An updated version of Minecraft for Android is hitting devices now, and it brings in a number of exciting things, including the use of powered rails. How a game called "Minecraft" could exist for this long without minecarts may be initially baffling, but this is the pocket edition after all, and some things do take time to bring over to our handy mobile platform. Gamers hooked on this immensely addictive title will also be happy to know that this isn't the only addition making its way over from the PC version.


Minecraft might not be the first name to come to mind when discussing impressive game visuals, but version 0.8.0 brings in new textures and improves the draw distance, allowing players to see both a slightly prettier world and more of it. As far as the gameplay's concerned, there's also new blocks including carpet, iron bars, and more types of wood. A number of veggies join the list of obtainable food, and mobile players are now able to craft compasses to help them navigate this vast, dangerous world.

What's new:

  • Minecarts, rails, and powered rails!
  • The view distance has been massively increased. Check the options menu for more!
  • New textures and colours taken directly from the PC version
  • New blocks: carpets, more wood types, hay bales, iron bars, and more
  • New crops and food types, including beetroot, carrots, potatoes and pumpkins. Now you can cook new soups, pies, and more!
  • A bunch of new items for Creative and Survival, including clocks and compasses
  • More blocks and items to use in Creative Mode: including jungle wood, ice, bedrock, shears, dyes, and tall grass
  • New AI: mobs are now more intelligent and you can even breed your own animals
  • A new Creative Mode inventory with tabs
  • New functionality and tweaks to existing blocks and items. Bonemeal lets you grow new cool stuff!
  • Improved lighting and fog effects
  • Loads of bugs fixed, and possibly some added. :)

Minecraft Pocket Edition is available in the usual location below, and it can be yours for $6.99.

Source: Mojang

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Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Cheeseball

    I've been playing MCPE forever. All it needs is Google Play additions (although I understand Cloud Saving may be too much due to the size of the world files) and more features from the PC version and it'll be perfect.

  • Suitcase

    Does it have caves yet?

    • vardenis pavardenis

      It has apple logo at the bottom of the ocean.

    • Phoebe Taylor

      You have to create a new world for caves. Try it on creative first on a random seed then use the same seed on a survival one

  • Andrew Loiacono

    Unless things have changed since I last played pocket edition, the world is not vast. I can tell you that.

    • Robert Alex Kibler

      It hasn't really changed yet, but I'm in the MCPE beta group on G+ and one of the coming features is infinite worlds like on PC.

      • Andrew Loiacono

        That would be amazing. I think I would start playing again if this goes live.

        • Chad S

          The developers have said that they plan on porting the generator from Minecraft PC to Pocket Edition in the next few updates.

      • mustbepbs

        That's all I'm waiting for. When I can fly across the world in less than 30 seconds, that's a problem.

        • David Hart

          I want redstone logic, the map is big enough for that. :/

          • Mavmath Valeriano

            Agreed. Also the world is big enough to place a pumpkin on the ground! I really think it's unnecessary to have to go through making a nether reactor finding 37 ingots of gold just for pumpkin seeds.

      • John

        The next updade will be awesome! Infinite worlds, structures, and world generator like in the PC! :D

        • Roboticanuz

          Are u sure about that?

      • AnthonyKR

        Hey man, is the group/community open to the public or invite only? I'd love to check it out.

  • Neal Wettstein

    still no controller support

    • Michael McGrade

      This is what I'd like to see. Also kind of what I'm waiting for before I get it. Love playing games with my MOGA and this would be a cool addition to my collection.

    • GazaIan

      Even the desktop version has no controller support, which is a bit annoying. I liked playing it on the Xbox 360, but I already bought it on PC and I'm not paying again just to use a controller.

  • David Crawford

    Block Story puts this to shame, Mojang dropped the ball here!

  • nebula

    looks great on the nexus 5 with the wide view distance, but you can now look from the one end of the tiny world to the other. That looks weird.
    And why has it still a menu button?

