The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is already a great big phone, but the ZeroLemon battery case for the Note 3 is finally here to make it even bigger. This rugged case packs a humungous 10,000mAh battery with NFC support. It also makes the phone into kind of a hideous brick, but that's the price you pay for insane battery life.

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The case should be compatible with all versions of the Note 3 with standard or extended batteries already installed. The case is thick, which blocks the NFC in the regular battery from working. However, this case has its own NFC chip to restore that functionality. It also comes with a neat kickstand attachment. That's good seeing as this thing is going to be pretty heavy and you'll want to set it down a lot. The case has its own fitted screen protector, but you can also use a different one or none at all.

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The Amazon listing has been live for a while, but stock was essentially nonexistent. Now it's shipping in 3-4 days for $59.99 with just $0.69 shipping (sorry, no Amazon Prime).

[Amazon, ZeroLemon]

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  • mesmorino

    Well done to ZeroLemon for proving that yes, it IS in fact possible to take a good thing too far.

    • David Davidson

      As an Ingress player, this is actually pretty great. Though I do have an external battery pack already.

      • StormbladeX69

        I'm an #Ingress player as well. I want a Note 3, but don't have one. Checking into the Note 2 version!

        • rivethead23

          I have the note 2 version. I play ingress and it definitely helps with time. I am at 46% left 1 day 11 hours since last charge that includes 4 hours of game time. Pretty good...

    • Steven Code

      This isnt to far I cut a hole into a otterbox for a reason just like the size you get use to the note 3 in general you get used to the extra size.

      • Nelsen Bunkar

        I've had Survivor cases for 3 of my iPhone and every in ad I've bought now.. I couldn't find one for my Note 3 at the time so I bought an Otterbox and I must say that sucker whilst I thought it was less hardy on the account of its rubber outer being much harder and I guess less shock proof it is sleek as and I think much prettier than the survivor cases. The reason I buy Ruggedised cases is so the phone I buy ends up being exactly as I bought it when it's time to sell it. Last thing I need to do is spend hundreds of dollars on replacing screens. I will not waste money on a case that does not have at least a hard clear screen inbuilt. It's just not worth scratching your phone screen. Now unfortunately for me after importing into Australia an Otterbox case which cost me AU $85 from the UK, I saw a review about a week before it arrived on the Zero lemon on YouTube.

        Well when I considered buying extra batteries for the Note 3 as running Next Launcher socks up a bit of power I thought stuff it and bought the Zero lemon

    • Cat Astrophy

      Please, it's still smaller than a DS and plenty of people carried those around.

      • mesmorino

        That's not a point in it's favour, and a phone has a lot more utility than a DS

        • Cat Astrophy

          Exactly. So you carry around something lighter than can do much more (and last much longer). It's obviously bigger than w/o it but the arguments insinuate that it's just too big, which it clearly isn't.

          • mesmorino

            You misunderstand. Saying that it "clearly isn't" too big is disingenuous, because for a lot of people, it IS physically too big.

            Comparing it to even bigger devices does not add anything in its favour, there will always be bigger or smaller devices after all. I have the galaxy s3 zero lemon battery and you know what? While it's not too big to hold or use one handed, it is FAR too big to carry around conveniently because it doesn't fit into any of my trouser pockets. Absolutely none of them.

            And now we have this monster: It's bigger, and heavier, and sure it's still very useable, except that it's even less practical for me.

            You've got to admit that different people will have different points at which it will be too big, and for me the Note 2 was it. Anything beyond that is just not worth the extra juice

          • noskinnyjeans

            "Your" trouser pockets. I too have the s3 zereloemon and mine fits in my pockets fine.

            Maybe not skinny jeans...

          • mesmorino

            You just couldn't post your comment without being snide could you? Go on then, what's wrong with skinny jeans?

          • Hirork

            A lot, but lets not get into that. This extended battery case is far too bulky and I'm disappointed in zero lemon that it wasn't released with a basic non-rugged version for people who don't want all that unneeded bulk.

          • Bronson Fischer

            Yeah i got the note2 with the battery case fits in pretty much all my pockets...carrying a phone in your pants pockets is just asking for a cracked screen though...;-) I also did the otterbox case mod...pretty crude and ugly with loss of the power and volume buttons...about time they came out with a case similar to otterbox with a belt clip...the only way to carry a phone if you are wearing clothes with no pockets...unless you use a purse or bag...lol

  • StriderWhite

    What's that thing?!? It's black, it's thick, it's huge!!

    • Bluewall

      That's what she said

      • MrGalione973


      • letsplaay

        YES!!! :D That's the joke!!

      • Cat Astrophy

        It's not funny when you go for the obvious bait.

        • JayDewey

          You point that out well. You must be the master baiter….

  • Amy

    If anyone wants a closer look wwjoshdew has a video up of it.

    • Steven Code

      Awesome haven't found any thank you Amy!

  • http://www.nexus5.com.es/ www.nexus5.com.es

    The case is very ugly!!

