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Featured App

Bills Reminder Lite

Today's roundup is presented by Bills Reminder from HandyApps. The intent and function of the app is simple: it reminds you to pay your bills on time, which is great if you like to use things like electricity and insurance. The interface is fantastic, with a fully customizable database, color-coded bills, and the ability to amend photos for bills or invoices. The lite app is the first widget below, and the full app below that is $3.99.


Keep getting those nasty late payment fees? Download this mobile bill organizer into your Android smartphone now and get daily reminders to pay your bills on time every time! No more easy money for the banks!
Simply key in your payment amount and due date and this bill tracker app will notify you in advance when your bill payment is coming due. With this handy mobile payment tracker with you at all times, now you don't have to worry about forgetting to pay your bills while you go about your busy schedule!

How Bills Reminder works:

  • Enter your bill payment amount and the due date via an intuitive user interface.
  • By default, Bills Reminder will start to remind you of the payment 5 days before the due date. The number of days in advance can be customized for each bill but the default is set to 5 days. (You can change the default setting as well)
  • Bill Reminders will fire off reminder notifications every day at a preset time (default is 8:00am) until you have paid your bill. Your device LED will also flash a distinct orange color to indicate that a bill payment is coming due.
  • Unlike other bill tracking apps, Bills Reminders will always fire off when the bill payment is coming due, no matter whether you have opened the app or not or whether you have rebooted your device.
  • You can also setup recurring bill reminders. The repeating period is extremely flexible, you can set bill reminders to repeat every X days,weeks,months or year. (Eg. every 2 weeks, every 6 days, every 1 month etc.)
  • You can also capture or attach photos of bills, invoices, receipts alongside each bill reminder you created. This is helpful when it comes to actually making the payment. All the information is already stored in the app, so there is no need to go and find that paper bill statement.
  • Paid Bills/Invoices/receipts can be kept for future reference

With all those late fees saved, this bill tracking app will pay for itself in no time!

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Android Device Manager

Android Police coverage: [New App] Google Releases Android Device Manager App In Play Store

Android Device Manager is that neat tool that lets you locate, lock, or wipe your phone using just your Google account and a browser. Now you can do it via another Android device (say, your tablet) with the official ADM app for Android. There's not a lot to it, but it's a nice thing to keep on your device if you've got a nasty habit of losing things.


Ever misplaced or lost your phone? Android Device Manager locates lost devices and helps you keep your device—and the data inside it—safe and secure. Android Device Manager lets you:

● Locate Android devices associated with your Google account
● Reset your device's screen lock PIN
● Erase all data on the phone

Cal: Google Calendar by Any.do

Android Police coverage: [New App] Any.DO's Drop Dead Gorgeous Calendar App Cal Is Now In The Play Store

Good grief, but Cal is beautiful. Maybe the minimal interface + high-resolution photo thing is a bit overdone, but this app rocks it in style. On top of all that, it's actually functional to boot, not just pretty for pretty's sake as certain apps have become. Cal gained a huge following on iOS thanks to the UI, but it integrates with all the major calendar standards and has a functional widget - an impressive inclusion from an iOS convert. The app is free and integrates with the Any.DO to do list, among other things.


Cal is a free, simple & smart calendar app for your Android. With a fast, intuitive and beautifully designed interface, Cal is the only Calendar app you'd want to have on your Homescreen. Seamless cloud sync with all your existing calendar services (Including Google Calendar, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud and more) All your calendar events will come to life beautifully with smart maps, contacts, apps and social integrations. Fast and intuitive – Schedule meetings with one click and use voice control to add events.

Fleksy Keyboard - Happy Typing

Android Police coverage: Fleksy Invisible Keyboard Leaves Beta, Available To All Interested Parties In Play Store

Fleksy is another alternative keyboard for Android, a sort of autocorrect on steroids for people who want to type faster (and possibly without even looking at the screen). Its aggressive and unique auto-correct algorithm has won it a lot of fans already. That said, it tends to either work really well or really poorly for any particular person - it's worth a try, but be aware of its beta status. The Play Store app is a one-month trial version.


