The Google Play Edition update train keeps rolling along. Hot on the heels of yesterday's HTC One GPE update, Galaxy S4 GPE owners are reporting a new OTA update as well. This update was alluded to yesterday, when Samsung released a new set of kernel source and framework files for the device. The firmware version is I9505GUEUCML4, which is Android 4.4.2/KOT49H. This brings it up to date with current Nexus devices.

Screenshot (11-33AM, Dec 14, 2013)

If you want to know what's changed between 4.4 and 4.4.2, check out our comparison. Additionally, a device-specific bug has been fixed. When the first KitKat OTA - 4.4/KRT16S/I9505GUEUCMKG - rolled out, many owners noticed that HSPA/HSPA+ connections were being displayed as "3G" in the signal indicator rather than "H" like it had in the 4.2.2 and 4.3 builds. In this new 4.4.2 update, the signal indicator correctly shows "H" as it should.

Another interesting device-specific anomaly (also introduced in the KRT16S build) that has not been rectified is the seemingly erroneous inclusion of the "Home Screen Tips" widget that was part of stock Gingerbread builds back in the Nexus S days. How that now-irrelevant widget could sneak into a KitKat build is anyone's guess. Let us know in the comments if you receive the OTA update and if you notice any notable changes. The OTA update rolls out in stages, but if you don't want to wait, you can download the OTA directly from Google's servers and flash it manually.

Thanks, Danvdh and EthanFirst!

Shawn De Cesari
Shawn is a web developer by day and XDA's resident archivist for Nexus and Google Play Edition device OTA updates by night. When not immersing himself in code or Android, he can be found hunting down antique signs, taking road trips, listening to music, or playing video games. His daily drivers are a Nexus 6 and an iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Darryl

    What about the other versions of Galaxy S4 why is it always upgrade for the I9505GUEUCML4 what are the rest of us not high class enough for these upgrades getting sort of tired of this crap its like we are second class citizens

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Google Play Edition devices will always have top priority like Nexus devices.

      • Fraa

        For 18 months

    • http://randomphantasmagoria.com/ Shawn

      You have to understand that the Google Play Edition GS4 is a completely different animal than the normal retail GS4s. The Google Play Edition runs stock Android, where the retail GS4s run Touchwiz, which is Android highly customized.

      When Google releases a new Android update, it takes Samsung almost no time at all to build a kernel and compile a stock Android ROM for the GPE GS4. They then submit the stock build to Google who rolls out the update to the devices.

      For a retail GS4, they have to take the new Android version, add all their customizations to it, test it all, and in many regions, submit the finished software for carrier certification before it finally reaches you.

      You could argue that the GPE GS4 owners are actually the second class citizens in the GS4 universe because of the very fact that it has stock Android. We don't get any of the cool software features that retail owners get, like Smart Stay, Air View, etc. because those aren't built into stock Android.

      The only compelling reasons to shell out $649 for a GPE GS4 are a) you simply love stock Android that much, b) you value fast system updates that much, and c) you want a carrier-unlocked phone that much. If those things aren't as important to you as all the cool software features that they pack the retail GS4s with, then you shouldn't own a GPE.

      Comparing the GS4 GPE update schedule and feature set to that of a general market retail GS4 is comparing apples and oranges.

      • Britt Lewis

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        ▲▉▲■ ▲■▲▉ ▲■▲▉ ▲■▲▉ ▲■▲■ ▲■▲▉▲■▲■ ▲■▲▉ ▉You could argue that the Google Play Edition owners are actually the second class citizens in the Galaxy S4 universe because

      • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

        Or it is like comparing Apples and Androids. xD

        • http://randomphantasmagoria.com/ Shawn De Cesari

          Well played, sir!

  • Craig Trunzo

    Did anyone that got the 4,4,2 update notice if receiving calls through the S-View window has been fixed?

    • http://randomphantasmagoria.com/ Shawn

      Nope, but I don't know how much control Samsung has over that. The reason it doesn't work anymore is because, in the 4.2.2 and 4.3 builds, stock Android still used the regular open-source dialer found in AOSP. As of KitKat, Google has replaced the AOSP dialer in retail builds with its own closed-source Google Dialer. The closed-source version can't be modified to incorporate that S-View call functionality, thus why it no longer works. Annoying, yes, but not at all surprising.

      I'd be willing to bet that eventually, Google might write in some kind of hook that 3rd parties can use to gain functionality upon receiving calls, but who knows. It's Google. They never tell us anything.

      • Craig Trunzo

        Thanks for the detailed response. The new dialer definitely makes a lot of sense.

  • Gregor Smith

    Has it fixed the gimping of the front facing camera resolution or is it still limited to VGA?

  • Stanley Chan

    Whats the cry? Theres a lot of custom KK out there and the CM 11 nightilies rolling out every day.

    TW user have so many option, just look.

    • Stacey Liu

      Because this is official code? No more dirty hacks to get AOSP running.

  • gil

    Could someone tell me why my s4 does not show on my contact menu the option for video call? Thks

  • Bernard

    What about the sgh-1337m.
    When I'm I gonna get the update.

  • oneyedmonkey

    I was wondering if I was able to upload this stock rom to my sgh-m919 s4 (t-mobile) or is it not compatible?

  • funvin

    I got the OTA for S4 GPE and after reboot, I started getting "unfortunately com.android.phone has stopped working". If I dismiss it, everything seems to work fine, but I get that on startup everytime I restart. Anyone?

    • mardel

      I had the same issue, for my dialer doesn't work as well when I open phone app.
      Trying to find solution.

  • Ole A.

    Where can I get the 4.4.2 stock camera apk from this and install without rooting my TW SM-N9005? (I had the apk from the 4.2.2 build, but read that the 4.4.2 build has significant improvements to the photosphere camera feature)