Gah, what a long, long, lonnng road it has been. From the rumors of "touch sensitive wood" to the actual Moto X launch, MotoMaker, and everything in between, a lot has happened with Motorola this year. And since the X's availability, many users have been chomping at the bit for some of that au naturel action on their phone. I'm referring, of course, to the wooden backs that have long been teased. Well, they're finally here. Err, one is, at least.


The bamboo back is the first to make its appearance on MotoMaker, though it's not available just yet – it's sporting a "delayed shipping" tag; according to the Moto blog, it won't ship till January. But at least it's an option now. And naturally it'll set you back a pretty penny: $100 tacked on the price of the phone, to be exact. So that $100 on-contract 16 gigger just became $200. All for some wood. That doesn't even take up the entire back.

Still, it's an option if you want it, and it is pretty. Go crazy.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • Roemraw

    Overpriced imo, but more options can't be worse right? Wrong, but maybe just not worse in this case :P

  • Zak Taccardi

    should be $50 imo

    • Mark Washington

      Very true but also 100 dollars is for the enthusiast not your daily buyer !

  • Matt

    Apparently you can still add a signature to the back. I'm guessing this is going to be laser-etched, now? Or is it going to be some sort of lacquer on top of the wood?

  • nvillaco

    I knew they were going to launch it today, right after the Holiday $150 off deal expired last night.... Damn you Moto...

  • BenMock

    Dbrand has a mahogany skin for way less. It isn't quite as good as having a real wood back, but it still looks good. http://dbrand.com/purchase/moto-x/ (It actually looks like the mahogany ones are out of stock.)

  • Humberto Hernandez

    dbrand.com > Moto X > Wood back > Purchase (16$)
    Come on, i'll make it even easier:


    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      dbrand rocks, but it's really not the same.

      • Humberto Hernandez

        Yep, it's not the same, but, from 16$ to 100$ there's a long way.

      • TY

        Lignin + Cellulose >>> Vinyl + Polycarbonate

    • TY

      Actually it's CAD$10, $6 is for the front pieces, $16 is the total if you get the whole set.

  • Michael J Carroll

    Stop making such a big deal out of the price. Wood's expensive. I mean, it's not like it grows on trees.

  • Mayoo

    Too late
    Too expensive
    Only visual changes
    Uses old tech

    Is this an Apple launch?

    • Sam Hollis

      Old tech? Are you complaining that the wood backs are made out of wood?

      • Mayoo

        If by "complaining" you mean "trolling", then yes.

  • TY

    Micro-drills for the speaker holes on wood/bamboo, huh?
    The manufacturing process can be more complicated than we imagine.

    • Mark Washington

      Good point!

    • h4rr4r

      It's bamboo, steaming a sheet of it and pressing into shape is not exactly new.

  • Simon Belmont

    I have touch sensitive wood. It's a very pleasing feature.

    Oh yeah. I went there.

  • J_Pod

    That's half the price of a Moto G!!

    • Mkvarner

      I'll sell you a half Moto G.

  • nvillaco

    Everybody either bringing up that... A.) This is wayy to expensive. Or B.) dBrand is so much better and cheaper... Need to realize something. Moto has done something incredible here. This is innovation. This is the first ever wooden cellphone. Not some vinyl sticker like dBrand. This is a wooden phone and obviously, whether u like the look or not is subjective but I think this is pretty damn cool.

    Let the downvotes rain down upon me but I think firsts need to be recognized in the mobile business. Material options are increasing for us. We got plastic (soft touch, matte, glossy), glass backs, aluminum, and now bamboo. I only wish my $150 coupon lasted until today instead of last night.

    • Baleeted

      It isn't the first wooden smartphone at all.

      Google "ADzero phone" It's made of Bamboo.

      • nvillaco

        Oh ya... Never heard of that one. I guess the Moto X then is the first commercially released one cause it looks like that one never got past prototype stages?

  • Joe Anthony Suarez

    Aaaaaaand it's gone. Anybody else being told it's not available anymore. Damn, these things sell out way too fast.

  • blix247

    I just ordered it, been waiting a long time for that option to open up. Delivery estimate is Jan 6th, which I'm guessing is the same for everyone.

  • david coffey

    and i am officially not interested now. wow.

  • Poop_floats

    Not interested as it shows white with the wood option. I want black & wood. Not black with wood & white.
    Really I wish the wood came showing no other color but if it must why not black? Plus give me an option for an olive colored front.
    Go to moto maker to see how the wood option shows a bezel/top of white.
    :( me being disapointed,.

  • nvillaco

    I just ordered the wooden Moto X and I'm really pumped about it. I'll be making calls on a wooden cellphone on January 7th.

    • Larizard

      says "not available" now.. sad..

    • simp1istic

      i mean, i guess some of it is wood it iss certainly not a wooden cell phone.

  • supremekizzle


  • Andy Stetson