Fleksy is a state-of-the-art keyboard so powerful that you can type without even looking at the screen. Download the app and discover a new way to type. Try Fleksy free for one month and let us know what you think. For technical support, email [email protected]. Fleksy keyboard supports English, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Dutch. Vote for your language at http://languages.fleksy.com Languages with the most votes will be released faster.

Cross DJ

Android Police coverage: [New App] Cross DJ Makes Your Android Phone Or Tablet A Miniature DJ Controller With 'Portal' Fashion Sense

If Tron and Portal had a baby, and that baby grew up to be a DJ, it would be Cross DJ. This surprisingly powerful and attractive digital DJ controller integrates with your on-device music to create a basic interface for all the standard DJ functions, including instantly tapping to any point in either mixed track without missing a beat (literally). An awesome interface that works across phones and tablets is a big plus. The app is pricey and requires Android 4.1 (4.3 for recording), but I think a lot of users will be willing to pony up.


The 1st pro DJ app on Android. Mix tracks in perfect sync on a powerful audio engine. Designed and engineered by Mixvibes, digital DJing pioneer for 15 years.

• Accurate BPM detection, down to the last decimal.
• Sync button: one-press, and the 2 tracks never go out of phase.
• Manual pitch & pitch bend.
• Beat-grid editing, to make sure that your old tracks sync correctly.
• Parallel waveforms mode to visually check if your tracks are synced.
• New Quantize feature : hot cues and loops are automatically set on the beat.
• Smart-seek: Tap on the waveform to fast-forward & get a seamless jump.

Cover (beta)

Android Police coverage: [New App] Snazzy Contextual Lockscreen Alternative Cover Is Now Available In Open Beta

Cover is ingenious, especially if you're looking to get access to your apps and notifications more quickly. It throws some commonly-used apps on a custom launch screen, not unlike some manufacturer skins, but then ups the ante by letting you "peek" at them in the background without leaving. Throw in some fancy high-res photos and a function that learns your app use habits, and you've got a fantastic lockscreen alternative... assuming you're not overly concerned with security.


Cover is a smart lock screen that gives you the right apps at the right time. It replaces the factory lock screen that comes with your phone and includes features like peek, fast app switching and smart settings.

  • The right apps at the right time: whether you're at home, work or in your car, Cover learns which apps you use and puts them at your fingertips.
  • Peek: quickly see what's new and launch apps with a swipe.
  • Switch between apps: jump directly between apps, skipping the steps in between with Cover's app tray.
  • Smart settings: set different ringer volumes and wallpapers for each place: home, work, car and out.

The Walk: Fitness Tracker Game

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Zombies, Run! Developer Six To Start Launches A New, Slower-Paced App To Get People Moving: The Walk

OK, so maybe being chased by a hoard of audible zombies isn't exactly your idea of a stress-relieving workout. That's fine - Six to Start wants to help you out as well, with a walking app that doesn't feature the walking dead. There's a story in the app that plays out over multiple workouts, and the presentation is gorgeous. It's not just an accompaniment: you also get some basic fitness tracking tools and a few gamified bonuses as well.


20% OFF LAUNCH SALE. The Walk helps you walk more, every single day - it's a great fitness tracker combined with a thrilling story and game. When you’re playing The Walk, every step counts. A bomb explodes in Inverness station, and you’re given a package that could save the world. To stay alive, you’ll need to walk the length of the UK. The Walk is more than just a great pedometer/step counter — it's a way to turn walking into a journey, a challenge, and a rip-roaring adventure.

Google Santa Tracker

Android Police coverage: [Ho Ho Ho] This Year's Google Santa Tracker App Flies Into The Play Store Bearing Mini-Games And Chromecast Support

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus... about 80 miles west of Boise. Google's annual tradition of tracking Santa across Google Maps has now spilled over onto Android, and kids can stay entertained with a few simple games as well. The best and most ingenious feature: Chromecast support. Just plop those little tykes in front of the TV watch them follow Santa's progress across the sky.