  • Mavmath Valeriano

    Hey it updated for me. But I can't find any pumpkins...? Help? Also I'd like to know how to acquire potatoes and carrots

    • John

      I don't know about pumpkins... But potatoes and carrots are dropped rarely from zombies :D

      • Mavmath Valeriano

        Hey thnx! And I read up on a discussion. And pumkin seeds can only be acquired through the nether reactor. Which I personally find odd...? Ya know? Why can't they just simply have a few pumkins and melons scattered across the plains biome? Lol

        • Comander

          No you can also use a hoe on the grass and get beetroot seeds, wheat seeds and pumpkin seeds so the nether reactor isnt the only way

          • Phoebe Taylor

            You can't hoe pumpkin or melon seeds out of grass you have to go to the nether. But you can have a 1/15 chance of hoeing beetroot seeds and 1/4 of hoeing normal seeds. Carrots and potatoes are rare drops from zombies I suggest you make a mob spawner to get carrots and potatoes. Also if you are struggling to find ores food etc I know an easy way of duplication. FIRST you put the item you want in a chest, NEXT (you must have two players for this) count on three together and tap on the item, keep trying untill you get two of that item, AFTER THAT keep tapping and counting until you have the amount you need.

          • Mavmath Valeriano

            Actually we found a bug and it's quite annoying. First what you do is start the game and the person who joins the original game (we play over wifi, directly) grabs any item and then quits. When they rejoin they will have a total of 400+ whatever item they chose. And yes it works for multiple items as well. Although this might require a bad internet connection. Or playing directly across the room with the other person. Idk.

          • Lucas Norber

            It happens to us as well, at first I thought it was cool, I could have 99+ diamond pick axes! But now it's terribly annoying

          • Rainbow

            Or you can go to multiplayer and have the person that joined you take 1 thing only to duplicate and have the m leave. They will come back with 99+ of the item they left with. Only in PE virson

        • Comander

          Oh im sorry
          I read wrong you cant get pumpkin seeds from grass sorry

      • Chris Dix

        Make a nether reactor it drops tuns of seeds and rare items.. just surive the attack

    • Phoebe Taylor

      To get pumpkins you must go to the nether. And for those who don't know how to go to the nether it is not like the PC version you will need to craft a nether core, four gold blocks and get cobblestone. Look up more info on youtube or google. Once in the nether you should pick up some white seeds that look a lot like melon seeds but are white. Those are pumpkin seeds. They act the same as melons , but you can not put them on your head!

  • Ang

    Why has it stopped us all joining and playing together???

    • Phoebe Taylor

      Everyone's community servers will stop for a couple hours maybe a week or so because of minecraft updating. They will most likely create a whole new map with the new items so next time you join someone's server look out for new stuff.

  • Ellie

    How do you get on/in the minecarts?

    • Kyle

      I think it's just a matter of tapping the cart

    • Bailey Olsen

      Touch and hold the cart.

    • Student

      Hols down the screen on the minecart.

  • Hi

    How do u get in the minecrats

    • Average Middle School Minecraf

      You hold touch it like youre gonna break a block

      • Alexis as hi

        I did it breaks the cart

        • minecraftfan1098

          you hold down for 5 seconds or more

    • Phelp

      To get in minecarts you hold down on them!:)

    • Phoebe Taylor

      You hold down on them as if breaking a block or milking a cow. Don't tap otherwise it will break

  • Kyle

    Dude this sounds amazing but I'm currently grounded :(

  • Kyle

    Every one check out shutterfly's AppleTalk I made it it is so awesome but I literally have done nothing to the page lol

  • Kyle

    Never mind my shutterfly page is just apple I thought I pt was AppleTalk.

  • David M

    Wolves were supposed to be in this update

    • Hannah H.

      No, they said wolves and maybe endermen will be in the 0.9.0 update, which is sometime next January-March

      • Jian Li

        When is the 0.9.0 update. I wish its now

        • Phoebe Taylor

          It's either in January or March. But you know minecraft, they never update on the expected date it's always a month later

      • Jian Li

        Also how does everyone know all this stuff

        • Phoebe Taylor

          Lol, I've been keeping track of the updates by using google and wiki. Most of the stuff me and my friend figured out last night. So if you want to know anything just ask me.

  • He

    How do you get carrots and Beetroot. !!!!!!!!!

    • purpleingotsr5

      you have to kill a lot of zombies

    • Kayli

      you use a hoe to till the ground and it's a 1/15 chance to get beetroot idk on carrots

      • Phoebe Taylor

        I destroyed a whole mountain and only got 7 beetroot seeds. So it's very rare. Also a better way of getting potatoes and carrots is if you make a mob spawner and have your difficulty on. My mov spawner spawns even in daytime because it dark and I got a few carrots and potatoes because of some zombies died.

