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The Padfone form factor is a unique one, and even if it hasn't set the world on fire, I'm glad to see that ASUS continues to upgrade and modify it. The latest iteration appears to be a midrange phone/tablet combo: reliable tipster Evleaks showed a new PadFone Mini model on his Twitter account, with a 4.3" phone body and what appears to be a 7-inch tablet shell.

There's no detailed technical information available, though Evleaks does mention a 2013 release. According to this Engadget post, ASUS is planning on launching the Padfone Mini at a Taiwan event next Wednesday. They also got a short spec list indicating Android 4.3, a qHD screen (on the phone at least), 3G radios, and a Snapdragon 400 under the hood. Note the portrait orientation of the tablet dock/shell in this smaller version of the Padfone - a landscape orientation like the previous 10" models probably wouldn't have room for all the necessary components. Presumably the smaller size of the exterior shell and mid-range specs in the phone itself would mean a lower price.

So far the Padfone has seen little to no official exposure in the US from ASUS or any retail/carrier partners, and we haven't seen any indication that this will change with a new model. Still, we live in hope that ASUS will strike a deal with a carrier. Until then you can drool from afar or take out a mortgage to get the device from an importer. 

Source: Evleaks Twitter

Michael Crider
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  • zanzee

    It's a good idea but they need to choose a form factor and stay with it. The shell needs to survive multiple generations of phones. No way i'm willing to drop a few hundred on the shell just to throw it away in 2 years time. I played that game with my Atrix and won't make the mistake again.

  • http://tech.gtaero.net/ Navarr Barnier

    With the Padfone, the Padfone Mini, and the Phonepad, ASUS really needs to step up their game and go all out.

    Clearly their phone should be able to transition into a 7" tablet which then plugs into a 10" tablet which you can then plug into a laptop dock.

    They're missing a prime opportunity to be the "Allphone"

    • SanicDaHegedhg

      Which plugs into an AIO?

  • Eszol


    • Zaatour36

      Nexus 7...

      • Phillip Bee

        Note 8.0 and most of the tab made !!

        On a tab its there for a reason since its a bigger hand held device.... unless you like inadvertent touches all the time.

  • Phillip Bee

    Release the 10" w/ US compatible GSM 4G LTE and tell me where to throw my money at you !!!!

    • Mado

      You're going to need that 'carrier subsidy' if there is even one. Without importing, the previous padphones were priced around 900USD.

      • Phillip Bee

        I/We don't need a subsidy. I just need US compatible bands.

        I have Tmobile, phone is the Note 3. My tablet is the Note 8.0. Phone = $700 w/ EIP, Tab = $300 .. why not get 2-in-1, better synchronization, better battery life and all around better value for $900 ?!?! No brainier to me.

      • Mike Reid

        Some of us can afford it.

        And the rest can use a credit card or whatever...

  • Tatsuya

    Next they'll make a 6" phone that goes in a 7" tablet.

  • Eric Jones

    I would so be all about this if it was a standard. If I knew for a fact that my phone could be upgraded, and still work on my previous tablet, I'd be all over this. Could something like this work with NFC, Miracast, and Bluetooth so that it was a completely wireless connection when docked?

  • deltatux

    Seriously, these need to be in North America, ASUS, bring them over!

  • Johnny Chua

    Since my one & only asus slider purchase, I'll never get another asus again, EVER!!!! Can't use external battery to charge, poor performance over time are the 2 issue I have with them. DON'T GET ASUS!!!!!

  • http://trapchan.blogspot.com trapchan

    ugly ...

  • Smyth

    OK hardware but ASUS does not keep the OS updated.... My nine month old Infinity is now two versions behind