Celebrate the holiday season with the Google Santa Tracker app for Android. Santa's developer elves have created this app to follow Santa on his December 24th journey as he delivers gifts to children all over the world. To learn more, visit http://g.co/santatracker Happy Holidays.


Android Police coverage: [New App] Belt.io Copies Text And Links Between Android And Chrome Or Firefox In A Super-Simple Interface

There are a lot of ways to get text from your PC to your mobile and back again - email, Keep, Push Bullet - but Belt.io might be the simplest yet. Just log in on both devices and you can send text or links between them. The app connects to a web service, but there are also browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, plus an iOS app. Unfortunately it doesn't tie in to a Google or Facebook account, and there doesn't appear to be any kind of encryption, but it makes great use of Android's expandable notifications.


Belt.io is a central place for storing and sharing simple stuff like text or links. it gives you the convenience of quickly accessing your data from anywhere. It is sorta like a clipboard.. but more universal.. with more control. With a single click you can send links and text from your browser right to your device and vice versa. Anything you put in one device will instantly be available in all the others. Whether it's your phone, your tablet or your browse.

Sky Go Tablet

Android Police coverage: [New App] Sky Go Tablet Brings Sky Streaming TV And Downloads To UK Tablet Owners

Ours is not to wonder why the streaming TV service Sky Go decided not to release a tablet version right away. The app features both live streaming and TV on demand, and unlike some similar apps, there's no restriction to a home WiFi network. All the various Sky channels are available for subscribers with no extra charge, and if you spring an extra five quid a month for the Sky Go Extra add-on, you can download shows for local playback.


Sky Go Tablet is compatible with the majority of Android tablets that are 7in or larger and running Android 4.0 or later. If you have an Android device smaller than 7in then please search for the “Sky Go” app in the Google Play Store, which is available on selected Android devices. We are aware of certain issues related to Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) and are working to resolve these. In particular it may take around 10s for the picture to become ‘clear’ when you start watching a live channel.

reddit sync classic

Android Police coverage: [New App] Reddit Sync Developer Releases Classic Version For People Who Aren't Fans Of The Recent Redesign

We know, change is hard. That's basically the gist behind all those annoyed posts on Facebook every time they update the website. If you feel the same way about popular Reddit client Reddit Sync, now you don't have to go into the future kicking and screaming. Here's the original app, as good as new... um, as good as old. Yeah.


For those who prefer the old reddit sync, meet reddit sync classic. Install reddit sync pro to disable ads.


Android Police coverage: Just In Time For The New Year, Beachbody Releases The Official P90x App To Google Play

If you've been living under a rock for the last few years, P90x is a fashionably brutal at-home exercise system, usually accompanied by expensive DVDs and lasting 90 days. You'll still need to own a copy of the DVDs (specifically the P90x3 version) to take advantage of the app, but if you've got them, you won't need to carry around a computer if you're keeping up your workout while traveling. There's also a scheduler and a few health tracking tools.


Includes scheduling & tracking for P90X3™ workouts. P90X® has evolved. The breakthrough workout program that revolutionized home fitness now has a companion app that lets you Bring It.® on your Android™ device, so you can get even more amazing results—and work out with P90X anywhere. Keep track of your sets, reps, and weights, view your progress, and share your results. With interactive features like these, you'll stay motivated and accountable to get more out of P90X, P90X2®, and P90X3 than ever.


Android Police coverage: [New App] Microsoft Releases Socl App In The Play Store, Provides Easy Access To A Social Network You've Never Heard Of

What is Socl? A new app for people who easily lose their socks and like to commiserate? A web site for the Society Of Claustrophobic Librarians? No, I's a social network. I think. Microsoft created it as an answer to Twitter and Google Plus, or at least that appears to be their intention. Interestingly, you can use Socl (pronounced "Social" - okay, if you say so) by logging in with a Microsoft ID or connecting it to Facebook.


