With a new Android release comes another one of Funky Android's crazy-detailed AOSP developer changelogs, this time detailing every commit made between Android 4.4 (build KRT16M) and Android 4.4.1 (build KOT49E).


As usual, it's really long, and for the most part full of fairly cryptic comments you may not understand unless you have a pretty deep familiarity with the Android OS on a technical level. That said, there are always some interesting, readable tidbits people manage to pull from these logs, so if you can make the time, it may be worth perusing through for some unadvertised goodies packed in Android 4.4.1.

At this point, we know that aside from the Nexus 5's camera, 4.4.1 is probably by and large a bug fix release (hopefully it will address some of those we've highlighted in our Bug Watch series). Still, who knows what could be lurking in these commits? Grab some coffee and your best reading glasses, and maybe you'll find something worth pointing out.

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  • Changa Sjudi


    • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

      Bitch, die.

    • https://plus.google.com/106721695871122826476/posts?hl=en Aja Hemphill

      I took the time to sign in just to down vote this.

      • Changa Sjudi

        want a cookie troll?

        • Matthew Gardner

          You don't get to accuse others of trolling when you post "first"

    • Mkvarner

      I always thought that AP readers was to good for this. Be the first to comment on a Justin Bieber video and I'll give you a cookie.

  • Stanley Chan

    I just wanna know about the email, keyboard apps any update? Weres the apk from the new 4.4.1?

    • NinoBr0wn


  • Meme

    Is qualcomm dalvik included in this update?

  • waes

    I still hope google would offer an option to see the battery percentage in the status bar.

    The hidden setting is not enough

    • http://www.linkedin.com/in/pratikthakkar Pratik Thakkar

      They should look at the way CM does it. Having battery indicator as a circle and percentage within it, is a great way to save the real estate on the status bar.

      • prick

        Also great way to have f**k ugly icon there.

  • osiris355

    Speaking of your bug watch. Its unbelievable you guys didnt think the hangouts MMS issue was worthy of it. Very disappointed in AP. Full thread on the issue here: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/hangouts/kzg-hqiDANc/WENmL1_oLQsJ

    • osiris355

      Downvote for acknowledging an ignored bug? LOL

      • Josh Crumley

        downvote for being disappointed in AP. ;p

      • ltredbeard

        ppl may have been more receptive if you had linked to the first page of the bug rather than page 10.

        • osiris355

          Or they could just try to use MMS in hangouts

          • JusySaying

            Or you could try another app. Maybe it's not that big a deal to other people...

          • osiris355

            Yeah BC the general population really wants to download different messaging apps.

          • osiris355

            This isn't about me. Its about the fact that my girlfriends parents and grandparents all have phones that came with hangouts and they can't get mms working.

          • osiris355

            This mentality is ridiculous. NO ONE should have to replace their stock messaging app after buying a phone to get it working

          • NinoBr0wn

            What exactly is your issue with MMS? I haven't had a problem that I know of.

          • impulse101

            Haven't had any issues with MMS in hangouts

    • Simon Belmont

      I don't have this issue. Well, let me be fair. 99% of the MMS I send go through without a hitch. 1% hang for some unknown reason, and sometimes even a resend doesn't work.

      That's REALLY rare, though. I might run into that once or twice a MONTH and I send a lot of MMS. I read the product forums, and it looks like they'll be fixing this soon according to a Google representative. I think this is more of a Hangouts issue than Android 4.4 issue.

      • osiris355

        Its a bug dude. Doesn't mean every single user has to have the issue. Just enough for it to be considered an issue which there is plenty of. This issue has been happening since the release of hangouts 2.0 and google has been not taking it seriously. Yes they have responded lately but they left people in the dark for a looon time. MMS not working on stock phones is a critical issue and google should have been communicating the issue to the users aka Motorola. When they weren't communicating and users were left hanging I reached out to ap. They blew me off. Finally I reached out to the hangouts product mgr on google plus and she finally jumped back in the thread. I don't care that u weren't having the problem. It is a global issue affecting most users so it should be treated seriously. The end

        • Simon Belmont

          I said it wasn't an issue for ME, DUDE. I didn't, however, say it didn't exist.

          If there's a post at product forums about it, then obviously more than one person is experiencing a similar problem. You don't have to get all snarky with me about it just because you're so bent out of shape over AP not posting a Bug Watch about it. I was actually on your side about it because I saw you were getting a lot of down-votes, but now I see you're just rude. The end.