  • Amy

    How do you make a minecart?

  • Bob

    How do you breed animals

    • Kayli

      for the cows, you tap and hold with wheat in your hand on 2 of them, same thing goes for the pigs and chickens except you use wheat seeds for chickens and roots for the pigs, I haven't figured out the sheep yet though

      • MCPE Pro

        Sheep also follow by wheat, and pigs follow by carrots not beats

  • please help

    How do you join worlds??

    • Phoebe Taylor

      If you want to join your friends world you have to be on the same wifi as eachother that includes if four or more or any amount wants to join. For a community server type in: minecraft PE servers. And you should find a couple of websites with good servers where people all over the world can join.

  • Katelyn Neville

    Have they added caves or dungeons? Im really looking forward to that one :)

  • Joey Bechel

    Why does it have nether rack and you still can't make the nether portal?

    • Phoebe Taylor

      You have been able to make a nether portal for ages now. You have to use four gold blocks a nether core and some cobblestone. You can't make it on creative and it's like a massive tower made out of nether rack. Look it up on Wikipedia or google.

  • Sonnie Wilson Burris

    How do you get the tracks to turn a corner?

    • Jian Li

      You can only use the tracks that is not powered by redstone

  • Mikey

    what about redstone

    • AmeliaIsJinx

      Right now you can only use it to craft items. Not sure when that will change. You can mine it with iron pickaxe.

  • The V.I. Rocks

    I think MINCRAFT is awash e and in the knew update they added so that animals will follow. You with certen foods and seeds but how do you get a pig to follow you?

    • Phoebe Taylor

      Ok, sheep and cows use wheat, chickens use wheat seeds, and pigs follow carrots! It's basically the PC version.

  • matthew

    When does the new update for Minecraft Pocket Edition Android

    • matthew

      Because it only works for my ipod

  • Phoebe Taylor

    How do I get jungle trees? There's no jungle sapling in creative.

  • Questionable Player

    How do you breed animals?

    • AmeliaIsJinx

      I'm not sure how you do it with pigs, but for sheep and cows you press and hold the animals with wheat. With chickens you use normal seeds. Holding these items will cause the animals to follow you.

      • brooke

        zombies rarely drop potatoes and carrots, and to breed pigs the carrots are needed. same way you breed sheep and cows and chickens, just with a different item. also, theres a cheat-glitch-thing where if a friend is on your world and they log off with an item, when they log back on, they get 99+ of whatever it was.

      • Annette

        To get pigs to follow you you must have beetroots. Hope this helped I have a farm right now...

        • Ritish

          No u use carrots

    • MineNicole

      To breed animals you click and hold on the two animals with a specific thing in your hand. For sheep and cows, use wheat, for chickens, use seeds, and for pigs, use carrots.

  • Georginafw

    How do you use the clocks and compasses on the new update?!

    • iwannafuckandyandhannahanal

      The clock only works on survival. It shows the position of the moon and the sun at the current time. You just look at the clock while it in your hand. And for the the compass you have to put it in your hand and the arrow will move as you move. The arrow points to your spawn point.

  • jack

    How do you get in a minecart? :)

    • brooke

      tap and hold :)

  • Ryan

    Hold the cart

  • Scorpatonic


  • Scorpatonic

    Why does every time i put a block it turns out to be a powerd rail it always make me mad😠

  • TiggerTy

    It doesn't show the items on mine, I don't know what I've got??? Can I change it?

  • Dash220

    I have a realm glitch where I can't join servers can anyone tell me how to fix it?

  • Minecraft girl

    Hold your finger on it and then you would go in go foreword and then you will be rid ring your raiL

  • Flor

    How can you make minecarts in minecraft? Im usein an ipod tho i dont know do i put it in the furnace help please

  • Makayla B.

    What commands are now available?

  • Emma

    I wish that notch would put in mods 😞

  • Emma

    Or more animals like dogs or cats

  • Derp derp19

    Were is the caves

  • Derp derp19

    In the sea

  • Nicole

    When I put down a block--a sheep appears too!!?? Why? And how do i fix it?

  • Carlot

    You can get pumpkins from nether

  • Notsosmart

    How do you place down a clock?