Socl — pronounced social — lets you create, collect and share stuff you love. From rich visual collages to short animated media and memes, express yourself through posts that take seconds to create, collect and share on Socl, as well as Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter.

• Create beautiful collages and funny memes in seconds.
• Share your creations on Socl, as well as your other favorite social networks.
• Create visual responses ("riffs") to existing content.
• Snap a picture and share it on Socl.
• Receive notifications about community activity on the content you love.
• Organize the content you love in collections.
• Connect with new and interesting people worldwide.


Android Police coverage: [New App] Microsoft Releases TouchDevelop For Android, Makes Browser-Based Apps Easy To Develop On A Phone

For all the corporate rivalry that goes on between Redmond and Mountain View, Microsoft sure seems to be releasing a lot of Android apps lately. The latest one actually allows you to create simple web apps right on your phone, using a unique combination of user-friendly instructions and a WYSIWIG editor. The apps aren't particularly powerful, but they should work in any modern browser. The service also has a basic social network built in.


Create apps on your phone or tablet, share them with other people. Create fun games and automate recurring tasks. You compose programs by tapping on the screen. The TouchDevelop app for Android allows you to receive notifications directly on your Android phone or tablet related to your user account. You’ll get notified when someone gives you heart, writes a comment, takes a screenshot, or creates a variation of your code. You can write code and interact with other users in a web browser on many different devices.

Office 365 Admin

Android Police coverage: [New App] Microsoft Releases Office 365 Admin App So IT Administrators Can Keep Tabs On Service Health And Status Updates

Wow, Microsoft is on a roll this week. This app lets administrators log into an Office 365 account, manage the service and check on app data. It's a nice tool for sysadmins, but regular users won't find much that they can use here. Of course you'll need an active Office 365 account to access both the service and the app, and you need administrator privileges as well.


The Office 365 Admin mobile app empowers IT service administrators to connect to their organizations’ Office 365 service status on the go. The Office 365 Admin mobile app enables administrators to view service health information and maintenance status updates. In addition, administrators can filter information by service subscriptions and configure app data refresh interval.

Linode Manager

Android Police coverage: [New App] Official Linode Manager App Comes To Android With A Clean UI And Plenty Of Features

A Linode is a virtual server running Linux. If you didn't know that, you can probably skip the rest of this section. If you did, you're probably a sysadmin who's thrilled that your cloud manager has issued an official app that includes all kinds of Linuxy features. I'm told it's really cool. I wouldn't know - I know about as much about Linux as I do about piscine surgery.


Access and administer your Linodes from anywhere in the world with the official Linode Manager mobile app. With a compact design and mobile-friendly controls, now Linode fits in your pocket.

  • Create, remove, boot, and reboot Linodes
  • Access Linodes via SSH and Lish
  • Resize Linodes on the fly
  • Keep tabs on your Linodes’ performance with CPU, network, and IO utilization graphs
  • Create and manage NodeBalancers and domain zones
  • Access the complete Linode Library
  • Manage your Linode account and make payments

Lovely Rentals - Houses & Apts

The rental market is brutal, especially now that no one can afford a house. But you can take a bit of the sting out of house or apartment hunting with Lovely Rentals, a map-based app that shows rentals by location. It uses color stampings to indicate which rentals have been listed the soonest, so you can try and hop on that place in Old Colorado City before everyone else does. Favorites and offline reading are supported, but sadly, tablets aren't.


Need a rental? Find your next home with Lovely. Easily search thousands of homes and apartments for rent all in one place. Create a free account to turn your searches into Alerts and get notified as soon as new listings hit the market, by push notification or email.

● Know exactly what’s available and where
● Easily identify the freshest listings
● Make a list of your Favorites
● Don’t waste your time
● Get in touch directly


This app might have been tailor-made for Android bloggers. (Or developers, I guess. But mostly bloggers.) It automatically cuts out the navigation and status bar (so often full of personal detritus) to make clean screenshots. If you need the status bar for context, it can even add a clean one back in. The app is in beta at the moment, and tablet support is planned for a future release.


