When Sony released the Xperia Tablet Z back in May, it turned out to be a surprisingly good tablet. Only six months have passed since then, and while numerous alternatives have come out in that time, it's still a solid piece of hardware. Now, listen close. If you don't have any qualms about using pre-owned hardware, you may be pleased to know that you can currently get this 10-inch tablet for just $235, a price that is significantly lower than its $499 launch price and only marginally more expensive than a Nexus 7. Just head over to CowBoom.com and enter coupon code Xperia50 at checkout.


For comparison, this tablet is currently going for $436.99 new on Amazon. You can find it cheaper than that on eBay, but you're still looking at paying over $100 more than if you jump on this offer now. I prefer to have new things too, but how much is that really worth to you? The link lies below.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z at CowBoom.com

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Bertel King, Jr.
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  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    This is a crazy good deal, so long as you're good with taking a chance on pre-owned, not refurbished, hardware. Way cheaper than comparable recently sold eBay listings for the used Tablet Z.

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/77537273@N03/ Herman

      The problem with pre-owned devices is often how warranty works.
      In Europe at least, devices come with a 2 year factory warranty by default. But outside of Europe rules probably differ.

      • Mn_1

        Not everywere...! For exemple in France we have 1 year of legal waranty for products and 2 years of waranty for hidden screws (problem has to be present from before you bought the product)...

  • Mkvarner


  • HolyFreakingCrap

    Sold Out

  • http://www.ScienceProUSA.com SciencePro

    (Looks at Nexus 7 that I don't use)

    I don't need a tablet...I don't need a tablet...I don't need a tablet...

    Such a good deal though.

    • http://www.ScienceProUSA.com SciencePro

      Looks like all that's left are "Grade 5 - scraches throughout screen and a small ding on center of screen few signs of use on body"


  • HolyFreakingCrap

    Now they are listed back in stock but with this scary note:


    back shows heavy signs of use
    scratches throughout screen