There's a new Android phone available, so you know what that means: open source junkies get to take a look under the hood thanks to publicly-available kernel files. Motorola's post for the Moto G comes a few weeks after it officially went on sale,which is pretty typical. You can download the kernel source code for the Moto X over at SourceForge.

moto g sourceforge

There's only one Moto G model at the moment in a GSM flavor (though new models should be coming soon enough), so there's only one entry at the moment. You can expect the files for the Verizon version and any other localized variants to be posted at the same place just before or after their release.

Kernel files are a big help for ROM developers. With a low price, wide availability, and a software that's pretty close to stock Android already, the Moto G should be very popular with the custom ROM community. There's already a group of XDA forums posted, complete with a healthy development sub-forum. ROM addicts, go get you dev on. 

Source: SourceForge

Michael Crider
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  • http://about.me/jovanphilip Jovan Philip

    Excellent! Once I sell off my S3 I'll be getting a Moto G. This news just made me want it so much more.

    • klusark

      Why do you want to downgrade like that? The S3 has twice the RAM, a faster processor, removable battery, expandable storage, ...

      • Pengwn

        It could be for a number of reasons. Comparable screen sizes, faster updates, less bloat, optimized ROM. Moto is going the open route which will bring a bigger developer community.

      • http://about.me/jovanphilip Jovan Philip

        The international S3 doesn't have 2GB of RAM, I couldn't care care less about whether it's 'faster' (or not because even if the Exynos in my S3 is faster, I'm pretty sure it's not by a huge enough margin to worry about), I only have one battery on my S3 and the expanded memory thing might be an issue, but I rarely keep anything but nandroid backups on my SD anyway so that's not really something worth worrying over. I have yet to find a single practical use for NFC and I'm beginning to notice the burn-in on the screen that happens to AMOLED after a while.

        The Moto G is made of better materials, feels better in the hand and lasts way longer on a single charge AND (wish I could reiterate this more) will get updates way faster than ANY model of S3 out there. These things really matter to me.

        • thartist

          Aaaand you forgot mentioning it, you trade Touchwiz for stock interface. <3

    • Mike Reid

      Great !

      We've been waiting for these sources so we can get a recovery built: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2540924&page=6

      I'm expecting the G to be popular and I'm looking forward to a nice selection of ROMs.

  • Emexci Life

    let overclock it to 1.7 ghz because i think s400 cpu can handle it.

    @motorola please bring moto x to europa!

  • Joshua Cluelow

    I'm worried that the Moto G will be overlooked because of it's cheapness, with people from higher-end phones assuming it's yet another pile of crap...

    • Stylus_XL

      The Moto G has already created a buzz online because of the quality experience it offers for the price, and some reviewers have called it revolutionary.

      If phone stores push this properly I don't why it couldn't sell as well as the Lumia 520.

  • Mystery Man

    I hate that unlocking the bootloader voids this phones warranty :/ wheres the developer edition

    • Pushkar Kurhekar

      It doesn't. As far as I remember, it was Motorola who said that unlocking the bootloaders of their phones won't void their warranty. Quite sure I read it right here on AP.

      • Josh

        I think that was only for their developer devices.

  • Darryl Doak

    Well I'm waiting on my Moto G delivery however with the promised updates and lean OS build I don't think I'll be rooting my G.