Create gorgeous and professional screenshots for a publication in the Google Play Store. Currently, there are three options:

  • Use a black rectangle to delete StatusBar icons.
  • Alternatively, you can use your custom PNG (Very handy for TouchWizz, Sense and other OEM skins, where a black rectangle is not enough
  • Keep or Remove Navigation Bar (Back/Home/multitask buttons)


Zofari is an interesting app, billing itself as a recommendation engine for places instead of entertainment. At the moment it's focused on restaurants, but it can also recommend living locations and accommodations. The idea is that you suggest places that you've been and enjoyed, and Zofari will recommend places that share those attributes. Unconventional, certainly, but it could be a big help to someone trying to get acclimated to a new city.


Know how Pandora lets you create stations based on your favorite songs? Zofari does the same thing for places. Just tell us your favorite restaurant, bar, cafe or neighborhood, and we'll show you the most similar places around you. It's the fastest way to find places you'll love. Whether you're visiting a new city or exploring your hometown, our goal is to help you stop wading through results that all look the same, and get you to the places you'll love, fast.

Redirect File Organizer

Redirect Organizer takes the basic idea behind Windows' Library function and improves it. When Redirect finds a file of a certain type, it moves it into the folder of your choosing (only on the SD card or storage partition, of course). Users can select their file type associations and folder destinations, including broad categories like movies and music. It should keep your storage tidy. The app is free, and the $2 pro version adds a few more features.


One million gallery albums no more. Redirect File Organizer finally offers a way to automatically organize your files. The concept is simple, you create a 'Redirect/s' in my app that contains some info about how you want your device organized (eg. Move Movie and Video files to the /movies folder), once you've created it once the app will automatically organize however you have told it to.

Razer Comms - Gaming Messenger

No, Razer still doesn't have an Android device, though I'd love to seem their take on something like the SHIELD. But they do have a proprietary VOIP and game chat service, which should please fans of expensive and glowing mice. In all seriousness, separating your voice chat from your desktop or laptop gaming PC might make it much easier to manage, so give it a shot if you're trying to up your K/D ratio.


Razer Comms is a free all-in-one communications solution for gamers, offering crystal clear VoIP and versatile instant messaging with group chat capabilities. Built with advanced in-game overlay functionality and cross-game chat support, Razer Comms allows you to get in touch with your friends without compromising your gameplay. This is how gamers were meant to communicate.


Shutterstock is pretty well-known in the world of stock photography, so I'm kind of surprised that it took them this long to create an official Android app. Anyway, it's here, so if you're a regular user you should definitely check it out - it's got the full Shutterstock library for easy browsing and ordering. The app is a looker, too - it evokes the Windows Phone style, at least to my mind. You can't download images directly to your phone, but then again, I can't see too many reasons why you'd want to.


Find images on the go with Shutterstock, the Android app. Shutterstock presents an elegant way to search, browse and organize millions of beautiful stock photos, illustrations, and vectors from the world’s largest subscription-based image library.

• Browse smoothly through the Shutterstock image library with the swipe of a finger.
• Search by keyword to find images of any subject.
• See unique content curated by Shutterstock editors.
• View high-res preview images – the most vivid of any imaging app.
• Create, organize, and share lightboxes of images.
• Download images later from your computer, using your paid Shutterstock account.

trakAx MovieExpress

Mobile devices aren't exactly known for being video editing powerhouses, but trakAx (man, the lack of URLs is biting down hard) hopes to change that. With a touch-friendly UI designed for tablets, it supports most of the bread and butter editing functions. The standard free version can export up to 480p, which should be fine for basic videos, but if you want 1080p (plus extras like credits, subtitles, and a few photo effects) you'll have to upgrade to the $5 pro version.