  • Igors Hamasans

    Why this game don't work?It only shows black screen on startup,and then no response.Please help me!;)

    • Lucius Malfoy

      It take a little while wait for 120 seconds it sould be done if not uninstal and then reinstall

      • Igors Hamasans

        I did like u said,and all it does is"minecraft pe not responding.Do you want to close it?"Any more suggestions?Thanks

  • Tyler Hatfield

    How do you use dyes?

  • Tyler Hatfield

    How d you use the dyes?

  • Tyler Hatfield

    Opps ment do

  • Tyler Hatfield

    Ment oops

  • Emma

    Guys you can't place clocks ok.

  • radacus

    How do u work a clock

    • AmeliaIsJinx

      You just have it in your inventory bar, where you can see it. It operates itself. Same with compasses

  • The king

    The cool mappppppp

  • Hope

    Tapping the cart makes it go away

  • Roboticanuz

    Hi ive been thinking about it... are there new mobs in minecraft 0.8 like enderman but I know in later versions maybe 2 years later there will be infinite worlds. If u hv infinite worlds it becomes more laggy that mojang will need to fix lol

    • Minecraft Worker #26

      My coworker Notch said that infinite worlds, caves, endermen, and skins will be coming out in update 0.9.0. We are planing to release update 0.9.0 between Febuary 1st and March 30th. By the way, when we release update 0.9.0, the infinite worlds will NOT have bugs, thank you very much.

  • Roboticanuz

    Who hv skype? Twitter? Add me on twitter if u need help with minecraft PC or PE. @roboticanuz minetime

  • lola

    Is there cats

  • lola

    Do you get more spawn eggs and cats?

  • Shane

    So If there is no tall grass on my map then how do I get wheat?

    • brooke

      you make a hoe and tap dirt with the green top. if it doesnt work, do it again until you get the seeds. and also before you plant wheat you need to hoe the ground whether its green or brown. i dont know if the hoed block needs to be next to water or if thats just sugar cane, youll have to play around with it.

  • hannahwel

    How do I get jungle wood?

  • Emma

    Mabey one more mob like animals I want a lot like squids ocelots dogs

  • Penguino1331

    My nook tablet will not update to the new version =/ any ideas why?

  • Awesomesaucebrony

    How do you change the derictions of the rails? I'm making this rollar coaster and it's annoying. Please tell me!

    • Hjk

      Use normal rails when turning instead of powered ones

  • Lismary Marte

    Why can't I join in multiplayer??

  • Lismary Marte

    How can I join in multiplayer???

  • jrock

    How do u use the multiplayer

  • Minecraftaddict

    Whenever I plant beetroot seeds they disappear. What should I do to make them grow?

    • breckster

      My beetroot seeds disappear when I plant them too, would love to know what I am doing wrong..

  • Matthew

    Do you have to pay for updates?

    • kat


  • Emma

    I want them to make dogs every time they update I want
    to make a dog house

  • Daniel

    How do you get on the carts on survival

  • Brielle

    Do zombies drop beetroots?

  • kim

    When running the updates if you skip versions, will the new version bring in all previous patches. . Or do I have to load each update in order up to current version?

  • Em36

    Is there anyway to put items in a minecart or even possibly animals??

  • Quinn

    Is there another update for wolves after 8,0,1

  • Student

    How do i use multiplayer. I want to play with my younger brother.

  • Minecraft No 1. In my heart

    Hei can someone help me I can't update my minecraft
    how to Update it

  • kit kat

    To get in to the minecart you just press on is and keep hold of it then to getout ou jump

  • xander

    It dident update for me

  • Thanks

    I have .7 but no updates in app store for 8 what do I do

  • emmanuel

    Do anyone know a villigre seed for mind craft pe
    And the name of the world that goes to the seed

  • Naufal Cool

    I cant update last version in play store. How to update to last version? please help me :'(

  • Joseph William Bennett

    How do you break a minecart? I read to hold down on it with a pick axe but that just makes me climb in.
    I know it's probably a dumb question because I've spent a long time looking for the answer and no on else seems to have asked it. Ever.

  • brandon

    How do u play the map once its installed?

  • The champ

    Do you think the next update will have villages because I really want villages in minecraft pe

  • emily

    I love mincraft me and my sister and brother always play it!!!! It is the best game ever!!!! Do you know you can get it on z box and I think wii.

  • emily

    Mincraft is awsome!!!!!!