for verification or an alternate method from the ROM community, assuming that the update will even successfully flash on a rooted Cricket GS4.

Source: Samsung Support

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Gadila Sainath

    "Software update R970CCRIEMK4 for Cricket's GS4..."

    But the screenshot mentions the build number to be "R970CVVUEMK4"

    • Jeremiah Rice

      Huh. I'm drawing a blank here - both the screenshots in that thread feature the same (incorrect?) build number.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Perhaps it's Samsung's FAQ that's wrong then.

  • Islay banishing

    Nah I'm staying on ios6 don't wanna loose my jailbreak :)

  • Dan

    It would be really useful if it were 1 story rather than 6+. If there were a way to have a single story about the S4 getting 4.3 and then just update/bump it as each carrier comes on board, that would make it a lot simple for us to find the info. Reading this story, I now know that Cricket has 4.3, but I can't remember which other carrier do/don't (when in doubt assume "everyone but verizon"). When somebody asks me for help with their S4, I can't remember which Android version is the most recent for their carrier without sifting through all of the various posts. I'm not sure if the backend used by AndroidPolice allows a post to be bumped, but it would be very cool to have all of the info in one place.

  • Cubanito1967

    LOL even Cricket beats Verizon to the OTA. SMDH!

    • bglick4

      Verizon's had this update for a few days now.

    • Docballer89

      I've had the update on my Verizon phone for about 2 weeks

  • JC

    Hey I haven't seen this anywhere but I just received my update to 4.3 on metropcs GS4

  • swattz101

    Finally received the update last night. Download came around 693MB.