Designed specifically for Android touchscreen devices, trakAx MovieExpress is a radical approach to creating movies on the go. With our fully-featured video mixer, you can create a real-time HD movie, with all the controls you’ll need – volumes, tempos, transitions – available at your fingertips. Free from the constraints of building complex video timelines, our multi-channel mixer allows you to jump between your videos, photos and music to create a movie that is vibrant and fun, both to create and to watch.


If you're looking for a way to skip all that boring text on Reddit and 4chan and just get to the funny images, then LolReader is happy to oblige. It scrapes Imgur, 9gag, and a smattering of similar sites for popular content and displays it in a clean Holo interface. A list view and gallery mode, plus some basic save and share functions, are all it needs. It looks like a great way to kill time, or alternately, avoid work.


LolReader is great new way to enjoy content from all your favorite sites in one simple app. Chose from viewing images and GIFS in a list or a gallery mode. Save images to your device and share them with friends. LolReader is free and we hope you enjoy this initial release.

Featuring content from:
- Imgur
- Damn. LOL
- iFunny
- 9GAG
- LOL Happens
- MemeCenter
- And more to come soon.

Silent Contacts

Silent Contacts is an Android contact manager for the paid SilentCircle service, which encrypts all communication management. It's perfect for people who are legitimately paranoid, and these days, that seems to be everyone. The app encrypts everything within the SilentCirle system, and outbound calls are still encrypted for that portion of the call behind the network. Apps on Android and iOS mean you should be able to reliably call most of your work contacts, assuming they're also subscribers.


Silent Contacts is a companion application to Silent Phone and Silent Text. This application is a secure, encrypted alternative to the native Android People app on your device. Silent Contacts lets you and only you access your call log and contacts. The encrypted app can be locked and password protected, giving you added control over your privacy. Silent Contacts can also import and encrypt your existing contacts.

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LinConnect Alpha for Linux

We've seen Android notification mirrors for desktop users before, but this one is specifically for Linux fans. Of course you'll need the corresponding server app for your laptop or desktop computer, but once you've installed that, you should be able to see just about every notification your phone gets without actually touching it. The app is in beta at the moment and does not support encryption.


Mirror Android notifications on a Linux Desktop with LinConnect. LinConnect is a simple, quick, and tiny notification mirroring application for Android and any Linux desktop. It works with almost all Android applications.

• Extremely simple setup
• Integrated with Linux desktop icon theme
• Uses LibNotify and Python for compatibility

Server download (required):

Doctor on Demand

If you're worried about something health-related, you shouldn't depend on WebMD for self-diagnosis - the risk of overestimating, or even worse, underestimating your illness is too great. But if you're busy and just need a few minutes of a physician's time, Doctor On Demand lets you make a sort of reverse house call. It's a pricey forty bucks for a call, but as the app description says, that's about the price of a co-pay for a visit anyway. Due to some local laws, the service isn't available in all states.


Talk to a real, US-licensed physician immediately. Use audio only or video to connect to a doctor and ask a medical question. Great for non-emergency issues like mild infections, sports injuries, pediatric questions and short-term prescriptions. $40 per call - only pay when you talk to a doctor. Free to sign up and no subscription fees.

Get Shit Done!

Get Shit Done is a to do manager that can only be described as "aggressive." Wait, that's not true - it could also be described as "overbearing," "crude," "vulgar," and "annoying," but for some people, that might be just what they need to break out of the cycle of procrastination. (Yes, Artem, I'm working on that ROM editorial. Promise.) It uses the "one at a time" method and a little bit of colorful language to get users to get off their asses and, well, do shit.


How often have you started working on something, fully motivated, and after a few hours realized that all you have done is watch funny cat videos and browse Facebook? Are you tired of procrastinating all the time? Do you need help getting your productivity up? This apps helps you to get that shit done. Using the motivation you have before you start working this tool let's you set your goals and time in which you want to be done. No more distraction, just one mission.

