• Lupe Fiasco

    Now we just need more Websites/Games to take use of Google+ sign in. I hate only seeing the option to sign in using Facebook or just making a regular account.

    • andy_o

      Is there a way to hide the recent games though from the Play Games app from people who have you in circles? Th obvious hide activity option in Google settings doesn't do anything for this.

  • Imparus

    Google need to implement this kind of stuff for android apps, since they already have the backend for it, they just need to make a front end, in form of confirmation when the app take use of it the first time. Just having all the permission show on instal isn't enough, since it is an information overload, which Google is already aware is bad, and you are forced to agree to all of the permission to use the app. They should also implement a flashlight in android, since it is quite clear that pretty much everyone download it from the playstore, so why not have it on android as default.

  • Giampaolo

    I have created a community in G+ aimed to collect the application (mainly) and games (I'm not a gamer so I'm not that active). Unfortunately for applications I have to install them one by one and check as there is no indication on Play Store if the G+ Signin is supported.


  • Vance Palodichuk

    Now if only Android apps had this when granting system permissions.