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Android 4.4 has a new screen recording function for developers, but as the CyanogenMod team has already demonstrated, it can be adapted for more general use. Well-known developer Koushik "Koush" Dutta has taken advantage of this for Mirror, a new screencasting app for KitKat that allows any rooted user to either record video directly on a device, or stream to an Apple Airplay-compatible receiver like Apple TV. No custom ROM required.

Right now you must have Android 4.4.2 and root privileges, but Koushik says he's working on a method for non-root use with a PC USB tether, and eventually he hopes that the application will be compatible with Android 4.1 and later. At present the app works surprisingly well. Install it and it will automatically move itself to the system partition, then you can start and stop videos with a single tap. I don't have an Apple TV to test it with, but local recording (including microphone audio) is almost flawless.

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To try Mirror you'll need to join the ClockworkMod Google+ group, then sign up for the beta. Once you do that you'll have access to the Play Store listing and an easy download. You might also want to join to find out when a root-free option or a build for older Android versions becomes available.

Source: Koushik Dutta (Google+)

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  • Ivan Martinez

    Just hit me how awesome this screen recording feature will be for Let's Play! FAQs

  • William

    I personally am not a fan of koush, but that right there...looks amazing.

    • veRdiKt

      the guys a hoot but he has awesome apps.

    • Cory_S

      He can come across as a pretty arrogant ass, but then again I think most of us would be if we had to deal with the number of idiots as him.

      • John Daniel

        Reminds me of Linus. Maybe if you're that clever, dealing with us mere mortals must be tricky. I'm glad to be part of a world where individuals with such talent can achieve what they do without being part of huge, controlling corporations and I think I can forgive a little arrogance.

        • Mike Reid

          Arrogance and other forms of being difficult to deal with are not a necessary evil for a dev, or a good or great dev.

          I'm as anti-social as they come, but my app buyers are my "bosses" and I do everything I can to keep them happy, and maintain a positive attitude.

          I intensely dislike and avoid the "read the fricken FAQ" attitude, especially when the f'in FAQ doesn't answer the Q, or the A's are unclear. Some of the XDA etc. threads are rather unfriendly and evenly openly hostile. And everybody was a newb at some time; too many people forget that IMO.

          I do allow myself the occasional attitude when a pirate tries to pretend to be a paying customer though. That's pretty rude IMO.

          • Cory_S

            Its more the I paid a buck for your app so I own your ass for life types that bother me.

          • John Daniel

            Can't argue with that Mike. My comment was really meant to be light hearted but I agree there's a more serious issue with bad attitudes of some people within the IT industry.

    • Koushik Dutta

      he can be a real jerk

      • William


      • Chris White

        I know rt... especially if you dont know him and have never talked to him.. easy to call a pioneer a jerk..

      • sledge beast

        Hey there, Just found this! I joined the beta, DL'd the app. No joy! Now I'm running andro 4.4.2. And I am able to use many other chromecast apps. The all see my dongle on the first try and are stable. This just refuses to connect. Just Duno what to try next?

  • Thomas’

    It's really sad that a hacked together Airplay Mirror support runs with way lower latency than Miracast...

    • Franco Rossel

      And in devices that doesn't support Miracast. Even more sad.

      • Thomas’

        Which protocol is used for AirPlay Mirroring, btw?
        Bluetooth? WiFi direct?

        • Franco Rossel


          • threevolve

            No, it is most certainly not WiDi. AirPlay is a proprietary variant of RTSP.

        • Karen Davis

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          ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔a new screencasting app for KitKat that allows any rooted user to either record video directly on a device, or stream to an Apple Airplay-compatible receiver like Apple TV. No custom ROM required.

          • Spasillium

            wait... what does that have to do with the question?

          • Cherokee4Life

            Your Co-Workers half-sister.... that's the best you could come up with?

        • RaviShah

          airplay just uses wifi not wifi direct. So the video stream passes through the router and to the appletv

      • ddh819

        which does better with battery life?

  • Armando Rodriguez

    Someone please test this with some of the Airplay apps for Windows, like AirServer or Reflector

    • karel

      It actually works. Awesome!

      • Sam Adeshina

        Nope doesnt work with Reflector either....

        • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’
          • Sam Adeshina

            The ratings for that app are pretty poor. I will just wait for a reply from Koush about Mirror.

          • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’

            I am the developer of this app, and I wouldn't "advertise" it if it wasn't working :) - The poor ratings just come from the bad UX for non-tech users of the app, which I fixed for the update that is coming this weekend. The app still sold around 5,000 times, and remember tha most of the time only people having problems rate an app :)

          • apfelcake

            Does BBQScreen also support the Raspberry Pi + XBMC (without lagging?) :)

          • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’

            I'm working on that :)

          • jr2dallas

            Hello, have you any news about it ? :)

    • Jake

      No dice with AirServer here...

    • Varun Sharma

      Worked pretty well on a raspberry pi with rplay, just a little laggy, but that probably has more to do with its wireless setup.

  • Cory_S

    This almost makes me want to buy an apple TV

    • jellymelly

      no need. I have a raspberry pi htpc for $35 running XBMC (openelec distro) with superb airplay performance.

      • Sootie

        Thats what I was about to say, well said Mr melly!

      • apfelcake

        My xbmc airplay is not shown in the list...

        • bexem

          Me too :(

        • jellymelly

          are you sure it's enabled in something along the lines of settings>system>services ? enable zeroconf and airplay.

          Oh but xbmc only support airplay streaming, not mirroring

    • Francois Roy
      • Cory_S

        Interesting to be sure...but if I'm at my PC I'd play a PC game :)

  • TheDrizzle

    So this won't work on 4.4? Just 4.4.2? I wonder why.

    • Spasillium

      Google added in the Cast Screen menu. He even says it in the video.

  • http://www.stevenmattera.com Steven Mattera
    • Grahaman27

      4.4.2 added screen recording APIs

      • http://www.stevenmattera.com Steven Mattera

        I understand that I have a Galaxy S4 running the GPE Kit Kat Rom. However I also have a Google TV that has AirTight installed. AirTight is a app that brings AirPlay functionality to Google TV. So my question is does the Mirror use the AirPlay Mirroring functionality or the AirPlay Streaming functionality? AirTight works with streaming, but doesn't work with AirPlay Mirroring.

      • StriderWhite

        This explains a lot of things...I wonder how good perform these APIs...

  • Owen Finn

    Of course, I'm still on 4.1...

  • apfelcake

    Is there a way to make it work with XBMC - Airplay or with AirServer?

    • Sootie

      Should do, I havent tested it but ipads and stuff work fine with xbmc running on my pi

  • Christopher Robert

    Why make it play on an Apple Device?

    • ddh819

      because he can?


    Is it related with Allcast app or something different ? Developper is the same and I don't see why 2 apps for the "same" purpose ... casting.

    Anyway, the guy is brilliant ! Waiting for Chromecast support.

    • ddh819

      sounds like its different, Mirror just does mirroring but allcast lets you send local av files to a chromecast. i believe allcast does not require root

  • TopXKiller

    Anyone have the APK? None of my devices are able to download it like my LG G2 :/

  • my95z34

    So I made a boo boo and installed this on a 4.4.1 rom and now I no longer have any use of wifi. It successfully turns on and off but doesn't pick up any access points.:-(

  • Dna Mobile

    I'm having some kind of problem, and can't find anything 'bout it. Did everything as described, but when i tap on Mirror to open the app, it closes as soon as it opens. I have kk 4.4.2 rooted. Am I doing anything wrong? Any suggestions?