Keepy - Kids Memories Forever

Keepy is basically Pinterest, but made especially for parents to share with their children. You take photos of anything - finger paintings, report cards, court summons, whatever you want - and annotate it for your child. He or she can then look over the timeline of stuff and fondly reminisce/catalog it for the prosecution. Each kid gets his or her own timeline, and grandparents or other relatives can "follow" them. Parents can add a voice recording to each item.


Organize, save & share the amazing magic of childhood in a private, interactive, emotional timeline. Keep photos, artwork, voiceovers, schoolwork, mementos, videos, and more in a Memory Playlist that you and your loved ones can experience and admire on all devices: phone, web, email. Here’s how it works... Upload photos of your child’s first day of school, lego creations, finger paintings, ticket stubs, report cards, missing teeth or anything else that you want to KEEP. Add your kid’s name, the date it was made, and descriptive tags to generate an organized, interactive timeline. Voila.


Another week, another social video platform... though this one has a weird name. Stevie hopes to find interesting web videos based on your Facebook and Twitter activity, or at least the activity of those that you friend and follow. Each video will be presented along with the post or tweet from which it originated. It's an intriguing idea, but at a current rating of 3.8 stars, it might need a little more time in the oven.


Turn your Facebook and Twitter into TV shows and channels. Stevie focuses on the great content you and your friends share on various social networks, and awesome online videos from around the web.

Action Launcher

Action Launcher is the power user's alternative to standard launchers. Formerly a paid-only app, the new version also has a free edition, though of course it's a bit limited in comparison. Most of the features that make it unique, including the gesture-based quick drawer and the swipe-based icons, are intact, But if you want the UI features that apply all across Android, you'll have to pay for the privilege.


Standout features include:
• A sliding Quickdrawer for instant access to all your apps and widgets.
• Covers, an innovative new way to quickly launch apps and shortcuts without compromising the look of your carefully crafted home screen.
• Shutters, a unique feature that unlocks the power and potential of Android widgets. Swipe an app icon, and that app's widget is automatically created and displayed.
• Quickpage, a fully featured home screen accessible from the right edge of the screen.
• With 1-Swipe, you can access the Quickdrawer and Quickpage from any app on your device, whether Action Launcher is running or not (Pro only).
• Quicksearch, a fast and powerful feature that allows you to search for apps, contacts and even music directly from the action bar.
• Translucent status and navigation bars (requires Android 4.4).

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Motorola Active Display

Android Police coverage: [New App] Motorola Active Display Latest Stock App To Enter The Play Store, Moto X-Exclusive For Now

Motorola's Active Display software is that neat-o service that shows notifications on the screen when Moto X and 2013 DROID users pick up their phones. It's a surprisingly awesome addition to stock Android, and like the rest of their unique apps, Motorola has moved it to the Play Store for easy updates. You'll only see the app if you use a Moto X running KitKat, at least for the time being.


Knowledge is power, and Active Display gives you just that - at a glance. It always displays what you need to know, when you need to know it. Information quietly appears on the screen, so you don’t have to wake it up to look at the time or see your messages. NOTE: Only for devices running Android™ 4.4, KitKat®.

Motorola Boot Services

Android Police coverage: [New App] Motorola Boot Services App Brings A Festive Wintry Boot Animation To The Moto G

Got a Moto G? Then install this app to get the super-cute winter boot animation, just like Moto X users are enjoying right now. (I guess they forgot to throw the extra animation in there.) That's it, that's all, nothing else to see here.


Motorola Boot Services is used to enhance your phone’s power-up experience. This application has been designed to work on Moto G.

Live Wallpapers

Asteroids Pack

Space. Space. Wanna go to space. Space space. I'm the best at space. SPAAAAAAACE


The space is dangerous ... and beautiful. In space there is no empty areas. In the future, when humanity will be traveling through space, they will encounter many types of Asteroids. Part of them will serve as a source of rare minerals not available on the planet earth. Some of asteroids can carry an alien form of life ...such as bacteria. Check how the asteroid belt might look like and what minerals can be extracted. This live wallpaper includes many types of 3D asteroids. It has a dynamic camera that will take you between asteroids.

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