One of Ouya's most popular exclusives has now made its way into the Play Store. On its original platform, Knightmare Tower captivated gamers with its addictive mix of simplistic gameplay and adorable visuals, placing players in control of a knight with a rocket thrusting him by fiends and through ceilings in a quest to rescue multiple princesses in need. Now the game is available for a mobile device near you

Knightmare Tower won't provide the most diverse experience, as each level consists of flying upwards, taking repeated downward slashes at ghouls pursuing below. Yet each slash is a risk, as every miss will slow down your ascension and threatens to plunge you into a rising pool of lava. Over the course of the game's 70 quests, players will upgrade their weapons, strengthen their armor, and obtain explosive power-ups. These all should make fending off the 50+ monster types with the game's tilt and tap controls that much easier.

Knightmare1 Knightmare2

Knightmare3 Knightmare4

If you've already played this game on Ouya, you don't need someone else to tell you how good it is. All you need to know is that you can now take it with you on the go. The game is available for free below, but you will have to spend $2.99 to unlock the full version - a small price to pay for the amount of fun to be had.

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Dominic Powell

    this looks awesome.

  • Mado

    Played the shit out of this years ago in Kongregate (or was it Armor Games? Either one).

  • Kiceg

    I;m sad because my device isn't supported. I installed the apk and what? Tilt does not work at all :<

    • http://juicybeast.com Juicy Beast

      Did you downloaded the APK from Google Play? If yes, what's your device?

      • Kiceg

        Let me clarify.

        I couldn't download it from the Play Store so I downloaded the app by an external apk downloader, installed it and the tilt sensor does not work. I use Xperia L with Android 4.1.2. So FYI - don't make Xperia L a supported device until you solve this problem :P

        • Dad

          The game needs a gyroscope, the accelerator is not good enough.

        • http://juicybeast.com Juicy Beast

          You couldn't download it from the Play Store because your device isn't supported (you need a gyroscope). That's why the controls are acting weird!

    • Matthew Fry

      LOL. So... what you are saying is they said your device isn't supported but you installed it anyway and it doesn't work properly?

      • Kiceg

        Hey, I don't bash their game or anything, I don't scream that my device should besupported, I just stated that I'm sad that I couldn't try it because of a bug :P

        • Matthew Fry

          Considering how "incompatibilities" on the play store seem to be random and oftentimes unnecessary, I don't blame you for trying. The way you said it just tickled my funny bone.

  • Primalxconvoy

    "If you've already played this game on Ouya, you don't need someone else to tell you how good it is."

    Considering the Ouya version didn't support PS3 controllers (a must, as the official controllers hardly worked for anyone), I might have a look at the Android version. Does this version support gamepads?