One of the best things about being an Android user is the plethora of customizations that users have at their disposal. Everything from simple changes (like wallpaper), to the extremely advanced, root-requiring mods – there's something for everyone. One of the best ways to add some flare to the Android experience without a lot of work, however, is by changing the launcher. Many launchers feature advanced functionality over that of Google's stock offering, including themes, transition animations, quick access to oft-used tools, and so much more.

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Screenshot_2013-12-15-11-42-35 Screenshot_2013-12-15-11-42-39 Screenshot_2013-12-15-11-42-43

Today, we're going to take a closer look at one of the newer, lesser-known third-party launchers on the market, Moborobo's Mobo Live.

Mobo Live is sort of a throwback to the launchers of old, in that it feels a lot like Go Launcher in the pre-Ice Cream Sandwich days. Considering Go was one of the best options for an aftermarket launcher, it may offer the experience that many users have been looking for in the "new era" of Android. Of course, it's also featuring all the things that make "modern" launchers so good, as well; it's like a hybrid of old and new, so there's a lot to like about Mobo Live.

While different and feature-rich, Mobo Live should still feel familiar enough for most users to just jump right in. Long-pressing the homescreen will open the widgets, shortcuts, theme/wallpaper, and effect dialog, which appears as a small popup on the lower part of the screen. A preview of any changes shows up just above that, so users are able to see what they get before actually confirming the change. Speaking of effects – there are several transition animations to choose from.

Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-28-27 Screenshot_2013-12-16-12-11-56 Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-28-20 Screenshot_2013-12-16-12-12-06

It's not just about looks, either – there are some very functional features thrown into Mobo Live, like a brilliant little quick settings panel that shows at the top of the display when a swipe down gesture is made across a homescreen. Similarly, a swipe up pulls up a convenient options panel, which includes quick access to wallpaper, themes, settings preferences, and more. It's all very intuitive and simple – exactly what a launcher should be.

Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-31-20 Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-31-26 Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-33-16 Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-33-22

One incredibly unique feature to Mobo Live is a quick-access website navigation pane built into the launcher. Simply swipe to the far left pane on the homescreen to access this area – much like accessing Google Now on the Nexus 5. It offers links to a slew of different sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Blogger, Tumblr, Gmail, 500px, and a whole lot more. There's also a Google Search bar present here, as well as option for a QR scanner.

Screenshot_2013-12-16-12-29-36 Screenshot_2013-12-16-12-29-36 Screenshot_2013-12-16-12-29-42

Inside the app tray, Mobo Live offers many of the features custom launcher users have come to expect, like grid size customization, transition animations, transparency, and a few other, more minor tweaks. It also offers folders within the tray, the ability to hide apps, and customized sorting, including alphabetical, newest installed, and most used options, among others. The icons will even display a little "new" tag to highlight newly-installed applications, and the app tray icon will also change to display the word "new" when apps have been installed.

Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-46-00 Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-38-39 Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-34-54 Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-38-24 Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-35-04

Tucked within the app tray's last tab is something unlike other lauchers: a manager option. This includes several OS utilities, like a file manager, a security center that can rate apps based on permissions (not all that unlike Bitdefender's Clueful), backup options for both applications and personal data, a battery manager that will try to keep the device running as long as possible, a "cleaner" to keep things smooth, and an app manager. It also offers a few features for rooted users, like the option to disallow apps from accessing the network if they push notifications into the bar.

Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-48-16 Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-50-30 Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-50-14 Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-50-23 Screenshot_2013-12-16-12-15-51

Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-50-51 Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-51-17 Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-51-23 Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-51-33

Screenshot_2013-12-16-12-03-14 Screenshot_2013-12-16-12-03-08 Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-52-18 Screenshot_2013-12-16-11-51-53

Overall, there's a lot to like about Mobo Live. It's fast, fluid, intuitive, and useful. It's functionally vast, yet still simple enough for everyone (and anyone) to use. And when combined with Moborobo's other services – including the desktop client and MoboMarket – it offers a unified experience across the board.

Best of all, Mobo Live is completely free. Hit the widget below to get started.

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    Legacy menu button of shame! x-(

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    Menu button of shame... For an app in almost 2014. No, thank you.

    • meelyg

      What a worthless comment.
      Ridiculing a feature packed launcher for one minor aesthetics reason that doesn't even affect the majority of android users, since most don't even have the visual navigation menu.

