A few days ago we reported on a less-than-ideal situation over in India, where users who won Nexus 7s in Google's/Nestle's KitKat contest were receiving the 2012 model instead of the "new Nexus 7" as advertised. Naturally, users were outraged and insulted by this gesture and spoke out against both companies. Today, Nestle has taken to its KitKat India Facebook page to let users know that it plans on righting this wrong.


It looks like the public outcry made a huge difference here, as the company will be sending the correct model Nexus 7 to all winners – even those who have already received last year's model. If you happen to be one of those winners, look for some sort of communication on how to swap yours out in the near future.

It's not often that we see a major corporation do the right thing, especially where contest winners and prizes are concerned. Good on ya for fixing this up, Nestle.

Thanks for sending this in, Varum, Manu, and Rishabh!!

Cameron Summerson
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  • challenge_accepted

    Its a shame it had to get to the point where news sites were picking it up for KitKat to accept their mistake. Bad PR > Cost of new nexus 7's.

    • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

      Seriously? I don't think this is going to be considered "bad PR". This was 3 days... Not everyone follows the world of Android news as compulsively as we do and as a result most people will not have even heard about this issue (and likely never will).

      The fact that this got run up the chain in 3 days (most likely from across the world) to be fully resolved is not bad by pretty much any business's standards. As a result most people that hear about this will likely hear about the rectification at the same time as the mess up, making the narrative sound more like a company that was notified of a problem, and rapidly addressed said problem.

      Also, I would also like to state that we are talking about a fucking candy company here... It is not exactly hard to believe that someone over there did not know the difference between model years of Nexus tablets.

      • http://Tech2Yantra.blogspot.com/ Manu Presannakumar

        @youre... GREAT analysis made by you. Totally agree. IT went viral to an extent only on Monday and yielded result today. WE were fighting it out since 4 DEC when one of the winners from our facebook group cried foul about the old nexus 7 (2012).

        Ultimately we all are happy to receive the new Nexus 7 (2013) and yes this fiasco news may vanish within few more days ! Nestle is releived. Google is Relieved!

        Merry Christmas !


  • Jiggy

    Well done AP! Very well done.

  • Mehmet Fatih

    Public outcries change lots of things nowadays.. That's nice

  • Ryan Callihan

    I'm glad that they caused enough of a stink to rile them and get what they deserve. If only this could happen for 4.4 on the Galaxy Nexus. /wishful thinking

    • Christopher Lee

      Unlikely, considering that the relative silliness at play between Nestle's screw-up and Google dropping support for an older device with no binary support is rather large.

      I like my GNex as much as the next person, but it's been supported for longer than the official 18-month window.

  • Tony Culliton


    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Not sure if you have any idea what's going on.

      • Tony Culliton

        Not sure you understand sarcasm. Regardless, did the contest state a 2013 Nexus 7? Doubtful. Ungrateful people whine about something that was won for FREE

        • Tony Culliton

          But yes, good on KitKat for quickly remedying a situation that was causing people to be upset. The power of social media!

        • andy_o

          Not sure you understand "contest". All those contestants together paid for the N7's for the relatively few that would get them.

          Why do you think companies keep doing these "contest" thingies if they're not getting anything out of it?

        • Cesar

          The contest rules stated a NEW Nexus 7 tablet. Indian participants got the OLD Nexus 7. I'd say they are justified in being upset.

        • Rishabh Garg

          They did very clearly Say they would give"The first 1000 Nexus 7s in India" and a chance to win "The All new nexus 7". Pretty much that conveys it all. Also all other countries are getting the new one.

    • gh0st

      as my Galaxy Nexus didn't get kitkat, I demant to be upgraded to the nexus 5

      • Tony Culliton

        lol finally someone gets me ;-) GET THIS MAN A NEXUS 5!!!

      • Avijit Ghosh


        You're a dementor....don't suck souls..

        • gh0st

          i might be

  • GrammarNazi

    It's the largest democracy in the world, no wonder Nestle India had to budge.

    • Arpit

      This issue was only raised on online blogs and newsites like these this issue was not even in the news channel we have much more important things happening here like Election results of 5 states

  • Naveen Shetty

    Thank you Android Police for being the first website to support this.
    and Thank you Kit Kat and Nestle!

  • vvpvijay

    Thanks Cameron for reporting this one and thanks Kitkat and Nestle for reversing their decision and giving the winners Nexus 7 2013 http://www.comboupdates.com/2013/12/nestle-and-google-bow-to-popular-wishes.html

  • http://Tech2Yantra.blogspot.com/ Manu Presannakumar

    As usual AndroidPolice becomes the FIRST website to report this good news for Indians ! They were the first (thank u Ryan Whitwam) to report about this fiasco on Monday morning after which other major tech news sites took notice and sourced it from AP.

    WE heartfully THANK YOU for helping in making this a successful rightful campaign which ultimately gave us our Nexus 7 (2013) !

    THANK YOU CAMERON for reporting!

    Manu Presannakumar

  • cdrom1028

    I never once saw an android KitKat candy bar in my city. where was this contest held besides India?

    • Aaron Stevenson

      I saw one in Texas..... The day after the contest ended. lmao

  • Varun

    Thanks AP......btw you wrote my name wrong its varun and not varum :)

  • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

    I wasn't even competing, but as a Nexus owner who currently lives in India, I was happy to Tweet to KitKatIndia telling them how awful that was. Glad they rectified their original claims. Good work AP!

    • http://Tech2Yantra.blogspot.com/ Manu Presannakumar

      @michael: YOUR TWEET and every other tweet and message finally gave us success. Thank you!

      • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

        My pleasure bhaiyya :)

  • Vinay N S

    I did not win the nexus 7 but i have to give a shout out to AP.. thank you for your eforts..

    • http://Tech2Yantra.blogspot.com/ Manu Presannakumar

      THANKS Vinay N S, we really appreciate persons like you. We also had one dedicated person in our facebook group who even though did not win, but fought hard for what was deserving to us.

  • Prashanth Akunuri

    Good that they are correcting it. Thanks AP. By the way, is the contest still on? or is it done in India? I am enjoying my new Nexus 5 but my 2012 Nexus 7 is kinda dead (trying to revive). Winning a new Nexus 7 or getting my old Nexus 7 would be nice! :)

    • http://Tech2Yantra.blogspot.com/ Manu Presannakumar

      @prashanth: In India the contest ended on 22 NOV and Total 898 eligible winners will now receive the Nexus 7 (2013).

      • Prashanth Akunuri

        Thanks Manu!

  • Paul Taylor

    This is good news. I notice all the nay-sayers, who claimed Nestle had done nothing wrong, have vanished like the dew on a summer's morning.

    • http://Tech2Yantra.blogspot.com/ Manu Presannakumar

      @paul: yes indeed a good news! I know many naysayers may have thought, "this is India, and so what if some people got the wrong FREE STUFF...its finally a giveaway..".
      But winners of kitkat India contest here have proved that there are definitely ways nowadays to voice our grievance regarding consumer issues, which were always neglected badly here in India.

      Thanks paul for your thoughts !