    • double1

      Yeah, with the note 2 we were able to fit the 9300zerolemon in the otter box defender case buy cutting out some of the plastic. Don't have a note 3 but perhaps this mod will work with the defender for the 3.

    • Cat Astrophy

      I don't think there's ever been a thick case that was also sexy.

  • CerealFTW

    I really want one of these cases but itd be tough finding a parking spot for it at work

    • sblakeification .

      You say "at work". That indicates that you have a day job. Don't quit it.......

  • Stanley Chan

    Jesus, this is so ugly and huge...

    Just buy spare batt and desk charger, but not this.

    • Cat Astrophy

      That's two extra things to carry around, lose, and maintain. You're missing the point. This is an Otterbox (essentially) and an extended battery. Only one thing to have to carry around. It's still smaller than like a Nintendo DS and kids carry those things around all the time. It's definitely big but for some hands like my "piano fingers" it still doesn't prevent one-handed operation. I don't recommend this to everyone, but if you do a lot of field work and use it heavily...you might as well get an extended battery to go with the bulky rugged cases. It's not heavy unless you're a child. It's just heavier than w/o it (obviously).

  • SpeakWithYouAndMe

    I have the ZeroLemon 7,600 mAH battery for S4. Yes, it does look like an ugly brick. However, I don't mind it as I can usually get 3-4 days without charging.

    • RL010

      Why? is the end of the day not enough for you ?

      it's to much work to charge it over night ?

      • SpeakWithYouAndMe

        convenience mostly. Now I never worry if I need to bring my charger for an over night trip or if I want to stay at someone's place overnight.

        Also, I am college student so I can't charge anytime anywhere I want. Without the pack, I probably would freak out if I went to bed the night before forgetting to plug in my charger.

        • YourMom

          So it's handy if you sleep around a lot. Good to know.

          • Jeff Landrum

            It does make a handy cot for an impromptu rendezvous...

      • Cat Astrophy

        My micro-USB port will last much longer with this case. Constantly inserting and removing cables from any female port eventually causes damage. Micro USB being the worst because the part with the contacts is so thin and flimsy.

        • smeddy

          I need to get laid. The simplest comments turn me on now.

      • Jeff Landrum

        I use mine mainly for camping and kayaking trips. Leave the solar panels/ back up batteries at home...It's actually smaller than my Note 2 in it's OB Defender case. Although quite a bit heavier, it makes a handy bludgeoning device should I cross paths with a puma or a rabid manatee...

  • RL010

    Damn it's almost as big as a Xbox One

  • alexcue

    I really love my ZeroLemons - got one for my S III and again when I upgraded to the Note II, and love em. I'm considering this one for the Note 3 I'm hoping to get for xmas...but man. It really is almost too big. Nice to see they finally have NFC sorted out, as that's the sore spot for me with my current ZLs.

    • John O’Connor

      Has anybody been able to get these extended battery cases to work with wireless charging?

      • baalp

        you can buy a wireless charger off ebay for $30 ish or pay samsung $70+ for an oem looking back cover & wireless charger. the ebay one has a piece that attaches to your battery

  • John O’Connor

    Too bad nobody has thought to make use of wireless charging in these setups. Dealbreaker

  • https://play.google.com/store/search?q=kodiak+211 Google_Is_The_Higgs_Boson

    I love the way this guy talks... LMAO

  • Tran Nguyen

    This battery and case are bigger than my body. Wow!

  • http://www.rocketcases.com/ Rocketcases

    Have a look at our new Woody Hybrid for S3/S4. Super slim, light weight shell with an awesome dark walnut wood backing: http://www.rocketcases.com/case/galaxy-s4/woody-hybrid/dark-walnut

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Just got it, and it's absolutely enormous. The plastic screen sheet makes it feel awful, like those old resistive screens from back in the day on cheap electronics. Ugh.

    I guess if I ever go camping... well, I'll take my portable charger with me. I see absolutely not use for such a gargantuan setup in everyday life.


  • swage99

    Buyer BEWARE OF BEING SCAMMED !!! ZERO LEMON IS A (SCAM) and a lie ! Zero lemon is NOT A battery !!! Zero lemon is only a circuit Board with capacitor and voltage regulators ! I know I've bought one and try to sent it back after found out it was only a circuit
    board and the company in Texas bastex for zero lemon the is a barn warehouse with answering machine only and no one other end of the phone ! I has discover credit card got my money back with 2 months of fighting with zero lemon in bastex Texas ! Please Do not buy this product from zero lemon in Bastex Texas because of the horror dishonesty and fraud claims ! YOU BEEN FOR Warned OF NIGHTMARE OF LIES AND FRAUD ahead on Zero lemon !

    • Murican

      (sarcasm) Sound like is butthurt non-murican who no like big battery. Take much sales away from country with the poor Engrish. Noooo likey! Tell lie. Make people scared of the buying! Bad! Satan! Make poop battery! Run the faster away!

  • Doug Rice

    Note that I have the new Gear S Smartwatch, getting this makes sense.