          • osiris355

            After reading your post it doesn't look like your siding with me so sorry for taking it the wrong way. I have a crapload of family members whining to me about this issue and when I get stomped for trying to do something about it by the media and its idiot followers I get a little snarkier than I should be. Thx for the reply

          • Simon Belmont

            By "on your side" I meant that I didn't think that people down-voting you for bringing up a pertinent issue was necessary. My guess is, you were down-voted more for your negative postulation towards AP not bringing up the issue in an article.

            The old saying goes "you catch more flies with sugar than vinegar" and it applies here, too. Ultimately, I can only hope that the issue is solved for you and your family, and anyone else who is affected by it in a dire way.

          • osiris355

            Unfortunately I tried the sugar multiple times before today. It didn't work. Have a good one

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

          So, I'm not going to say too much here, 'cause you seem pretty worked up and I really don't want to get involved...but you weren't blown off at all.

          This bug is on the list, I just haven't gotten to it yet. These things aren't like most posts on the site that can be written up fairly quickly. It takes hours of research on multiple complaint forums, trying to reproduce the symptoms, and researching assorted workarounds and fixes. That's all before I can even sit down and start writing. There are other factors, but I think you get the idea. Trust me, this isn't because anybody was ignoring the bug or you, it's just that other stuff came up first.

          • osiris355

            I had a few beers in me and enjoy battling. Wasn't worked up but thanks for the reply. If you guys get around to it you should still post it since its still an issue. Thanks again for the update.

    • da

      Hangouts sucks. Dont use it.

    • Akash Singh

      Its good to know I'm not the only one with the problem. MMS doesn't send 3 out of 5 times and takes 2 or 3 minutes to send as opposed to 10 seconds on a normal messaging app.

      • impulse101

        I guess it is only happening for people with non-Nexus phones. Haven't had it happen to me yet on N5. It is probably an issue for users whose native MMS app wasn't hangouts to begin with.

        • Akash Singh

          no, i have a nexus 5 as well. maybe it's just a random issue with some people. happens

  • Floss

    Hopefully this fixes fastScroll not work on certain apps for no reason:
    f9af7b2 : Fix assorted FastScroller regressions

    Hopefully these got all the big ones, not just the flac stuff:
    36114d4 : mm-video: vidc: stability fixes in decoder

    Looks to be several ART, Bluetooth, and Exchange fixes. This should hit most of the common complaints at least.

  • topgun966

    Did they fix the Exchange bug?? That is a really annoying one ...

    • Björn Lundén

      They at least fixed the one for people with certificate authentication issues. Possibly others too.

  • dae
  • tryprasannan

    Possibility of mirroring device to Chromecast incoming in 4.4.1.

    See Koush's G+ Post https://plus.google.com/110558071969009568835/posts/ch57ZKvqpYb

    And Josh Brown's G+ post https://plus.google.com/+JoshBrown42/posts/5NM18UZQiMd

    • Ben Lee

      More on this here, finally device mirroring on Chromecast.


      • Simon Belmont

        Yeah. I saw that, too. I thought perhaps they were going to enable screen casting through Chromecast with that and keep the Miracast functionality, too.

        But everyone said it was just renamed and still only Miracast. This code makes it look like Chromecast support is definitely coming.

        • Wyatt Neal

          I would really love to see that. Hopefully that would be one of the final stabs into trying to treat different ways to access the same content. Looking at you Hulu ... you jerks.

  • godutch

    I think the most interesting is the name Sebastien Hertz in the art commit log, as according to his LinkedIn he previously worked for Flexycore, so Flexycore 's acquisition was related to the development of art

    • Lalit Mali

      No shit Sherlock!

      • godutch

        Well we all expected but we didn't know for sure, the Flexycore team could have been acquired to work on other parts of Android but here you see them in the art changelog

  • Sir Oliver

    Among other things, Power Widget (Nx4) is again 4x1 (from 3x1 in 4.4) and now Location icon can toggle between full and half (Battery saving mode) but you can't anymore turn location off via this widget, you have to go to main settings.

  • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

    Now, I wonder if any of these bug fixes will make it to the Moto X in a timely manner.

  • Axel

    Another bug I found on hangouts is that it won't let me see MMS slideshows, it shows up, but when clicking on to see full screen, it takes you to the first picture that connect sent you. And the slideshow never shows up, so I have to use the stock messaging to view and download them

    • Axel

      Contact* not connect sorry

  • evil
  • evil
  • evil
  • evil
  • asd

    Changes I noticed on my Nexus 4:
    1. Transparent Lock screen
    2. Whatsapp working on ART :)