Greenify is an app that can speed up devices by hibernating specific apps when they're not running in the foreground, limiting how many background apps may potentially sip away at your battery life. ART, short for Android Runtime, handles app execution in a way that can be significantly peppier than Dalvik. Together, the two can breathe new life in a rooted device, and this combination is now more stable thanks to the latest version of Greenify, which adds ART compatibility.

Greenify1 Greenify2 Greenify3

You will need KitKat on your device to use Greenify with ART. Before now, some people who tried to mix the two were met with a crash. That shouldn't be the case now, but this is all still new, so your mileage may vary. And if you couldn't care less about any of that, this update also provides a new setup guide for experimental features and some other enhancements.

What's new:

  • Most receivers are no longer scanned in middle-to-high-end devices.
  • New setup guide for experimental features.

You can get the app below for free, but you need to purchase the $2.99 donation version in order to activate the experimental features.