      I use Nova Launcher personally but will try this app

    • Kevin

      As a developer of this app, I would like to thank all of you for your attention to our product. For the "menu button" that everyone here has been talking about, I just wanna say that for now this launcher is basically designed for phones with physical buttons instead of Google Nexus. But in the future, we will update this launcher to make it more Nexus-friendly.
      And what's more important is that I think you guys should pay more attention to our other unique feature like Website Navigation as discussed in this post. Please give it a try and we are always welcome your feedback.

      • ALLENBO

        That make sense. I don't have these menu button on my phone (a Sumsung), these menu buttons on the launcher is necessary for me. I prefer to have it. It could save me quite a lot of troubles. Besides, I wouldn't say they are completely having the same function. Just in my opinion. LOL

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    looks like a go launcher ripoff. o.o

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    If someone wanted their phone to be an iphone, they would just buy an iphone. Why all these launcher ripoff's of something that isn't very unique to begin with?

    • Cesar

      1. The whole point of these alternative lauchers is that they offer more control and customizeability than the stock launcher, which is itself far more custumizable than any iPhone. The icons being a certain theme is one thing, but to say this is an iPhone ripoff is just plain stupid.

      2. The plural of "ripoff" is "ripoffs." No apostrophe. Apostrophes denote possession.

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    • Billjo

      I found a lot different features. Typically the UI. Honestly, I used Go Launcher before. It's ads everywhere. In order to get rid of it. I uninstalled the launcher. And Now I found Mobo Live, which seems a user friendly launcher. Gonna give a shot.

  • Michael Peters

    This app has two other apk files embedded inside it... pretty sure that violates Google's play store policy.

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    For being a "sponsored" post, this is actually a pretty cool looking launcher.

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    As far as I remember, Moborobo is the one that looks exactly the same as some other similar software with a similar name (that won't come to my mind right now), and wants to install untrusted drivers to your pc, and install an app on your phone? Now this Go Launcher copy? No thanks, what a joke.

    PS: I just checked what permissions it uses. People please check what you download. Are you sure you want a launcher to have read/write access to literally ALL your data? AndroidPolice, please check what apps you write an article of. Here's the list, ffs:

    Your location
    precise location (GPS and network-based)
    approximate location (network-based)

    Your messages
    read your text messages (SMS or MMS)
    edit your text messages (SMS or MMS)
    send SMS messages
    receive text messages (SMS)

    Network communication
    view network connections
    full network access
    connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
    view Wi-Fi connections
    change network connectivity

    Phone calls
    read phone status and identity
    modify phone state
    directly call phone numbers
    reroute outgoing calls

    modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

    System tools
    modify system settings
    access USB storage filesystem
    change/intercept network settings and traffic
    read battery statistics
    test access to protected storage
    measure app storage space
    delete all app cache data
    read Home settings and shortcuts
    install shortcuts

    Your applications information
    retrieve running apps
    run at startup
    close other apps
    close other apps
    make app always run

    pair with Bluetooth devices
    access Bluetooth settings

    Bookmarks and History
    read your Web bookmarks and history

    Other Application UI
    draw over other apps

    record audio

    Lock screen
    disable your screen lock

    Your social information
    read your contacts
    modify your contacts
    read call log
    write call log

    Development tools
    read sensitive log data

    Your personal information
    choose widgets

    Affects battery
    control vibration
    prevent device from sleeping

    Audio settings
    change your audio settings

    Status bar
    expand/collapse status bar

    Sync Settings
    read sync settings
    toggle sync on and off

    set wallpaper
    adjust your wallpaper size

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I think you're thinking Mobogenie, which is different and has no connection from Moborobo (at least to my knowledge). We would never deal with Mobogenie - in fact, I have mobogenie blocked in our ad settings.

      • sam

        As far as I know, Mobo Robo came out much earlier than Mobogenie.

  • binaryhermit

    It gets worse... Avira actually recognizes this a Android/MTK.G.Gen. FFS, actively allowing a malicious app to advertise to your users. Not cool, Android Police. Not cool.

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    I like the calendar icon...like iPhone...it shows the current date. Love that little detail.

    Need double tap on screen gesture like Nova.

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            So, yeah, I did state what I saw.

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            3. "I saw the label and I didn't think it's clear enough."

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