We've seen more than a few smartwatches in the last year or so, and for my money, the Pebble is still the only one that's worthy of serious consideration. If you're of the same mind, you can pick one up for thirty dollars off the asking price at Amazon and Best Buy right now. Both merchants are selling the Pebble smartwatch for $119.99.

bestbuy pebble

If you're currently enrolled in a college or university (or you, ahem, have some other access to a .edu email address), Best Buy is also offering an additional $30 discount for students. Just head to the address below and enter your school email for a discount code that can be applied to the retail version of the watch, bringing the total cost down to $89.99. There are some other deals for students as well, including a small discount on a Chromecast. Most of them are valid until February.


Best Buy is offering free shipping to everyone and free in-store pickup in some locations. Amazon will ship the watch free in just two days, but only if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber. Both Best Buy and Amazon offer the watch in a somber black or a fire engine red color. The Pebble is probably the smartwatch with the most developer attention right now, and it just got a substantial update, so this could make a good gift for the tech addict in your life. There's no telling how long this discounted price may last.

Amazon - Pebble Smartwatch Black, Pebble Smartwatch Red

Best Buy - Pebble Smartwatch Black, Pebble Smartwatch Red

Best Buy student discounts

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Chris

    I have been debating on biting the bullet on this since yesterday. Would anyone suggest buying it for $100 or just waiting for CES next month?

    • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

      That's a tough one man. I have one myself and love it. Although, I can't help but think that they might have a next-gen version announced at CES (plus a bunch of competitor alternatives). At this price though, it's pretty tough for me not to recommend getting one. If you do get it, I don't think you'll regret it.

      • kpjimmy

        But most of the CES announcements are not released until a later date. But I have a Kickstarter Pebble and I personally love the open source. That is what it is all about. I mean the Sony SW2 looks ok and color and all, but the open software is just great. Just take a look at the Pebble forums and mypebblefaces.com for what you can do with it. For $120, that's 10 bux more than I paid lol. But nonetheless I do love it. I kind of miss the Pebble when I wear my other "non smart" watches :).

        • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

          I agree. I love my Pebble for all of the same reasons.

      • John Smith

        from about a month ago -

        Pebble's Migicovsky: we're focused on software, not hardware right now

        "We future-proofed Pebble quite a bit," says Eric Migicovsky. "We put a lot of tech into Pebble because we knew that the watch we shipped to Kickstarter backers [was] what people were going to judge us on." The hardware startup's CEO is in New York for a few days, hitting the Big Apple after a recent appearance at an MIT hackathon, a chance to interact directly with the developer community his company holds so dear. After a tremendously successful crowdfunding campaign and subsequent product launch, Migicovsky's focus has shifted from hardware to user experience -- a job that means fixing bugs and helping to bring the next killer app to the wearable platform.

        "What we're focused on right now is software," explains the soft-spoken exec. "We know that there are hundreds of thousands of Pebbles out there. We had our Kickstarter backers, who were the first to support us. Our job now, almost exclusively as a company, is to move the software forward. Pebble has the really cool ability to update the firmware over the air. It gets better as we publish more software updates. There's been some gaps, we've moved quickly and broken some things, but we're working to make sure that the moment you open up a Pebble box, it's making your life better in tiny ways."

        • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

          Well then there you go! No reason NOT to pick up a Pebble.

  • jmu33

    bestbuy told me that its just $30 off, no extra $30 for a student discount........about to head to the store and try and talk someone into the extra student $30 off though lol

    • kpjimmy

      You need to get edu email where they email you a discount code. Not too sure you can walk in a BB to get the discount.

      • jmu33

        I do have a edu email and registered and everything, have not gotten a code our anything tho....got an email with the student deals but no code

        • Chris

          I got a second email titled "You're in. Just for you—College Student Deals", within that there is a link to view your list of coupons.

        • Best BUy Student

          Sometimes it can take a few days unfortunately

        • Avalos

          I signed up for it when the page went live a few weeks ago and it took about 2 days to get the email with the coupons

  • Siva

    I got the additional $30 off with .edu email. Total cost $90

    • motoridersd

      Did you have to do it in store? It's not letting me apply it online

  • http://www.mobilesmith.com/ Janelle V.

    I wonder if the price would go down if you just waited a couple of months... might be worth the wait.

  • motoridersd

    I tried using a .edu discount on Chrome and it failed, kept telling me my order was not eligible. I chatted with Best Buy and they suggested using another browser. I used Firefox and it worked. $97 out the door. Not bad! Picking it up in store later today.

    • Andy

      Yes, this worked for me too!


  • JC

    I just went to pick mine up, looks better in person and so far I'm liking it. The only thing missing is a tutorial or a set of instructions on how to get started

  • Alex

    Just got the Coupon code. Tried Fifefox Chrome and explorer. None work. Looks like best buy has stopped allowing the extra $30 on this one

  • Red

    I wish I saw this yesterday, would have got it for $90 but I can't do it for $130 just yet.

  • amru
  • Ukraine

    This works only for USA.
    Amazon and BB wouldn't sell to Europe.
    They could have written so. Now I wasted my time.

  • Francisco Baez

    Doesn't work anymoree?